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  1. Amenhir

    merge servers ?

    I'm done arguing this with you. Have a nice life.
  2. Amenhir

    merge servers ?

    You are wrong. A franchise suggests that those other companies are owned by someone else under license. They are not. They have 23 different offices across 16 countries. They are all owned by Wargaming. Offices do have some sort of autonomy, which explains why one of the Asian offices was able to create the dragon ships.
  3. Amenhir

    merge servers ?

    Where did you get your information from? They aren't "franchises." It's all one company, Wargaming.
  4. Did you notice that torp on the right was slightly ahead of the other ones. Due to that angle that torp hit you first bringing you below 75%. The others followed immediately and caused the detonation.
  5. Amenhir


  6. Amenhir


    Oh god, you're one of the worst of them. Your toxicity level is 11. I'm not sure why they made you a privateer for a game you don't even play. How many battles have you racked up in the last year? 10, 20? Oh wow, you're a wiki lead now. Geez, I guess no one else signed up. Unless you're sporting multiple accounts with tens of thousands of battles. I can't imagine you have the experience and insight to edit the wiki. I really should have put you on ignore a long time ago when your trajectory of forum snarkmaster was imminent. I'm going to rectify that now. Have a nice day! :)
  7. Amenhir


    Dang the toxicity in this thread is unreal. Most of you are just horrible people. People use the forums to vent sometimes. If you misanthropes don't have anything worthwhile to add, keep it to yourself. There are zero reasons to attack someone. Perhaps some of you should take a really long break from the forums. Good lord.
  8. I love when people conflate tedium with difficulty. It's not difficult for me to do 20 loads of laundry. It's tedious. Getting base XP, no matter the amount isn't hard. It just takes a very long time because you can't boost it in any way.
  9. Amenhir


    Gotta pump out those rewards for the inactive players. I wonder when they're going to start handing out 200 Visa gift cards when you create a new account.
  10. Amenhir

    To all the Deadeye BB's

    I've been playing CV more...badly, very badly. On top of that, I have arguably the worst three CVs in the game. Sanzang(Saipan clone), GZ, and Audacious. I've lost 12 karma in the last couple of days. It's hilarious! You better watch out when I actually get a decent CV.
  11. Ok, the penalty for taking that skill is fine. You'll just have to play without it and use stealthier CVs. Now that that is out of the way so that I can't be dinged for being non-constructive... What exactly is a "genre" of ship?
  12. Amenhir

    wth is up with the Ships and Fate campaign?

    Come on now, we all know @AdmiralThunder is actually a cyborg.
  13. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/get-microsoft-paint-a6b9578c-ed1c-5b09-0699-4ed8115f9aa9 I kid. The design team is phenominal.
  14. I have to tell you, it's quite a burden knowing everything. It's not that I'm not able to say it, there just isn't enough time in the day. It's nice to see someone finally understands the stress involved in having an entire universe of knowledge lodged in their brain. Thanks buddy!