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  1. If stats don't matter...

    wth are you talking about? In the hypothetical scenario I outlined, the person was simply there. You invented this instigation angle. My biggest gripe is that people don't criticize the play. They attack the person as if being bad at this game means they're a drooling troglodyte that sits in diapers all day because they lack the intelligence to go potty. I agree with you on one point only. If someone bites a players head off for giving them constructive criticism in a private manner then that person is a shmuck. I think most people would prefer not to suck at something. Not being very good at this game and failing to police themselves by giving up all together does not make them a bad person lacking "character." On the other hand, being good at this game does not mean that person is a basement dwelling, no life having, social cripple.
  2. They know when you're firing at them, but they predictably yolo.
  3. If stats don't matter...

    My personal stats are important to me because it roughly illustrates whether I'm getting better or worse. Other people's stats, I don't care about. Some people really, really, care about other people's stats. Imagine you're playing the game and you see someone like Flamu or Flambass on the enemy team and you're kind of smitten with "celebrity." You don't have the greatest game ever but you did ok. You load up the stream to check it out and then you're greeted with your cc of choice and 300+ people in chat calling you and your team all manner of vile insults, while someone in the stream posts your wr and wtr. That's when stats matter, they matter when people use them as ammunition for denigration
  4. The MM knows...

    I swear the MM knows you've switched from def aa to hydro. I queued up the Ibuki, didn't see a cv in the queue and switched to hyrdo. Magically there is a cv in the queue now, so I switch back. Queue up again, no cv, left and switched to hydro. Queue up again, no cvs in the queue, cvs in the match.
  5. Need Alsace Advice

    Get concealment expert on that thing and use the 12ish km detection to your advantage. I'm obviously not the greatest Alsace driver but I find that the matches I do the best in are the ones where I make my presence known. Don't yolo but don't try to snipe. Take advantage of her secondaries and their decent fire chance. You start hitting ships at 10km out with those and lighting them on fire, they tend to back off.
  6. I would have used the ARP ships a lot more if the "camo" had at the very least the detection and dispersion benefits. I only use them very, very occasionally if I want to show someone the neon boats.
  7. The Weekend in One Image

    I haven't won a single random battle today. You look up at the score and notice your team is down to 4 ships, they have 10 and you're the only one to get any kills.
  8. Halsey campaign is so hard.

    I was thinking this exact thing. I've been working on the Yammy campaign for so long I forgot.
  9. The Price of Luxury

    As Lord Zath says, "You can tell how awesome a French BB is by how many benches it has."
  10. I'm sure even anti-coop, hardcore pvpers like when missions are doable in co-op. It's less stressful, there is less chance of defeat when people forget the objective in an attempt to score an extra torp hit. Yeah the credits and xp are less but that's not why you're doing it. The fact that there are fewer ships actually makes some missions harder in co-op. If you need to do a certain amount of damage in a single battle, or land a certain number of shells, co-op is definitely harder.
  11. Anyone else see the irony in a bunch of "grown ups" complaining about kids playing video games?
  12. Yes, I pointed that out yesterday when I posted the link for the Kaiju Hunter missions. This in comparison was a piece of cake.
  13. I've never seen you in game. I think you bring down the quality of my forum reading. Simply because someone does not agree with you does not make them a troll. If I were a troll your constant TL:DR posts would indicate that it worked. I'd also like to point out that I never implied that you believe everyone should be unicum or even above average. I don't take issue with wanting players to be better or at the very least attempt to become better. I take issue with the way to choose to deliver that message. You're abrasive, condescending, insulting, rude, and contemptuous. I will, out of principle, tune out any advice you give simply for those reasons, regardless of merit.
  14. I think they meant the xp/credits/pink status punishment and not necessarily reflect damage. I could be wrong, but that's how I read their post.