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  1. Many do tend to view the Buffalo as an impediment.
  2. Sabot_100

    Destroyers of Java Sea – Ship Stories

    Of course in game everybody has 8 gun Clemsons doing 36+ kts with speed flags.
  3. I have notice of late that CVs are now in games just a bit more often than they were before the rework. Still have that explosion of radar cruisers not seen since the US line split but I no longer feel I will be shut down by a CV every time I try to play a DD. The drop in air-detectability helped make things more tolerable too.
  4. Wouldn't a T8 ship face CVs from T6 to T10? A very wide range for AA balance.
  5. Sabot_100

    Still no Yahagi ::sad face::

    Well, if it was Russian...
  6. Sabot_100

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    Your talking reality here. As has been mentioned numerous times in this thread, WOWS is not reality and WG can give the ship whatever plane complement they want as well as tweak stats for "balance". Very unlikely this would include any attack aircraft (or any player controlled aircraft) but having both spotters and fighters is easily doable using "off the shelf" coding. Durations, charges and cool-downs are pure WG whim. They could give it 12k torps. They could make the ship ridiculously stealthy. Play with the gun ROF or range.There are also all the other existing consumables like hydro, DFAA, speed boost, heal and radar which can exist in any number of combinations. Yes, the ship would need some sort of gimmick to be viable/competitive but there are a lot of options.
  7. Sabot_100

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    Thought the wiki article mentioned the original plan was for a bomb bay in the pontoon. This proved a bad idea so it was instead converted to a fuel tank, which should have given the plane some extra range (though once again, a bit of a downer in a dogfight. Big, heavy, flamable, pendulum keeping you from doing any roll type maneuvers). Normal fighters could drop their external tanks.
  8. Sabot_100

    Don't sail Broadside to a Yamato!

    "Victory Disease" is real in WG. Your team is ahead and nearing a win and players all come out of hiding to try and farm as much damage, get as many kills as they can before the game ends. Suddenly you aren't winning anymore...
  9. Sabot_100

    Other naval ww2 games

    Think I may still have a copy of that stuffed in some dark closet corner.
  10. Sabot_100

    Wargamings biggest mistake yet?

    Yes and No. Obviously player skill is a big part but even unicum purples will pile on the flags to make their ship a little bit better; maximize their 19 pt captain to helm the ship; carefully choose their upgrades. If little differencesand advantages didn't matter, why bother? Your skill is what it is (at some point, you probably aren't getting much better). Most players will always look for whatever advantage they can find.
  11. Sabot_100

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    They probably weren't really designed to fight other planes at all but they certainly had that capability. They would have to be REALLY selective on what they tried to fight. They were outgunned by any real fighter. The speed was comparatively low (313mph for a late war aircraft). And that pontoon would HAVE to cut maneuverability significantly. Most fighters wanted to be clean as possible for best performance. Any real fighter with a semi-competent pilot will have no trouble taking it down. Most CV bombers and spotters only had a 30-cal or 2 to shoot back so it might have a chance. It would just have to catch them and could count on spending a lot longer in the sights of the target.
  12. Sabot_100

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    I stand corrected. Though the plane is officially listed as a Scout with a couple of 50's in the wings. Most float aircraft would have some forward firing machine guns. The Kingfisher had a single fixed 30-cal (and one flex mount).
  13. Sabot_100

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    Sometimes the unpleasant battles outshine the rest. Sometimes it leaves a bad taste in your mouth so you are loathe to try again (me with DDs at the moment). Personal experience, right after the rework, 2 CVs per battle, every friggin time. Regardless of tier. Recently I have gone several matches in a row, multiple times, with NO CV and 2, 3 or (rarely) 4 DDs. Rarely see 2 CVs in a match. Haven't been playing my DDs as much after the rework so haven't been tracking the numbers or radar cruisers as close as I used to. 3-4 Radars is probably the new normal. All anecdotal and certainly subject to perception bias but stats do show DD numbers have recovered a bit, but not to pre-rework levels.
  14. Sabot_100

    Pensacola at Tier 6 doesn't look promising.

    Kind of a necro thread but may be worth revisiting now that things have stabilized with almost a year of data. According to WoWS Stats&Numbers, Pepsi is THE worst performing cruiser at T6 for WR (stablemate Dallas actually does fairly well), average experience and damage done. The only place it shines is in plane kills (2nd place). I realize some ship at each tier has to dwell in the basement but it does seem WG dropped the nerf hammer too heavily on this ship. I know for my own preferences, I will gladly take the Dallas into a scenario but have far more trepidation taking the Pepsi. Same for randoms. The slow rate of fire and clumsy nature of the ship in general make it decidedly sub-par.