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  1. Stormbringer924


    Please fix the open view on the flandre. Can wargaming not see that this is a bug? Please get your sh%t together. if you want peeps to buy ur stuff. At least make it useable.
  2. Stormbringer924

    an apology

    Anytime you pay for a service, thing's go wrong. Passion's run when you are trying to fight off depression. I spent 4 day's in a freezing house with no heat or water. I got pissed and vented. that was all this was about. I made some very harsh comment's. that is what this is about. As a honorable man I offer my heartfelt apology to those who might have taken my comment's as something other that a man at the end of his rope. May you never have to fear for your life like I just did.
  3. Stormbringer924

    an apology

    All this post is about is my apology to very many peep's that busted my testicle's about previous post's. others had valid point's that were understood and welcome. It was just a way to right myself with honor and dignity. Thank god I don't need your acceptance. just your understanding
  4. Stormbringer924

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    Lower tier russians are a gift. Anything under tier 9 is a sweet kill. If you go below tier 8 you are cannon fodder Don't care how you respond. in game I will own you.
  5. Stormbringer924

    an apology

    I know my spelling and grammar are sub par. just get the intent
  6. Stormbringer924

    an apology

    I wish to set the record straight. I Love this game! I am not confident that it will persist. WG has tried to make this game fun. For the most part they have succeeded. I have spent thousand's of dollars over the year's in joy and love for the historical view of ships I will never see. I have given up trying to influence any manner of change. I wish to apologize to any member's of this community that i pissed off. After all we are all here because we wish to play. anything else from me is a pipe dream. I'm willing to say i was brutal in my evaluation of the new meta. and say that i was impulsive. Anything else u can (cannot say by way of the moderators) get a clue!
  7. Stormbringer924

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    I'm not sure this is the right format for this. But I don't care. No Zoup has been a godsend to those of us who are not unicum's. I have enjoyed his youtube vedio's for awhile now. I do not always agree, but I have found his production's insightful. I have been able to improve my play and enjoyment through his insightful and instructive commentary. If I see you on the sea of battle I will kill you. As you would expect
  8. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    Do your best. That's all I'm doing. Working within the new boundrie's imposed. To all captain's. Just do your best cause this is a s--tstorm and we all have to weather it. just keep the faith and respond to the variations
  9. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    I don't trust anyone who doe's not list battle's played
  10. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    Do you have any steel or RB ships?
  11. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    What is the incentive to get any ship that can be nuetered at the extreme cost of it's attainment?
  12. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    I busted my [edited]to get these ship's. to be rendered moderate is a betrayel
  13. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    You have to understand what is envolved. It takes resetting 3 line's of nation's ship line to get the research point's. It is a very long and dedicated path to get the RB point's to get the ship's. It's like the steel ship's They are hard to get!!!! And to have them nerfed! after all that work is a betrayal
  14. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    question's class? Thus enduth the lesson!
  15. Stormbringer924

    reality check #1

    I had just worked out the kink's with my siegried when all this change happened. So the ship I have spent 2 month's working for is now nuetered because WG changed all the meta. They pushed for player's to get hard to get ship's. Then they cut the ball's off them in a single stroke. How is that fair?