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  1. I have had personal missions such as the Twitch Texas one appear fairly regularly. It doesn't advance and if you go into a battle or something it is typically gone when you get back. The first time it happened I thought I got lucky, but soon realized it was a glitch.
  2. Classic Launcher

    You mean like the launcher? Click on launcher, click play, boom it loads.
  3. One reason sharks was the more popular team. We just had the Baltimore and Cleveland "Go Murica" eagle themed camo given out. People wanted something different.
  4. Classic Launcher

    Is steam the three step process or the wgc?
  5. Everyone, let's not fight. We're all pretty.
  6. I think the biggest problem is that people talk too much. Mind your own business, keep your mouth shut and your head down, and hope that you don't royally screw up. If you do, hope no one notices.
  7. I don't really know what difference it would make. Match making is still random. You're still going to be on the same or opposing team against people that average low on the results screen.
  8. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    It's a defense mechanism. I've had "fun" in matches I've lost, if it was a hard fought battle, but that's rare. I don't think the majority of bad to mediocre players, including myself, have zero desire to improve. I am keenly aware of my very average skill. That is one of the reasons I will never make a thread denigrating "potatoes." It is also one of the reasons I rarely queue up ships for random battles that I really suck at driving. Though it is "just a game" and "meant to be fun" losing constantly isn't fun to most people. I'm sure there are some people who don't mind stinking up the joint on a consistent basis, for the most part, people aren't masochists. To VG's credit he does point out if someone's stat averages are improving, but I feel his delivery kind of sucks.
  9. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    No, but it certainly is overused.
  10. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I would like to point out that in computer games everything is "cancer." "CVs are sky cancer", "map huggers are cancer", "potatoes are cancer" so on and so forth.
  11. The only problem with removing strafing is that your fighters get locked up and you have to hope rng is on your side. It's like the match I had the other day in the Langley. By all accounts my Langley fighters should have dominated Hosho fighters but rng being what it is, the Hosho took out four of mine before I got three of theirs and then I spent a minute waiting for the last one to die. An "alt attack" that allows escape but doesn't fire would be nice.
  12. These easiest course of action would have been to normalize load outs across both nations, remove strafing and manual drops, make he bombs more reliable, and shorten the drop range of TBs and make them like ship torps that are pretty much armed as soon as they launch. I guess they chose not to go that route because it would have made CVs a point and click adventure, with not much skill involved, kind of like GZ ap bombs...heh heh heh.
  13. It's funny that even under the same company umbrella, they were all competing with each other. The GTO is the result of GM's insistence that no vehicle be released from the factory that could make the Corvette look like a turd. So Delorean had to make it an "option" for the Tempest. Then there is that Banshee that was never released for the same reason. My uncle had a red 70 4-4-2 convertible that I lusted after for years.
  14. Badge engineering was really the beginning of the end for Pontiac and Olds. Buick and Cadillac had the retiree market locked down and Cadillac had vehicles that were wholly different than the other brands. Pontiac and Olds made up market Chevys but if the only real difference is velour seating and power windows, what's the incentive to purchase a vehicle a few thousand more than a Chevy? Saturn had nothing very compelling as far as their stable of vehicles were concerned. They made an attempt in later years but it was pretty much over.
  15. Comparing to League is wrong too. They aren't even close to being the same type of game, save for having pvp. League balances around higher skilled players do to it's competitive nature and e-sports, which is a big money maker for them. WoWS is hardly competitive and e-sports would be like watching a dead snail lie in a freshly seeded lawn and expecting excitement.