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  1. I think its about time I started thinking about my life far more than I am... gonna put myself back on the dating scene after like...4 years of the single life, see what I can do. Dunno, maybe one day I'll have a family...gonna be 26 this December so I dont have all that much time really... We'll see I guess... =/


    All this means is I'm probably gonna be taking a big step back from gaming and trying to get my life sorted a bit better. About damn time as well. I'll see y'all around! Dont be afraid to hit me up with a PM or whatever. I dont bite... much... ;D

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    2. BladedPheonix


      be careful, todays women are pretty dangerous. I'd hate to see you get your life messed up on a false claim or something along those lines  there's a lot of that [edited] going on now a days.:Smile_amazed:


      I myself am dating a Gen Z girl right now! (she's 19 and I'm 27) I love dolling her up too,( she looks great in almost anything) I bought her a sun dress last month, everyone was checking her out when we were walking around the mall.:fish_cute_2: shes so sweet too, she baked me cookies last weekend! #oatmeal and butterscotch FTW!


      Also, if all else fails, you could invest your money into a full man-cave house!:Smile_great:


      GL Kit!:Smile_honoring:

    3. mohawkdriver


      You've got plenty of time.  Don't rush into anything you could potentially be sorry for later, bro.

    4. Felix_the_Fox


      I'm with Mohawk, lol. I've found just going out and socializing brings the best results!