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  1. I was referring to those ARP ships actually having different WR and damage compared to each other. They are the exact same ship from day one but have different players driving them. Even the Kami sisters vary a bit. Such comparisons would establish a baseline to how much variability there is due just to different drivers. The tech tree version does have to grind thru bad hulls, guns, torps, etc. so I would assume the WR would be a bit lower.
  2. 'cuz players would then demand the old line gets it too?
  3. True. But what do those same unicum players bring when they enter a competitive arena (ranked, clan). If you are facing players of equal (or better) skill, you're going to be flying flags and otherwise looking for every advantage you can get.
  4. Identical ships (same ship, different cammo like the ARP Myokos) will sometimes show a bit of a performance range. In the Omaha case, those premiums are just better (Murmansk a good example of a certain bias), AND possibly played by more experienced players. Omaha is a grind ship that likely has a low skill captain (and player) taking it out. With premiums you can drop in any captain you want.
  5. Yup, that is the "national flavor" WG has stuck to the US boats. They go no faster than IRL and get slower with refits (except for Georgia that gets speedboost). Other lines seem to be a bit more liberal. Especially the never built ships.
  6. The California was pretty universally panned on release but seems to be doing fairly well for WR and Damage. It is in the top 25% of the like tier BBs. Got me thinking about other premium ships that had really bad reviews so I checked some that I remembered. Huanghe is doing better than most and Yahagi is in second place at its tier. Even Krispy Kreme (the only one I own) is doing average. One thing they all have in common is a low number of battles, so they are only being played by a few, likely (very good) players. Are the ships actually better than people thought they would be or is it just that good players in a bad ship beat average players in good ships? Are there any other premiums that are out performing their predictions and have lots of games? Odin wasn't really panned but wasn't supposed to be good either. And it is doing fairly well.
  7. Sabot_100

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    Red bot Kitas will be a joke. High team kill probability and almost no chance for a successful launch. The bots just charge. How long you think a spotted Kitkat is going to last. Likely not long enough to get those tubes loaded. Human Kitkats however...Assume every trick will be tried.
  8. Sabot_100

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    Definitely. Guns on Kitakami are worthless.
  9. Sabot_100

    Why no USS Nevada?

    Not completely moot. It can influence who a CV is going to choose to molest and how much they will pay for it. Might even shoot down a plane or two. Somewhat depends on whether you are facing a T4 or T6 CV. Texas' big issue was that AA was the selling point for the ship (I also got the flag that I fly on all my ships for the 5% and contributed to trying to save the Texas). Texas was pretty much a no-fly zone back before the rework. NO secondaries and slow but great AA that wiped out planes. Rework AA got nerfed overall and unfortunately hit Texas especially hard. Its AA is all med-short range so it can only protect itself and the CV won't really be in the AA for that long if it attacks the Texas anyway. If you have some long range based AA (like a OK does and NV43 would) it means you can support allies as well as yourself. I'd still rather be driving a Texas vs a New York when there is a CV in the game but when there is not, NY wins every time.
  10. Sabot_100

    More operations, please, how and why

    Hmm...wonder if WG could allow fan built scenarios that others could load and play? As you said, you couldn't control the timing of reinforcements but you could set up the red team, some MUCH further away so there is some lag when the ships show up. Maybe start them nose into the border or an island far away so they have to turn around (slowly) to get into the battle. (or would some get stuck and never get off the border?). Have to make so the CVs (if allowed) can't snipe the ships until they get underway. Green team limited to a certain tier and up-to a number of ships. Not sure who determines what the payout is (hopefully allow coop levels of rewards). No stars for objectives anyway. Just standard damage and capture points.Win when the red team is dead, base capture or points.
  11. Sabot_100

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    And do AP rockets have armor angle problems vs most deck armor? Pen the side, bounce off the deck?
  12. Sabot_100

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    Thanks for the work. One significant drawback is what does taking IFHE do to the damage Georgia takes? You are likely taking the skill in place of the Fire Prevention skill so you get that extra fire in the center where most players (and all bots) aim. Since it really only benefits vs cruisers (which are probably fire spamming you in return), the cost seems way too high.
  13. Sabot_100

    Why no USS Nevada?

    Texas AA is pretty much a moot point after the rework. NV/OK are better just for having some long range AA. Notice the OK only does 19.7kts. Nevada could be even slower with the late war refit. Haven't examined how the gunnery compares. Seems like there has to be some compensation for having the guns in the better AB-XY layout. Then again, its not like TX or NY are great T5 BBs for establishing performance limits. Should OK (or NV) be held back just to keep it from overshadowing those other US BBs? Nevada with the refit would likely need to be T6. Maybe make it into a more secondary based BB. (still have to get the red ships to cooperate and drive into your secondary range though. You aren't chasing anybody down)
  14. Sabot_100

    How does the AI choose targets?

    My best CV games (only play them in coop, everyone says you have to play them to understand them) have been when the team collapses (once or twice it was a mostly human team!). Have pulled out a few amazing wins but even in a loss I still get my best damage scores.
  15. Sabot_100

    Sending fighters

    Nobody asked? Isn't on their To-do list? Too busy making new lines and grinds? It does seem the extra coding would be minimal, but I'm not a coder so...