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  1. I'll have to check them out.
  2. Yup bad BB driver probably doesn't even know what it does. I should add that RPF is fantastic on VMF DDs too. Shimakaze smokes and tries to disengage? Nope, I know exactly where they are and where they are going. Run then down and kill them. Use WASD hax to not get torped.
  3. Pretty much. From what info the OP gave, the ship with RPF probably wasn't the BBs and the ship with it may not have communicated to the BBs or the BBs didn't pat attention to it. I run it on every DD captian that has the points to do so, except Blyskavica. Which runs a special non-4 point 19 point build.
  4. Ummmmm. Against T5 destroyers she is a LOT more than an annoyance. Especially on maps like North, with good island placement to hide behind, it's basically an "I Win" button if your team works with you even halfway. Mine is gonna get more play once I am done with the New Orleans. Havn't played it since the buffs, but I've taken off half the health on DDs with my Scharnhorst thanks to that 10k radar.
  5. You mean like how they denied there was server trouble in WoT and it was on the users end... Then they upgraded the servers they rent and the problem went away?
  6. A concealment buff and the ability to park behind an island and radar T5 destroyers for your teammates from 10k away.
  7. No its not. Current radar works via increasing the "Auto Detect" range from 2-3k to whatever the radar range is. It's a hack job that I would have been failed on in my introduction to programing class. To do radar PROPERLY all they would have to do is adjust the sptoting values of the ship instead and then apply a LOS test. 1. Find all ships within the radar range of the ship. The server already does this when doing spotting checks. Change their detection range to the radar range for the ship in question. 2. Ignore smoke spotting checks and apply landmass spotting checks. 3. Display the results to the red team. Now I admit that this is more process intensive, but it is also what they should have done in the first place. I also admit that it would take testing to make sure things work 100%. Given the problems with fixing incorrect deck armor that would literally be a handful of keystrokes, I'm not holding my breath. Edit: I work directly with the programers at the company I work for. The "our current system/engine doesn't support that" is OFTEN used as an excuse to customers as to why we don't do something. In our case it's because we don't want to spend the time implimenting the feature they, and only they, think would be fantastic to have. It's either that or tell them in detail why their idea is stupid. Easy choice to make.
  8. Catch-22 If they enjoy the game, credit grinding isn't an issue. Just play your favorite ships.
  9. I wonder what will be needed to get the "Sunday Driver" achievement?
  10. As others have said elsewhere; the problem is the guns. They are too powerful, too accurate, and too flat shooting in relation to armor and manuverability from around T7 and up. You don't see this problem at T3 and 4.
  11. Pretty much. All the people I know who have actually been on two way ranges don't really like talking about it and don't use it as a crying card.
  12. Several points. 1. 37 games is not enough of a sample size. 2. Your rebuttal consists of a premium that; A. Can have any 19 point captian dropped into it. B. Can be successfully played as a gun boat. 3. Prove it. You claim solo play, but your stats are hidden.
  13. Hold on OP. Someone, who wasn't a felon, PAID YOU for a Sub-2000? Anyway, I'm still using my i7 920 from 2008. New video card, drives, and PSU of course. That and it's overclocked with a heatsink that could cool a mini-fridge.
  14. Ummmmm, not in my experience with desktops. Desktop support is an oxymoron unless you have a service contract.
  15. The Grozevoi has seen constant buffs in 2017. When can we see similar treatment to Gearing, which is also underperforming and widely seen as a downgrade over the Fletcher?