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  1. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Only the damage reflection is a possible deterrent. I have a billion silver and all the ships I want, so I don't care about credits and XP at this point.
  2. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Wouldn't matter. Who cares if I'm pink for 3 games if I only need to torp a friendly, to sink an enemy, every 5 games? Anything you care to think up OTHER than teammates taking damage from hits would have to be so draconian as to be worse than team damage.
  3. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Because the Benham has 5.9k concealment.
  4. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Yup, which means a torpedo ship like the Benham will never get flagged unless you're deliberately trolling. It already came in handy this evening when me and one of the Swedish bois were chipping away at an Iowa. I was on a couple hundred health so had to stay back a little because of their Jutland and Radar. Instead of having to worry about the Swede, I just kept launching away. They took one torp and we didn't care, eventually finishing off the Iowa.
  5. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Late game, on less than 25% health, I get 16 Fletcher torpedoes every 55 seconds or less. People who only know how to bow-reverse get absolutely shredded.
  6. HazardDrake

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Which, for practical purposes, means there are no penalties. Unless they start banning people to Co-Op for 5 games after every friendly torpedo hit, it's going to be worth it to take the shot.
  7. I have to say thanks to WG for buffing the Benham by removing friendly fire. Several time a week, I'm in a situation where I simply can't help a friendly BB because the enemy BB managed to get into a brawling position where I couldn't fire without potentially hitting the friendly. Now I can, for practical purposes, I just fire no matter what. Worst that happens is a teammate blocks a torp.
  8. I am trying to help an acquaintance find out how the rudder on USN DDs, specifically the Fletcher class, worked. I'll polish up his questions a bit and see what help you all can offer. Thanks to anyone who can offer help.
  9. The conditional DD skills are all trash and should be avoided. There are much more worthwhile places to put your points. Thanks to my 7 million of banked captain XP, I have several captains at 21 skill points. With 21 points I can almost create the builds that I used to have at only 19. Overall the rework is a nerf.
  10. HazardDrake

    New captain ability: Dazzling

    I expect it to be worthless and unused, like most of the poorly thought out If/Then skills. It's absolutely not worth it, given the cost and the fact it's not that much of an accuracy debuff.
  11. As a DD main, I am going through the list. Many of the DD skills are positively worthless. Especially given their cost and especially considering how expensive more valuable skills are. There is no variety Going through the possible builds in Notepad, I have 21 points yet end up with less than I did before on most DDs.. BBs like my Georgia/Mass are going to absolutely slaughter even without a 21 point captain. With my 7.2 million Elite Captain XP I should be able to get my Benham captain trained up into the "almost as good" gimpy DD build AND have them trained up on a "Kill everything" BB build. Cruisers mains get to go play Co-Op.
  12. HazardDrake

    Next patch of doom

    Please PM me with the name of this game and the videos. I'm a bit out of the loop. Thanks
  13. HazardDrake

    Update 0.9.11 - Bug Reports

    Issue: Fire animations of all kinds are appearing as if they were rendered on an 8 bit computer Expected Result: Should be seeing ships or sunk ships on fire as is normal. How to Replicate: Play the game. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: See below
  14. HazardDrake

    Work in Progress — New Skill System

    Late to the party, but looking over the spreadsheet. As a DD main, these are absolute trash. 21 points, but I get less than I did with 19. WG, you do realize that if you break my leg, then hand me crutches, I am not going to be thanking you.
  15. HazardDrake

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    Whatever the game updater installed between yesterday the 5th and today, the 6th, has bricked my computer. (For practical purposes.) It will only run for a few minutes before blue screening and restarting. Trying to get a photo of the error before it restarts.