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  1. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    Dseehafer spoke to me many times about Tirpitz. It's why I support the thread.
  2. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    I said exactly this to Haze. He doesn't care. He's too thick to realize it.
  3. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    And we're assuming wrongly again. Think whatever you will. I won't disturb your safe space. Can't be rude, after all.
  4. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    I see we're on the same page here.
  5. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    Since you seem prone to assuming wrongly about people, go ask literally anybody I know then. My bag of popcorn is waiting.
  6. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    Does he realize I don't want BBs buffed? Ever? No. Don't think so.
  7. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    And yet another uninformed post. I knew dseehafer quite well. He was very passionate about having the error in where Tirpitz sits in the waterline fixed. How is that taking advantage of his passing?
  8. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    How many uninformed posts can you make in a day? I hate playing battleships these days. German ones especially.
  9. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    Utterly disgusting. Wow.
  10. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    RIP. Was an amazing friend.
  11. Khabarovsk...That Can't be Legit

    Nice comedy post.
  12. I am a high functioning autistic too. I don't care about it. I don't like it, but I don't go around telling people to [edited] off either.
  13. Khabarovsk has poor range and AP utterly destroys it. It's not even close to being overpowered. Conqueror is massively OP though.
  14. Thanks for locking the water team~

    This is the most pathetic whine thread I've ever read on an online forum or community. And like everyone else, I've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff. Congratulations OP. Why does it matter, when the event's rewards are mostly based upon one's own merits?