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  1. HazardDrake

    is the Friesland still a great ship?

    Combined with the hydro, you can spot every torpedo on a flank fired at your team. I personally don't run Vigilance, but can understand why someone would. Personally, it's an extremely situational ship. You'll have games where you burn everything and games where you're lucky do do anything other than spotting.
  2. I'll take "Things that didn't happen" for 800, Alex.
  3. HazardDrake

    6x47 Case at the gunshow.

    Sadly not for sale.
  4. HazardDrake

    6x47 Case at the gunshow.

    There’s a gentleman at the local gunshow this weekend that did some development work with autoloading 6” naval guns. He said that these were one-piece fixed ammunition, with the projectile crimped in at the factory. I didn’t get any contact information, but he will be here tomorrow and Sunday if there if anyone wanted me to get their info.
  5. There is no middle ground. That’s the problem, due to the all-or-nothing nature of stealth in the game. DD play consists of doing stupid stuff at the right time. A good DD player is just better at doing stupid stuff than the bad DD player.
  6. This is the problem. You play it safe and the enemy takes all the caps. They can now kick back and plink at your team as their points advantage grows. What do you do then? My latest Solo Warrior was because the enemy team didn’t find their man-pants to retake the caps until too late in the game.
  7. HazardDrake

    Is the GK's legendary mod useless?

    The LU for GK is fantastic. Was the first one I went for IIRC.
  8. HazardDrake

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    How do? You didn’t run IFHE on them? Did you?
  9. HazardDrake

    I have a question for you DD players.

    As a DD main, Radar can make it Impossible to do anything meaningful. Yes you can “play around” the radar. What you can’t do is play to win while playing around the radar. You can minimize the damage, but you’re still going to get hurt by the I win button. Both US and RU radar is ridiculous for different reasons. US for its duration and RU for its range. I should get banned for the stuff I do in my Des Moines. Radar and RPF should have both been removed ages ago. CVs are basically “I Win” at the end of a close game vs a DD. Beginning they can be nothing or get you killed with no counter.
  10. HazardDrake

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    I’m a DD main and I just don’t see many people taking this due to having to give up consealment. I think it will have minimal impact.
  11. HazardDrake

    How to fix Late Loading

    Move it to an external drive then.
  12. HazardDrake

    CVs, DDs & Lazy Tier 10 players

    Where do you find these BB players and can I get some on the enemy team please?
  13. I don’t use IFHE on any ship. It’s only the armor changes that will have an impact on me.
  14. HazardDrake

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    Same. It’s a useless gimmick. Use it on the first suitable target and forget about it until it’s off cooldown. I’d much rather have a shorter base reload than have good DPM every 2 minutes for 15 seconds.
  15. HazardDrake

    Bayard or Massachusetts?

    Sont listen to the people who say you NEED a dedicated Captian. IFHE meme build can be fun... right up until you get burned to the waterline because you gave up survival skills for the memes.