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  1. Thanks Niko and Wargaming!!!! My first prize!!!! :D Congrats to all the winners and the others players!!!!!!
  2. Hello community! This is my entry! Happy birthday to all the makers of Wargaming!
  3. I have 3 ships in battle for a hour and a task of Yamamoto Campaing stuck in 463.104 damage, 3 matches and no changes on it number. Long time login too
  4. I already have almost the Tier 10 aircraft carriers, but the cruisers are very powerful. With the correct capitan configuration and improvements, they can be very useful. Zao and Hindy with IFHE, Des Moines for AA killer and Minotaur are good too. But I would keep the experience free.
  5. I have all the tier 10 ships, i choice the Zao or Hindenburg.
  6. Hi captains! The story of my life regarding the boats is very closely linked to the observation of the same, since I live in a coastal city, with the river stuck and I can see the different cargo ships spend day by day . Since I was a kid I could see large ships passing from the corner of my house, and in 2010 our city brought an old participant in the Malvinas war, the ARA Irigoyen vessel, which participated in reconnaissance tasks in the race. This ship now remains as a museum vessel in our city. When I visited ARA Irigoyen, I felt what the seamen of the ship must have lived through their corridors and nooks and took several photos, some of them in the ship's anti-aircraft guns. Playing World of Warships brings me a great feeling of reviving my passion for ships, a passion for which I want to continue exploring new ships. One of the hobbies I had since childhood was to build small motor boats using wood from fruit crates, and providing them with matches simulating the firing weapons. Many times my parents challenged me to break my toys to extract the engines. He armed the engines with their corresponding engine and the propellers directed them with cans of milk, cutting the shape of the same one. Even today I do it, but not for a long time because of my studies, it is a pending account. Another aspect of my boat craze is to see all kinds of documentaries about World War II ships and the various conflicts and to continually compare them with the ships of the game, making it not only an entertainment but also a Way of learning naval history. After knowing the world of Wargaming, I was impressed with the documentaries of the ships like Naval Legends, very interesting since they give us aspects that not many know about the warships. I hope you liked my story !!!! Greetings from Argentina! -sorry my poor english- Terrakov
  7. Thanks Mezu!!!
  8. How can i become a Corgi in the next event?
  9. Today i cant play any game, i sent a ticket and no answer, last night i play without problems. Drivers are updated. Now i am downloading a new instance of the game, maybe this is a solution for the issue. World of Tanks works fine, its a joke WG
  10. http://www.lasegundaguerra.com it s a website in spanish for me, and see a lot of NatGeo, Discovery documentaries of naval history, als see Wikipedia or another websites of ships history. Greetings
  11. Better config for the Essex??
  12. Wow, nice!
  13. 777777 EXP para los niveles 9 y 10? No seria mejor que los saquen y listo? Es una joda. No se los puede usar!
  14. Recien quise pasar de un tier 8 a 9 en la PP y me pide 777777 EXP, es una joda? Wargaming you are drunk jaja