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  1. Well, if thats the case, then I know which BB line I will NEVER be grinding. Thats seriously a stupid gimmick. WG really needs to quit it with the gimmicks...
  2. thing REALLY freaking bugs me about this boat...and makes me NOT want her at all, period. Her DCP is limited. Just.....wth WG? STOP IT WITH GIMMICKS FFS! Seriously, that alone kills this ship for me. I don't want it. Its a stupid design choice and WG should have just gone with the standard DCP that all BBs at that tier have. Great review mouse. Shittey ship imho, but a good review none the less.
  3. I tried this. It didn't work. Also, Flamu sucks.
  4. You obviously never saw me play as corgi then. I was right in the thick of it, fighting tooth and nail and was having a blast! Of course, I made it a challenge to sink me, but quite a few people managed it. :)
  5. Stop it! No! I can only get so hard! ;n;
  6. O-O; OK We can div sometimes, I promise... Just don't eat me plz
  7. I actually really like this idea. +1 OP. o7
  8. If you're looking to try out the scenarios, I highly recommend to first play Raptor Rescue, as its by far my favorite one out of all of them. Moving as a fleet is probably the coolest thing ever imho. :)
  9. Yeah, RNG be like "photobucket sucks donkey butt. Get imgur foo"
  10. Before the MM changes to tier 3 and 4, I used to play the St Louis and ArkB/Wyoming a lot. I enjoyed them quite a bit, and never really had a problem with seeing tier 5s and 6s in those ships. It wasn't often that I saw them, so the times I DID see them, it was an interesting experience. As for what took me so long... Well, several reasons. First off, right after the changes...nothing felt all that different, so I just kept playing tier 6 like normal. After a couple weeks, I noticed that "hey, I'm seeing a couple more tier 8s than normal" but I chalked it up to my own imagination at first. Fast forward to the last 3 months, and my tier 6s are pretty much ONLY seeing tier 8 battles, with me being top tier becoming extremely rare. When WG added the scenarios recently and restricted them to tier 5 and 6, I discovered a game mode that I thoroughly enjoyed far more than the current tier 6 MM, and allowed me to play my favorite ships, the way ships are SUPPOSED to be played. TL;DR, it took me this long because this game only had pvp until very recently, and I found scenarios far more fun but they were only added recently. Also, about the meta. I LOATH high tier meta. Sure, I own an Iowa as my highest tier, but I RARELY player her, because the few times I've been able to play those tiers, I found the meta to extremely tiresome, boring, stagnant, and unenjoyable, mostly because freaking everyone was "bow on, reverse, firespitting, epic smoking" nonsense. It led to very uninteresting game play and I just...lost all interest in those tiers. Tier 5 and 6 is my favorite because noone is afraid to die, noone is afraid to brawl, noone is afraid to push caps and on top of all that, its highly profitable. Not to mention, my favorite ship is tier 6, so of course I'm going to play that tier a ton. But then the high tier meta started creeping into the mid tiers, because mid tiers was seeing a shite ton more high tier MM. Which is not fun. At all.
  11. I just want something to stop the "smoke everything" meta and to make way more defensive than it is atm. Right now, smoke is pretty much just an offensive mechanic, rarely used for defensive purposes, which gets REALLY annoying.