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  1. Cirdane

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    No love for USS Robin?
  2. It's gotten worse over time. I started around the time of the ARP ships and they were an easy grind. I missed the original Kamikaze by one pearl. the old grinds were easier. WG has been jacking up the grind factor pretty steady. save your free xp and your coal and you can get some nice ships free but it's gonna take a lot more time.
  3. Cirdane

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    Original poster, hope this helps but with the British cl line you probably picked one of the most deleteable lines in the game. Pre ww2 England needed ALOT of ships to protect commerce in its empire. The admiralty went with low cost designs that could see off Dds and merchant raiders but if the encounter was more serious opposition they were to be used in a squadron like the battle of river plate with the graf spee. In WOWs this leads to a line with thin armor and low gun counts till you hit high tiers. They have a few tricks to help with this but those are not beginners tricks for sure. I'd suggest the English BB line for awhile faster than American bbs and not as tanky as german bbs . The have a small bit of the ca feel to them. Learn your enemy then return to the cl line (and kick butt) P.S. some of the advice/reviews in this game are older and have been superceded by new lines and rule changes. If you read older advice make sure to check with newer sources to insure it's still relevant. Good luck hope to sink you soon.😜
  4. Cirdane

    Defensive fighter consumable

    Ah I don't know, the way they kill one plane, have no other effect, and the Cv totally ignores it. I'd say it's working just the way wargaming wants it to.
  5. Cirdane

    WG can you buff Pensacola.

    Change the name to PensacolaGrade and put it in the Russian tree dam thing will have Alligator launchers and 12" of Stalinlinum after the next patch.
  6. Cirdane

    Rework = I'm Out

    Ya just came back after a loooong rest to find out I need to totally rework commanders and learn new skills and face a massive grind. Ya i'm out redoing 50 or 60 commanders is not what I came back for. Sure I can ignore it but that would be just another way I'm giving ground to the people who live eat and breath this game.
  7. Cirdane

    Mouse on "Balance"...

    Close Lert, but the actual ratings are: If it kills me= overpowered If I kill it = working as intended If I don't kill everything in it = underpowered. 😋
  8. Ah elite player input can be very detrimental. Showing my age but was a Dark Age of Camelot Player back in 2000 Ish. We all thought it was a great idea when they reached out to high rank pvpers for what the game needed. Turns out what the elite players wanted was a way for elite players to get more elite they were tired of getting dog piled.the changes did not go well. because someone excels at a game it does not automatically follow they have good ideas about CHANGING the game. .
  9. Ok got my hands on a Tier 5 French DD and thought "why not take it out for a drive". The only experience I have with French Vehicles are their cars. ok first thing I noticed was the thing had no smoke generator this is actually kind of a trait of French Automakers they reville in not having the things every other car on earth possess, well no biggie. once she reached top speed I noticed that compared to other DDs she's really not that fast there is a way to make her go faster but that's probably not safe. (French car analogy 2 fun 0) in attempting to operate her I immediately lost my steering followed shortly by the loss of the drivetrain. I fixed this but it was Immediately broke once again by normal usage . Also like a french car she was now producing a lot of smoke but it did not seem to help matters. then I ran into a rock. A moment later I was again a pedestrian(swimmer?) My only conclusion is that someone on the WOW development team owns a French car and has perfectly recreated the experience for the player base.
  10. Cirdane

    What is the worst ship in your opinion?

    I haven't seen it so I'll call out the Omaha. A tier 5 that can be pulled up to tier 7 made of glass with 50 little guns pointing in 40 different directions no smoke and chitty torpedoes. Makes Emerald look good.
  11. Cirdane

    I'm better than you

    Gratz on another 10 , I hope you have someone to play against as I exit yet another battle with yet another green armchair admiral abusing everyone in chat. Think I'm due a long vacation soon.
  12. Flavor ? screen doors and radiation leaks come to mind, oh and self immolating ordinance at higher tiers, their special ability can be "blame the Americans."
  13. Cirdane


    Flag bouy, gonna make spottin them easy " sir I see a suspicious bouy with 8 flags moving at 28 knots off the port side ......"
  14. Cirdane


    Premiums should be pretty easy "this month get premium tier 5 U-101 in the store for 29.99. Next month get Premium tier 6 U-102 for 39.99. Next month get premium tier 7 U-103 for 49.99. ..............$"
  15. Cirdane

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Ah was going to be cutting down my play time with classic wow launch. This just makes it even eaiser.