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  1. Hey kit if you get/read read this,


    would you please tell everyone to stop spending the oil every time a build is available? I'd like to save oil to unlock the steel port please?:Smile_amazed: this has happened 6 times now!



  2. If you're still active and want a gift, let me know.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  3. If anyone is curious where I've been, well, you can blame WG. I've essentially been chased away from this game. Its no longer fun for me, its nothing but salt, toxicity, and vitriol. Even co-op is no longer fun. Not to mention, I feel chastised and hated on the forums, especially by certain individuals that have official relations with WG itself (will not name names, so dont ask)


    Basically, I'm gone. Probably for good.

    Otherwise, I'll see y'all around the net.

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    2. comtedumas


      Sorry to hear that, but I have been away playing WOWP lately, so I understand.  

    3. mohawkdriver


      Sorry to see you go, bro.  Hope you come back one day.  Be well.

    4. Francois424


      Sad to see you go.
      But yeah, let's just say WG are dead-set in their way (Overpowered HE/Fires, weak range torpedoes, too much radar ships, too many ships with gimmick opposed to good base stats... etc).

      So I can understand your PoV...  I still play a couple of games a week, but I agree the quality has gone down if compared to CBT/OBT and early 'official release'

      If you want to play a few games eventually, just send me a PM and we'll arrange a co-op get together on some kind =)

  4. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    True, you can go through steam, but its a backwards cheaty way to get to your account through steam that isn't always promised to work, not to mention could cause serious issues should steam, or WG decide to change something major regarding the files needing changed. As for this being the straw that broke the camels back well... I guess you could see it that way... especially recently. My trust and respect in WG has slowly been going downhill for a long while now... between poor decisions, terrible balance, refusal to fix certain confirmed major issues with the game's performance, and a general decay of the over all health of community relations... its just gotten to a point where I cannot continue to put up with WG's antics any longer. I'm sick and tired of the way they treat their customers, I'm sick and tired of the way they just blatantly ignore major issues, I'm sick and tired of the way they seem to just outright ignore even these forums a lot of the time, instead only posting news and important information to reddit or bloody facebook... So yeah, this most recent issue with the WGC broke this fox's back... either they rescind this insane idea, or they completely lose me as a customer and a player, and a person who used to vouch for the warship's team. And to think... I used to believe the warship's dev team was better than the WoT and WoWP dev team... but I can see that warships is headed the way of WoT and WoWP now... and not in a good way...
  5. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    The major difference between Steam and WGC is the fact that Steam has a HUGE amount of games available on it. In fact, out of the 35 games I have currently installed on my system, 28 of those are installed and/or purchased via Steam Since WG only has what, 3 maybe 4 games total under their name, and the fact that I personally ONLY play one of those games, and only have the INTENTION of only ever playing hat one game, the WGC has 0 benefit to me. In fact, I'm not even breaking even on the deal either, since the old launcher does thing objectively BETTER than the WGC. Add on top of the fact that lately, WG has really dropped the ball in regards to community relations over all, has lead me to highly distrust them. And if this change goes through, I will be removing all WG products from my system. Nothing anyone says or does will change that, short of WG rethinking this entire ordeal altogether.
  6. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    Freaking god damned BRIBES to get people to use that piece of junk makes me sick. WG can go suck a lemon in regards to this whole mess.
  7. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 GPU: GTX970 Mobo B350M Gaming Pro Micro ATX RAM: 32GB DDR4 I wouldn't exactly call my computer a "toaster" mate. Just because you're not having any issues, doesn't mean those issues dont exist.
  8. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    You know... at this point, the only way I'll continue playing this game after the new pile of junk gets pushed out, is if WG allows us to migrate our current accounts onto steam without any losses to purchased items or time played. (meaning achievements, missions finished, battles played, ect) Other than that, I have 0 intention of using any iteration of the WGC. As I've said before, the entire ordeal has left a very bad impression and I've since made up my mind regarding this issue. Maybe I'll try again in 20 years. That should be enough time for WG to fix at least some of the issues, right?
  9. Its sad that us players are the ones having to fix WG's screw up. Gives me a lot of faith in how they'll handle future screw ups with this program they'll be jamming down our throats. /s
  10. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    That may be so, but either way, its another reason on a long list of reasons for why I refuse to use the WGC, and why I feel its a very bad idea for WG to shove this piece of junk down our throats.
  11. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    And yet another reason why I refuse to use the WGC. I dont put ANY of my games on my C: drive. That drive is meant for my OS, and ONLY my OS and any other highly important OS related software. If I cannot install it, or any games I get through it to my any of my other drives, then I refuse to use it at all, and will therefor completely nuke any and all WG products from my system entirely.
  12. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    Sadly, knowing WG, I highly doubt that'll happen. And I'll admit... to say I'm frustrated over this whole ordeal is a huge under statement to say the least... I'd hate to leave this amazing community, but it looks like I dont have much of a choice as my hand is being forced...
  13. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    I will be making that decision on the discord server. If you wish to stay informed on the events of FOXEH in relation to WoWS, then stay tuned on the discord server for any news and announcements.
  14. Kitsunelegend

    The New WGC Launcher

    Except for the fact that WGC and Discord are two completely DIFFERENT programs with completely DIFFERENT uses. Also, discord isn't very buggy at all for me, and on top of the fact that I am a member of at least 15 different servers, including my own, and am an admin in at least 3 of those servers. Its worth the little exact resources it uses. The major difference, is that I ONLY play WoWS. I hated WoWP and WoT, and never want to play them again (especially now that 1c's "Tank Crew" just went into EA) so having a launcher that uses so much extra resources for almost no gains at all, is 100% pointless. Not to mention, the last time I tried using the WGC, it murdered the performance of the game itself. Massive FPS drops, lag, ect even on lower graphics settings. But with the old launcher, I can easily get a stable 75fps on near max settings. So no. Discord is staying, since it provides me with FAR FAR more use than the WGC can ever even DREAM of providing.