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  1. What event? Did I miss something again? (Probably)
  2. At this point I expect games with CVs to be not fun no matter what. The only question is how they are unenjoyable.
  3. That comparison doesn't really work though. Light tanks were never a completely broken class. A single light tank never consistently decided the game. CVs are the WoT equivalent of artillery. A class that's kinda related to the main game, but not really Light tanks are the equivalent of destroyers, as much as people in the early days tried to deny it. (If only because by that point light tanks had been reduced to being crappy medium tanks.)
  4. Will you keep Akizuki?

    So a ship that is only competitive when you stack the deck?
  5. No. The only satisfaction I get on a game that goes potato 2 minutes in is that the enemy team will get less XP and silver.
  6. Seven Reasons to Like the Mass

    Oh I know all that. I was just pointing out that many won’t read the fine print and won’t know the Massachusetts has good secondaries.
  7. Seven Reasons to Like the Mass

    USN secondaries are usually pretty crap.
  8. Tier 10 gameplay really sucks

    It gets incredibly frustrating when there are only 1 or 0 stealth orientated DDs in a domination game. Those games are usually steamrolls because one side will get 2 or 3 of the caps and push the other out of being able to contest caps. It's not even fun. I spent an entire game in my Alsace desperately trying to catch up with the collapsing enemy team.
  9. My cats left for the basement when I played this...
  10. 0.7.7 New Resources

    You expel it every time you go to the bathroom.
  11. It is EXTREMELY smart. This has been tested PLENTY of times. The limitations of a controller means that console players are XP pinatas for PC gamers using a KB/Mouse if it is a straight port from one to the other. If you do what WT has done, and give console players a handicap, you end up where console players are either still slaughtered in droves or fly loops around PC players. I am told by friends that WT has gone back and forth like this as it tries to find balance between PC and console playing together.
  12. They are desperate to do whatever they have to to avoid having to admit that they broke USN DDs with 6.3 and the removal of OWSF. Permasmoke was their "solution", effectively bringing back OWSF for PADDs. Now they are realizing that might have been a bad idea and are flailing about, desperate to find a balance. Anything to avoid having to do what everyone said they should have done in the first place, have gun bloom time vary by ship.
  13. “Be where the radar is not” that’s like telling me to sail where there isn’t water. It’s a “Let then eat cake” statement. Hang back with the BBs for the first 10 minutes of the game?
  14. Harekaze 100mm buff

    I’m just not seeing how such a strategy plays to the ships strengths.
  15. Harekaze 100mm buff

    You have the best detection that can be seen at that tier and you are just gonna island hump with it? Whatever works I guess.