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  1. lowlander28

    Surprised by a Premium Ship

    Pommerin , besides the already mentioned Georgia and Massachusetts(not available any more ), now that the secondary's are back its game on! I have to give the Pomm the edge, mostly because of the torp's are there close range brawling.
  2. I wish you could convert xp for silver , but I know that lots to ask .
  3. Really WG should come up with a new battle type " Tests and new ideas " maybe sweeten the pot by making the silver pay out 1.5 x or 2 x , it would get people to play and give feed back , maybe a 5 gold reward for doing a survey after the battle? I know that's asking alot of WG but you don't have to pay any one real money and if they [edited] about it , we you are getting a reward and you don't have to do that battle type.
  4. lowlander28

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    no one uses this ?
  5. lowlander28

    Outnumbered-dumpster skill

    Maybe make the secondary skill be also a improved AA skill LIKE IT USE TO BE WG (yes yelling, but to WG not you all) , that would make it more useful , you might even tie it in with subs some how ( not sure if that will work )
  6. The Airstrike is good maybe even a little op ? (higher tiers where you get 2 or 3 and with other players you can carpet bomb the area ) BUT not all BB have that , good thing the AI randomly surfaces then you can get a shot off , usually a dead sub if you have the skill that gives extra damage to subs on HE rounds. Hydro should detect the subs but doesn't ,the deep dive mechanic may be part of this one ? Using DCP to brake the ping is good , except where you have a limited number (Russian BBs come to mind , maybe bump them from 4 to 5 or more ?), and again except where you have 2 subs targeting you , that's rough !I play BBs a lot and tend to just ignore the subs and go after surface ships , once all surface ships are dead I just sit and wait for the game to end , not very exciting (if my BB has no airstrike ). I think its like most WG stuff, not great but not terrible, needs some tweeking .
  7. lowlander28

    What to do with my Coal

    I bought a Pommern and Georga with coal , I like brawlers so they were worth it to me, I also for coal got Lutjens and use him on my Pommern, Graf Zep (got the black one in a prize box I don't normal play carriers ), Graf Spee and Agir. I was going to get the Napoli , but that will be next time for coal , Lutjens was better for me, especially with the return of secondary builds for BBs
  8. I didn't let my son play ANY one line games until he was about 15, not any games fault , it was what the payers say in chat, be either typed or actual team speak , some really foul stuff is said in detail on occasion . But again , its not the game , its the players . Remember the face book game "Farmville" every once and a while you would see where a young person stole a credit card and ran up thousands in extra decorations and stuff , that's a big oops!
  9. lowlander28

    Starting to get that itch to UNINSTALL again..

    I left world of tanks last year , I still have like 100,000 gold I got from loot crates 2 years ago ,so i do log in from time to time , play one battle and remember why I quit (toxic players). I wish they had coop ! I play here to relax and have fun (I play almost all coop) If your not having fun, by all means if I were you I would leave , this is a game , lots of other games out there (thousands right ?), find your groov !! Take care of your self first ! Carry on !
  10. Maybe he was at max depth then , I saw him and lost track for a but but i suppose he went deep? good info thank you !
  11. Some ships don't have a way to deal with subs still (low cruisers come to mind ), besides running them down, or waiting a long time for the subs to surface . Hydro needs to be able to detect them , I was right on top one and my hydro did see him ? The Japanese BBs have a cool airstrike hat works pretty well , good job on that one . Some tweeking needs to be done but over all so far its not as bad as I thought it would be ,well except for the last bit of a game when you cant find the subs, or no one can get them so every one mills around looking bored until the sub surfaces . Question will they be removed from coop in a while ? the bots don't seem to handle them well :P, its a little boring hunting them down one at a time to finish the game when they are stuck on a island in the corner of the map LOL Over all not great , but not awful , like most of WGs content lol
  12. lowlander28

    Which ships do you think will be removed?

    Pommern, its popular and fun , maybe not competitively , but for general use .
  13. lowlander28

    Airstrike observations forT6 Kijkduin

    In coop I have been going for the bots that have run aground , sort of a target of opportunity, its a gimmick , I would rather have some torps :P . The ship does have accurate guns , I can appreciate that !
  14. This is a good assessment , I played my Mass then took the Caption over to the Georgia , same skills and did way better , still a good ship.
  15. lowlander28

    Positive things only please!!

    So far the UI is good , least it looks nice :) . I like when you pick a skill it changes it on your ship specs so you can see the difference .