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  1. Cirdane

    I'm better than you

    Gratz on another 10 , I hope you have someone to play against as I exit yet another battle with yet another green armchair admiral abusing everyone in chat. Think I'm due a long vacation soon.
  2. Flavor ? screen doors and radiation leaks come to mind, oh and self immolating ordinance at higher tiers, their special ability can be "blame the Americans."
  3. Cirdane


    Flag bouy, gonna make spottin them easy " sir I see a suspicious bouy with 8 flags moving at 28 knots off the port side ......"
  4. Cirdane


    Premiums should be pretty easy "this month get premium tier 5 U-101 in the store for 29.99. Next month get Premium tier 6 U-102 for 39.99. Next month get premium tier 7 U-103 for 49.99. ..............$"
  5. Cirdane

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Ah was going to be cutting down my play time with classic wow launch. This just makes it even eaiser.
  6. Cirdane

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    I'm no great player myself but if I might suggest the Iron Duke at tier 5 in the British BB tree is an excellent ship to learn in good enough armor, and great He makes the guns easy to use. It's a good ship to learn to gauge the flow of battle in. The slower pace of a bb would let you pay more attention to the overall postioning an fight.
  7. Cirdane

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Lol I blame auto correct. You'll note walenaught was spelled correctly lol.
  8. Cirdane

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    the topic of Whales and how much they spend is not clear because, the term has evolved. Early Whales were Whales of the line , who were replaced by the whaleclads which evolved into the protected whale, these were over taken by the whalnaught that was upstaged by the super whalenaught, and they were made obsolete by Fast Whales. Eventually all Whales will be replaced by CVs..........😜
  9. Cirdane

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    This is a fascinating discussion on the Type 93 (I think I fall into the RC1138 camp the thing was more trouble than it was worth), but one factor I see missing is the fact that the type 93 was designed for a war that never happened. Japan was firmly in the decisive battle camp for naval strategy. prewar japanese planning involved drawing out the american fleet harassing it all the way to the area of the Philippines then engaging the worn down fleet with fresh japanese forces. then as they had done to the Russians force favorable terms on the defeated nation. the type 93 was created with this fight in mind. on a multi thousand mile trip superior torpedo range for the harassing force would have been an excellent advantage. At the end fleet surface engagement mass volleys of long range torpedo fire would have also been of great use. the weaknesses of carrying around deck mounted Liquid oxygen bombs would be minimal for a skirmishing force planning to avoid direct combat, and only a one time risk for the major fleet action at the end. The japanese navy put too much faith in what it learned fighting the russians in the early parts of the century. The war Japan wound up in was nothing like what its navel planners envisioned when creating the type 93. the long drawn out fight across the pacific and the rising effectiveness of air power and radar badly blunted any chance of the type 93 becoming a war winning weapon. I think in many way the type 93 indeed mirrors the German Panzer 6 (Tiger) tank. Great idea on paper not executed as well in reality and not used in the manner it was originally intended for( the Tiger was originally intend to lead attacks, by the time it was operational Germany was in full defence mode). Could the type 93 do things no other torpedo could do? Yes it could. did the performance of the type 93 recoup the investment in its development, or the losses it inflicted on it's own forces compared to if they had been armed with a more stable less capable conventional torpedo? the evidence seems to indicate no. as a last thought I think the type 93 sits as one of the very first "wonder waffa" it along with the Tiger,V2, Me262, Yamoto class BBs. were weapons that were through superior performance going to neutralise the huge economic advantages of the enemy. none of these weapons pulled their weight in the war and all were out performed by less radical designs that emphasized reliability over excessive performance goals.
  10. Ok jimbo I break down what your saying as "dds stop me from executing my tactical plan" sadly that is the mission of the red team. It's not really overpowered they are just being more effective. Actually DDs took a hit with the introduction of rocket planes and the cv rework. Yes they have good games, but often as not they get hammered. I actually think they are in a good place right now they can be played well but they are not loaded with I win buttons. I've played up to fletcher but I'm not a dd main by any streach. I don't like it when 20 15/20 km torpedoes come cross country but only a few dds can do it, and they probably don't like 12/16 over pens/he flyin the other way either. Original poster, best thing you could probably do is go play up a few dd lines to get a feel for them. The Best defense you can have is to know what the dd skipper is going to try to do. The best players know that AND they already know what they are going to do to the dd when they try it. Look at the other team are there 5 dds on it ? If so slow + near island the only advantage you will gain is the bad swimmers on your crew will probably make it to the island when the torps sink you. Speed can be life. conversely speed out in front of 5 bbs your ca will be converted into a submarine in about 30 seconds. Every fight is different and every captain must read the maps and the team make ups then use that knowledge to fight his ship effectively.
  11. Have to recommend two (although scharnhorst is a good choice) but many folks love warspite cause she will always do that thing you like.(sink the red ships) and she has a history like no other. The other is west Virginia 41 she has crazy over match and a lot of history also. They are both tier six you might see a lot of tier 7 but they can handle it. Tier 8s tend to get pulled into 9/10 tier fights so match making should be good.
  12. Cirdane

    Worst Premium ship in game

    Oh take her into ops with a secondary spec days of fun. Totally redeems her.
  13. Cirdane

    Worst Premium ship in game

    I take Marblehead out when I feel like giving out a few citadels to the red team sure she's Wiggly but shes so easy to overmatch all they have to do is land one or two (and as soon as BBs see her it's like being the last jelly filled doughnut at the weight watchers meeting.....every one wants you.) 8km torps are all fine but I think they also move at 8kph . The massive detection range is fun and engaging as well.
  14. Cirdane


    People will be less salty once everyone is above a 50% win rate............👨‍🎓
  15. So they are giving me three more days to use the coupon I used three months ago?, while not letting me use the coupon I need to finally get the Flint? In the same sprit I think I will Delay their next "opportunity" to sell me premium time.