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  1. Something doesn't seem right about that one... that honestly smells a bit fishy, especially since its not on itunes or some such... And besides, I wouldn't know how to even install that since I don't have itunes on my computer, and dont really ever connect my phone to my computer at all...
  2. And how exactly does that help me? I have IOS...
  3. Fair enough, I just dont want the clan to really associate with people who intentionally TK which is why I have that 0 tolerance policy. I understand support does that, and thats good. And if you witness a TK then by all means send the replay to them. Its just more a safety measure to keep people who think TKing is ok out of the clan. If you dont have replays enabled, its very hard to really tell whether or not the person who did the TK is telling the truth or not. Its amazing what some people will do to not take the blame... Its also not very hard to enable the replays, and they barely take up any space. Just a very quick edit to the config file and you're golden! That, and it also helps when you have one of those crazy 250k+ damage, 7 kill, 15 citadel games that you just HAVE to share cause zomg thats amazballs. o3o
  4. I live in Eastern PA USA and I'm not seeing it all on my iphone app store...
  5. For the clan tag...well, I cant say because it hasn't been made yet, so I dont want someone taking it, but it will be max size. For the blotting out issue, thats on WG to fix sadly... As for those accidents without a replay...well, you'll have to enable them then. I know accidents happen, but I do not support deliberate team kills at all, clan or no clan. I will show people how to enable them when they join though, so you wont be going in unprepared. I'm not that evil. ^-^ This clan is all about having fun and relaxing. Enjoying the game as a game, and not getting riled up by trolls and their ilk. If you can't keep yourself from getting salty and letting torps fly at someone because you're seeing red, well... I really dont feel right having that type of person representing a very casual type of clan such as this would be...
  6. I found WoT Blitz easy enough. Searched the related tab for that but yet nothing at all... How close are you to Canada by chance?
  7. Cool, so thats 3 people then that would join up. ^-^ Also, so everyone knows, I will probably look into making a discord server for anyone looking for divisions, and for a place for comms and such. As for *when* this clan will be made well...A: I need some kind of interest... I dont want to be the only one in the clan...and B: I'm currently low on funds, so until I get enough cash to actually create the clan... which will probably be a week or two from now when I get paid... PROVIDED there is interest. =w=
  8. Its still not available in the USA for whatever reason...on IOS at least...
  9. If I get 5 or more people wanting to join this thing, I may take you up on that offer lol Though be warned, there probably wont be all that much to manage aside from if new members have questions or whatever. o3o So, should I count you as a yes then? Meh, bonuses are still bonuses honestly. I'll take whatever I can get if helps alleviate my casual grinding some what. o3o
  10. Its for people who want to take advantage of the clan dock and stuff, and the benefits that those bring, but also dont want to take part in a bigger clan or have anything to do with clan politics and such. Its basically a clan for clan's sake. o3o Yeah, but do you have chocolate covered bacon and cookies and milk? We will... =w=
  11. I should mention that the 0 tolerance policy on TKs only counts against cases where its clear that the person in question did it on purpose, regardless of if the person they TKed started it. I do understand that accidents happen, especially for newer players. So have no fear if you accidentally TK someone because you fired and thought you were clear but miscalculated or something. As long as you can prove it was an accident (via replay or video) you'll be ok. :)
  12. So...been thinking a little with the whole clan thing going on...its got me a tiny bit interested in possibly making a clan... It wouldn't be a super serious clan, and would mostly just before people who want a pretty little clan tag attached to their name, so yeah... Would you join this clan? I mean I'd have some base rules and such obviously, like, no stat shaming at all. Be nice and mature, and kind to other players, a 0 tolerance policy on team killing, and basically, just go out and have fun really... Players from all walks of life will be welcome, be you an utter potato or the #1 player in every single WG product ever made. As long as you're nice, and behave yourself, you're welcome. So yeah...would you join a clan like this? Let me know! And dont worry! I dont bite...*much*
  13. I never said make it available for all tiers. Thats just crazy. But having tiers 5 through 8 would be plenty and give people something more to do other than just one tier. Also, I think you're underestimating just how many people play this game... I highly doubt queue times would be that big of an issue regardless...
  14. I think having a number for that shows the number of people in each tier for operations would help a lot with that. So if on the off hours you see more people playing one tier than the others, you can either choose the one you want which may have less people, or choose to change the tier and play the one with the most amount of players. besides, I've rarely had issues finding a match as it is currently, so I doubt it'd much of an issue.