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  1. sy_r

    End of the game

    https://youtu.be/3psGxslQmuY https://youtu.be/3psGxslQmuY
  2. sy_r

    interesting moments

    did you watch the video again ?. First turn, premium ship. 3.30 min. 6/64 turn. the second. 8/75. 1.30min. And a simple ship. 48 s. 14/80 turn. Then I repeated the experiment. The rule! If the experiment can be repeated, this is a pattern!
  3. sy_r

    interesting moments

    watch the video again. if you don't understand, in the simplest mathematics. Then please ask for help.
  4. sy_r

    interesting moments

    1. I am not poisonous! i am fair 2. This is the same level of ships and the same class! This means priority. odiac IT SHOULD BE. But it is not so!
  5. sy_r

    interesting moments

    the question is not the time limit. question, priority, team building! And in the video, this is amply demonstrated.
  6. sy_r

    interesting moments

    look again. 1 time 1.30 minutes 2 times 3.15 min was
  7. sy_r

    interesting moments

    I do not understand, and here conspiracy theory. You lead your eyes. and are no longer able to perceive, then what do you see?
  8. sy_r

    interesting moments

    If you look. I waited more than 3 minutes. On a premium ship, wait longer than on a simple one.
  9. https://youtu.be/8aij_xBSK94
  10. I do not care. game, a piece of crap.
  11. Yes, I don't give a crap, you'll play the game of sick people. then in the [edited]this game
  12. Sick people love to humiliate the players. with such aircraft carriers, I will not play otherwise. https://youtu.be/15J1Ej9PuyA