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  1. ^This. I'm going hard pass on this one unless I can get captains individually.
  2. Rion12

    CV delayed takeoff

    At the very least, for those who play ships with relatively poor AA, a delay means that the effects of crappy spawn locations will be mitigated. You'll have time to meet up with your team's deathball. It was seriously irritating getting chunked by Midway DBs in the opening stages of the match because I ended up in the outnumbered spawn area with a bunch of other ships with poor AA. Getting 10k+ HP removed that early in a match normally required an enemy BB to have made blood sacrifices to RNG.
  3. Rion12

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I've been jumping into Ryujo and only had a handful of games so far, so understand that my experiences are based on that. 1. Flak's pretty damn strong. Fly into that, and you can easily stand to lose entire squadrons off of a single mistake, depending on what ship fired that flak. 2. As far as I can tell, there's a threshold of camera angle at which you can no longer use your mouse to steer and must rely on WASD. Personally, I'd much rather see that threshold disappear completely and allow full mouse control. 3. Rockets are honestly a bit irritating due to their inconsistency against their apparent intended targets (smaller ships), and torpedoes are a *tiny* bit clunky to me. DBs have probably been the easiest for me to get results out of, and even those (for IJN) can be a bit odd as a result of the "drop high against heavy armor and drop low against light armor" thing.
  4. Rion12

    Expert or Well-Rounded?

    In just about any game I play, I end up taking a well-rounded approach. One of the largest benefits this has is that it gives me a good understanding of the generalized game-plan that any given class/ship-type/whatever classification is going for based on their capabilities. Broad knowledge means better understanding of your match-ups. On a personal end, I suck at specializing because I get bored and generally find myself looking for a change of pace.
  5. My first experiences with any kind of simulator were the old Microsoft Flight Simulators. Sucked at that, although I could almost certainly blame at least some of it on the fact that I was trying to do aileron rolls with a 747. I was still in the single-digit ages at the time.
  6. I personally don't see where the Montana needs a gimmick or a trick. She's designed around simply solid performance. Not the best at anything, but not cripplingly bad at anything either. She might not have the GK's armor, but she also doesn't have its horrid accuracy. She might not have the Republique's RoF and pen, nor the Conqueror's ridiculous HE/citadel, but she doesn't get annihilated as easily by CL/CA/IJN gunboat fire. She might not have Yamato's overmatch capabilities, but she doesn't get stuck with the Yamato's virtual inability to brawl (not to mention, Montana's accuracy gets darned close with the proper mods). And those 16" guns are no joke. When they hit, people are going to feel it.
  7. I honestly don’t see too much of an issue with Kitakaze/Harugumo. The DPM is certainly there, but they’re still slow, big, and poorly armored. That said, I still dread having to try to be in the same cap as one with my Fletcher or Udaloi (yes, I do sometimes take Udaloi into caps).
  8. I voted for “Voiceover tied to captain nationality.” I’m a little bit disappointed in Pan-Asian ships just running English voices now, and I personally would love to see more captains of different nationalities with associated voiceovers in the multi-nation trees.
  9. Rion12

    It’s not “Wooster”

    Interestingly, there's a city actually named "Wooster" in Ohio. They get very annoyed when you pronounce it with a very hard "oo" sound like "Woooooster."
  10. Rion12

    Opinions on Kongo

    To this day, I still feel like one of the few people who didn't like the Fuso much. I want to say it was the gun layout which made her feel weird to me, but I seriously can't really explain my dislike because I think about how I did like the Lyon, which had a similar layout. For the tier, I've much preferred New Mexico and Warspite.
  11. Rion12

    Archer Artoria from Fate Grand Order

    Oh man, they were promoting this event HARD at Otakon last weekend. Basically every wall-mounted screen was showing the ad for it. And...yeah. Some of my friends were like "IS THIS AN ACTUAL FATE-SERIES ANIME BEING MADE?!"
  12. Rion12

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I started up the EN version because I didn't want to deal with the hoops that would have been involved with trying to get into JP. It's...surprisingly addictive. I've currently got 3 copies of Prinz Eugen from construction, 2 Takaos, Belfast, and...well, San Diego. One of my friends got his hands on two copies of Illustrious, and I think another has recently added Enterprise and Illustrious to his list. 7% for a Super Rare is probably one of the most generous drop rates I've seen in a gacha game to date. Now my only question is...when will Atago be obtainable?
  13. The USN ones? I've hardly seen them used, to be honest. USN AP bombers can be just as prone to the RNG drop patterns that HE bombs deal with, plus the risk of bounces + penetration. I think most people just opt for the greater consistency + DoT stack of the HE bombs. The thing that worries me about AP bombs is their alleged efficacy against cruisers. The Graf Zeppelin ones? I think they deserve every bit of hatred that comes for them. It is, by far, the closest thing to true, effective "click-and-forget" that we have in-game.
  14. Rion12

    bad managment

    Because, when posts like this pop up, people want to know why the statement is being made. A reason can help garner support or otherwise inform people of why they should be wary of something (on the flipside, sufficiently stupid reasons can probably attract even more annoyance). Not to mention, raging about "warnings" tends to imply that the OP wasn't exactly the most well-behaved person themselves, since the implication is that some kind of warning was issued, and 9 times out of 10, there's probably a good reason.
  15. Rion12

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A cold, dead stare.