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  1. Sabot_100

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    I called it a scout plane but was really thinking it would be a standard spotter with that long range option. If you don't click the map, it just orbits like normal and you get the range increase. When not orbiting, you don't get the range benefit. But since radar STILL goes through mountains, not expecting WG to develop something that requires a whole new mechanic. (Look how much FUN they are having with the CV rework!
  2. Sabot_100

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    I agree that trying to turn it into some sort of CV with attack planes would be unworkable and pretty useless anyway. No reason one of its gimmicks couldn't be having both fighters and spotters at the same time AND launching 2 at a time of either (3 with the skill). Allow the player to pick his load out. Each consumable could be fighters or spotters chosen in port. Double fighter load out if you expect CVs. Double spotters if you don't. One each if you want to be prepared for anything. I suppose another gimmick could be you launch a scout plane and can immediately right click once on the minimap at a location within some distance, (say 12-15k) and your plane(s) fly there, turn around and come back to orbit the ship for their remaining duration (assuming they survive the Cleveland you just had them overfly). No midflight corrections or diversions but possibly having a recall capabilty when they first spot that Cleveland. This would give Tone the unique ability to scout for opposing DDs or other ships outside the range of normal spotters. Not as good as radar, which is omidirectional but would be longer range (eventually, planes have to fly there) and spot torps. This would require WG making a whole new capability (as opposed to modifying an existing one like adding aircraft or additional aircraft consumables) which might not appeal to them. Looking at ship that is probably going to be a T7 at least. Have to give it something to make up for have 2 less guns than Myoko with no rear-fire capability.
  3. Sabot_100

    Saint-Louis — French Tier IX cruiser.

    If ya gottem, make sure you use flags and cammos to defray some of the cost. SHOULD make a profit when you win and do average damage. As an update. Just played Henri in clan and got 6 citadels in one salvo at a Zao at about 14K. Think that is a record (for me) with bigger guns and not point-blank range. The guns are plenty punch.
  4. Sabot_100

    Guilty Kraken

    Don't get Krakens often and was actually surprised when I got the announcement in a game in my Lightning that I got one. In the final tally I felt a bit guilty because I did less than 200 pts to 3 of the ships I sunk. Total damage only about 60K. ...One more torp hit on the West Virginia in the final seconds and we would have won the match and I get a Solo Warrior...
  5. Sabot_100

    Selling Cammos

    Thanks. All this time and I never knew that was there. Had to look for a while to find where WG hid it.
  6. Sabot_100

    Selling Cammos

    Just wondered if it was possible to sell excess cammos? Got lots of Type1s etc. that I will never use. When I pick flags and cammos for the containers the invariably contain useless cammos and ramming flags. Getting even a credit apiece would be better than just sitting on them.
  7. Sabot_100

    Saint-Louis — French Tier IX cruiser.

    Well, I have the Henri and it is my only T10 cruiser, so I don't have much to compare it to. The AP works pretty well vs broadside cruiser. Managed to cit a Yamato once. HE is pretty good also. Based on Clan wars where Henris are relatively rare, other choices may be better (ships with radar, better stealth, good torps) and I'm not a great CA player, but I do OK. Don't know if I would do better in a DesMoines or Zao. Some of that is personal playstyle. I assume you didn't mean taking IFHE with the Henri. Actually thought about it as it would allow the HE to pen 50mm armor (take that Khab!!) but the costs are high (4pt skill) for the somewhat rare times when it would be useful. Captain skills are pretty standard, but I can't remember them offhand. I did play with trading the module for concealment with the ruddershift one but found I hated being spotted and targeted from orbit all the time. Speed tanking is only fun for a while and when it works. The Legendary mod for the ship sucks (give up way to much for the benefit) so never mounted it. Whole different topic to discuss why some Legendaries are no-brainers and others completely toxic.
  8. Sabot_100

    Radio Location or CE?

    Much better to actually see that enemy DD that is spotting you rather than just know where he is detecting you from. If you can't see him, you can't shoot him. But all his buddies can shoot you. If you can see him, YOU get to decide whether to pursue or try and run away. If you see him first, YOU get to decide whether to attack or try and run away. Being able to get a little bit closer for a stealth torp launch is HUGE! Being able to go dark 20 seconds sooner is HUGE! For most DDs not named Khabarovsk, concealment is life.
  9. Sabot_100

    Should I get the Cossack?

    Definitely NOT! There are way too many Cossacks out there and I want to feel special in mine!
  10. Sabot_100

    French Armour

    ...for final denial!
  11. Sabot_100

    Saint-Louis — French Tier IX cruiser.

    I found the ship decent, just no reason to keep playing her once I got the Henri. Henri just does everything (except concealment) better and they generally see the same opponents anyway. Have to be some videos out there on how to play it. Generally you want to use your speed and decent guns to stay a range and speed tank incoming rounds. This, unfortunately, will generally give you lower damage numbers thus lower credits. You can brawl with it but that is not its strong suit. One problem finding current play discussion is most players have moved on to new and shiney ships. Like me, few who have (or had) it, still play it and the French line was never as popular as the others. Only a few T9s are dragged out of port regularly (Fletcher is one) because they offer something different than their T10 follow on. New lines always get all that attention too. Except for facing Kronstadts, nothing much for SL has changed so the older videos should still be relevant.
  12. Sabot_100

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    I could see making the Tone viable with lots of spotters AND fighters at the same time at mid tiers (6-7). Maybe throw in another gimmick too like nearby ships can benefit from its spotters too. A good support cruiser. I can not see any way to make the hybrid BB's viable. Assuming the planes are just scout and fighter, losing 1/3 of you guns and all of your ability to fire to the rear (those middle turrets would have horrendous arcs) would not be worth it. You'd have good (for tier) AA but a really gimped BB otherwise, even at T5. Most of the game you are a either 4 gun BB or a citadel magnet and a huge target for the HE spammers. A DD gets behind you and you can't do anything. Even your secondaries are blocked by the flight deck.
  13. Sabot_100

    DD Lesson of the Day.

    Seems like your standard reload time would be low enough that the point could be better used elsewhere. Personally my time to hit the 1/2 key is a bigger delay.
  14. Now compute how much it would cost to convert all that XP into something useable.
  15. Many merchantmen, and transports got weapons during WWI and II. Does not make them warships. Somewhat splitting hairs but I would therefore let the OPs original statement stand. On a side note, I can't get the link to open when I click on it.