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  1. Sabot_100

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    Reflects what I have been seeing. In anticipation of the CV rework there are a lot more of them in matches. Not every match, but far more than there were before the first CV rework video surfaced. Especially at mid tiers where most ships have crap AA. Just realized that CVs are the ultimate OWSF platforms. You get to deal out damage and nobody can hit you back (except another CV). Especially with the update where the planes are unlimited. You can YOLO and only risk the replaceable planes. No other class can do this. Losing all your planes in a strike can make you less effective but taking such risks does not get you killed like it does with all the other classes.
  2. Sabot_100

    Lost in Game Hud

    uh-oh. Used to have this happen years ago but it got fixed. Is it back? It often preceded a game crash so it was best to sail to a 'safe' area and restart the game. Hoping you get back before its over.
  3. Sabot_100

    New CV Rework Footage

    Yes, all the newbie CV drivers will struggle, but then most will learn the same tricks you have and probably a bunch you haven't when it all gets discussed on the forums. . Some will get very good. Probably the same ones that can cross-drop in their sleep now. CVs become the ultimate OWSF ships. Hide safely in the back (just don't sail up to a cap with a Shima waiting for you) and sink ships pretty much at will. Either soften the AA yourself or pick on ships that dare to sail where they can be raked by your teams HE. New tactics and synergizing divisions have yet to be discovered. (did anybody know how OP a division of pre-smoke nerf Belfasts were going to be? Or allowing ships to OWSF? Did WG envision that the inescapable crossdrop when they first released CVs?)T hink what a tag-team of CVs could do to. Leave a CL as CV guard to keep your CVs in the battle. Before there was the skill wall that kept most from playing CVs. This change makes them look much easier so they will be everywhere.
  4. Sabot_100

    New CV Rework Footage

    Looks like lots of fun as long as you are the guy driving the CV. Things look completely miserable for everyone else. The torpedo attacks are like a yolo-ing DD except the DD risks death to pull it off and will be a cripple for the rest of the game if he survives. The CV only risks some replaceable planes. An inconvenience. I realize it is still a WIP but it is looking pretty ominous for those of us that want to play for a surface warfare game. What fun to spend half the game (at least until you die) dodging near endless attack waves if you are the guy the CV wants to sink (been there, done that under the current system. Provoked some very uncharacteristic chat comments from me). Even the Wooster AA seemed unable to blunt the attacks. Lemming trains will morph into AA bait balls where everyone is terrified to not have at least 3 other ships shooting at the planes. I'm hoping the AA is turned waaay down for these tests because what happens when the CV players start getting really good? The guys that are going to land every torp. And, as I said, it looks like lots of fun so expect lots of CVs in every match.
  5. Sabot_100

    Colorado — American Tier VII battleship.

    One thing WG could do, keeping the "national flavor" of slow US BBs, is make these sea-slugs lose little to no speed in turns (like Brit DDs). Still can't chase or run from anything except the Mikasa or Katori.
  6. Besides the TK problem, BBs with really long range guns would just shoot into the typical spawn areas hoping for a hit, knowing the targets will barely have moved by the time shells arrive. There is also that frustrated mouse clicking done while your ship is frozen on delayed load-ins. You guns would actually fire as soon as you load in. Happens now too but the bigger BB guns aren't as likely to be loaded.
  7. Sabot_100

    Rolkatsuki's Richelieu Replay adventures

    Your first video let me know that I am not the only one cursed by the wonky French guns. Lyon on up I see a lot of salvos land all around the target but no hits. Even at close range you fire at a broadside DD and get ONE hit. Been there, done that. As I've mentioned before, for the French BBs, the aim point is the spot where you can be assured none of your shells will hit. Thus the need to (try to) ram that last cruiser. Not using any cammo?
  8. Sabot_100

    Reload the torp tubes ????

    Aggravating, but it does make sense (assuming the Brits had actually carried reloads) . Can't go rotating a mount around with a torp hanging half way out. The biggest thing to realize is that you have to tell a partial mount to reload (or fire off remaining torps). Otherwise you will just have a partial mount next time you want to fire torps no matter how long it has been.
  9. Sabot_100

    Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    And you are removing a radar from the game making life easier for your DDs (and smoke CLs), which can then do their job spotting, capping and torping the enemy.
  10. Sabot_100

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    So does this change also apply to module "armor"? The zero damage hits that strike live/destroyed modules?
  11. Someone more knowledgeable can correct me but I think if you leave one tube unfired in a set, that set will not reload (but has a torp ready to fire). 3 minutes later you still have a mount with one torp (and one fully loaded mount). Hitting "F" starts the near-empty mount reloading, but you probably just 'lost" that one torp. (no idea if it counts toward your ammo expenditure). You could get the same effect if you just launched that last torp (someplace safe). If you just fired most of your torps as singles, your counter will show the time to load on the empty mount but the near empty mount is not being loaded. Have to check in-game if there are individual mount indicators that show this.
  12. One thing I hadn't noticed until reading the page was the need to hit "F" to reload a partial mount. I thought the spent tubes would automatically start reloading when fired. See the line as decidedly average. No real stinkers but no top performers either. Shouldn't complain as that means they are balanced. Also means WG is unlikely to buff or nerf the line.
  13. Sabot_100

    Planes dropping torpedoes threw the land mass

    Actually it does (near islands) where sometimes it may be too shallow for your ship to go. Not sure if those areas are too shallow for torps. I know torps from ships that cut too close to shore sometimes get blocked. Since most times you can sail right up to the beach/rocks, it is "deep enough" as far as the game is concerned. Since IRL torps went deep after drops then rose back up to set depth, WG could put a buffer around islands through which torps can pass but you can't air drop (arming distance has to be completely outside this region. The vertical height of most of the islands should preclude drops from that direction also (can't drop torps in a steep dive down a mountain) but radar through those same mountains is a bigger problem and WG has shown no inclination to fix that. Maybe the new CV 'fix' will make it tougher to operate torp planes through islands, but I doubt it. It would be nice to be able to use terrain to block shells and torp planes. Dive bombers (and rockets) would still have no restrictions.
  14. Sabot_100

    Profile Quirk?

    Going thru my Profile in the game to see how I am doing with certain ships. It says I have an 86% WR with the Alsace. Seems high but I don't have a lot of games in it yet and started off extremely well (MM was really kind to me, putting me on teams that could carry me). When I click on the ship to see the details it jumps to the top of the list with a 100% WR but only 4 games played in the data to the left (with 32K avg damage so I certainly wasn't carrying the team). This was the case shortly after I got it and graduated from CoOP but I have had quite a few more games since then with some losses. If I click on a different ship, that ship stays where it is on the list, showing correct detail data to the left, and the Alsace returns to 86% WR (which may or may not be correct) on the list. Just checked and my Acasta has a 75% WR but only 4 games played. It obviously is not updating either. Have to play different ships and see if the data updates. Fortunately XP and achievements do accumulate. Probably a different topic as to whether MM is different for 'new to you' ships. Seems like it is much of the time. Any ideas?
  15. But there is are reasons WG limited matches to 2 CVs per side with the same number and tier on each side. They can influence a match far more than any other class. Put 4 CVs per side and everyone else spends the whole game dodging airstrikes, not playing a first person shooter.