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  1. Update 0.7.7 - Balance Changes

    Lets see, Emile Bertin is (was) performing near the top of its tier for cruisers so it gets a slight nerf to guns AND major nerf to torps. Leander is performing near the top its tier for cruisers and it gets a torp buff?? Agreed the Emerald needed some love. Lots of Russian boats get lots of buffs.
  2. Akizuki realizations

    Yes, one of the problems I have with the ship. I set up at near max range (smoke or island cover) and the red ships all turn and move out of range, often for reasons that had little to do with my fire. I need to anticipate better.
  3. Thought it was just me or my system too.
  4. Valkyr's Ship Guides: Kronshtadt

    The Belfast is pretty much universally considered OP. Catch it in the open with no smoke and suddenly its pretty meh. Kron is OP most of the time since it is a BB pretending to be a cruiser. Its only real weakness is the AA. Since CVs are rare, that doesn't often matter.
  5. Super Containers

    Nope, unicorns are way more common
  6. DD's high tier game is bad

    Both true. Apparently radar is working as intended, not going to change I was hoping to make it so even a skilled player can't sit on the back line and pick off cruisers still in their spawn.
  7. DD's high tier game is bad

    Just an idea: Right now we have camo's that increase dispersion. How about having the target ship class also effect dispersion? A BB target would be the standard, same as current dispersion. Cruisers would get a small boost, DDs would get an even bigger boost. This would have little effect on short range fire but at long ranges, the chance of multiple cits on a cruiser would go down. DDs would be even harder to hit. Alternatively, the dispersion effect could be based on target ship size as concealment is supposed to be. I realize this is kind of a magical effect but there are already tons of those in game (radar goes through islands, concealment, knowing you are detected, knowing you are targeted and by how many, DDs don't have citadels, you can shoot at targets you can't see from your ship, most BC (?CB)'s are actually BBs but some can be called CAs, nearly sunk ships can still cruise at full speed with all guns blazing, colliding with an enemy ship is catastrophic but if he sinks just before contact there is no damage...)
  8. Last 4 pts on Henri

    RPF is tempting. Have been harassed by unseen DDs in the Henri. No idea which way to go to chase them down. Might help know there are already red ships that are further on the flank than you are. The Henri is outspotted by most of the ships out there. I hate to find out they are there when they start shooting at you. Very tempting.
  9. Last 4 pts on Henri

    Not fool proof but knowing how many are trying to kill you is good info too. You can miss the one guy avoiding target lock ( I will sometimes jink a short while after detected even if the PT shows nothing) but its nice to know when you have to go full defensive or go dark. I miss PT on the ships I took PM instead. RPF was another thought.
  10. Last 4 pts on Henri

    I usually assume if I am targeted, there are shells on the way--start jinking.
  11. Last 4 pts on Henri

    No plane on Henri. I was wondering if a something like SE and CM would be a better use. CM might keep the guns I have alive longer.
  12. Last 4 pts on Henri

    Almost have my 19pt captain on the Henri. Was saving the last 4 pts for AFT, mostly for the increase in AA range in anticipation of CVs making a comeback as much as a small hope my secondaries might be a bit more useful if they can shoot a bit farther. Before I commit (I hate to respec ), is AFT the best choice on the Henri? Only has 12x 5" Currently have: PT EM/AR BFT/SUP CE Keep being tempted to try the IFHE but that seems to be only good to nail Khabs IF you can hit them at all. UPDATE: I now have a 19 pt captain...what to do...what to do
  13. Pensacola vs Dallas

    Contrary to all predictions, the Dallas is far outperforming the Pensacola in every category (WoWS Stats & Numbers) for T6 cruisers. Not at all what I was expecting anyway. Can't figure out why. Its (relatively) new and shiney but I can't think of any reason why it would only be being played by good players which is the usual explanation. My original plan was to grind through to the Helena and sell the Dallas for the port slot and captain (for the Helena). Starting to think I should sell the Pepsi instead. Have to see how I do each ship long term but the NA ranking sure favors the Dallas. What makes it better?
  14. Nelson's 622mm torpedo tubes?

    Not expecting WG to implement these underwater torps. Never heard about the max ship speed to launch problem (but it makes sense, 20kt of water pressure hitting your torpedo broadside is going to bend it in half before it leaves the tube) but as far as aiming, IRL torpedoes could be launched on about any heading and then turn to the preset heading after they leave the tube. WG has/will never implement this as it would massively change torpedo firing angles on all ships and might make it possible to fire around islands (assuming the torps don't turn instantly).
  15. Eagles duped me...somehow

    Its like that old pop-up trick where you think you are clicking the box to close the damn thing but have actually just accepted whatever they want to download to your computer.