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  1. If anyone is curious where I've been, well, you can blame WG. I've essentially been chased away from this game. Its no longer fun for me, its nothing but salt, toxicity, and vitriol. Even co-op is no longer fun. Not to mention, I feel chastised and hated on the forums, especially by certain individuals that have official relations with WG itself (will not name names, so dont ask)


    Basically, I'm gone. Probably for good.

    Otherwise, I'll see y'all around the net.

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    2. comtedumas


      Sorry to hear that, but I have been away playing WOWP lately, so I understand.  

    3. mohawkdriver


      Sorry to see you go, bro.  Hope you come back one day.  Be well.

    4. Francois424


      Sad to see you go.
      But yeah, let's just say WG are dead-set in their way (Overpowered HE/Fires, weak range torpedoes, too much radar ships, too many ships with gimmick opposed to good base stats... etc).

      So I can understand your PoV...  I still play a couple of games a week, but I agree the quality has gone down if compared to CBT/OBT and early 'official release'

      If you want to play a few games eventually, just send me a PM and we'll arrange a co-op get together on some kind =)