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  1. RipNuN2

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    I don't look at my teammates stats or use MM.
  2. RipNuN2

    cv opt out

    We should also then make a PSA about it.
  3. RipNuN2

    Your very first Premium was?

    The first premium I ever received was the Atlanta from a contest around the time of the game release or shortly thereafter.
  4. RipNuN2

    When does PEF mission end?

    It has been extended another week due to the delay for the next patch. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/080-postponed-announcement/
  5. RipNuN2

    0.8.0 Postponed

    This part should make those grinding towards PEF pretty happy or finishing the campaigns etc. What will happen to the activities rolled out in version 0.7.12? They will be extended, and you will have an additional week to: Fight in Clan battles. "Knock off" your remaining snowflakes. Complete the event "In the Name of His Highness!" and receive the premium battleship tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Participate in the "Mighty Prinz" Campaign, earning yourself the five researchable Tier VI ships with permanent New Year-inspired camouflage.
  6. RipNuN2

    0.8.0 Postponed

  7. RipNuN2

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Looks like it's been delayed here's the link to the EU annoucement. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/080-postponed-announcement/
  8. RipNuN2

    WOWS Enjoyment - Becoming a "Legend" Faster

    Premium time has no effect on Part 5, otherwise a good writeup.
  9. RipNuN2

    Thanks WoWs!

    Here's another fun fact.
  10. RipNuN2

    Thanks Support Team

    @wacko17 can probably pass it on to the right CSR.
  11. RipNuN2

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    Ship hulls, I doubt it.