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  1. QuantumRat

    Sometimes you just can't get a win

    Well played, the Fiji is an amazing ship (even when down-tiered). I definitely know the feeling though.
  2. QuantumRat

    Santa's Big Gift Container

    I dunno, I got this in a Mega crate last night, along with the Hill and Yahagi. Better than my crates I got early on.
  3. I've noticed all this too, along with I can hardly hear another player shoot, even if he's right next to me, and when I'm in sniper mode, all the different voice sounds are all messed up.
  4. That's exactly what happened to the first guy I came across lol
  5. So, I've had to Loyang since Christmas, (got it out of a Santa container), but didn't really play it all that much until recently (usually for the pan-asia naval battle stars) Here's a couple examples from the last week Anyone else really loving this ship? What are your thoughts on it?
  6. QuantumRat

    Thanks, Maskarado, for the Permacamo!

    Congrats on reaching your goal, it's been fun sailing around as a mask this weekend giving out doubloons, you guys made it fun. Enjoy your camo!
  7. 100 doubloons 1x of the following camo: Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sirocco Tokyo Game Show FTW Brilliant Ray 10x of the following signal flags: Papa Papa Zulu Hotel Zulu Equal Speed Charlie London India Bravo Terrathree 1x Clash at Carnival event flag