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  1. I just try to follow Dasha's advice . . .
  2. You would . . .
  3. The Nikolai is much more user friendly than the Belfast and destroys all before it including the Ark Beta. She still has my most kills per battle record of 9.
  4. Replays are better than screenshots and as Lert stated the player in question was likely firing beyond max range to get the target to walk into range.
  5. Since LWM released her review that is usually a good clue that release is imminent.
  6. Hmm not sure how that works. It might change when they have the next patch but I dont know if that will be before 2 weeks pass anyway. Welcome to the game and forums by the way.
  7. Small varmits can be a great power source when properly contained.
  8. The API breaks periodically so this is not uncommon. Just have to wait until they fix it.
  9. Commence burnination!
  10. They dont always put the new ships in the PTS. As others have already pointed out it will likely coincide with Gamescom.
  11. No need to quote LWM entire post lol