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  1. Amenhir

    Why are opt-ins a thing?

    Why are there opt ins? "What is with all this anime crap I'm forced to complete, perhaps if you had an opt in option I wouldn't have to deal with it!" So they figured they wanted to give people the option to decide which missions or content they received.
  2. Amenhir

    Salt in Co-op

    Let me break it down for you. "Co-op is the kiddie pool, and only scrubs with low iqs would play only co-op." "Oh look I can complete this mission chain in co-op!" So when they dip their toes into co-op and then rage because the bots are "leveled up", I find that incredibly chuckle inducing.
  3. I probably dropped 40 bucks on containers and didn't get a mission for a ship. I finally got one from that free container we got if we responded at least five times to the "top 5" threads. It was the Edinburgh, which I already had, but 8 mil credits is nice. It's mildly irritating but I've gotten so much free stuff over the years that it's hardly cause to freak out. On the plus side, and largely thanks to more ambitious people like @Kizarvexis doing all that darn math, I was able to get all three RN CVs. Which I will probably never subject teammates to, until after many, many training room battles.
  4. Amenhir

    Pitching a contest idea to CC's and WG

    I know, a previous poster said "There's a Prince of Wales... Am I missing something?"
  5. Amenhir

    Pitching a contest idea to CC's and WG

    Duke of York or KGV would have to sub for the Prince of Wales.
  6. I have your citadel ribbons. They were wrapped around the body of Jimmy Hoffa.
  7. Amenhir

    To Many Duplicates

    First container, new item. Second container, duplicate. And the struggle continues. This stuff isn't truly random, because as you would expect the more you have collected the less likely to get one you don't have. It's kind of a weighted randomness, for lack of a better term. The house always wins.
  8. Amenhir

    WG, why do these exist again???

    I use a Logitech M570 and for snap movements it's fine, but for any kind of steady and slight movements it kind of stinks. I can't play WT or WoWPs very well because it's difficult to get the lead right due to less range of movement.
  9. Amenhir

    Anyone receive their AIR SUPPLY CONTAINER?

    It hasn't dropped because it's not 3 PM PST.
  10. It depends on the circumstances. If you're solo I can see why someone would be selfish with their spotting. Of course, that doesn't really help with a win, but since damage is king and always will be, there aren't many incentives for team play. In a division however, if I'm in a dd spotting is absolutely crucial. That means allowing other people to get damage.
  11. Amenhir

    What In The World Is 'lmbo'?

    Is this LMBO or IMBO, because IMBO, as far as I know, means "In my biased opinion."
  12. Amenhir

    CV rework (not what you think)

    Funny, this post is exactly what I thought it was going to be. Perhaps I'm having deja vu but I feel like the op started a similar thread about "not whining" not too long ago.
  13. All for the Precious. ;) I love getting free stuff, or very close to free. I also like that giving out different tiers means there won't be a 100 or more tier 3s in the queue on launch day. Personally, I'm nearing that point where I'm logging in because I feel like I have to, and not because I want. It comes and goes though.
  14. Amen to that my brother. That RN event to get the Cossack nearly killed me. I'm happy I survived. Allowing that to be completed in co-op meant a whole lot of co-op play. Since then it's been non-stop. We need a break from directives for a few months.
  15. "Surviving" might be too strong a word to use when playing a video game. "I heard you play World of Warships, is it any good?" "Oh you know, I'm surviving the experience" "Wow, that bad?" "I kind of enjoy the rush of slogging through and merely getting by"