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  1. Helloo!!!! This is my entry !!! I want the Grey Ghost so much!!!! Thanks WG Team for the creativity contests!!! Salutes from Argentina Terrakov
  2. I have 3 ships in battle for a hour and a task of Yamamoto Campaing stuck in 463.104 damage, 3 matches and no changes on it number. Long time login too
  3. I already have almost the Tier 10 aircraft carriers, but the cruisers are very powerful. With the correct capitan configuration and improvements, they can be very useful. Zao and Hindy with IFHE, Des Moines for AA killer and Minotaur are good too. But I would keep the experience free.
  4. I have all the tier 10 ships, i choice the Zao or Hindenburg.
  5. Today i cant play any game, i sent a ticket and no answer, last night i play without problems. Drivers are updated. Now i am downloading a new instance of the game, maybe this is a solution for the issue. World of Tanks works fine, its a joke WG
  6. http://www.lasegundaguerra.com it s a website in spanish for me, and see a lot of NatGeo, Discovery documentaries of naval history, als see Wikipedia or another websites of ships history. Greetings
  7. Better config for the Essex??
  8. Wow, nice!
  9. 777777 EXP para los niveles 9 y 10? No seria mejor que los saquen y listo? Es una joda. No se los puede usar!
  10. Recien quise pasar de un tier 8 a 9 en la PP y me pide 777777 EXP, es una joda? Wargaming you are drunk jaja
  11. Genio genio! Muchas gracias, almirante terrakov le da las gracias! Sabes algo del Schanhorst? Saludos!