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  1. Sabot_100 , would you like to help me form a great clan in honor of my father who served on the BlueGhost ,it is to be a laid back casual clan, that works around peoples hectic schedules. I am  total disability and can be on at any time as do to injury's I don't sleep well , plus I worked 3rd shift  about 1/3rd of my life. If not Anchors Aweigh mate  ,and don't let your anchor rust. 

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    2. NightStalker357


       I am in central Illinois 4 to 5 miles from Indiana  border , 100 miles west of Indianapolis  130 miles northeast of St Louis,about 100 south of Chicago, 80 miles northeast of Springfield . Danville, Illinois the home of the stars, [edited] and Jerry Van [edited], Gene Hackman, Donald O'Conner ,Bobby Short, Maj. Kenneth D. Bailey and so on.  Here are a few of my model ships 1/700th ,most recent tank model  1/32nd Jagpanther , and a war game with your playing pieces Alnavco I attended many years ago at a war game convention. We war gamed with 1/700th scale ships to Fletcher Pratt's Naval rules and engagements. If you have ever heard of the Fighting Illini, University of Illinois is 40 miles west of us. I work on all lines at all times or at least I use to ,106 ships after recent sell off , I don't buy premium ,and don't care if people do ,that's how they make money , and I don't believe premium ships are better the standard ships. I have quite a few premium ships you can buy 14 to be exact that I won through the Santa crates( I got 12 last Christmas in a few days)  ,and all freebie mission ships is another 20 ,. I Public tested almost every test to date , 1 coming up now, I win lots of freebie's ,signal's,camo's ,prem  time. I have up to T-9 the Izumo ,Missouri , Iowa. My favorite line is IJN ,the Amagi ,Fuso , Kongo , Takeo ,Myoko have been some of my favorite's but with new lines I may re-think that. I have so far managed to get ever free ship in the game as of now , because I have all the time in the world and very few places to spend it, lol . I don't like the radar and paper ships in game and partiality lean towards Ivan ships , hell Russian game ,it does'nt surprise me at all that it's not a lot worse. That's a small history  of me , oh I was born on George Airforce Base ,Victorville,California San Bernadino  Mts,59 years ago then brought here after a bit , that's another story for another day. I run at all times depending on how I'm feeling ,was having some health issues after a fall in the 1s of year, that's off and on . Catch  later tonight or tomorrow .


      IJN CL Tama.JPG

      100_5988a CV Ryujo & Taiho on the move.JPG




    3. Sabot_100


      OK, just to display my ignorance. How do I send the invite? Is that a division invite? clan?

    4. Sabot_100


      I will have to drag out some of my modelling efforts (some much worse the wear for their time in storage) and take some pictures. I usually built to 1:720 as it made english unit conversions easier and they are about the same size as the 1:700 ships.

      I think Alnavco ships were 1:1200 or even 1:2400 scale. I have one of those, the WG banned Kitakami.