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  1. Sabot_100

    First time in 4 years of playing this game

    But in the end, you can only target each other and CVs typically have killer AA. Should be plane slaughter. Could also go for a CAP.
  2. Sabot_100

    World of Cruisers!! It's a thing!

    Poor Cleveland/Edinburgh
  3. Sabot_100

    First time in 4 years of playing this game

    Wait, the whole game you only shot down 7 planes? Was the end of the match just the CVs waiting to see who would rust out first?
  4. Sabot_100

    French DD's

    There is also the surprise factor. They expect/fear the guns but forget the ships have decent torps with TRB too so they forget to dodge. One good thing about the T7+ French DDs is the arcs on the forward wing torps. You can look like your are just trying to wiggle and dodge while firing the wing mounts to surprise your target. And they are pretty fast too. Assuming you can keep them from getting knocked out, that is. Once again that will be a learning curve that may eventually be a non-factor.
  5. Sabot_100

    French DD's

    Still, it would be nice if you could A&D as well as W&S to avoid shells. Giving the ships better acceleration would go a long way to making the speed changes more effective.
  6. Sabot_100

    French DD's

    Thats another Fr DD "flavor". You are always the CVs favorite chew toy. Bad concealment (for a DD), No AA and No smoke. Whats not to love.
  7. Sabot_100

    French DD's

    In theory, but the T5-7 aren't all that fast, even with speed boost and they bleed speed badly if you touch the rudder. Their acceleration seems pretty meh too, so don't count on dodging much. They are very-light cruisers without citadels. Fantasque speed may confound targeting for a while until everyone learns the needed lead. One deficiency is you only get 2 speedboosts. Other T5 DDs get at least that AND smoke. Personally would trade that MBRB for smoke, but I guess that isn't the French "flavor". You sure it is only 8% for other DDs?
  8. Sabot_100

    Jaguar is terrible...

    My opinion is the opposite. The Jag has little to recommend it. Not the absolute worst, but definitely below average. Every other DD gets smoke and engine boost. Jag only gets EB, and only 2 charges of that. Overall it doesn't stack up well against the competition. Guepard at least gets the gun booster with the same 2 EB. Bigger guns mean you can pen broadside cruisers better. Still a very average DD. For me, neither boat is a keeper but I like the Guep better. Noticed this too as a huge drawback of a gunboat line that is going to be spotted most of the time. Their speed is nothing special and they are big. They can take more damage than most BUT they are going to take that damage because they cannot dodge. WG should have given them better rudders, maybe Brit acceleration or ability to keep their speed during turns (not both).
  9. Sabot_100

    Submarines are Coming

    But subs never sank anything during the various shooting battles that this game mostly represents and that most players want to play. One reason would be that subs were too slow to keep up, especially when submerged. WG "solves" that by giving them 3X their IRL speeds. Another reason is that it would be impossible to tell a submerged friendly sub from an enemy (no modern systems that can ID a sub by sound, and in this game, both sides use the same ships anyway) so if you detected one near you, a depth charge attack would be the standard response. CVs did attack and sink ships during a surface action (TAFFY 3) but that battle is the poster child as to why it is a horrible idea to try and conduct surface operations while under air attack. Subs in a separate mode will be fine. That's what WG says is the plan. The also stated NO SUBS, EVER so their word is highly suspect. Like planes, there is no way to make subs fun to play AND play against.
  10. Sabot_100

    why is detonation a mechanic

    True, in some cases. In others it happened too fast for any damage control. In game that would mean you "lose" a couple of turrets that were fed from that magazine. Maybe that is what the flag should do. Save the ship, lose a turret or 2.
  11. Sabot_100

    Submarines are Coming

    IRL, a big chunk of rock is also good at blocking sonar. In the WG universe, it has not effect. But water layers do???
  12. I thought I read where WG wasn't even giving DC to DDs that didn't historically have them. Could be wrong.
  13. Might work, make the guns count as disabled with a countdown timer of zero when you are submerged. They are "repaired" as soon as you surface (unless the gun was actually disabled by enemy fire) so the loading sequence can start.
  14. If it becomes a problem (besides subs being a problem in general) WG could just add a delay, like rudder shift, where for a period of time after clicking to change depth, you remain at the old depth. (Have to button up, close valves, raise/lower the scope, finish your coffee, etc.)
  15. Sabot_100

    The New Autopilot is Great!

    I have always assumed this, but I'm sure somebody has actually taken the time (LWM?) to see what actually works. I typically slow down when I try to make a tight turn to miss an island and I at least thought I was turning a bit sharper. Maybe less of a fishtail. But have never gone into the training room to nail it down.