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  1. HazardDrake

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    It’s honestly pretty meh in Randoms. A nerfed RU DD. People have already figured out how to hit the RU DDs, so the frenchies arn’t that much of a challenge. The engine gets knocked out if you look at it and the penalty even with LS is pretty big, so they either repair and end up on fire or they’re an easier target. At least the RU ships mostly have smoke. Just shoot it and get on with the game.
  2. Agreed. It’s a very feast/famine ship.
  3. HazardDrake

    Opinion of Kitikaze

    IFHE won’t save you if you’re having trouble now. Lean what the 2 key is for and put yourself in positions to use it. Make good use of the torpedoes. Don’t take the torpedo captain skills, but for some reason the Kitty and Gumo are fantastic torpedo boats when I play them. Learn how to use wide spreads for maximum effect. 1 hit is better than 12 misses because you stacked your launchers like you’re playing T4. Dont be afraid to not shoot and spot if that’s what’s needed at the time.
  4. HazardDrake

    Damage Control Party Modification 1 and Nelson

    It’s a mod that has been useless ever since it’s introduction. Pass.
  5. I know, was just listing off the reasons why RPF is so vital on a DD. With Benham, I’ve won cap fights purely from torpedoes and RPF.
  6. RPF 8 days a week. I care about winning, not how big the numbers are on the results screen. If I want big numbers on the screen, I’ll play a BB and bang my face on the keyboard. (Which I do often enough.) RPF remains a must-have skill on DD builds. Avoiding fights you don’t wan’t, chase down the fights you do, blind torp enemies, angle against likely incoming torps, etc.
  7. I use my Blys captain. PT AR LS SE BFT RPF CE So often you just don’t have the luxury to sit back and farm damage with AFT from behind an island. Versatility is very important. Meme builds can be so frustrating to play when things don’t go your way.
  8. HazardDrake

    British 8 inch (203MM) gun Heavy Crusiers

    HE only ships whose shells only do 50 damage, but have an 80% fire chance.
  9. HazardDrake

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Still got mine.
  10. Which hasn't been important for a loooong time. It's all about disengaging and preserving your HP or curbstomping the ship that doesn't have a chance.
  11. Very true. Scharnhorst can compete at T9 if played well. Sims can at least poop 10.5k LOLtorps once a minute. Blyskavica? If it's T9 heavy, about all you can do is spot and stay alive until late game.
  12. People focus on rudder shift, but the stat that really matters is turning circle. Warspite is a torpedo dodging monster with a 15 second rudder shift. Why? A tight turning circle. IIRC it is second only to Sims.
  13. My experience is that it’s not worth it. Too expensive, there are far more valuable skills to use that result in a far more versatile build.
  14. HazardDrake

    Snowflakes are coming back

    Geese. Running low I see.
  15. HazardDrake

    Balance Smole

    *Looks at username.* *Looks at beam of Smolensk.* *Giigles like an idiot.*