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  1. HazardDrake

    Been playing too much CV/DD

    Playing a ship with a weapon with a 9% hit rate and 2 minute reload. Not frustrating. Playing a ship with a weapon with a 25% hit rate and a 30 second reload. Frustrating. Suuuuuure. Compared to DDs, BBs are indeed easy-mode, but take their own skill to play. The thing I personally hate most is having to bow on all the time and getting overmatched by some twit in a Musashi.
  2. That never happens in the real world, so such advice is about as useful as a golf calculator that assumes no wind resistance. ie: completely worthless. It's never "just you and the planes" You've been told that for literally years now. You've been able to SEE that in randoms for literally years now. What about this is so hard to understand?
  3. Play DD for a bit. Then you won't be confused. 1. You have to be going quarter speed or less to be hidden by the smoke. A half competent CV can get 1 pass and almost lined up for a second. 2. The DD is always at the center of the smoke circles. Meaning that even when invisible, you know where the DD is in their their smoke stops emitting. A half competent CV can hit the DD. 3. You're in smoke... You can't see his planes and he can't see you. he chills out above your smoke until it dissipates. Or they come back with torpedo bombers and run you out of it. 4, Smoking where you don't want to leaves you open to radar and enemy DD torps. For practical purposes, smoke doesn't protect you from CVs. your odds are better trying to doge them.
  4. HazardDrake

    Friesland please keep her unique WG

    I made Blys into a trainer by getting a 19 point captain on it.
  5. HazardDrake

    Friesland please keep her unique WG

    Do you have a link to that? I feel that I am missing some good reading.
  6. HazardDrake

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    No it’s not. That one misunderstanding on your part means everything you wrote after is nothing but a strawman. It’s samey and boring no matter what ship I play. I mentioned my high winrate Clemson as an example to compare with my low winrate Harekaze to show how “winning” and “enjoyment” are not the same thing. I did not say “Low tier is samey when I play Clemson”. I haven’t played ANY of my low tier ships to a meaningful degree recently. I’ve been cycling through all my higher tier ships as I get the itch to play them. For awhile it was my German and U.K. ships. Right now I’m mainly playing my VMF and IJN ships. Starting to mix in some USN and the IJN are starting to go on the back burner. (I think it’s too easy to make money at T9-10 currently.) While what ships I choose to play changes over time, I just have no desire to derp around at low tiers because of the samey gameplay.
  7. HazardDrake

    Benham, Hill, and a summer sale purchase

    Nope. We have no idea where he gets it. Must have been a teacher somewhere.
  8. HazardDrake

    Benham, Hill, and a summer sale purchase

    I can beat that. My brother. Who chews you out over Serif vs San Serif fonts in print vs digital. My mom thinks he’s nuts as well when it comes to that. God forbid I print a garage sale flyer in the “wrong” font.
  9. People keep saying this, but it never actually happens in game to any meaningful degree. It just doesn't. This is nothing more than people jerking it to statistics instead of what actually happens in game. Why? Because 99.5% of the time it's not one DD wailing at another till one fall over. It's my non-IFHE Jutland and my teams Zao 8k behind me. So please, angle against my AP while 12 8" HE shells are on their way. If the Zao isn't there, and I'm not in a position of advantage, I just use the 8 million smokes that I get to disengage and reposition. Such stupid DD play has been the exception for a loooong time now. You don't start shooting unless you're at a point of advantage. Most of the time you're trying to disengage anyway. My best tactic is to bait the other DD into shooting, going dark myself, and letting my team take 5-10k of their health. Non-IFHE builds were not a problem before the 100mm HE buff and they arn't a problem on Jutland and Daring. Provided you don't just yolo into fights and put a little bit of thought into your positioning.
  10. HazardDrake

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Then it should be easy to show how I’m wrong, or at least offer a different perspective that responds to my points. Yet you didn’t even try. The ranked and other competitive game modes with restrictive MM are notorious for their samey and boring gameplay. Modes that allowed only 2 tiers had balance issues, which is why such MM had been abandoned in those modes as far as I am aware of. Protected MM destroyed low tier play and has created all sorts of problems that have yet to be resolved for higher tier play.
  11. HazardDrake

    Benham, Hill, and a summer sale purchase

    Nice. I thought I was gonna have to spend money for it, but I’m still on track to get it for free.
  12. HazardDrake

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Because you like doubling down on bad ideas? T4 PvP gameplay is so samey with the protected MM that it’s downright boring to play. 65% win rate in my Clemson. You’d think I’d be having a blast down there all the time. Nope. Haven’t played mine in months. It feels like Co-Op with as little variety as there is. I have more fun in my Harikaze, which I statistically suck in, than I do in my Clemson. Gimme a Scharnhorst in a T9 game over Clemson in a T4.
  13. Since patch 6.3 that’s been pretty much the only way to play Gearing successfully. It’s kinda sad seeing people who still try to play it as a gunboat. Yes, open fire on my Udaloi at 8k. I’ll completely solo you and maybe take 2-4k in return. It needs a survivability buff quite badly.
  14. HazardDrake

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    Pretty much any DD can do that.
  15. Heck. I do that fairly regularly in my Khabarovsk against smoked DDs.