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  1. HazardDrake

    Is Black worth the coal over Tromp / Sherman?

    The problem is that some require the right circumstances to be monsters. Personally, Black is the most versatile. No matter what the Spawn, you can do something with it. Tromp is much less so. Sherman can be very situational.
  2. HazardDrake

    CV, Super ships and submarines.

    Same way as you do with DDs. The sometimes accurate sonar pings. Or when they surface. Absent that, you don't find them. Which is a problem. At least in the BB I can hit them from 6k away, rather than having to drive over top of them.
  3. HazardDrake

    CV, Super ships and submarines.

    Literally anything that has a depth charge airstrike. Even the crappy 6k one is usually more effective than any ship equipped with depth charges. Playing "Ring Around the Rosie" in a DD, trying to get the sub, is about as enjoyable as cleaning my cats litterbox. Something I do for the sole purpose of preventing a larger mess later.
  4. HazardDrake

    CV, Super ships and submarines.

    People are upset at being forced to sit at max range because subs and other mechanics are so hilariously broken. Just got out of a game where I was TRYING to asisst in a push with my secondary spec'd P Ruppert. Ended up being a sub in the cap. Kept dropping ASW on and around the ping markers, yet when the sub is finally spotted moments later, for about 5 seconds, they've warped 6-7k away. Meanwhile, the CV is cross dropping torps against the subs homing torps, from the 1980s, dropping them about 6' away from the island I'm next to. Playing CVs and subs in this game is like going to a Mexican restaurant by yourself and ordering a Cheeseburger. Why are you even there if that's what you want to do? I mean, Mexican food and Cheeseburgers are indeed both food, but one doesn't fit the actual theme in the slightest and is shoehorned in. It's like having a NASCAR game that also lets people drop rocks onto cars from overhead. Yes they both involve cars driving at speed, but someone playing a NASCAR game has every right to be upset when their car takes a cinder block from the Goodyear Blimp. "Just Dodge" would not be an acceptable response in that situation any more than it is in this game. On top of this is the fact that DDs are one of the WORST classes for dealing with subs in the game.
  5. HazardDrake

    USS Black

    The important thing when playing Black is to know when to use narrow and wide spreads. Most of the time you are going to want to use wide spread to cover as large a distance as possible. They are long range, but too slow to get reliable hits 99% of the time. You are trying to create chaos on the enemy team. Getting hits is a bonus. You're basically throwing a flaming bag of poo onto a dance floor. The only real time you should use narrow spreads is when you are firing at a ship that is bow-on reversing. They reload fast. Shoot them at anything and everything
  6. HazardDrake

    11.7 Audio

    The torpedo firing sound is WAY too quiet. I never realized how much I rely on that "Pfew" sound to know that the tubes launched.
  7. HazardDrake

    First Game in Edgar. With Jingles and Alcohol.

    Damm, spell check didn't catch that. Just look at the key to the right of "F".
  8. I've been playing since beta and I still do not understand the sub spotting mechanics. Despite trying repeatedly to do so.
  9. Won an Edgar in the auction. Put Jingles with 19 points in him and loaded up the equipment. I already had 2 shots of Gin in me and is halfway through my cup of Wine. So I put on some Rob Zombie, Dragula and got to it. As someone who is normal a DD main, here are my results of the first game. Deleted that Fearign with the alternate fire mode. Reload is a bit long. Need to be careful with it. Accidentally left it on once. I think I shall like Edgar. /Thank you spellcheck for saving me.
  10. HazardDrake

    I guess Superships are Pay to Win

    Yea, that's basically what happens when you have even a halfway competent United States driver. Brings me back to the days when Midways would decide the game and you were just along for the ride.
  11. HazardDrake

    Pretty interesting about Battleships shells

    This is a myth. Numerous stories from the US side alone of soldiers being wounded and continuing to fight on, wounding or killing multiple enemies. A wounded solider can continue to fight, a wounded solider can continue to support their squad, a wounded solider is still dangerous. The reason for smaller, lighter cartridges is for logistical reasons. Most shots are misses, so by increasing the amount of ammunition a solider can carry, while maintaining a reasonable level of lethality, the number of hits can be increased. The smaller and lighter the ammunition, the more that can be supplied by a logistics truck. If ammunition had no weight, the primary infantry weapon would be a 40mm grenade launcher.
  12. HazardDrake

    How's Sim DD?

    Wide spreads, build for torpedo reload, fire the mines at anything and everything. Watch enemy team have to dodge.
  13. HazardDrake

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    I'm sure having 4-6 different "Spotted from air" numbers will be super popular.
  14. HazardDrake

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    On what evidence are you basing that assumption? How easy are ships spotted when this is what you're looking at much of the time? Spotting ships from the air is very hit and miss, depending greatly on the weather conditions. Anything from spotting them 100+ miles away to not seeing them as you fly right over them.
  15. HazardDrake

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    Even pushing in, the subs move too damm fast. I'm trying to depth charge one in my Benham and the sub can often just keep the chase going till his teammates can shoot me. Depth charges don't do enough damage. The winning strategy continues to be, "Ignore them unless they are spotted on the surface. Because you aren't gonna kill it."