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  1. Sabot_100

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I agree to an extent. I was glad when the planes actually became a threat. When the rocket planes could no longer just be ignored. But things have gone over to the ridiculous. if I am doing all that I can to dodge, the CV should not be able to hit me with multiple rockets on every pass. WG needs to dial it back a bit.
  2. Sabot_100


    An especially bad idea since team damage is turned off so you can wall off the other team from areas that your team has full access. As Lert mentioned, this would double down on passive play. Besides, they already have mines in the game. The Black has 'em.
  3. Sabot_100

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I don't consider it fine that I may start the match with 1/3 of my health removed no matter what I do. Can't hide, can't dodge, can't shoot down enough planes to have much effect (with most DDs). Just have to hope the planes go after the other DDs. Dodging bot CVs should be the same as dodging human ones and would be except the bots are starting their attack runs long before you are spotted. And it is coop so hanging back to hide with the big boats means you are going to have a horrible game anyway.
  4. Sabot_100

    Bot CVs now too good?

    For a long while I could cruise in my DDs and pretty much ignore the inevitable rocket plane attack (they ALWAYS find you). The rockets always missed. Then WG tweaked the aiming and I found I needed to dodge (usually turn in) the attack. Lately it seems such dodging has no effect. The rockets always hit. The planes can make their 3 passes and get hits every time regardless of what I do. The various bombers seem equally good at anticipating anything I do when in cruisers or BBs. At least there the AA can usually whittle them down so they can't make all 3 strikes. Torp planes are more accurate also but can be dodged if not dropped at point-blank.
  5. Sabot_100

    Baked in cammo bonus

    If WG is going to bake-in the concealment/dispersion buffs of cammos into the ship, does that mean players will no longer have that slight advantage over the bots? Or is that bonus only given to players?
  6. Sabot_100

    Weimar - way too over powered

    Not really suggesting they nerf Weimar unless it is overperforming in multiple modes. Don't think it is. It would be a 'fix' that only addresses a single ship. Others are almost as good in scenarios. However, trying to adjust the scenario would have so many ways to result in unforeseen consequences that wreck if for everyone. The Weimar special spawn location (will never happen) but would only target the 'problem' ship. WG could also place minefields along the paths/camping positions taken by those gaming the scenario.
  7. Sabot_100

    Kill 'em all

    Still have to count on your green bots not to ram anything, drive by with torps. Congrats on the 8.
  8. Sabot_100

    Kill 'em all

    Like I said, the stars have to align. Your team has to be fairly incompetent and the match can't end up being called for points. And you have to be doing pretty well.
  9. Sabot_100

    Kill 'em all

    Checking out my Coop stats and noticed my "Most per battle" Warships destroyed was 7. Seems pretty good, the stars really have to align to pull it off, but I was wondering if anyone managed to kill all 9 bots?
  10. Sabot_100

    What to see in 2023?

    I was going to mention that as a comparison.
  11. Sabot_100

    What to see in 2023?

    Its more than that. The sub will have zero ability to deal with shore targets. Plus they have a relatively limited weapon range and will have the issue with their targets being sunk by the time the torps arrive. Lots of wasted salvos. The OPs just aren't set up for a gunless ship. The only op where they MIGHT be tolerable would be Defeat at Newport. Even there they still have limited ability to flex across the map and I'm not sure how well the AI deals with subs.
  12. Sabot_100

    Vauquelin a pain

    Gotta admit, once I got to Fantasque, I've only played the V for snowflakes.
  13. No ship IRL could survive half the shell hits they take in game to sink them or reduce them to floating wrecks (detonations excluded). It is rare for any ship to be permanently crippled by damage. Most finally sink cruising at max speed with all guns blazing. In game they take (and deal) a lot more hits because the guns are much more accurate. IRL one hit to the citadel or well placed torp hit was crippling. Can't compare IRL vs game damage effects.
  14. Sabot_100

    Weimar - way too over powered

    Makes more sense possibly but waaaay easier to for WG to adjust the ship. Maybe adjust the scenario so Weimar gets its own special spawn point that puts it behind an island where it has to back up and extract itself to join the fight. But thats not gonna happen either.
  15. Since he has an Iowa we have to assume he must have been trying at some point. He somehow managed to kill 585 ships, 414 of those using the main guns, with a max of 3 in a single battle. Although a 75k max damage shows he is not particularly good. My guess is the AFKish behavior may be relatively recent.