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  1. Just think of the prices you will be able to get used cards for when the Bitcoin bubble bursts. It will be like 2008 where you could buy up properly for a song. As for me, I can play the game on an old i5 laptop I bought in a K-mart parking lot.
  2. Musashi Grind Thread

    Bought mine today with the FreeXP that I have gotten from just playing the game. Still have 122k FreeXP remaining now.
  3. Just.....wow. That just puts the difference in such painful perspective.
  4. As opposed to 3 BB shells, that get launched every 30 seconds, that can do the same to my Des Moines? The only time I have problems with torps in my BBs is when I have to bow tank. I'm predictable and an easy hit.
  5. Shiny Horse's MM Tier?

    Ewwww. Most of my friends, who still played WoT, jumped ship with the last big round of MM changes. So hopefully the same kind of changes don't make it over here.
  6. Shiny Horse's MM Tier?

    No. They said that Scharnhorst is "Almost always top tier". This is due to the protected T3 and 4 MM causing T5 and 6 ships to be up tiered more often with T7s. That is something that should be undone, but WG never will admit a mistake.
  7. Unless you are using burner devices, you aren't anonymous. Period, end of story. Even then burners can be tracked if you arn't extremely careful. What gums up big survelance is the mass collection of data. False positives increase exponentially as you increase the database size, quickly rendering the whole thing useless. Surveillance that is effective is limited in both size and scope. The Warsaw Pact nations had 20% of the population as informants, yet was largly ineffective. Modern computer tech has not solved the problem. If you are trying to hide from someone or something SPECIFIC, then that is something you can protect against. The "You never know who is watching" [edited] is exactly that, [edited] peddled by hucksters wanting to separate you from your money.
  8. Because they are gaming at work and need to hide the traffic.
  9. I'll sometimes say "Bye *shipmame*" in global chat about 10 seconds before the torps reach their detection range. Then I apologize if I accidentally leave them on 5% health.
  10. Gearing, Fletcher, and Benson do this already so this statement doesn't answer the question.
  11. What will WG do now?

    It's getting almost hilarious. The latest story about a certain comedian is the poster child of it. She accuses him of sexual assault and people run with it. Read her actual 3,000 word write up of what happened and you find it's nothing but an awkward first date that had some consensual sexual contact, failed attempts at seduction, and ended with him calling an Uber for her when she asked to leave. Whoopie.
  12. Ocean map-more rotation

    Teams have a designated leader and everyone at least speaks the same language. No the F-Keys are not a substitute. So your post has as much relevance to this game as my washing machine does.
  13. What will WG do now?

    The problem is that this public lynching is applied to everyone. Not just some movie star who has enough cash to not care if they never work again. In the Jim Crow South they burned your house and business down if the community took to not liking you. Today they just harass your employer until they fire you, then make sure you can't get a job doing anything else. The end result is the same, you're homeless with absolutely nothing. At least those in Jim Crow had more restraint on what they did, since they actually had to leave their basement to do it and spend the money on supplies. Then these lynch mobs pretend that they arn't doing the exact same thing those in the JC south did 80 years ago. Their hands are just as dirty, just in different ways. I continue to refuse to participate in such barbaric behavior and will continue to denounce it.