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  1. During a bad outing I was being chased down by the seven remaining red ships in my burning Warspite. I couldn't help but type " alright we'll call it a draw......."
  2. ya I'm showing first two missions have incomplete steps after I finished them also.
  3. Yes like the e25 neither was built. If I said unlike the e25 then I would be saying the e25 was real. You misunderstand me.
  4. E25 could carry like you wouldn't believe. Hide and snipe the rush at the end and use it's high rof to dps down the last few. I saw a lot of e25s turn a three on one or even a four on one Into a win. I wonder if the 7 guns (That's a lot of shells) and 12 tubes along with 30+ knot speed and dd concealment and smoke mean this little beast will carry like crazy too. As far as the long and easy to hit arguments well the 25 depended on angling and auto bounce and I've already seen shells deflecting when I charge with her.
  5. Just finally got the Okhotnik after a couple of days waltzing with customer service. Does this thing remind anyone else of the E25 in wot ? Hi speed, hi concealment, crazy rate of fire, and 12 yes TWELVE short range torpedos. It's ambush nirvana much like a certain TD in WOT.....Futher it also never really existed like the e25 and if it had been built would have probably have never lived up to the design spec. I never bought the e25 when I had the chance I felt it would be unfair.......course after having to fight the Damm things for years my standards seem to have dropped a bit. So when you see 12 torpedos coming at you make sure to wave I'm probably only about 4.5 km away ?
  6. Lucky you got an offer I've been arguing with tech support for three days no show after 5 games they keep saying it's fixed and close the ticket which I have to reopen when I go look and no offer is open.
  7. Ya same no ship at end of trial. Filed a ticket.
  8. ah sad played 6 battles and either I missed the offer or it didn't happen. Too bad they probably could of sold me this boat
  9. Ah I'm in some what in the same boat. Struggling with her even fully upgraded with premium consumables she does become better it seems. will probably sell her as I already have warspite.
  10. Ok I was being snarky just after I got the Iron Duke and decided to have some fun so I posted. "I love being able to finally play the ship the British named in honor of John Wayne" Captain 1 "you realize it was built in WW1" Captain 2 "Let him have his moment"
  11. I had the same choice went for Nelson. Have not regreted it at all 9 good guns upfront just enough speed and all you have to worry about is avioding citadel hits cause you can undo any other damage end game with one heal left shes a beast.
  12. George Carlin said "anyone driving slower then you is a *ssh*l* but any one driving faster than you is a maniac" seems to fit for this conversation. People think only they are right. Can't count the number of people who charge in get focused down in 3 min while accomplishing nothing then berate the other players for being timid p*ssys and not supporting their " brilliance ".
  13. Enterprise - When it's you vs the IJN and you pull it off you should be remembered Warspite - Damm well have to save the entire empire just to get a colum on that ungreatful island. If not for her record at least to represent her and all her sisters they didn't save. Yamato - because they destroyed all the plans for her and she could answer so many question and she would be an excellent addition to Japan's peace memorials to help remember the madness that helped bring the whole war on. Pennsylvania - she's perfect put her right next to the Arizona other side of Mo. Old guard and new.
  14. Ya lining up and hitting each other over the head is fun and all but open world raiders vs convoys has vast potential also. If you get sunk you go back in the que to control numbers
  15. DD mafia lost it when Graf Zep. Hit one of them with a triple drop. She had to be made to be helpless against them while being OP'd against everything else in the game of rock, paper, untouchable invisible torpedo assassin That they claim is the foundation of this game.😆