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  1. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    I publicly support you receiving the same pay rate that all supertesters, alpha testers, and beta testers received.
  2. Thanks for the Ship Devs

    I think WG should double the pay for all supertesters, beta testers, and alpha testers.
  3. Legendary Russian gold ship found off Korea

    It's pretty cool but you were beaten to the punch just 3 threads ahead of you. O and the math is way off in most of the news articles, should come out to 8 billion or less dollars worth of gold. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/165139-russian-crusier-wreck-carrying-130-billion-in-gold-at-battle-of-tsushima-straight-found/
  4. How it Works: Fires

    You do realize the 11% is before the ship tier modifiers which reduce that value greatly?
  5. It was likely carrying the fleet's treasury to cover expenses for everything and also to keep the Japanese from capturing it if the fleet failed.
  6. Apparently the math is way off, it really comes out to about $8 billion or less. It is an awesome find though regardless.
  7. How it Works: Fires

    If you want a sim go play a sim. Being a multiplayer game ships have to be balanced so each player no matter what ship type, can contribute to the match. I mean we have BBs with magical healing potions etc.
  8. How it Works: Fires

    Lol IRL no DD would be dueling a BB one on one, the BB would be facing a squadron of DDs launching many torpedoes etc etc. This is game balance.
  9. What if the spotting damage bonus lasted for a certain amount of time regardless of if the enemy fires or not? Perhaps this would still allow the spotting ship a bit more experience for forcing the enemy ship to open up.
  10. Even DFAA can fail to stop them as their drop circle is small enough. Heck even the autodrops can delete a number of cruisers whose armor schemes allow the AP bombs to fuse.
  11. Simcade flight/ww1/2 games

    I mainly bought it because it works with the old Tiefighter game.
  12. Simcade flight/ww1/2 games

    I find the Logitech Extreme 3d pro is a nice low cost stick for this purpose. @Schnauzahpowahz You might like the Air Conflicts series for a more arcade vibe or the battlestations games as well.
  13. New upgrade for the Shima

    Are you turning at all at that point?