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  1. I haven't seen it acting buggy so much as caused by blinking due to smoke and more people smoking at island edges.
  2. Same way it knows the range you are looking at when you are not locked on. The point is when not locked on it should be aimed at the point on the horizontal plane we are looking at not the point on the map. To your second point suppose we have a Neptune that slides up along the edge of an island between you and it. You lock it have good aim and no terrain block indicator, it pops smoke suddenly your shots are crap cause the terrain indicator pops up and now you are aimed at the mountain. You still know exactly where it is but cant hit it as you could a second ago. This is what we would like to stop.
  3. I agree with Malice. I could be wrong but it seams like they designed the aim to be like WoT, and for most ships it wouldn't be an issue. It is very situational, you need to have high angle guns for it to be constantly problematic.
  4. Just a suggestion but can we please have our guns aim at the range we are looking instead of what we are actually looking at. I know it has been an annoyance to me when shooting at a ship that blinks out behind an island to suddenly have my shells hit the island instead of the ship.
  5. Smoke Change Not Happening 0.6.9

    Proposal. If a ship fires from within smoke give it a marker on the minimap and a loose range say a circle with 1km diameter, any point of which the ship could be at. As the ship fires more the refinement for distance gets better.
  6. BB play is too subtle

    Out of curiosity, is there a metric for potential flooding damage? I ask because I save my DCP for flooding or multiple fires, which could have an effect on the dmg done.
  7. A plea for Torps quick message key

    Swagger, while I agree that you should look around before firing, the ability to quickly warn players that torpedos are in the water, whether they are friendly or not, would be a net positive in game. Supose for a second that you are not necessarily a fast/good typer, if you are screening other ships you would not have enough time to send a message for the others to dodge.
  8. A plea for Torps quick message key

    Seigewolf, I respectfully have to disagree. If it is automated then it will end up becoming audio spam to players and the warnings will become meaningless. While it can become the same with manual press in a match where no one is spaming "torps inbound" the warning is more likly to be acknowleged.
  9. A plea for Torps quick message key

    I would like an inbound torpedo key, i play dds often and sometimes i fire near allies (yes i know it is dangerous), but more often i would like to warn other ships about torpedos coming in from an angle they are not focused on.
  10. Spot 2 DD Mission - Say What?

    I think you need to spot the directly to get the spot counted.