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  1. Mod Pack for 7.2

    You can always go to the RU forum as that is where it is updated first if ours isnt yet. https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/forum/211-модпаки/
  2. Isoroku Yamamoto

    I'll have him helm the . . . mikasa
  3. DD flags

    They only sell economic flags to avoid cries of ptw.
  4. Did we really need another thread on this?
  5. Gadjah Mada Torp Range

    Do you have torpedo acceleration on your captain?
  6. I would wait till you have a t5 ship on a line you want to take him up. Retraining between lower ships isn't worth it imo unless the captain is going to stay there.
  7. Missing Ship: King George!

  8. I bet it's maneuverability rating would be a 1.
  9. Why is water wet? Complaining about everything is part of human nature unfortunately.
  10. Sullivan Brothers

    Yep Paul allen and his team are on a roll. Though this is like the 5th thread on it.
  11. Fix your teaming algorithm, WG

    And you know they use it how?