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  1. Conqueror Situation...

    One match does not show how something needs to be nerfed or buffed. You have to look at all the statistics amongst the different player groups and servers to make that determination.
  2. You do a rebuttal review of LWM's review but don't activate the LWM signal? For shame . . . @LittleWhiteMouse
  3. Open a support ticket.
  4. Victory Mode!

    Unfortunately this would lead to a lot of draws and very campy gameplay. Neither team has an incentive to push. You only want to make sure you don't die.
  5. It might depend on the Credit card since it states Get up to 15% more Doubloons when you buy with select credit cards! The picture also just shows 4 credit cards.Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, and Maestro. When you input the amount of doubloons you want to purchase off to the side of that box it shows how many bonus doubloons you should receive with that purchase level. Support isnt a bad idea if this doesn't answer your question as they can look at all the details and confirm the payment method and see exactly how many doubloons you received. If there is an error, they will find it.
  6. Dunkirk Mission - DVD release

    They already have the campaigns coming out and wouldn't want to have too many things going on simultaneously.
  7. missing collections

    Maybe they will do Dunkirk next year but without the movie release they may not.
  8. I never had problems against the bogue. Your planes are fast and their planes can't be everywhere so you outmanuver them and laugh as you rack up more damage.
  9. I look for things. Things to hijack. Joined and hilarious hijackings have commenced ever since.
  10. It's probably a flat fee or flat fee plus percentage.
  11. This is a non-issue. I have rarely seen these messages and one at the start of a match is perfectly fine. It's only a problem if they keep repeating it.
  12. Missouri Advice

    I'm not referring to the free xp boost weekends. I'm referring to the regular xp boost weekends when it's like 2 or 3 times the normal xp for first wins. You run higher tier ships for greater base XP and throw on all your modifiers and rake it in.
  13. Missouri Advice

    Use free xp boosting stuff during events with boosted xp. Since free xp gain is based off of total xp, those 3x days etc really add up fast. Papa papa flags etc. work really well. And just keep saving.