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  1. hey kit i found a new possible member!


    his names




    he's really nice and wanted to join. sadly I'm not a recruiter anymore so I can't let him join right away.


    anyways mind poping him an invite when you can please?



    1. Kitsunelegend


      Wait, how are you not a recuiter anymore?


      Did I fudge up? Shoot hold on, I fix that. Gimme a few minutes...

    2. BladedPheonix


      btw how do I recruite and accept applications? I can't seem to find it. I can find it for WOT but not for WOWS for some reason :fish_nerv:


      is WOWS's an in-game recruiting method? because I don't see any clan tabs for the main page.....

    3. Kitsunelegend


      Alright, fixed that issue, you're back to being a recruiting again. Sorry about that. xD


      As for how to do that, if you check the side bar while in game in the clan base, you should see a tab listed as "applications". That'll have any pending apps from people wanting to join. :)

      As for sending invites,  you should be able to right click their name in game and send an invite to the clan that way I believe.


      Also, check your PMs please. o3o

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