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  1. burningbridges13

    Snowflake Progress Thread

  2. burningbridges13

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Do newly purchased ships get snowflakes or only those in port when the event started?
  3. burningbridges13

    50 doubloons and no more Sovereigns????

    If I use sovereigns for a ship I already have do I get credit or gold value?
  4. burningbridges13

    Top tier Mass not OP!

    Not to one up. 78k from secondaries. 11k fire.
  5. burningbridges13

    Classic Launcher

    Great, thanks.
  6. burningbridges13

    Classic Launcher

    Is there any link that anyone has for the classic installer/launcher? Just got a new laptop and it’s defaulting to the new Gaming Center.
  7. burningbridges13

    What will you do with your shark/eagle tokens?

    Trying to decide between Des Moines and Worcester perm. camo. Don’t have either of the ships yet.
  8. burningbridges13

    Massachusetts personal best

    Love the Massachusetts. Recorded several games above 200k damage. This was my best game in any ship.