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  1. I'm seriously getting sick and [edited]tired of this [edited]community [edited] and moaning about BBs "ruining" the [edited]game.

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    2. TheRadicalMomo


      You know.. it's okay, Just remember you have a fluffy tail and they all don't...   *touches tail*  .. Fluffy tails make everyone happy.. 

    3. BladedPheonix


      its just their turn! first it was CVS, then it was DDS, now its BBs! Next it'll be Cl/CAs:fish_book:

    4. Francois424


      BBs aren't "ruining the game"  stupid game mechanics are doing it for everyone.  I make no secret of my hatred for the stupid HE mechanics and have been voicing it so since early Closed Beta.
      BBs are supposed to tank damage.  When you get destroyed in 2min from 3 cruisers spamming HE, and then getting told that "You over-extended  you moron"...  Yeah they hang back and snipe.
      Makes for utterly boring meta but I understand BBs cowering at the back; they can't tank.  "Use our repair noob" -- I can't, I'm destroyed before I can use it a second time... lol
      Secondaries were NEVER fixed properly (More than half BBs in game have too short a range.  Even Mikasa with it's hedgehog secondaries... suck with 3km base range)
      The new RN BB are glorious to expose that broken mechanic, and I have eaten so much pop-corn reading the angry threads about it (even tho not played much). 

      They really should use IFHE to split the HE in 2 categories: 
       - Without IFHE: all you do is set fires, but do no damage. 
       - With IFHE: you do damage (like now) but no fires... that's ZERO fires, and the fire +3% skill does NOT work.

      Carriers were fine back then, especially with CV parity patch.  Their torps did far too much damage, but their amount and speed?  No problem with it...
      DDs where okay even in CBT... the only problem was smoke on caps that ruined many matches.  WG nerf torpedoes (what!?  weird decision) then Smoke... wth. 
      Cruisers were the king of the game for a long time... It's just that ppl have selective memories (Oh noes, Citadels make me go boom!) -- I'd be okay to make cruisers durable with my IFHE suggestion above.  I remember 2 cruisers destroying 4 BBs easily... In fact, BBs from tiers 2 thru 4 really suck vs any good cruiser player.
      There is a real need of a balance overhaul if this game is to survive another 2 years.  I can barely muster the will to play it anymore, and that's with the new BBs and me sticking to PvE where bots don't abuse game mechanics too much.

      Let's assume WG nerfs BBs... and they nerf them hard.  Now forget the amount of players that would quit.  How are you supposed to play a BB when :
       - You can't aim (RNG / poor dispersion )
       - Low RoF (Can't adjust your shots properly and give enemy time to maneuver, if they aren't brain-dead)
       - Get set on fire all the time
       - Can't maneuver (Barring WarSpite and some pretty rare BB)
       - Your armor gets trolled by all ammo in the game (AP don't bounce as much as they did in CBT imho, HE is a pure cancer to armor... because sets deck/towe on fire all the time)
       - Need to do a damn concealment build... seriously, wth
       - Cannot brawl because exposed citadels and burned before getting in range... And poor range secondaries barring few ships.
      Seriously... what are you going to nerf ?  What IS THERE to nerf ?  Damage output? HP?  Amount of repairs parties?
      It's not that I want BB to be immune. Torpedoes and carriers SHOULD BE THE ONES taking care of BBs.  Not HE and citadels.

      I just don't know how ppl want BBs nerfed.  I mean go at it  and nerf them to hell and back, but that will only harm the game and not fix the underlying issue.
      What really aggravates me to no ends is the childish refusal by the appropriate people in power to actually fix this game.  The more they wait the more the whole thing is gonna hurt. 
      And I honestly believe... it's almost too late...  2-3 more serious patches and ppl that care wont anymore.

      Doom and Gloom?  Prophet? who is to know.  I want this game to be successful and fun, but the way they are going... my GOD. 
      On that note, it's not really any better for World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI, where there is a total disregard for the journey in getting to end-game, but that is another subject.

      I hope WG fixes their game.  They just don't seem to care (enough).
      My unedited and pretty harsh two cents on the matter.
       -- Francois424