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  1. Cirdane

    Simple summation of cruiser gameplay?

    Tough choice going CA for main. The BBs out gun and armor you and the DDs out maneuver and are faster than you. Many CAs use to be no fly zones but that died in the CV rework. dead with 36 planes shot down is still dead. My CA play brakes down to two styles if BBs are everywhere you play as dps. Add your firepower to attacks to overwhelm a targets damage control . If DDs are all about you become the hunter. Trying to out battle a battle ship is going to fail out torpedoing a dd will make you a gimp DD . Cruisers have to constantly keep situational awareness dialed to 11. Small enough to get obliterated by a BB and big enough to eat every torp in a spread from a DD you have to keep every threat in mind before you commit. If your getting erased often in a particular CA/CL you may need to put survival ahead of damage for awhile.
  2. So, I've yet to collect on battle pass rewards. If you upgrade it after earning the rewards, do you get the premium rewards for levels you completed before upgrading the Pass?
  3. Cirdane

    Sooo....still no working AA for subs

    working AA for Subs? why should they be the only class to have working AA?
  4. Cirdane

    Random Ops?

    ya no desire to play the Halloween ops sadly, guess i'll be on a 30 day break.
  5. My guess is they will let them run wild for a year, then Nerf them silly like they do with other flavor of the month classes.........
  6. Cirdane

    You cant defend this.

    Ah with Aa nerfed as bad as it is a good CVs can attack with impunity. Unless a ship can spec to make a CV pay a REAL price for attacking it and not just a few token losses that will be replaced before having an effect this will continue. The biggest failure of the rework is that the skill gap was not addressed as much as WG hoped. WG will do nothing at this point which is probably why I play less and less. Most things a player can do , sector reinforcement , AA flag, commander spec are placebos to slightly increase your plane kill count while not hindering the CV player in the least.
  7. Umm I'm I tier 6 /7 player with a royal navy fetish, so hardly unicum and 9000+ games with fewer than 300 forum posts so not exactly a snow flake either, but hey make up some more strawmen while you're at it. Submarine implementation is the topic and how it has devolved into a lazy dps rogue class as wargamming has failed to realize the only way to add subs was to expand the roll of scouting and objective capturing into full roles over lazy dps pew pew boats. Instead they will shoehorn in 30 + knot torpedo spewing magic armor boats vs adding a chess piece to a board.
  8. I think the opportunity missed was to emphasize their scouting and objective capturing ability over making them torpedo dispensers. The game play of popping up a periscope and spotting for your fleet to earn xp was ignored. I think very low detection, good spotting (periscope mode) and a hard but slow punch (maybe a 5 minute reload on the torpedoes with higher damage). Subs should be excellent scout's with one killer punch and dead meat when uncovered. Edit: with a long reload and slow speed subs could start with torpedo tubes loaded, and as fleet scouts forward of normal spawning points.
  9. They are too much of a Rogue like class. Almost all pvp games have to nerf stealth classes ( This game had to nerf invisible fire early in its existence.) Just as getting burned down by unseen destroyers nearly killed the game early on. The idea of invisible unnaturally difficult to target ships dumping loads of homing torpedoes into targets busy dealing with angling, DD torpedo avoidance, and attack by CV removes any hope of offensive action. Submarine's scouting and objective capturing ability are both poor making their role pretty much torpedo dispensers.
  10. Cirdane


    I wanted to be good in the Fuso but I could never get better than average. so I was just Fuso-so......thanks I'll show myself out.......
  11. Cirdane

    Bad Snow

    Hmmm I guess a Canadian would know about snow. Little White Mouse , you guys have like 635 words for it. We in Michigan I think only have about 472..............
  12. YA I did the grind for her back then. She was bad when they launched her and she's been continuously power crept over time. The Aa thing is another laugh she couldn't stop a boy scout powered kite after the CV rework. just another forgotten ship WG won't take responsibility to maintain the playability of.
  13. ok I have to put my personal daemon in here Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Never has a premium been so , so , so well to paraphrase from the north "a glaring bag of Moose Balls" with guns to make a stormtrooper wince, all the maneuverability of a building, the secondaries that work on the jiffy pop system(they will all hit but it'll be 20 min minutes before they do and by then you'll have been salted and buttered). ok she has good speed but try getting her up there in under one match. To add to the insult she's listed as having great AA (actually true she's usually burning so badly the CV player can't make her out under all the smoke and messes up the drop). thats shes been totally power crept by the German BC line just adds to the pain.
  14. Oh I thought the CV rework. Super ships and subs were put in to encourage players to play low tier.🤣. Would really love to have more reason to log in and play. I enjoy playing ships that existed and that often means lower tiers. Great idea but I've avoided super ships like the plague they are.