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  1. I am a high functioning autistic too. I don't care about it. I don't like it, but I don't go around telling people to [edited] off either.
  2. Khabarovsk has poor range and AP utterly destroys it. It's not even close to being overpowered. Conqueror is massively OP though.
  3. This is the most pathetic whine thread I've ever read on an online forum or community. And like everyone else, I've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff. Congratulations OP. Why does it matter, when the event's rewards are mostly based upon one's own merits?
  4. I'm very confused. I read through all of the articles and pages on Clash of Elements, but nowhere did it state when the event actually began. Can somebody clarify this for me? Did it begin immediately after the announcement was made?
  5. You can create multiple accounts on the same server, but WG will bring the hammer down upon you if they were to find out.
  6. Frigates and corvettes were primarily used in littoral zones. At best, they'd be classified as cruisers and would be among the ranks of the tier 1 lol-boats. The biggest corvettes(which aren't very big) would just be barely armed HP farms. If we're going to add corvettes, why don't we add first rate ships of the line? The largest weigh just as much as a tier X destroyer.
  7. I'm calling photoshop on this.
  8. What kind of player am I?

    Woah, am I looking at my own stat page? Those numbers look a lot like mine! Seriously though, You're doing quite well for somebody with 550 games. You're winning a significant amount of your games, and you are constantly improving that. You do, however, run into a bit of trouble with your high tier ships. You are most likely using your lower tier experience and applying that to your higher tier play, whose environment makes it rather difficult to apply those strategies and achieve the same results. Overall, you are doing quite well and you are showing steady and consistent progress towards improving your skills. Keep it up! Indeed. +1 folks!
  9. Your WTR is 1,213. That's quite a bit above average. I will take you on my team any day of the week. Keep on doing what you are doing OP, and don't worry about stats. It's really pathetic that some people get validation out of insulting other player's scores, despite the fact that people like you aren't much worse at the game than they are.
  10. Huh. There's been very little complaining and my post on the subject was asking for clarification on the terms of the change.
  11. Yup. Whether it be in writing or in play, we all go back to our stark beginnings as potato plants in the ground.
  12. The link is rather hard to miss.
  13. I'm sorry, but up-tiering is not a serious issue. You are usually ignored in favor of higher tiered ships. And nearly all of my best DD games have been done while up-tiered, many of them by two tiers.
  14. Alright then. The proposed changes aren't as bad as I was fearing. Hopefully fire bloom for KM DDs gets reduced.
  15. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/10/wows-tap-insider-news-10-iii-2017/ As I understand it, 6.3 comes with a removal of stealth firing. Does this mean the elimination of being able to fire invisibly from smoke, and thus making smoke useless? Or does it just mean no more firing from long range for DDs? (ex. My Mahan has a detection range of 11.3km when firing if I remember correctly, while my set up for her allowed for a 14.0km range, which gave a 2.7km stealth firing window). The balance between BBs and DDs is presently very fragile, which is why I'm confused.