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  1. suleiman71

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    I don't agree with Anumati on a lot of things, but he is right here. He has a significant amount of experience on reworked CVs on the TST server
  2. suleiman71


    You're playing CV. You and the red CV are ruining the game for everybody else.
  3. suleiman71

    New Mexico AP

    All I see is OP can't aim and resorts to a bad crutch.
  4. suleiman71

    Come Sail in SYN

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE We gotta play together next time you are on.
  5. suleiman71

    Come Sail in SYN

    I am amongst our large population of normal people.
  6. suleiman71

    Come Sail in SYN

    Beep boop bop
  7. suleiman71

    Forced to play CV's

    You don't have to do the mission and you can still complete the directive set. And losing to a GZ in fighter battle? Impressive.
  8. suleiman71

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    I played Alsace only post-nerf and I still loved it. One of my favorite ships!
  9. suleiman71

    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    after 6,646 battles you've appeared to have grasped zero of the nuance of the game and have no the ability to call yourself an "expert".
  10. suleiman71

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    There's this wonderful thing called... ...gitting gud.
  11. suleiman71

    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    Willful ignorance is a powerful state of mind that is not easily broken, unfortunately.
  12. suleiman71

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    Agreed!! Good recommendation. have played a friend's Stalingrad and own Bourgogne myself and I think Bourgogne is a more fun and dynamic style of gameplay as compared to Stalingrad with greater influence on the match.
  13. suleiman71

    How to buy the USS Black, Flint for steel

    Hi everyone. I went to Wal-Mart and put a $1000 TV in my shopping cart. The only money I had on me was $50 in cash and I have $23 in the bank. The store isn't letting me buy the TV. Help would be appreciated.
  14. suleiman71

    Hows the Bougogne Is Doing so far

    I run into a lot of potatoes in Bourgogne. Most games I'm farming off of them. Some games require that your PT counter go to 12 and you still live for 15 minutes even after nearly dying early because your team sucks. Here is one of the crazy games.