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  1. Kachok1980

    Ship advertised for sale, But not for sale

    I just did buy the Texas, worked fine for me. Being a resident of that great state I just had to have it.
  2. FRACK your tier X Q times! I am so VERY tired of having to play two tiers down I wish tier X would just go away forever! 16 matches in a row at bottom tier, some I did not even live long enough to get into range to fire a shot. FRACK your Q times you winy B!^@# You know how long I would wait to get to play against my own tier? Do you have any idea? Oh how I wish my biggest issue with this game was having to wait a few more seconds for a match to start!
  3. Kachok1980

    NERF Battleships!

    I don't think BBs are so powerful that they need to be nurffed. I think they are a little easier to play then other classes but not overpowered. As I have gotten better at the game I gradually have moved away form them in favor of DDs, their concealment is much more useful then BBs heavy guns in most situations.
  4. Kachok1980

    Secondary builds (other then German BBs)

    Are there any lower tier ships (6 and under) where secondaries are very useful or is it only for top tier ships? My Bayern as 24 secondaries with up to 37mm armor pen and a base range of 5km, that is as high as I am in the German tech tree at the moment.
  5. Kachok1980

    Secondary builds (other then German BBs)

    It does not look like the French have an issue with potential damage, higher rate of fire and more guns with higher fire chance then any of the tech tree USN ships (I cannot see the specs on the ships you listed) of course the German tier X still has them beat with higher armor pen and almost as much range, not to mention a tankier construction. The Japaneese have the most secondaries I have seen, 30 on the Yamato their reload time is a second slower but with 300 more base damage vs the US 127mm. All of the above seem to be good canadits for a secondary build though clearly the Germans are the best if you are going to be using your secondaries against other BBs.
  6. I have been intrigued by the secondary build lately after getting my first Close Quarters Combat ribbon by accident, comparing BBs and CAs from various countries to try but pretty much any time I look up secondary builds all I see is info on the German BBs. I know their HE is darn good and they have pretty good range on their secondaries but are there any other ships worth considering that kind of build on or is there a reason all anyone ever talks about is the Germans? French and Japaneese have some impressive range as well it seems.
  7. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    I personally think the difference between an 8 and 10 is larger then a 6 and an 8 as is evident from the firepower example I gave earlier, but that said sure eliminate two tier overmateches for all tiers I am completely on board with that idea.
  8. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    Oh like hiding in a BB is easy right. Enemy team send up an aircraft and I light up like Christmas and I have salvo after salvo rain down on me before I can even get into my 21km range, there is nothing I can do about that except abandon BBs all together. Last time I tried I was down half my life before I ever even got a shot off, granted part of that was some darn good shooting from 26k away by a couple enemy BBs but there really is nothing I can to about it as evasive maneuvers in a ship that size take far longer then the shells flight time.
  9. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    To me this is the equivalent of boxing with one arm tied behind your back and having people tell you that everyone enjoys the handicap, especially people who get to box with both arms free. There simply has to be a better way of matchmaking or at very least if they cannot do anything else give double XP if you have to play two tiers down so you might get something out of the match rather then just being target practice.
  10. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    Well if you like it good for you but I would like to opt out of that silliness.
  11. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    So basically everyone who already has a tier X wants to keep it the way it is and everyone else thinks that it is stupid........ Yeah that figures.
  12. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    Well I just counted six in a row, so I call that nearly every match. You can call it what you like.
  13. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    Hard to grind your way to 10 when you can hardly even get into range.
  14. Kachok1980

    Save tier 8?

    This is getting just plain silly, trying to play through tier 8 and all I get is thrown into tier X matches where even CAs outgun my BB. Being down two tiers against the best ships in the game is insane especially when they do it too you nearly every match. They need to offer a option to restrict downtiering to 1 level MAX, where do we go to file a petition with them? While this is an issue for a couple other tiers the difference is far more pronounced for the tier 8 ships IMHO.
  15. Kachok1980

    Is the arson achievement broken?

    I know what the DM is but I don't see any Khaba on the tech tree. Sadly I don't have either yet. Tier 5 is as high as most of my cruisers go. Good luck setting fires in my Kirov and my De Grasse but still no achievement.