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  1. lowlander28

    Do Bots Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Some one quoted this in game the other day , was it you ?
  2. lowlander28

    Look, this is called "stupid bb"

    Eh , ya had a bad game , it happens , just forget about it .
  3. lowlander28

    Worst I've seen for a while

    um damn... I have coworkers that talk like that because they have known each other for 20 years , maybe these people know each other well ?
  4. lowlander28

    USS Illinois

    Maybe this ship will be good in coop for anti light cruiser and anti DD ?
  5. lowlander28

    IX Admiral Schroder's "Accurate" Secondaries

    Its a dock yard ship and they tend to be rather "Meh " to be honest .
  6. Maybe in theory these ship have gone through upgrades during the war (if they had been built)? look at the QE call battleship , they look way different in late ww2 compared to the way there were launched . Just a idea , but its a game so.....
  7. Earned it for missions , I just didn't like it (not my play style ) sold for coin .
  8. lowlander28

    Opting out of 'Rental' subs

    Same here I have them form the missions but i just wanted the coal for completing , I should be able to sell the subs.
  9. lowlander28

    Upper tiers have lost their appeal

    I play coop and solo 99% of the time my clan doesn't require any thing from me but playing (the oil for crates helps the clan right ?), OMGIF is the clan , thee is another clan called coop , I'm sure its similar .
  10. lowlander28

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    it is very fun in coop , bots run straight at you closing distance and getting in rang of your secondary's fast , bots aim center mass so your torps don't get knocked out easy , over all i like it for coop ! with a coupon and coal is good , I would not spend cash though .
  11. lowlander28

    Do not buy Iwami

    One exception to the rule of not being a very good brawler , coop . The bots tend to charge getting into range pretty fast , also the bots tend to aim center mass ,this makes the torps a good back up weapon . I agree with most of what is said here , if the secondary's just had the same range as contemporary brawlers (12 km with upgrades ) it would be a big improvement. For coal with a discount coupon its good for coop , agents people? they will out play you in many of the tier peers she will see .
  12. lowlander28

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    oops, I mean game play wise , the guns reload faster and are more accurate, armor seems better , and LOL torps . lets face it Wargaming makes the specs and features whatever they want , so you can tweek any ship for different gameplay , I just prefer the Iwami game play style over Hizen . Thanks for the historical info , very nice !
  13. lowlander28

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    I got mine for coal today ,I rather like close combat ships in coop , this fits the bill rather well . I was broadside from a Russian BB and got 4 citadels , I was shocked ! This ship is wat the Hizen should have been (that ship is meh for me ).
  14. lowlander28

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    To relax and have fun , I don't need to stress when playing games.