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    Zoup the feeling police

    This is something i have had happen to me in the past week. I played a game in my Iowa on a diamond cap style map. I started in the South (bottom) and slightly west of center and due to a very well played DD i was forced to turn West (left) into the torps or die and this meant i ended up in the left cap. Once i capped and due to the Iowa turning like a battleship i used my new location on the western side to score broadside hits on the cruisers and BBs harassing the center while moving back towards center. Our East flank fell completely and only myself in a Iowa, a Bismark, DD and a T10 Cruiser were actively working. The cruiser player instantly began spamming the map around myself and the other BB and wouldn't stop. At the end of the match which i managed to kill three and score around 85k damage, this cruiser player with very good stats began a tirade on how bad i am. My stats are not good even though i have under a thousand games and do try. I watch a ton of videos and my clan mates help teach. This player continued for nearly two hours to constantly tell me it is all my fault and i should only play tier 5. I have a 57% win rate in my only tier 10 a DM. I have a 45% win rate though overall and he wouldn't stop. I have under 1000 games and managed to make tier 10 and have gotten much better with US cruisers. At the time of this game i had under 20 games in the Iowa and was definitely not accustomed to the ship. The NC plays a bit different. I was told i should get 150k damage per game and the fact i have never got above 140k is a joke. My final message to this very angry Cruiser player before shutting down for the night was "This is exactly the issue killing this game. You have no idea what is actually happening on this side of the map or what led me to be where i am, and now that your side fell we are obviously to blame. We held our side and killed all enemies and have been pushing towards you. I have bad stats so i must be at fault and you will be the one to set me straight. If you ever tried to talk to anyone like this in real life you would get knocked out. The constantly hitting the map squares around us while you are only a few feet from the spawn, does not make anyone want to help you or hear what you want. Even if we could you are far away. If you have a better way then by all means advise like an adult. I also don't believe you were any better when you were under a 1000 games. This kind of behavior is the reason so many players leave the game or disable chat. We are all sick of people like you berating us over some conceived infraction." To all the great players or the ones that believe they are. If any of us bad players need instruction then do so in a respectful way. We want to get better and will hear you out. The second you get nasty or spam the map we stop caring what you want. If an experienced player notices a major issue with our play, then advise how you would do it. Don't be degrading or nasty, you will not be heard. This is just one occurrence with far too many to choose from. I am a former US Marine and now construction and have very thick skin so this annoys me but is nothing compared to my normal day or life. This does need to stop. Too many people have learned they can be "texting tough" and say anything no matter how nasty without any concern for the recipient or consequences. My personal favorite is the kids who act like this and then you hear mom or dad go off and shut them down. The few seconds of crying and pleading seconds before "Please mom, no MOM, MOM.NO!!......." then radio silence is so satisfying.

    6 CVs in a game at tier 3 is idiotic

    I understand some of the posts hinting times are better and i will remind you while the CVs dont do as much damage anymore they still do more to T3 than any other tier. The CVs were launching 1 torp per run now it is two and when you compare the HP pools of T3 ships vs the damage you will quickly see why i am stating this is an oversight. The CVs have more lethality to T3 than any other tier due to this previous point and the serious lack of reasonable AA or any at all. I was in a cruiser and it does not maneuver well yet the CV planes can erase my cruiser in two runs with no fear of lost planes. To the other post asking how often 6 CVs in a T3 match, all the time!! 3 out of every 5 are this. 4 CVs is normal. The one torpedo was fine and reasonable. Hell even the bomb runs have more bombs, and the rockets are more. I know i annoyed a few with this, it is an issue with a very simple fix. Reduce number of munitions which will be an issue against T5 and 6 ships or what i am actually suggesting is do not allow T3 ships to match with CV. The only other option i can see would be slightly better AA on T3. Now this is about CVs with respect to T3 cruisers, however in truth any over balance is the same. It would be the same for 8 DD per game. WG, i agree with one comment, play the game with 3 per side and a lowly set of cruisers and see how you would fix it. I don't expect you to take my word for it, use your five years experience and fully explore this.

    6 CVs in a game at tier 3 is idiotic

    i Hear ya. I was one of the first spotted and they were in a division which meant i got caught in two full torp runs and my tier 3 Jap CL was erased. I understand though, it must be very hard to get all of this working together. Thanks for your comments
  4. WG this is idiotic. I played a game moments ago on NA server with three CVs on each side at tier three. We have useless AA at this tier and you do this. We are not able to stand against this. I know it is a challenge to balance the game and i never throw fault on your efforts. This is not the answer. This is the worst thing you could do. Most of the team was 3s with CV the exception. This can not continue

    Need a "surrender" option

    The only way i see the surrender working is if it is a vote to all surviving players and only if the team is down to a preset amount such as 3 ships against 7. I do agree it would be abused.

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    I have the way to make this game 100% balanced and the only way. BUCKLE UP! Everyone is given one ship, the same ship, and everyone's ship is set the exact same, absolutely no deviations allowed. Everyone can then only rely on skill. I truly believe the complaints I constantly read are to mask the truth that many players do not play as a team and use the strengths of the team to advantage or the bigger issue and the one i suffer, lack of skill. I play like crap and wish I could stop absorbing 100% of the incoming shell from the better players. I will get there by the time I reach a million games or all of you will get tired of shooting me. I can tell you it isn't the ship. Life isn't fair, it is a game, play it or don't, stop the incessant complaining! I know this will hit a nerve, so please be aware this is only for the constant complainers. If you are not one, do not take offence. I do feel bad for WG as they spend millions to make a game that is constantly complained about and over a difference that in many cases is only a one percent difference. If you want to complain it is easy to find a topic. We can all spend hours having a poor pity me party. I say we all go play the game and forget the complaining. If you truly believe a ship is overpowered, try playing it first and see if it is. If you find it could be more closely matched then offer a very constructive way you believe it could be achieved. I can tell you a breakdown like NoSoMo offers, is perfectly worded and may be listened to by WG. I would guess this player and many others I read just now are well educated. On the other side, to say something is wrong wont help anyone fix the issues you legitimately find. Offer the way to fix it or say nothing. Now if you are worth the brain you have, you will see the small changes will then affect other areas and the problems will never be fixed as every time you fix one you create many more yet to be discovered. It is often the case that the best solution is already in place or cant be made better due to the possible worsening of other areas. PS remember, help control the complainers, have them spade or neutered so they don't spread!! If you want to prove me wrong then bring up my lack of games or my crap stats.