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  1. My biggest trigger is the dude/dudette(don't want to assume gender)who posted above me. Person does not know what propaganda means.
  2. Amenhir

    Unable to Make an NA Account

    I use the same email for my NA and EU accounts.
  3. Amenhir

    Unable to Make an NA Account

    The referral link should lead to warships.us/username
  4. Amenhir

    Unable to Make an NA Account

    If you go to the site outside your region it will ask if you want to be redirected. You can ignore that. Tell your friend to make sure that on the registration page it says na.wargaming.net.
  5. That's not why your post was deleted.
  6. Amenhir


    A macro would not mitigate the "physics" of the game. Using a macro to move forward or backward would be stupid, because it is already a one button affair. A macro is used to map multiple key presses to a single key.
  7. The game already has a hard limit on loss streaks. It happens when you quit for the day.
  8. Amenhir

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    I have 6 t10s, so I'll put it like this. I now have 800 zulu signals. yay for me.
  9. Every time you begin to think that CV threads are finally starting to die down, someone throws up another "stop whining about cvs" thread.
  10. Amenhir

    Mouse on "Balance"...

    The only way to achieve balance is for everyone to be miserable.
  11. Good lord, the number of "this latest patch broke the game" would increase exponentially. I'm pretty sure the amount of animations and detail required would make it much worse for some of our less technology equipped brothers and sisters.
  12. You're assuming that the person didn't do both. They probably reported the person to WG and as an added bonus, reported them to their clan leader. From my experience with online games there is a good chance that if someone is consistently trolling, abusing, or otherwise being a jerk, then the leader already knows and they giggle about it in their voice chat of choice. I've been around long enough to know that a hulls attract other a hulls.
  13. Amenhir

    Meta pushing BBs sales down "SOLVED"

    I guess this guy hasn't watch the battle queue lately. 2 CVs, 20 BBs, 3 CA/CLs, 15 DDs. I think BBs are doing just fine. I was in a battle early this morning that had 1 CA(me), 4 DDs, and 7 BBs.
  14. Amenhir

    Senario misfortune??

    Bots fire as soon as their guns have reloaded. It doesn't matter whether that is one of them or all of them. In the middle of battle you can lose track of that and what you assumed would buy you enough time to move, you get hit by those surprise shells you didn't think they had.
  15. This is by the far the broadest definition of beta I have ever seen. This describes pretty much everything that can be changed by a manufacturer. I think General Mills updated the Cheerios box. I guess that means Cheerios are in beta.