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  1. I can't even understand what you're saying mate. First, calm down, relax. Second, WG does not endorse the selling of accounts like that. In fact, I'm very certain its against WG's ToS to sell accounts in the first place.
  2. Its time boy and girls! Lets show EA what Star Wars Battlefront 2 really is! >=3 Give EA hell!
  3. I woke up this morning, expecting to see some nice deals... I walked away from my computer without ever touching my wallet. My money will be going to other games.
  4. *hyper and totally not drunk fox noises*
  5. I'd rather they put more attention on new operations more than new ships and maps. Operations are a mostly untapped resource of incredible creativity and story telling just waiting to be used to its full potential! Its a mode that really stands to bring a LOT of new players into the game and keep them playing. And if players stay, some are bound to spend money, which WG obviously likes. ;)
  6. Lordy, you must be a blast at parties huh? Oy vey...
  7. Ok first off, I myself was adopted, so dont give me that tripe about how adoption doesn't count for continuing the family name or whatever. Especially in this day and age, blood isn't everything. And no, my parents are not same sex, but I STILL consider them my parents. I STILL consider myself their child. They still see me as their son, and love me just as much as any parent would. Secondly, dude... I was making a joke about me being gay meant I dont have to worry some special lady friend nagging me to death about playing video games, and you turned it into some massive thing about religion and philosophy and shite. And on an internet forum no less lol And third, that name you're using? I dont like it because its used as a very derogatory term by people who are strongly against same sex couples. Much like the N word is used in much the same way. So I kindly ask you to stop using it, please.
  8. If I'm understanding you correctly, you do know that adoption and surrogacy is a thing, right? Its not at all being "self serving". Its called "liking who I like because thats the way I am". Also, I prefer gay, not [insert name for bundle of wood]. I only use [insert name for bundle of wood] with very close friends.
  9. You see, this is why its actually beneficial to be gay when it comes to this stuff! I dont have to worry some chick not liking me because I like playing video games. A guy wouldn't care about that, and may even want to join and play with me. =P
  10. Yeah this change means nothing. Tis is pure damage con now, EA isn't gonna learn anything. And like it said, they're going to turn them back on again anyway Disney should have just canceled the contract they had with EA and left it at that. EA should not be allowed to touch Star Wars anymore after these last two games and badly they failed due to EA's incompetence.
  11. Yup. If we BBs get support from the cruisers, the things we can do can make the enemy team have nightmares. =3 So remember kids! Support your BBs in the push! Dont let them go in alone. If you see them trying to push, help them out if you can, give them as much supporting fire as you can, smoke them, give them air cover, pop that radar or hydro, and we'll do wonders for you!
  12. You weird as this is, I WISH that normal co-op was like this. Gives more a sense of random battles but more laid back. Would be nice if WG changed co-op to do this instead. :)
  13. Except when big news outlets start talking about pulling stocks out of EA, people will starting doing that. And if they're not careful, it'll become a chain reaction and people will continue to pull stocks out and it will be a disaster for EA as their stocks crash. Its still a combination of everything though that'll leave a mark. Sure, they make tons of money, but investors also look at the amount of sales being made. They want to see growth. If they fear that EA is crashing, they'll start pulling out. If they lose the contract with Disney because of this, thats a very major blow to EA, because Star Wars is a MASSIVE franchise with a lot of earning potential. They lose that contract they wont be getting it back, which means they've lost a major opportunity.