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  1. US Navy Battlecarrier

    I saw a really old magazine when I was a kid from around 1940 that was showing "futuristic" warships of various types. One design I remember was a hybrid BB/CV. It had a flight deck in the middle with a 16 inch triple turret fore and aft half under the overhanging flight deck. The turrets were dome shaped. The article was meant for civilian consumption as any navy expert by that time realized the last thing you want is your CV in gun range of the enemy. Can't imagine the concept would re-emerge decades later. The IJN only made theirs out of complete desperation.
  2. Invisible Islands

    Oh. Didn't log in on the 14th. It was Valentine's Day and I kinda had other more important things to do.
  3. Invisible Islands

    Had this happen in Random game about a week ago. Not before and not since. My team responded with asking what drugs I was taking when I mentioned it so I assume I was the only one seeing it. Nice being able to see the spotted ships behind islands. Wasted a bunch of rounds trying to hit them however, so islands were indeed still there. Wonder if it is a new glitch with this patch?
  4. Algerie

    Play style makes a BIG difference in how you do in this ship (probably most ships). I find I do much better in the Algerie than my ARP Haguro. The speed boost helps a little. I actually do a bit better with the torps, even though they are fewer and slower. The better arcs mean I can actually use them without committing suicide. More likely to surprise a foe to since you aren't broadcasting "Hey I'm turning to launch torps now!". In the recent T7 scenario I found the Algerie did better for me. One reason is the turrets are faster so I can change targets and be shooting before the Haguro gets anything locked on. Seems to be more nimble too. Ship stats (2 week) show it firmly in the middle of the tech tree cruisers. About tied with the ARP Myoko and Schorrs in win rate but doing more damage than the Myoko and less than the Schorrs. Interesting note: Why is the ARP Myoko doing so much better than its ARP siblings?
  5. WG probably is resistant to putting out a unique premium they know will be bad. Same amount of work to make the model for less sales. Only collectors buying it. May have to give it away like the Katori. The Huanghe on the other hand did get a bad review from LWM but is actually still one of the best performing cruisers at its tier. Not sure how it's sales are going. Don't see many of them. I think Agano would have bad torp angles to go with those meh guns and you're right, an IJN cruiser with NO torps?!? Sacrilege!! They couldn't make the 100mm's good enough to compensate for that. It would be interesting to see what they give Tone to make up for losing a turret and any ability to shoot astern. Some players will buy the ship just to have it in port. I think WG wants more sales than that, thus MOST premiums are as good as the better tech tree ships or crush them.
  6. IF WG brings in the Agano etc., they will probably be mid level premiums. Especially if they keep the IJN flavor of slow turrets. They are just unremarkable compared to other lines. Remember the Agano gets cast-off Kongo guns that really can't compete with other, more modern 6" gunned cruisers. Its a Tier 5 at best and not a particularly good one. Oyodo then at tier 6 still only has 6 guns, extra aircraft (that do what?) with no rearward firing guns, OK mid tier AA. Armor is pretty light, but that's not unique to them (French CLs!) but pretty much precludes "bow-tanking". If they start throwing in special perks, like smoke, then they might be lesser equivalents of the Huanghe (it has much more modern Russian guns and heavy AA). They would have to decide (which they haven't yet in years) how to deal with the hybrids and their aircraft. Hard to build a separate line around them.
  7. Kagero Still Has it

    It is also operating at tiers where smoke is less of a sure thing. Half decent chance that when you pop smoke, the reds will pop radar (or DD hydro if close enough). Whichever you take, at some point in most games you are going to wish you had the other.
  8. how does one have 24% WR?

    I guess it averages out over time but I had sub 30% win rates in Texas and a couple of my French Cruisers and I was trying hard to win. Sometimes RNG and MM both hate you. As has been said, being AFK should give you a better win rate.
  9. Smallest Team Ever!

    Problem is it really magnifies the variations in player quality (unicum vs potato) in a single ship. Even more-so for an AFK. Or how about a division of 2 (or 3!) very good players? They win 90% of the time. Each ship is a bigger percentage of your team with less chance to balance a strong player in one ship with either another strong player or a number of better than average players on the other team. You would get even more steam-roll stomps than you do now.
  10. Thats pretty much the problem. Driving an Asashio you are largely helpless against your two primary hunters. The PADDs at least can gunfight DDs and threaten CAs with torps. The PADDs and every other line will crush you in a gunfight. Other IJN DDs won't beat you in gunfight (same guns) but can torp you. Your best trick is launching long range Hail-Marys to catch brain dead or unlucky BBs. Guess we'll have to see how this plays out. The ship would shine as a "last-hope" survivor against multiple BBs, but how often is that scenario going to happen. I
  11. Has it actually been released? Graf Zepplin might be an indicator WG will pull Premiums back if there is a backlash. I can see it adding to the meta where nobody pushes because it is suicide to do so. Cruisers are safe from (these) DWTs but are killed by everything else, they aren't going to push. BBs are vulnerable to these so won't want to push forward without decent spotting, which the Asashio will not provide. The DDs on the "other" team (assuming not also Asashio) can push up with a little more confidence as there is less threat of random torps taking you out and the Asashio is likely hugging the back line somewhere reducing the number of counter-spotters and CAP contesters.
  12. The PADDs did this first, but they generally have decent guns to make up for it. The Asashio will give up its ability to threaten DDs AND cruisers too for the ability to sit way in the back and lob Hail Mary BB killers or close in and put itself at great risk if spotted. I think there will be a "Happy Time" after this thing is released as it punishes the unwary, then a huge drop as people learn how to deal with it. I'm thinking this was thought up to make cruisers a better option in the BB heavy meta that has developed. WG wanted something that ONLY hurts BBs (and CVS, but they are very scarce at T8+).
  13. I fear this will be a very feast or famine ship that is every cruisers favorite prey. A higher tier Shiratsuyu probably is a good analogy. The Shira is slower but it does have a sting to make the cruisers think twice about a headlong pursuit. Appreciate the reviews LWM, even when I don't fully agree with them. You are right way more often than not.
  14. So the Asashio can do well NOW, before everyone has learned how to deal with it. Back in the day, it was easy to rack up a dozen torp hits in an IJN DD. Too many people sailed in straight lines. Now it can be a struggle to get a hit from 6K as many BB drivers have learned how to WASD. The IJN torp boats can be feast or famine and it has been leaning more toward famine lately. Once everyone learns what an Asashio can do, they will start to WASD earlier when there is one on the red team, meaning only luck will result in a hit. Launching torps all game with nothing to show for it can be very un-fun and un-engaging. Have to see...
  15. 12pt Zao build

    Of course if the build is for the rental Clan Wars Zao, speccing for any kind of AA is a waste.