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  1. I bought about 70 bucks worth of crates across mega, big, and regular. I ended up with about 7k doubloons, some coal, flags, camo, and three prem ships. The ships were the T-61, Prinz Eugen and Molotov. With the extra coal and dubs I was able to get the Musashi and Nelson. I felt like it was pretty good haul for 70 bucks.
  2. Amenhir

    Update 7.12.

    No offense intended but they could add this to the game and you'd probably still pick it up.
  3. Amenhir

    CV [edited] MM*

    My guess is the enemy CV or yourself were in a div with t5 BBs. That's the easiest way for that to happen.
  4. Due to all of the candles and incense burning on my ship I set myself on fire and sink.
  5. I would not consider your examples as stat shaming. Now if I posted in a thread about whether I like kale or not and you replied by pointing out that I only had a 35% win rate and therefore I should go hide in a cave and never utter words to another human being. Then sure that would be stat shaming. I think any time stats are brought up in an unsolicited manner with an emphasis on denigrating or humiliating a player then it's shaming. I take a different approach by stat shaming myself before others get the chance.
  6. You may be right if this were 30+ yrs ago but if you're a teenager running around today you've been inundated with information regarding substance abuse for most of your life. If you go out and drink until your liver explodes I will have a hard time believing they didn't know it could happen.
  7. If they regulate loot boxes then the companies will just bake it right into the game itself instead of being an optional purchase. Could you imagine every time you win a battle you get a totally random chance of actually receiving credits and xp?
  8. Unless there is some maniacal psychopath running around forcing children to drink gamble.
  9. It's gambling if you EXPECT to get a ship. It's not if you are happy with what you are most likely going to get. Now if these loot boxes either had a free ship or nothing, than sure it should be regulated. I know there are people that have a hard time saying no and will spend more than they should, and that is sad, but these are the same people that wouldn't be able to say no to a wafer thin mint.
  10. Amenhir

    Shoot for the Stars - feedback?

    Here is an idea. Send a pm to one of the many moderators on this forum to get their feedback.
  11. OH SNAP! I forgot about that. ::rubs hands with glee:: The guns should make that a lot of fun.
  12. This is my take on the initial post... "I don't have any money, WoWS is p2w." I buy premium time, doubloons, and some ships from time to time. I still suck at this game. No money has helped me play better or win more. The only thing it has done is make life a little easier and enhance my enjoyment of the game, ie, more purty boats.
  13. Amenhir

    weird pop-up this morning

    Did you watch a WoWS streamer recently? If so then it was the pop up telling you that you got a twitch container.