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  1. This would be a system that is far too easy to game. Some players would simply division with an alt account that they've intentionally tanked to get the bonuses.
  2. They like to balance ships according to their tier. Unfortunately, they don't balance them according to how well they uptier, which is what they should do since you spend a great number of battles facing higher tiers.
  3. "The price of freedom... is eternal VGLance..."
  4. Sadly there isn't a commander skill that increases range. There is one that increases speed but reduces range and one that decreases reload and plane rearming.
  5. Grinding the Mogami was a pretty terrible grind for me as well. Not much you can do about it but power through and hope for those rare games when you actually do something or your top tier. It's all because there aren't enough t10s in the game /sarcasm.
  6. Just be glad that containers/super containers contain fluff, and not some super rare item like "USN upgrade research token." A token that you need in order to ever go up the tech tree and it would be nation specific, so no generic token.
  7. I never did like Troy, such a jerk.
  8. You're probably right. Considering that three other ships had similar fates it's improbable that they were all hijacked.
  9. Driving around in a circle somewhere in the Atlantic?
  10. My guess would be that considering the value of the cargo the ship was probably hijacked by Brazilian pirates, the crew slaughtered, and the ship melted down.
  11. Why 'play' the game?

    A lot of times this game instills such a rage in me that I actually get scared, but I sure do love me some pretty ships.
  12. I'll tell you what... I'll put on my big boy pants if Wargaming guarantees that my widow and children will get survivor benefits. Until that happens this game doesn't pay to be a selfless hero.
  13. I like the Leningrad, Emden, and Cleveland. Most of them are all pretty nice to look at.