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  1. Surface ships don't deserve even an iota of respect. CVs are superior there's no falseness about it. They require more intelligent play than 99% of the human race; I've used them to see and do things that you couldn't possibly fathom. Planes are singularly elevated above all other players. Ships are an insect compared to my planes. Signed, A professional with integrity
  2. RipNuN2


  3. RipNuN2

    How bots pick targets

    Do you have a replay of this?
  4. RipNuN2

    How bots pick targets

    Not quite, what happens is a bots turrets go to the neutral position if they have no current targets. Then when they get a target the turrets start to move again. The neutral position is the one you see at the start of the match with the forward batteries facing the bow and the rear batteries facing the stern.
  5. RipNuN2

    How bots pick targets

    Tirpitz likes juicy cits and cannot lie.
  6. RipNuN2

    Not going to like it, but someone has to say it.

    Rather than posit an argument against subs you summarily declare all sub fans as selfish? Plenty of players were asking for subs since before the game even launched and that continued with threads popping continually. Is it any surprise that WG decided to eventually accommodate their request? You talk about a gun v gun fight but we have never had just that. We have always had torps and aircraft. Before you accuse me of supporting subs in the game, stop. I actually agree that they are not a good fit for random battles for many reasons like the role of a stealthy ambush ship is already filled by torp dds etc. They would be more fitting in a convoy special mode and that would be simpler to balance as well. Post a solid argument instead of attacking those with whom you disagree.
  7. Some Dutch ships can bank multiple airstrikes and use these charges all at once or spit them up. This is likely what you are seeing.
  8. RipNuN2

    Italy using Incorrect Anti-Sub Planes.

    I'm not sure the CANT is a good option. I have a feeling it would be unable to complete the task.
  9. RipNuN2

    What if Wargaming had.....

    Have you been around people before?
  10. RipNuN2

    Schlieffen combat mission

    Some people have Getitnowitis.
  11. RipNuN2


  12. A match full of Klingons would be anything but passive.
  13. RipNuN2

    Ohhh Sheeeeeeeeeet!

    Queue up some good torpbeat music and 90% of the time it works everytime.
  14. I just want a working PipBoy and some power armor also.