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  1. The issue is very clearly you. Not Z-52. Run a full gunboat build. Easy 100k+ average damage. Can be applied to Maass and Z-46 for equally as successful results.
  2. suleiman71

    TK in clan battles

    It isn't against the rules. Somebody's salty...not surprised.
  3. suleiman71


    Look at his clan tag. That's all that needs to be said here.
  4. suleiman71

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Typical potato player.
  5. Operator error here. OP, self criticism is the path to getting better.
  6. suleiman71

    Time for Carrier Heals

    Yeah, no. Go away.
  7. And I guarantee you, not a single person here is surprised.
  8. INB4 the potato majority calls the superunicum OP a potato - can't expect better from this community after all.
  9. suleiman71

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    Like you CV mains tell us. Adapt. Overcome. Gitgud. Eat your own damn hypocritical medicine. It's about damn time.
  10. suleiman71

    Keep on doing it Wargaming.

    It's not hard to remember one or two word names that are added every few weeks at minimum. What's hard to remember is WG's confusing explanations for how events work.
  11. suleiman71

    Clan Naval Battles is poorly designed

    The lack of self reflection and maturity... Wew.
  12. suleiman71

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    I didn't get to being 3k pr/67% WR in Atlanta by firing AP at targets that it does very little against. I tried it. It doesn't work. I also can't take you seriously when you sold it because it "uptiers poorly", which is blatantly false.
  13. suleiman71

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    The most clueless forum post I've ever seen and I've posted here for 4 years. Amazing.
  14. suleiman71

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    IFHE IS important and IS needed. Bet I check your stats and it's <30k avg. You run AFT, island camper or not. NEVER RUN RDF.
  15. suleiman71

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    You run all 3 of those 4 pointers for the best gameplay.