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  1. Fun and engaging!!!!!

    Kk fixed the typo, now bye bye ........
  2. Fun and engaging!!!!!

    Rofl with a post to battle ratio of almost 35 to 1 I'm some kind of whiny snowflake in your book. This forum has become more of a joke than the game mechanics. 2 years ago this would of become a conversation about the AP DB mechanics and is such unavoidable damage ok and how badly needed is a cv rework. I may come back to the game in 6 months but I will not waste time here again. Stay tuff behind your big bad keyboard lol Oh and devil you seem to post once for every 6 battles you fight so I'd watch calling people snowflakes my self important judge you seem to find a lot that upsets you lol.
  3. Fun and engaging!!!!!

    Been off for a few monhs due to burn out and WG not selling me my year member ship without a bunch of [edited] flags at Christmas, so I thought what the hey and loaded up the game again. I had a few good fights then got into a scrap with an Enterprise on the other side. My KGV faces a lone DB squad with hard turn fighter up. No other fighters or Tbs in the area to distract my AA. And several crits and 2/3 of my hp later (unrepairable of course) they sail away. I finish the game GG every one and uninstall.......maybe I'll check back in another 6 months.
  4. Germany came late to the ww2 ship building game. Treaty limitations prevented ships over 10000 from being built for many years. The British fear of Bismark was NOT the fear of a fight it was the fear they couldn' catch her and she would run wild against the shipping bringing England it's lifes blood. Graf Spee run was still fresh in their minds and they did not have the ships to protect every convoy against her The British were LOOKING for her to fight her. They had no fear of engaging her. Her boilers were scarier than her guns. Her biggest asset was that unless they cornered her she could choose which engagements to fight and which to avoid. She would of soon lost that advantage to the new ships coming on line. Once she was sunk her abilities were played up for prpaganda value. (Ie look how good and brave our sailors are).
  5. Ah the goal posts don't really move the Japanese militarist mind set IS a big reason they lost so badly. Emphasizing combat capability over logistical capability cut the legs out from under them and limited their options again and again during the war.
  6. can you site a source for the giving up part? I've never seen a reference to the idea of ending the pacific fight due to defeats.
  7. Um don't watch man in the high castle too much soap opera dramady crap in most TV any more to enjoy. Guadalcanal was a sort of high water mark and very important in shortening the war, but If any one common thing did the AXIS in it was the lack of logistical planning even losing at both midway and Guadalcanal would do nothing to change the Japanese blind spot of protecting it's merchant fleet from the predations of the US Submarine force which did more to weaken the Japanese hold on it's island empire then either battle. German/Japanese cooperation was minimal at best and came down to enemy of my enemy(both had plans to do in the other on the road to world domination) The two forces never had a plan or a desire to link up and if they could of, their neglect of their supply chains would have let them do nothing but sit down and starve together. Germany could not keep Rommel supplied across the Mediterranean let alone supply troops in Say Iran(or god help them Afghanistan) The Japanese might have gotten to Australia but the supplies necessary to support an invasion could no way be moved by the Japanese transport fleet under attack by american submariners with no protection from the Japanese naval command(escorting supplies was not warrior work). the Giant Axis blind spot was always Logistics Hitler was told that the German Army could not be supplied after 500 miles into Russia so he made up his "all we have to do is kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will crumble" justification. Like wise the Japanese knew they did not have the supply chain to fight the USA and came up with the "we will negotiate as favorable settlement after 6 months of victories". Allied Victory projections were usually based on math, Axis outcomes on nebulous Superiority claims made when the logistics showed they'd get their asses kicked.
  8. we still had extensive east cost assets along with the Essex class , and the fast battle ships coming on line. again It probably would have prolonged the war, you might have seen the Kentucky and a few Montanan class might have got built a lot more dead and 2 more years of war is what I think you get if the US lost at midway. Funny I think the biggest change might be Hitler dies in a nuclear fireball in Berlin in Aug. instead of eating his pistol in May. edit * sorry looks like April 30th was the day Hitler shot himself.
  9. to return to the topic..... A Japanese victory at Midway probably prolongs both the war and the suffering on all sides. the allied strategy of Germany first might of been a casualty of a loss at midway (if a second major Japanese victory caused the Roosevelt Administration to loose office in the Nov 1942 elections.) This in no way delays or stalls the US Anti shipping submarine campaign that gutted the Japanese merchant fleet so no way Japan advances any further. less resources in the European theater slows(not stops) the Russian advance as the loss of lend lease materials reduce Russian Logistics (Hitler would of never agreed to a cease fire ) . Overwhelming production still swamps the Japanese(how many beginning of the war CVs were crucial players by August 1945?) but by the time the first Atomic bombs are ready Germany is still still active while with American Island hoping delayed the Japanese mainland is still difficult to reach so Berlin eats the first Atomic bomb Aug 7 1945 surrendering a short time later. in 1946 material flows into the pacific us Bombers come into range of the Japanese home islands and by the beginning of 1947 Japan is facing invasion after taking at least 5 or 6 Nukes to major population centers. Pretty much worse for everyone. the Soviets are now stronger in Europe(and will have the bomb in a few years) Japan has a million more dead. Just more dead and stronger dictators would be about all that changed.
  10. Demographic over lap? your average post office has 10x more ex Military in it than any goofy milta of wannabes. I have news for you if it came down to a shooting war you can probably count on the vast majority of ex military siding with the LEGAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. now get this baseless stupid crap off the board of my pretend ship game. if you must, go conquer another federal bird sanctuary or something.
  11. Ah they just took some great ships out of the store. I' d say identify what you like to play best dd ca BB or god help you cv, then what flavor English, USA German etc etc. It. Could be you like more than one style. Just go with somehing that compliments a style you like to play. Face punching bare knuckled point blank brawling = Tirpizt. High speed movement to out maneuer your enemy more your thing? This little hood is just your thing. 1) decide how you want to play 2) match the premium that best fits the style (Little white mouse reviews are great for this( my other BB is a warspite :p) 3 ) enjoy many happy games.....
  12. Dear WGing please nerf Rock , Paper is fine. Signed , scissors
  13. sorry no, almost all american navel equipment produced in WW2 was superior to it's German and Japanese counter parts and in the few departments where the plans of the Axis powers called for superiority they were unable to meet the production standards they had designed. American engineering and industrial capacity out stripped any of their opponents ability to design and produce goods, also the security of the US mainland allowed for better and faster production of equipment (amazing the job you can do when no one is bombing you.) the idea that mass production is somehow inferior to producing one or two of something is silly which Fletcher is better the 1st one you build or the 200th? even areas where the Axis did show signs of parity or superiority they were temporary or limited . Ie the Bismark hit a non updated Hood in the right spot but this mighty ship of "great axis building, designed to fight multiple opponents" utterly failed against KGV and the 1926 design BB Rodney. scoring no hits. Items like the excellent long lance torpedo while effective cost the Japanese several ships when the Liquid oxygen fuel was hit during combat while American torpedoes at first a joke became deadly by the end of the war. Further more German U boats were massed produced, are you implying that because they were mass produced German U boats were inferior to Japanese Subs because fewer mass production techniques were used in their building? even the Sherman and the T-34 were Superior designs to the Tiger I on a strategic level due to ease of production, mobility,ease of Maintenance, and upgrade ability the easy 8 and the T34-85 both did quite well against German armor when crew training reached parity around later 1943 to 1944. Get it out of your head the idea that Axis weapons were super weapons that could only be beaten by mass numbers of inferior equipment. often axis early war advantage was due to Superior training and doctrine.