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  1. Chat rework in process?

    1. How would you know if you don't play regularly? 2. If it was such a fantastic improvement, why arn't you playing more regularly now?
  2. Chat rework in process?

    Agreed. One of the dumbest things ever done in WoT. Feels like you're playing bots. No interaction, no point. In addition to the other problems the game continues to have. There was already an option to turn chat on and off. Just add an option to turn off team chat. Viola. Not only are the parents that let their 8 year old play happy, but so are the people with the skin thickness of an 8 year old.
  3. Des Moines radaring from behind an island. Yes it is wrong and I’m going to keep doing it until they fix it.
  4. Theory: The claim that USN 5"/38 armed ships are good "Knife Fighters" due to their gun firepower, among other traits, is a myth. The higher gun arcs of the USN 5"/38, combined with dispersion, results in a practical DPM that is not much faster than the slower firing, but flatter shooting, guns of other nations. In this case, the Soviet 130mm. Factor in dodging of shots, and needing to adjust fire accordingly, means that 5"/38 armed ships would be at a firepower disadvantage even with their higher rate of fire. Both the Benson and Kiev in the video are firing without gun skills equipped on the captain. Results: A B-Hull Kiev will, on average, out DPM a C-Hull Benson at both ranges of 3k and 6k by ~3 seconds at each range. A B-Hull Benson will, on average, out DPM a B-Hull Kiev at both ranges of 3k and 6k by ~2 and ~5 seconds at each range. These times are well within the margin of error, seen in the max and min time to destroy a ship. For practical purposes, against stationary targets, the ships have identical DPM. The advantage goes to ship ship that has an easier time landing shots. In this case, the Kiev has a significant advantage at 6k with a shell travel time ~.75 seconds shorter than the Benson. Even at 3k, the shells of the Kiev get to target ~.25 seconds faster. The higher rate of fire of the 5"/38 does not adequately compensate for this. The video is basically there to show that I did do the testing. There is nothing in there that you don't get by reading the text. Raw Data: C Hull Benson 3k 26.66 23.6 31.53 23.7 23.7 Average 25.83 C Hull Benson 6k 42.3 42.3 56.5 36.5 45.77 39.33 Average 43.78 Kiev 3k 22.5 22.46 22.5 22.9 22.23 22.9 22.07 Average 22.51 Kiev 6k 35.1 34.27 39.43 44.83 39.4 39.27 50.04 Average 40.33 B Hull calculated 3k 21.32 18.88 25.22 18.96 18.96 Average 20.66 B Hull calculated 6k 33.84 33.84 45.2 29.2 36.61 31.46 Average 35.2
  5. Well I told my team that I was going to be a bullet magnet around B cap. I think I succeeded. Anyone know what the current record is for potential damage in a Khab? Or all ships?
  6. What does Shift + T do?

    If they are getting chat bans, it’s not because of that.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    Ah yes. Bow tanked for a bit before their Khab pushed into B. I didn’t have a shot and our T10 PADD thought they could win a gunfight with a Khab. I got aggressive bullying their Khab and started pushing. Unknown to me, their Z-52 was on my flank and I ate like 3 torps from them. Tried to disengage, but just didn’t have the health.
  8. No it is not. it burns very quickly, but it does not explode. The more of it you have in one place and the more you confine it, the faster it burns.
  9. I've seen that and it doesn't answer the question. From the looks of things, each gun is isolated.
  10. This. There is no beer can and it doesn't melt your retinas, so I can work with it.
  11. Question, why did the accident kill pretty much everyone in the turret? Arn't the turrets compartmentalized? Surely the designers saw the possibility of an ammo fire in the turret. Either from accident or enemy fire penitrating the turret. I can see such a thing taking out the one gun, but why the whole turret? Can anyone answer this? Thanks.
  12. Who have you seen in game

    Uh oh. What was I driving? Yesterday wasn't fantastic for me.
  13. Thank you. Reading someones diary is a real jerk move though.
  14. Z-52, the Best DD I Have Ever Played

    Gearing only has something like 10m better turning radius. Other than having DFAA, Gearing is simply inferior in every meaningful way to Z-52.