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  1. All those answers make me realize that WG has absolutely no idea what the hell they're doing... and are trying to hide that fact by coming with the most stupidest excuses they could think of...
  2. Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  3. " Port UI performance, any improvement? They’re always working on it, but the more stuff gets added to the game, it adds a strain to the game. Optimisation isn’t always about increasing speed & performance, it often is maintaining the status-quo. As long as it’s not getting worse, it’s alright." ... *sighs heavily*
  4. "Any premium dreadnoughts planned? Viable question, but such type of ships aren’t too viable in the game, but due to their design, they are very hard to balance. From business perspective, they’re low-tier ships, and not that desirable and desired by the community (outside collectors). The priority sits with high-tier ships." Oh ffs WG.... wth... enough with the god damned high tier crap!
  5. I'd rather have the Musashi to be honest... I already have an Iowa and to be honest... I'm not actually a fan of the gameplay at that tier...
  6. Your 'oh crap' moments

    I sailed around a corner in my Harekaze and an Edinburge and a a Cleveland were sitting there, less than 2.5km away, waiting for me... I shat myself and then killed the Edin with a torp spread and chased off the Cleveland after hitting him with a single torp... and lost 90% of my hp for the trouble... =w=
  7. I am sweating so badly now

    Its either coffee or this... Or both. I could do both. =3
  8. I am sweating so badly now

  9. No tier VIII operations?

    Honestly, I feel we need operations for every tier from 2 to 9. So many historical and fun ships, with so many historical battles and missions to make base them off of... it'd be a waste to not do them! I also think the missions need to be rotated on an hourly basis... not a weekly one... keeps them from getting too stale and driving players away sooner...
  10. Because apparently WG is un-creative when changing existing things and just goes for the path of least effort.
  11. Posting on an older topic

    If they followed the topic or you quoted said person, they should get notified unless they changed their settings to not get notified.
  12. Co op. Mains?

    Several reasons why I play... 1: The bots aren't afraid to get in close and brawl 2: The bots dont use stupid mechanics like bow camping 3: The bots dont sit behind an island and spam HE at me 4: The bots dont scream or rage or throw temper tantrums in chat or actively try to team kill me because I "took their kill" So basically, this is a troll post, and pve is more enjoyable because the bots dont highly abuse the meta.
  13. No Loot Boxes in Hawaii?

    Probably... but then the game would die a horrific death... Last game I bought that was made by EA was like... Nascar '06 or something like that... and I bought it from a yardsale lol
  14. Game stop prepaid card discounts?

    Gamestop sucks though. Seriously, some of the stories I've heard from former employees are insane... especially what they require you to do... like using predatory tactics on children to sell shite... lying about not having certain products so they can push other products that the customer doesn't want... they're a gross company, that is thankfully having a hard time staying in business lately. My local closed up about a month ago, thank god lol