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  1. RipNuN2

    I want it!!!

    We wants it. We needs it!
  2. RipNuN2

    Please fix Carriers

    There's more than one in this thread. Can you spot them all?
  3. Totally obvious Japanese bias: Mikasa
  4. Did you try getting out and pushing? Maybe try moving heavy things like coal to the aft. You could also draw lots and toss the short straw crew overboard until you float off it.
  5. RipNuN2

    Spotting xp

    They already do. Edit: this might help. Do bear in mind if more than one ship can spot the target, the rewards are split. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings#Spotting_and_Damage_on_Spotting
  6. RipNuN2

    Broken MM

    Yeah your team had a thunderer and the other team didn't.
  7. RipNuN2

    No bot CVs

    I find they rain down credits and xp. This also helps if I need plane kills for missions.
  8. RipNuN2

    People with bad computers and bad internet

    This does happen to repeat offenders.
  9. RipNuN2

    AVAST AntiVirus Detected Threat

    A false positive as avast is notorious for these.
  10. Did you park in the handicap spot and now the port put a boot on your ship?
  11. RipNuN2

    Solo mode

    Just providing the OP with a solo mode. Does it matter if it's like Whose Line is it Anyway?
  12. RipNuN2

    Convince me the bots don't cheat...

    While the bots do have some advantages like having RPF essentially, they don't have the ability to just willy nilly shoot undetected ships. Post the replay and we should be able to see if a bug was present or something else.