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  1. Ummm it's incredibly easy to hit ships sailing at a constant speed, which these ships will be in the turns. These ships are dead on arrival thanks to the post 6.3 gun bloom mechanics killing off rainbow arc DDs. WG tried to paper over the problem with the PADDs by giving them permasmoke, but now they're stuck with the Brit DDs. I saw Zarth trying out the T10. Did what he could to make it work, but the guns are just decorative, given the bloom and ballistics. Torps he had more sucess with, but the team was just making sweet island love and not killing stuff that he was spotting.
  2. Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    For me? Not at all. The entire UK lineup is about as appealing as a dead cat in a rain barrel. With the exception of Nelson and Warspite, even those I play rarely. Belfast is a total white elephant for me. Can’t get that turd to work.
  3. Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    The further problem is that anyone who can drive her well will be better served by driving something else.
  4. Then a bunch of people whining that the ships are trash.
  5. How to piss off a Harugumo

    I've done that before. Not in ranked though.
  6. How to piss off a Harugumo

    Enemy YY tried that in my first game in the Gumo. Unfortunately for them, I run RPF and knew exactly where they were. Charged and spotted them for the team.
  7. *Looks at the last several years of DD play.* Suuuuuuure. You’re free to keep thinking that. They still haven’t even fixed the USN and IJN DD guns post 6.3. They haven’t even admitted that there is even a problem.
  8. Atago or Kidd???

    Yup. No contest. Kidd dies 9 times out of 10 vs a Lo Yang. With only a single torp launcher and no hydro, it just can't compete. Especially if the Yang has any backup. Those heals are nice, but you have to live to use them and even then you have to wait for the cooldown on each one.

    Yea. Just blows my mind. At my work we roll back design changes all the time when we accidently blow something up.

    So it takes over 3 years to start correcting one thing that has been broken since beta. What about the IJN torpedo nerf? Instead of rolling that back we get BB rudder nerfs. 6.3 breaks module progression on higher tier IJN and USN DDs, a problem that has yet to be fixed or even acknowledged. BB accuracy buff causing 33% pens on DDs to become a serious balance problem. IFHE, which screws up CL and CA balance. On and on.

    Because when has WG EVER undone a bad idea once it hit live?
  12. Someone has clearly never fired a 20 gauge sawed-off. People see me bleeding from my fingernails, but they still line up to shoot it.

    Exactly. Unless the speeds are unhistorical, I just don't see how they are gonna be playable. Let alone balanced. On the plus side, they could be modeling shallows that only DD can pass through.