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  1. Hmm there is one way to guarantee a CV every battle.
  2. Very very interesting. I might have to give this a go.
  3. You might want to check the rose colored glasses. Seriously look back at how the game was at launch and maybe even read through the release notes or videos and note the things that are positive instead of viewing it through a myopic lense of negativity.
  4. RipNuN2

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    We had multiple threads with the video of the summit and attached PowerPoint last week. I believe lord_zath was one of them.
  5. You can always make your own div of just yourself and then lock it.
  6. RipNuN2

    An exercise in frustration

    Take a break.
  7. RipNuN2

    Every update brings nothing but trouble

    I've loved many of the things the updates have brought. I would have quit long ago if the game remained the same as it was when I started. I very rarely have technical issues with an update. If you ask around I'm sure you could get some tech advice on here. What sort of problems have you been having? What are your system specs? etc.
  8. RipNuN2

    AFK in Ranked

    About 2-3 hours. I was able to get back on and finish my mission before it ended with server reset the next morning. It was strange initially when I stepped outside and noticed the orange glow which I figured was a nice sunset. Then I heard sirens and walked around to the other side and caught sight of the fire and felt the immense heat it was putting out.
  9. RipNuN2

    AFK in Ranked

    Achievements dont yield xp. Umm a 24 hr ban can mean the difference between finishing objectives for key rewards or not. Current system is adequate without being overly harsh which is what your proposal is.
  10. RipNuN2

    Ranked battles should start at Tier 5

    World of the Kami sisters and Gremlins muwhahaha.
  11. RipNuN2

    AFK in Ranked

    You do realize you can get 0 xp if you are detonated by the enemies first salvo before spotting anything etc? Your proposal is ridiculous. I've lost power at the beginning of a match once because my neighbors shed caught fire causing power to be cut off to the entire neighborhood. I should not be banned for one offense outside my control. The current system is fine with repeat offenders being relegated to coop.
  12. RipNuN2

    AFK in Ranked