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    Learning "Clan Battle" Tactics

    So I had thought about writing about tactics in Clan Battles for sometime, but needed to improve my own play to verify my ideas. 1) Basics.. A- The recent "Play like a Pro" was full of basic info that has improved our clan from Gale league to tier 1 Storm. The make up of your fleet is important and don't dismiss it easily. * I highly recommend if you choose to use 1 DD -use a Zao as your "second dd". We find our best fleet has 2 DD's. The importance of fleet composition cannot be understated. While it is fun to play clique ships like the Minotaur, the clans who play 3 of them in Clan Battles tend to have a lower ceiling of success. The info is already out there about this so I will move on... B- Rotation of players is a major factor in success for clans that have high member counts and encourage involvement in clan battles. For example our 37 member clan has had 22 members play in clan battles. I think this is a good participation rate. We have about 9-10 who use rental ships because they don't have any tier 10 ships. Our team leadership is committed to allowing as many as possible play. This does present problems for tactics and fleet composition. From my experience I highly recommend limiting to 2 rental ships per battle! We have players in rentals who have less total battle experience than some others at tier 10 alone. So the experience and tactics have to be considered. C- Set up your modules and Captain skills for Clan battles!!!! Many players have come to me asking why they are not doing as well as others in Clan Battles... First thing I ask is how do they have their boats and captains set up. No need for AA!! some times reload is better on certain ships than range due to the smaller maps in Clan Battles. Radar and Sonar maxed out! and some DD's can live longer if they use the survivability expert skill on their captain. Read the forums... watch the videos. This is not Random battle play.. set your captains and boats accordingly. 2) Basic Tactics... A- Patience. The yolo rush will hurt your team if not coordinated with others. In General take more time and put yourself and your team in a position to win. Taking a little time will reap rewards. My greatest example is Mountain Range map. We played many games trying to cap and defend C cap as quickly as possible for the points advantage. But this was at best a 50/50 success. That 50/50 is not good enough. We watched other clans just wait. Wait then after they killed a ship or two.. advance and Cap C. This tactic often turned the tide of the battle and led to sweeping victories. Be patient in battle.. you will see better outcomes. B- Focus fires. I know, so simple. But few actually do it! The best thing you can do to lead to victory is put yourself and your teammates in positions to maximize fire. When 4 ships can fire on one... that turns the close battle into a blow out. 2 things: First, don't bunch up when possible. When all ships are in the same grid box.. you all have the same angle. If you are spread out over several grids squares.. many more angles. Moskva's hate getting shot from a bunch of angles :) Secondly... just the simple effort of identifying a priority target for your teammates to shoot, will improve you kill rate and lead to more victories. 3) Tactics that may require some practice... A- the trap.. or that is what I call it. By now there are few "new" map tactics. You have seen the left-center-right sweeps. Certain maps are excellent for setting traps. What I am talking about is running away to lure enemy ships into crossfires. We fell for this many times until we sat down and talked about what happened. When you find that an enemy typically pushes a section of the map... start the game by leaving some players back a bit. spread-out and/or in concealment. Then when the enemy comes, run away! and a few will chase you. Then spring the trap and smoke them. You may lose a ship.. but they usually lose two or three. Watch the typhoon league clans play on Hotspot... they love to trap the enemy pushing to A or B caps from the back islands. This requires the afore mentioned patience too. B- Decoy. This tactic is seen when the enemy uses the battleship (or a couple cruisers) to show a false move. It may appear that they are going to push left, but due to the BB's range, he really is just getting In position to put broadside shots across to the other side of the map. The point is that the BB is not the main push of the team. When we started clan battles this was something we did not pick up on. We were very direct.. the BB goes to support the main force. But this was our mistake. Watching better teams beat us over and over we noticed the BB was often a decoy or just in a better position than what we thought of for ourselves. Think about your BB positioning! It can change your results. There are many other tactics you can pick up on. My encouragement to you is OBSERVE what better teams are doing. This can help your team advance. I hope our clan will be able to keep advancing this season and join the ranks of the elite pro clans. Good luck all! WSU= Warships United Oldsteel1