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  1. The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    Just kill them before they run.
  2. Finaly Had Enough

    You might be hypernatremic. Try drinking additional water.
  3. File a support ticket if you believe it was unwarranted. Otherwise discussing bans on the forums is against the forum rules.
  4. Because its painted red.
  5. RN tier 5 and 6 DDs

    Well if you play them like any other DD line you will do poorly.
  6. Currency

    Interesting, I hadn't noticed the port slot was in the arsenal option. Maybe it is the missions like you suspect.
  7. Sounds like you got it Let us know if you have any further questions. Welcome to the game and forums by the way.
  8. Could you post a screenshot of your exterior tab of the ship?
  9. Which skin and flags did you mount? It sounds like you used consumable camos and flags which need to be replaced after each battle. You can enable automatic resupply if you want for convenience but watch the cost. If you are still unsure, feel free to post a screenshot of what you are referring to. Also as a new player, you might find the wiki really helpful here http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  10. Currency

    I believe most of the difference is the port slot perhaps.
  11. Battle Royale

    I need enough room for this . . .
  12. Penalties

    Are you using any mods even just cosmetic ones? If so remove then and try again. Test things in a training room to be safe.
  13. Cruiser Concealment

    Many of the Clevelands are probably from the line split and didn't grind as many battles getting there.