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  1. A Halloween event being called garbage from Dante's fifth level of hell? I'd call that a success.
  2. I really don't think anyone should come on the forums bragging about how they're "crushing" ranked sprint. For some of these players this is the very first experience with ranked battles and they're doing it because t5 is their highest tier. I've done two battles so far. The first one someone was raging because they knew it would be "seal clubbing" and the second battle I was reported for bringing my Kami R. Anyone with some experience is going to be "crushing" this. It's meant to be a fun, stress free, diversion.
  3. Here is what I have noticed from my time playing both CVs and the other ship types. I never worried about a CV the entire time. Using 3 cruisers during the time I tested, I don't believe I was dropped by a single CV. When I was using the CV I had two choices, drop my fighter consumable near my CV to protect from the snipes that were sure to come, or drop a squadron near friendlies. I didn't unlock the t10 CVs yet, but the t6 planes steer like a 69 Chrysler New Yorker when the power steering has gone out. It seems that the squadrons have a detection range so I wasn't sure if when I saw "detected" it was my squadron or my CV. Not being able to control elevation made dodging flak a bit annoying. The DBs doing their "first we must climb' seems kind of pointless. I feel like if they dove into the attack it would make judging when to start easier and reduce the amount of time you're in AA with no way to avoid it. Overall flak isn't /too/ hard to dodge. Fighters are beasts and take out a lot of planes but the limit of this consumable means that on the test server, which sniping is almost inevitable, eventually you won't have any fighters to help with protection. So to whomever posted in discord about 16k times "try to snipe," congratulations they heard you. It seems sniping is so much easier because the CVs, at least while the planes are active, are sitting ducks. I'll keep plugging away at it and see how things shake out.
  4. The personal assignment gives 42 credits as a reward.
  5. Amenhir

    CV Rework Feedback

    They want you to alternate between CVs and the other ships. You do one match in a CV and then one or more in a dd, ca, or bb and you get 5 mil credits. everytime you do a match in a cv you get 1 mil free xp and you eventually unlock the midway or hak.
  6. Amenhir

    Not enough memory for update

    I store all my pron on microfiche.
  7. Amenhir

    update ??

    It's that is the correct game version.
  8. Amenhir

    Kill Krazy...rant

    Co-op is really bad for this kind of thing. Limited targets, add in some kind of mission to get kills, do damage, or get a certain amount of xp and it's a tinder box. The worst thing about Co-op are torpedoes, even from the bots. I think if a bot tks you then you should get an extra 100k for the trouble.
  9. Amenhir

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    The last time I got a SC I heard that tell tale ship chime. I got really excited and then it opened. What was laid out before me...A Krasny Krym. It's like your father handing you a big gift wrapped box and when you open it you discover it's a letter detailing how he squandered your inheritance on a roulette table in Vegas and you've got a new step-mother named Candy.
  10. Amenhir

    RN Even On Pause?

    The Halloween OP is available because those rotate on Wednesday regardless if there is an update or not.
  11. Amenhir

    RN Even On Pause?

    Update comes out on Wednesday. The RN event picks up again on Thursday. That's how all of the updates have been. I don't usually log in on update day because the new events and/or features typically aren't available yet.
  12. Amenhir

    RN Even On Pause?

    This is SOP for updates. The update comes out and the stuff you really want to do comes out a day or two later.
  13. Amenhir

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    I think there is an unrealistic expectation of free OP ships from SC. Grab the containers for things you actually use and stop worrying about the SC chance. If you want a better chance at free ships, buy up a ton of Santa crates, if they bring them back this year.
  14. Amenhir

    Go home, WG you're drunk again...

    No one ever has a replay. I once had a match where Santa Claus came out of the sky and dropped torpedoes in gift wrap and detonated my USS Wal-mart. Unfortunately, don't have a replay. All kidding aside. Weird stuff does happen, so OP you should probably enable replays. It will certainly help if any more weirdness happens in the future. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19060/
  15. Amenhir

    Not enough memory for update

    Even if you free up that 670 MB your seek times are going to be abysmal.