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  1. Sabot_100

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    This would be along the lines of targets getting their priority raised if they are already targeted by other bots.
  2. Sabot_100

    What is this thing?

    I was actually going to make a joke alluding to something like this in the original post. Some sort of over-engineered porta-potty. Seems unlikely as the structure would have to be relatively armored to withstand the forces of waves and sea UNLESS it is actually a temporary add on cover used in port to shield the "dumping" from view.
  3. Sabot_100

    What is this thing?

    Noticed this on the Trento sticking out of the hull. Can't tell if it extends below the water line but I would hope not. (not sure if the picture is loading correctly. If not, there is a squarish looking tube on the starboard side, just forward of A turret projecting from the waterline to halfway up the hull)
  4. Sabot_100

    Why am I so good at starting the First fire?

    Have often had games where I had multiple fires ribbons with NO fire damage.
  5. Sabot_100


    Not impressed so far. Amongst other deficiencies noted above, since it has no smoke and a small HP pool, it has to continually dodge. It doesn't seem particularly agile but still out turns its turrets. You have to stop your turn to let the turrets catch up in order to return fire. The concealment is bad for a smokeless, low HP, gunboat. To be fair, I don't have CE yet but I'm not sure its worth grinding to get it. Others have noted the different ROF on the guns is a glitch to be corrected. Will the the correction be to raise or lower the ROF on the guns to equalize them?
  6. Seems like I can have bot like luck with my first or second HE salvo (IF RNG is smiling at me and lets me hit at all) starting a fire which is quickly extinguished. Unlike the bots, my subsequent salvos have a hell of a time starting a fire. Long after any Repair immunity could be in effect. To rub it in, allies will start a fire or two but the places I hit seem immune. I realize it is just RNG messing with me but it sure seems conspiratorial at times. Bot like luck can best be described in a recent experience. I was ducking for cover behind an island with a bit of a saddle. One shell of an incoming medium caliber salvo made it thru that saddle, hit me and caused a fire.
  7. Sabot_100

    King of the Sea X Collection

    Well, WG is nerfing the scenario route so we are left with grinding T10 where it is very difficult to break even, much less make a profit so players are forced to buy stuff (premium ships, premium cammos, premium time, flags). Obviously, is/was WGs plan. I guess they didn't like people being able to sidestep their clever trap so have decided that OPs have to dwindle and die.
  8. Sabot_100

    This is Ridiculous, Midway Encounter Number 2

    Of course shooting HE isn't that great either since the will likely shatter in MOST cases and CVs are largely immune fires since they can put them out almost immediately as their repair cycles damn fast.
  9. Sabot_100

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    Normally, I would agree. But I have been in games in a BB where my PT counter gets to 5 or 6 and I know I am not the lowest HP green ship in range. At least when the pummeling starts. Still think there might be something in the bot programming that ups your target value for each ship already targeting you. Something so the bots can mimic focus fire.
  10. Sabot_100

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    In the original game, I was also amazed that 2 main battery HE hits would only do 550 damage when the target is a relatively thin skinned cruiser.
  11. Sabot_100

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    I have noticed that the bots actually seem to be better than (most) humans at staying together. Could be special programming or just they are all reacting to the same stimulus (like the Borg like ability for ALL bots instantly switch targets to you when you become visible) so they all tend to head in the same direction anyway.
  12. Sabot_100

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    Coop, with a team full of humans, is almost always more of a race than anything else. Trying to use good Random tactics will often leave you with nothing to show for the battle. On the other hand, using tactics (using the term loosely) learned in coop will get you killed fast in Randoms. That said, things do shift a bit as the number of green bots rises. If you are the only human on the team, you really need to adjust your playstyle.
  13. Sabot_100

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    The comment wasn't that the Montana couldn't penetrate, it was the Montana couldn't hit (tends to miss a lot) the Kremlin. Many ships would be able to dev-strike on every salvo IF they could get all their shells to hit where they are aiming.
  14. Of course there is are VERY limited tiers of ships you can grind in OPs.
  15. Sabot_100

    Excellent Choice!

    Maybe its because I only have 3 pt captain on it but I'm not impressed. Have to give time.