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  1. well was waiting to buy my year but you got too greedy WG you saved me 50$, I'm not paying for the stupid flags , and that means probably no reason to go for Christmas boxes either they probably won't be as good as last year. in fact didn't even go after vampire after I saw the first requirement was 20 kills. The thought of all the held fire by people who needed the kill credit for the quest stopped me dead in my tracks.
  2. Funny enough Warspite and Hood . Load up the He and wait for a lot of DDs to come to you. Warspite you play torpedo beats along with secondaries greatest hits, in Hood you show them your tail at 29 knots and the silly things will chase you while you play lord Nelsons greatest 15 inch hits on their bow. (Nelsons not as much fun but 9 tubes of HE will delete 90% of DDs dumb enough to let you line up three turrets on them)
  3. Was in a game a few days ago where Lwm was running the Kidd . Funny thing happend no complaining, people communicated , people suddenly took it in stride if they got deleted. If this is the LWM effect I wish every game included a mouse.
  4. Hood

    He menioned he didn't see many as part of his question. I don't know why your so worried about an improbable imaginary buff to Hood that's only mentioned as a way to improve her popularity which is probably lacking due to her weak guns. You like her the way she is I like her the way she is too but would probably play her more if her guns were a little closer to the other RN BBs. She's not as popular as other Rn BBs even if her performance is center of the pack.
  5. Hood

    Well the post was asking why no one sees her much. I own all three (and Belfast and Campbelltown) (tea any one?) All three are fun, But it's a lot easier to have fun In the other two. She doesnt need a buff i agree but if WG wanted her to sell more then id say ya a gun buff would make her a little less situational and even more fun.
  6. Hood

    Aye that's the problem she's an ok ship sandwiched between two really good ones (Warspite + Nelson) she can do great things but she's much more situational than her cousins. Only way to make her more popular would be to buff her guns a bit but shes in no way gimped shes just not popular due to her weak guns.
  7. Hood

    Her number one weapon is her speed. She losses toe to toe with other BBs. You can really make them miss when she is running full out kiting her guns are murder on CA and DD targets but the accuracy makes it hard to land the blows. Us Teaboos got Nelson right after Hood and Nelson flat out gives a better return for less effort so she kinda knocked Hood off the front page. It doesn't help that her little sister Warspite is such a bully one tier lower either again more return for less effort. Only way I see her getting more popular would be to unnerf the guns a bit but I don't Think the lack of Hood play has WG concerned.
  8. Nope detonation is pretty much the ultimate crit. And crit damage is like tattoos permanent. Seemed historicly either uncontrolled flooding or the loss of propulsion was the death knell for warships.
  9. Ya CVs should really be very very prone to going BOOM not immune. The munitions and av gas alone. Might make the high tier cv gods less aggressive if they had to protect their floating gas station a little better.
  10. Choukai was a combat kill the second her torpedos went. That she still floated for a bit to eat a 500 pounder is not part of the game. She was in all respects detonated by a gun that could not get through her armor.
  11. During the battle of Samar (poor taffy 3) the escort carrier White Planes found itself up against the IJN CA Chokai. desperately firing it's only 5 inch gun it struck the CA s long lance torpedos detonating them. This restulted in a combat kill of the Ca in question. This is the kind of action detonation models and I'm fine with it. The other plus is it keeps a chance of winning for the ships that are losing . If a trpitz is pummeling you and your at 10% health why stick around? It helps to always give players a small chance to turn things around.
  12. Sorry have to come in on the pro detonation side. Yes they happened and that helps improve the realism feel ( not a bad thing), but it also gives the under dog a chance. The escort carrier from taffy 3 that nailed the torpedos on the Japanese CA comes to mind.they didn't stop fighting and they got lucky. Shushi happens and detonation is a good approximate of that effect. Yes I'm burning , at 20% health in my Cambletown with 2 4 inch guns firing at your Wyoming with 90% health that my trops just missed but rather than just hitting escape I'll keep PLAYING on the 1 in 1000 chance the paint I blow off your armor will get in your eye and you will drop your cig ,(everyone smoked then) it will roll down the hall and into powder storage BOOM I win.
  13. Forum Funnies!

    During a bad outing I was being chased down by the seven remaining red ships in my burning Warspite. I couldn't help but type " alright we'll call it a draw......."
  14. ya I'm showing first two missions have incomplete steps after I finished them also.
  15. Okhotnik the E25 of WOWS ?

    Yes like the e25 neither was built. If I said unlike the e25 then I would be saying the e25 was real. You misunderstand me.