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  1. No see 'ems BUG

    Also looks like the enemy ship had no trouble seeing you. He fires at you and his shells are well on the way before you can see him. If it was LOS, it should at least be mutual.
  2. I am trying out using the rudder module instead of the concealment. Jury is still out. I can dodge better BUT it seems I am always the first ship spotted and targetted so I have to start kiting before I can see any enemy ships to shoot at.
  3. Have to qualify this, my only T10 is a Henri, but when I try to anything remotely like an early push or cap, my PT counter jumps to 5+ and I die an early death. Even if I have backup. Therefore I have learned (trying to avoid that cliched definition of insanity) not to push early. Later in the game I might but it seems WG has enforced a playstyle for most ships (cruisers especially) where you have to stay at ranges where dodging is possible and you aren't making it easy for the red DDs to stealth torp you.
  4. Tachibana Lima Mission

    At the least it is a port slot and some credits
  5. Best target for gunnery practice?

    Not totally true. It is a good place to experiment as to what ammo type works best from a given ship vs different ships, angles and ranges. See for yourself when and where you can penetrate or better just shoot HE. Real battles can be pretty chaotic and hard to repeat experiments. That is where you learn to anticipate changing ammo and enemy moves. Knowing if it is even worth changing and where to aim can be learned in training rooms. Aiming practice can be done in COOP too but you might not get enough practice per battle when your fellow human players keep killing your targets. Personally, I would rather the guy on my team knows these things already and is not experimenting. Now if he is on the red team, please feel free to experiment...
  6. Certainly won't be the go-to ship Cleveland was. It may not even be a good choice for scenarios. It doesn't have the AA to shut down air attacks (nobody but Cleveland does) but it has less armor, less HP, less guns ... it only real advantage is in concealment and that is pretty worthless for a cruiser in scenarios. You are almost always spotted and NEED to shoot ASAP when red ships are spotted. Playing cat-and-mouse takes too long. All the competition brings torps (scenario bots are pretty predictable and you can't torp friendlies!). Most have a higher DPM. Dallas MAY be an OK ship for randoms, have to see, but I don't think it will shine in scenarios. When you see the team screen It may be like "Damn, three guys bringing Dallas. We're toast." Not like "Hey, three Clevelands, this should be an easy 5 star".
  7. Abruzzi.

    The 14 pt captain probably applies to most light cruisers. Took IFHE first on my Cleveland and found it playable without CE. If you hide behind rocks or play scenarios, CE is wasted. Still plan on getting CE when I get those 14 pts. At tier 8 I think CE will be required as it faces too many insta-delete opponents. Being seen first will be very bad. Akizuki falls into the same category (but isn't a premium).
  8. Abruzzi.

    So its one of THOSE ships. Requires a 14 pt captain to make it really work. Kind of a painful grind up until that point. Its not unique in this but such ships can give a bad opinion of the ship up until you reach that sweetspot. Makes it subpar for use as a captain trainer (there will eventually be an Italian line, right?).
  9. RPF Question

    I've only ever had it give the general direction to the closest enemy with a white arc. I assume you have the experience to know if the other colors are damage arcs showing the direction of incoming shells hits. Running any mods?
  10. Meta Killing. The Asashio sobs

    Then again, if it is those last 2 full health CAs, Asashio is screwed. It was end game driving a Henri when an Asashio was spotted briefly before smoking, 11K away. Kick in the afterburners and charge! Got spotted, knew he was out of the smoke but had no worries. No need to dodge. Kept charging until I spotted him. Can't be that bold facing any other unseen DD without radar or hydro.
  11. True, but if you ARE an average player, you can probably expect results more like what the ship stats are than what some unicum can wring out of it. Even still, stats can be misleading. The average player is very unlikely to get ship stats results out of the Huanghe. If you are a unicum in other ships (or think you can become one) then by all means look at what the top 10% can do in that ship and aim for that.
  12. Still, I haven't noticed it on my Henri as much as I did with the other French CA/CLs. Maybe those park benches are armored and absorb hits in that area on the Henri. Probably just jinxed myself and it will happen 5 times a game now. Henri is the one CA that actually sees a small benefit from IFHE. Boosts it up to penetrating 50mm so it can nail Khabs (if it can hit them). Still NOT worth it, but not absolutely worthless like every other CA. It is sometimes a dilemma when to switch to AP when shooting at a BB that is showing broadside but has no or only one fire.
  13. Ship replacement rules summary

    Right now my Cleveland capt has IFHE, working on getting CE. (yeah I thought IFHE was more important to making the Cleveland viable) Dropping back to an 8 pt captain will be a huge downgrade. Especially facing T9s. Pepsi doesn't NEED a 10 pt captain as badly (it always helps, but you are never going to have good concealment).
  14. Ship replacement rules summary

    HE only has to penetrate the normal armor thickness. Angle doesn't count.
  15. Ship replacement rules summary

    It lowers your fire chance but doesn't allow you to pen anything you could not already pen with 8" HE. Thus a wasted 4 pt skill. Generally, only 6" guns and below benefit from it (although the Henri gains the ability to pen 50MM armor with it.