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  1. T61 will never come?

    I have been summoned.
  2. Bullshite. Fire damage alone MAY be, but raw HE damage is NOT, and that shite STACKS very quickly. You go out and try getting peppered by an unseen atlanta hiding behind an island, or a Belfast, or any of other manner of high dpm napalm dispensers, and YOU tell me how "effective" fire prevention builds really are. Heres a hint. THEY AREN'T AS GOOD AS YOU THINK. Its why I've all but stopped playing pvp. Its annoying, frustrating, infuriating, and I got sick and tired of having to deal with that stupidity, and then having my team yell at me for not "pushing the cap because I'm a big bad BB thats supposed to tank for my team" mean while they're all turning tail and hiding behind islands and running away, leaving me alone and unable to do jack shite against enemies I either cannot see, or fight back against. So take your stupid, lame [edited]excuses and reasons, and shove them into a deep dark hole, and frick off.
  3. Did you survive the Infinity War?

    "You were spared by Thanos." Damn straight I survived! I'm too fluffy to be killed! \(゚ヮ゚)/
  4. PSA: Hide Yourself in the Week of Gold

    Its not meant to make you harder to see, its meant to make your ship so damned ugly that it burns the enemy's eyes to even glance at you, therefor making them miss their shots. Its simple science really.
  5. This is legit the first time I've ever downvoted someone on this forum... holy fudge...
  6. Its really easy honestly. Are you ticked off? Really salty? Having a shite day? Shut up, and dont say anything at all in chat. Keep to yourself. Simple. I ALWAYS try to give helpful advice to players who seem to be new, and ALWAYS say "nice shot!" or "nice torps!" or similar to players who get a kill, or hit a ship and do a good amount of damage. Just the other day for example, was playing operation killer whale. Our CV saved my rear end by completely obliterating a Konig with a single torp drop quickly followed up by a DB drop that took almost all the BB's hp in a very short time. The flooding and fires ended up taking the BB out completely. I looked up the guy after the battle... turns out he was still relatively new to CVs. That was his first battle in the Independence, with only about 15 total CV battles, all of which were in co-op. He also only had about 150 battles total in all modes. Letting a player know they did a good job, whether it be a good shot, a smart turn to dodge torps, a nice TB drop, ect, will boost their moral and make them want to keep playing. It also tells them that what they did, is usually a good thing to keep doing. It tells "hey, this thing you did? Keep doing it!"
  7. Summer plans?

    I work retail. I dont get a summer. =C
  8. Favorite comic when a kid?

    Yap... they got to issue 290 before it was canceled last year... >.>;
  9. yeah, thats the other thing I noticed with WT naval. The ttk is just..insanely fast, even for big ships. You do have to keep in mind the engagement ranges in the game are practically point blank, but it still feels too quick to die and kill other large vessels... part of that I think is due to the way the crew system is implemented... the rate at which the crew % goes down on each hit I think is set way too high, which leads to ships dying far too quickly imo Also, afaik, armor currently isn't modeled yet. Not sure why that is, since you'd think that'd be an important thing to test... but Gaijoob has done stranger things in the past so...
  10. 1). More, does not always equal "better". Also, if you can recall, the way ground forces started is how they should have started naval forces. In gf, they started with JUST russian and JUST german tanks, with the very basics of gameplay. It was all simple stuff. We didn't have smoke, we didn't have autoloaders, we didn't have any modern tanks, or any of the stuff we have now... It was a solid foundation, from which they worked from and grew into what it is today. 2). Technically, WT naval has been in "cbt" for almost 2 years now... I dont 100% recall how long the WoWS cbt lasted, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was roughly the same. 3). I never said anything about being realistic. When I said the gunnery is rather bad atm, I mean its very hard to understand (needlessly so), and isn't very intuitive at all. This IS a game, first and formost. You have to focus on fun, and intuitive gameplay. Leave the "realism" to the sims. Thats what simulations are for, of which WT is most certainly, NOT. And no, dont even TRY to use that "oh, but WT IS realistic!" No. Its has things that are based from some real life stats and figures. But if you want realism, then you have to take away the ability to repair your tank when ever it gets damaged. Oh, did you lose both tracks? Too bad, your stuck now. Lose an engine? Stuck! Lose your gunnery and turret drive? You'll never fire that gun again in that match! lose your gun breach? You'll, again, never fire that gun in that match! Lost your driver? STUCK AGAIN! And thats not even touching the subject of aircraft... 4). You used "seeded nostalgia wearing off quickly" as a reason as to why you think larger, more famous ships wouldn't work, or draw people into the game. I gave you an example of why you're wrong. I know I am not the only one feeling the same way that I do about those bigger, more famous ships. ;) 5a). They may have been real, sure, and engaged in real combat, sure. But in terms of gameplay? They. Dont. Work. Its spamy, un-entertaining, boring, and extremely repetitive gameplay, that leaves almost 0 room for any actual tactics. The ship that has the fastest firing and the most guns in that game, will always win. There is nothing in terms of tactical movements, flanking, proper positioning, ect ect, when it comes to the "SPAA on water". Its literally just a machine gun spam fest, and a rinse and repeat game mode where you yolo in, hold down your lmb and sweep back and forth in the direction of anything that moves, get killed, respawn, and repeat X number of times till one team ends up winning, or the match timer runs out. 5b). You want proof? Here you go! :) 6). "Blatantly false info"? White knighting for WG"? "Committing mass logical fallacies" Gee, it almost sounds like you're trying to insult me because deep down, you know I'm right! But that cant be! I cant be right! Thats just lunacy! ps, also, I'm the last person to "white knight" for WG. I have been extremely critical of some of their recent choices lately and in the past, but thats not a convo for this time. But please, do continue.
  11. Ok, first off, LOL. Secondly, when I say foundation, I mean a solid set up for the different classes and nations available at the outset of the beta. WG actually did it right. They had the four main classes, and the two main nations to start. Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Carriers. The USN and the IJN. Plain, and simple. A SOLID BASE AND FOUNDATION FROM WHICH TO WORK FROM. What does WT have? Italy, Japan, Germany, US, France, Britain. For classes? As of right now, Light cruisers (only two) Destroyers (only one per nation) ptboats, subchasers, flak barges??? River boats????? They also keep talking about releasing into beta soon, yet they haven't even released info on what they're gonna do about battleships, or heavy cruisers or carriers... let alone what the tech tree might be like, what research costs might be like, how the br system is gonna be... Oh, and the weapons? The shooting system for the main guns, ya'know, the traditional cannon type, is currently not very good at all, yet now they're apparently wanting to add things like ASW weapons, and anti-ship guided missiles???? I'm sorry but what!? They cant even get the basic principles of simple naval gunnery down and yet they want to go and add in high tech weaponry? Also, part of the experience is that "seeded nostalgia" fyi. I personally would not have started playing had it not been for the fact the US battleships were in the game. I've been a part of WoWS since the CBT, and I STILL love the look, the feel, and the over all history of the famous battleships and cruisers in this game. Also, going off of SEVERAL polls made on the WT naval forces forum, MOST people who have played that mode, numbering in the 100s mind you, want bigger ships, like battleships, and highly dislike the SPAA on water that are the ptboats. The PTboat gameplay does not hold any tactical gameplay at all, and is all about who has the most daka and the fastest daka. Thats not fun gameplay. If anything, thats more arcadey than WG's bona fide , built from the ground up, arcade game! Gee, go figure. =P So, I'm making myself look like a fool for telling it like it is, going off my very own experience with both games, having played both quite a bit, done research and talked with other testers and players, but you're not a fool for acting all high and mighty and insulting me?
  12. Favorite comic when a kid?

    ...Sonic the hedgehog... >.>;
  13. A Mission in Memory of Dseehafer

    This would be hecka cool imo @Doomlock Do you happen to know which map was dsee's favorite? If he had one? Also, very VERY well done WG! I applaud you for doing this. Dsee had such a passion for this game and community, especially his beloved Tirpitz (and for good reason iirc) Doing this is an awesome thing for you to do. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU WG!
  14. *screaches in haifuri*