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  1. You do know that I am allowed to talk to people outside my own clan, right? Some of those people put way more time into the game than I would consider healthy and are in the higher leagues.
  2. Z-46 is Tier 9. Z-52 is Tier 10.
  3. The reddit thread quoted earlier seems to disagree.
  4. Wasn't one of the first people to rank out, when it was T7, a Kiev driver?
  5. Ummmm. They are. Two Khab and two Henri seems to be the preferred strat by some. I used mine several times when I played CW with fantastic results. Cap the remote caps, use RPF to do to their DD what Hollywood does to women. Then burn down and spot the rest of their ships for my team. Only time had trouble was when their Shima had a Zao as backup and the Zao held their fire till I closed the range.
  6. DD play is down since 6.3. I'll have to toss up screenshots when I get home. Games with 2 DD per side used to only happen at 3am. Now they happen with regularly during prime time.
  7. I love how you blindly assert, with no supporting reasoning or evidence, that only bad players used OWSF. On the contrary, the best players used and abused the hell out of it. Anyone remember the one Gearing driver who could just perpetually make it rain on a BB? I know Jingles mentioned them in one video, but I don't remember if they ever had a YouTube channel where they put their replays. The difference between the good and the bad players was that the good players knew WHEN to use stealth fire and when they needed to be closer. WG could have avoided all of this by just doing the smart thing and adjust the bloom times by ship. Instead, BBs get to be invisible for a third of their reload cycle while DDs have to just dance their butt off for 20 seconds while the BB has plenty of time to turn turrets and line up the perfect shot for half their health.
  8. I made a threat at one point where I did. Don't remember where it is. I might just upload them to an image hosting site and then I can link them.
  9. Nope. You set the speed the same way you set the depth and gyro angle. A socket extended into the tube and engaged the head of the control knob on the totpedo. The torpedoman cranked the three knobs to the desired settings, then retracted the sockets when they were about to fire.
  10. Oh yes. I have screenshots for 2-week solo games the day before 6.3 dropped. Ships like the Benson have plummeted in popularity.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that OWSF removal was a buff to the Blyskavica because it nerfed every other DD more. Before 6.3, Bensons and Fletchers would stealth up if you opened the range too much to take advantage of the flatter arcs. Now those ships stay visible for you to keep shooting. The result is the current passive DD meta where DDs will often avoid opening fire on each other and simply disengage.
  12. Easy solution; get a 19 point captian on Blyskavica.
  13. Don't lie. EVERYONE who owned a Blys used stealth-firing to one degree or another, just like how everyone lies on their taxes in one form or another.
  14. It basically killed the aggressive cap fights that used to happen early game and badly nerfed DDs overall. It also completely broke the module upgrade system for DDs. WG staff response to fire control "upgrades" now being downgrades is to clamp their hands over their ears and hum loudly. I don't think they've ever acknowledge the problem despite it being pointed out to them repeatedly. I would love to see stats on what percentage of Bensons and Fletchers are still equipped with the stock fire control. I would bet that most run the stock module.
  15. I must be thinking the old team battles then. The point still stands though, if a same tier CV wants a Kidd dead it will be dead. Just a matter of how much of their strike potental they want to use.