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  1. French Collection???

    That's after the trade. I need one more. I have three sitting there, no more missions or chests to complete, and still need 1 more duplicate to trade in for the last collection item to finish it out. The last mission (that ties into the completion of the French BB Mission 2 (totaling 7 from 3&4) gave me 2 of the 5 badges I needed to fill while the rest were duplicates. Added with the others from the last group of missions, and I had enough to trade them in for the other badges minus 1. As long as there is a French BB Mission #3 that they are going to add, I wont have a problem. Kinda annoying that I'll have to force my way through to finish it like the Duke of York thing. I would think that they would, but if they don't have that last mission or any plans to add another set of French crates to acquire that last duplicate... I'm gonna have some choice words to say about their RNG-style reward system. I got the tier 5 ship and the tier 6 ship (cool but I could have gotten those regardless). With my moderate OCD however (I mean that as a joke but by god if I don't wonder if its true lol), that unfinished collection is going to drive me crazy.
  2. French Collection???

    Just spent a hour or two getting through the last mission. Had 5 things to collect. Only 5. Out of the 7 containers that I got, 2 were badges and the rest nothing but duplicates. With the previous missions duplicates and this second one, I now need 1 more to finish the thing. Just 1 more friggin duplicate or (as would have been preferred) one more badge and I'd have 3 duplicates lying around. Back to back to back duplicates and just enough to ensure that I don't get that last one. They really need to stop with this RNG [edited]. It's bad enough that thing screws with me during matches; really don't need it picking favorites with things outside of battles.
  3. Tips for torps?

    Two things to remember: 1: There is NO a guarantee that you will ever hit a ship with your torps. Though mathematically speaking you HAVE to eventually get a hit in if you throw enough out there. <yeah, my torp accuracy is probably about -1% by now. 2: You CAN actually increase your chances of hitting a target though. The first one has to do with the situation. Some players are truly "that gud" at evading torps. Some ships are also just simply equipped at spotting them early and can respond fast enough. Unless you are running the Shimakaze and her unholy 200,000,000 hyperbole torp setup, one or two salvos simply wont be enough unless there is something that distracts, or otherwise causes that target player or ship to mess up. The second is where you can improve your chances to hit (even against those who are good). Remember that those players are going to do one of two things, they are either going to slowdown and/or zigzag; completely evading your torps "nearly" every time. Or they are going turn towards or away from your torps and attempt to thread their ships between the individual torpedoes. A Zigzaging player that slows down from time to time is actually following the official WW2 doctrine of evading torps and that makes for an incredibly difficult target. Consider them either A: Drunk or B: a good player and you might want to simply find something else to go after. OR you can try to gauge their timing/responses. Some people actually time their movements. Try to figure out his/her pattern. "He turns for 10 seconds, then turns back for another 10 seconds, before slowing down, and then speeding up". <A lot of times, they have some repetitive action that might be exploitable. But remember, if you see a zigzagging target that slows down a lot and/or speeds up a lot, those players are playing with an evasive mindset and that makes your job really really hard. A: Luckily, the majority don't do all that and simply end up having to turn away or towards your torps. This is where you simply need to stagger your shots a little. Start off with a wide torp spread. And then immediately follow up with a narrow spread aimed at where you think they will be if they attempted to avoid the first round of torps. As they try to thread between the gaps of the first couple torpedoes, it will be nearly impossible to avoid the second tightly-grouped torps. <You can also use this tactic using a ally's torps. Remember that the enemy doesn't actually want to be hit by torps so will usually attempt to slip between them or limit just how many torps hit their ship. B: Another is to fire just before the torpedo target reticle, where they might try to stop and one where the target reticle is actually pointing. Usually, they are going max speed anyways so it's not likely that they will be going faster than that (though you should attempt to gauge if they have the ability to speed up). Any DD with three sets of torps should have it pretty easy. Simply fire where the ship is at, ahead of the ship, and where the reticle is aiming. <Shima fricken Kaze can do it. C: Get in closer. That targeting reticle is showing you where you need to aim. Use it as a guide but remember that anywhere from the ship TO the reticle is where that ship will be after travel time (assuming that the ship is moving at full speed). The closer to the ship you get, the less time it takes for those torps to get to the target, and the less time that target has to decide to simply turn at random. Firing your torps at 20km means that they usually have 10 whole minutes to be moving in a straight line to meet your torps. While firing them closer to the target means that they only need to be moving in a straight line for a minute or two ; which IS actually normal. Try to keep your torpedo's travel time as low as possible and thus reduce the chances that the enemy simply turns to stay on the map. ... And F (for fk it): Run up on that sucker and try to get those torps in at point blank range. Yeah. You'za gonna die. But at least you can say you torp'd something... might take a couple tries. A good thing to always take into consideration is the Nations specific quirks (British ships start moving very quickly, but can't stop easily. Russian and German ships don't turn all that well compared to the other nations, the French have a speed boost that can get them past the torpedo reticle if you fired just before they used it), Consider the strengths of the ship firing the torps (some DD's are actually better designed to use their guns or to go after other DD's and simply spot the enemy. In addition, torpedo detection ranges vary per nation; the Japanese torpedoes will be detected further away while the US torpedoes are only detected much closer), and consider the target ships stats (US and British cruisers are practically designed to eat DD's for breakfast. Leave them alone as best you can and focus on larger targets that have less maneuverability).
  4. "Overconfident" Destroyer

    Citadels certainly count and Torpedo hits certainly do to. Another one that is equally annoying but far less lethal than the two previous ones are fires. Fires are unavoidable and between the two I'd take a fire any time than getting hit by a torpedo or citadel. Torpedoes, they deal instant damage like a citadel but with the added possibility of additional damage that can chain together. Mix in which ever of the other two types of damage and you have a perfect recipe for a dead Battleship in very short order. One salvo from another battleship even with the chance of a citadel strike isn't nearly as concerning as the potential damage you will receive from a torpedo hit. They are practically one and the same. It's evident enough in the game. BB captains are constantly showing their broadside to other battleships, against all reason, and risking citadel hits all day long; but you never see a BB ignore or think lightly of a DD near them or those torpedoes. A DD's damage potential is limited. But that's only because of the factors involved. When those torps land, they make an immediate impact in the battle. Either by destroying a target outright, or weakening its position severely. What this suggestion expects is to make interactions between DDs and BB's completely one-sided; despite the fact that in any scenario, a DD destroying a battleship unimpeded or without any risk simply doesn't make any sense. Also, the win-rate does not take into consideration the damage dealt by the rest of your team upon you spotting a enemy. It doesn't take into consideration the number of caps you've capped. You can cap every single cap in the game and still lose because the rest of the team failed to pull their weight. As a DD there are other jobs that are just as important that don't involve firing off torpedoes. Spotting, capping, and distracting the enemy is what DD's excel at. Dishing out damage is not the entire focus of their design. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1017903539,EAnybody/ . https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1010692116,Levits/ and you don't exactly look to have much of a problem with the dedicated torpedo DD's. You're not doing that much damage all the time obviously, but you still win. You seem to do rather well in the Akasuki. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/tree/type,destroyer/ <point out exactly which DD is lacking? All I see is similar stats around 50% on win-rate. Except for the Black obviously.
  5. "Overconfident" Destroyer

    Not wrong. I play BB's. I don't shrug off torpedoes. You might when you play a BB though. Situations vary. Some DD's don't get touched by BB rounds when they go all Leeroy Jenkins at em. Some do. Some DD's shrug off damage completely when RNG decides that they want that battleship dead. In addition, the way you make it sound, a DD alone should be the deciding factor in a battleships death. This is a team game. Where your single torpedo doing 15% of a BB's health (which is pretty darn good and not including multiple hits) PLUS the additional damage of 18% from a allies fire (which mind you is more than likely going to occur if anyone on your team can count for 30 seconds after repair is used on the flooding) is a grand total of 33% of a battleships health. 1/3rd. This on top of other battleships and smaller ships firing at it (because again, it is the biggest target on the map) means that 1/3rd of its damage is directly supported by the impact of that single torpedo. I don't consider the potential of 1/3 of my ships health to be a minor annoyance. You might. I don't. <especially later on in the match where DD's are often the most deciding factor in a victory. Win rate is based on good teams. Not how well a single ship does in them or how well an individual does in them. You can have a single DD carry the whole team and still lose the match because the rest of the team sucked. Just what are the statistics for a DD's impact on the field anyways? Does capping count? Does spotting count? Does forcing a ship to show a weak side and/or force it into oncoming fire? I highly doubt that any of those factors are counted in the win rate. And from someone who has seen first hand (both on the receiving end and the one that has taken advantage of their actions) forcing a ship into a precarious position or forcing them to retreat is exactly what torpedoes can do. I take it you are basing some of that win rate on actual damage dealt? or is it kills?
  6. "Overconfident" Destroyer

    I don't think any BB player simply "shrugs" off being hit by a torpedo. In most cases, it's a death sentence for anything below tier 10. You get hit by a torpedo, it causes flood damage. You either repair that then and there or you are losing a good chunk of health. You heal that and then end up catching fire or getting hit again and you are guaranteed to lose another good chunk of health. BB's are tough, but they are the largest targets on the map and can be whittled down easily and all it takes is one torpedo to do it. Just because the DD does not get the finishing blow does not mean that it's single torpedo hit did not contribute directly to that battleships destruction. In addition, DD's firing off torps can deny an enemy a vital pathway and/or provide just enough of a deterrent to make anyone hesitate. They may not be winning against BB's in accuracy, but when those torps do hit, heck even when they don't, it matters. Just forcing an enemy BB to turn to show the rest of the team it's broadside IS guaranteeing that that battleship is dead. You may not have scored a hit or even gained any sort of recognition for it, but forcing a battleship to show its broadside can count as a kill in my book. And what's more, they don't even have to fire a single weapon to impact tet battlefield. Just the thought of them being in a area, stalking them, is enough to cause some BB's to panic and run. Not including just keeping a target spotted; <which is what I'd most prefer of them over any foolhardy attempts to get some damage in. The only problem is that the game does not recognize this sort of reserved playstyle and therefore it's not worth it to play like that unless you are expressly attempting to win the match with no thoughts on actually getting cash/xp.
  7. "Overconfident" Destroyer

    You do take more damage from torpedoes when you "bow-on" to incoming torpedoes. The only area of the ship that you get a damage reduction is at the sides (same as the DD) where the torpedo protection is located on a BB and where a overpen is guaranteed on a DD. And, unlike the DD, if you are taking torps into the sides, you are more than likely going to end up dead from multiple hits. If you are facing the enemy and a round/torp hits you, you are in fact taking more damage. The only benefit that going bow-on to any threat (and again, this is for both) is the chance to dodge more incoming rounds, however doing so opens up the risk of taking additional damage. In addition, the only way HE for battlships would be of any use against DD's in those closing engagements is if it was a guaranteed kill in one or two shots. Guaranteed! Because if a DD gets into range it is most certainly guaranteed to kill the BB. BB HE does not do enough damage to kill a DD nor does it do enough to destroy torpedo modules reliably enough. In addition, secondaries would need a buff to the point that DD's will be complaining about them next as well as everyone else for that matter. And as for the "closing engagments", this is when one or two ships are running up on each other. It is a suicide tactic for a smaller ship to run up on a larger one. The benefit is that you get those torps on target and have a chance to guarantee that you take out that BB; but only if you can survive long enough to get that close. You will kill that BB outright and if what you are asking is to force the BB's to change ammo types, there is nothing that is going to counter you except for making some extreme changes to HE damage against DD's and/or boosting secondaries to the point that it will greatly affect the rest of the game. There is a reason why BB's end up being destroyed by DD's far more often than the other way around. DD's are perfectly capable of taking out BB's and changing the outcome of a game and even some are able to do this without using torpedoes. <Some simply burn the BB's down while dodging return fire. This suggestion would simply make them unstoppable against any BB except for the British line.
  8. Manually selecting targets

    The only benefit you get with manual secondary's is better, closer shells landing near your target. The trade-off is rather huge though. You only get to use one side of your ship AND they will not fire unless you actually manually select the target. Compared to having both sides of the ship firing at two separate targets and opening fire the moment a ship shows up in range, I simply don't see the benefits of using 4 skill points for it. Manual AA might be worth it IF CV's start making a return in more games/matches. For battleships and some cruisers, the added damage would provide a +6km no-fly zone that would strip CV's of their planes in seconds. Manual Secondaries skill just doesn't help that much as, even with a full secondary build, the dispersion is only really geared towards close-combat against DD's. You still have just as much of a chance to hit and light another BB or cruiser on fire without the skill. <Sure more rounds will hit and you get a boost to damage and fire chance, but you will ultimately be taking these ships out with your main guns anyways. And, if you are in a German BB such as the Bismark, your secondary's will still do just as well without wasting 4 points that can be put into something it actually needs... such as fire prevention.
  9. 1: Focusing on the ship showing the most broadside. If there is no target providing a perfect silhouette to fire at, or the enemy DD is closer to within 15km's (10km for my US cruisers), I will focus on it instead then. 2: When I know that I will kill it; preferably before I get focused and killed by the entire enemy team. Those are the official answers. What usually happens though, at the moment a DD is spotted, is I fire blindly in its general direction, missing all shots and wondering to myself why I even bothered. The questions however vary from ship to ship and nation to nation. The US cruisers are great (and apparently designed) for hunting down DD's. They have a concealment range that can put them right next to an enemy DD without being seen. British ships are the same. However, British ships guns fire straighter making 15km ranges doable against DDs; while at 15km's with US guns is really hard to pull off. US guns are good at 10km or below. But they don't have much kick and so needs support if they are to take out a enemy DD in a narrow window of time. British cruisers can take out DD's rather quickly but are fragile and if spotted or focused run the risk of being KO'd the moment they break cover. So breaking cover, when surrounded by enemies, is not an worthwhile option. German ships are best used to focus on other larger ships and only if in dire need, should focus on DD's. But they can take a hit so can open up just about whenever. It's not like they will be "sneaking" up on anything anyways. Russian ships are good against DD's at nearly any range since they can spew enough rounds to saturate the area. So around 15km's or so is perfectly fine. <The closer the better. Same as the Germans in "sneaking"... You're more likely to be spotted and targeted well before you can get into 15km's. So "Spray and Pray" at range. Japanese ships are ok but it would be best to get in closer... say between 10 and 15km's. You've got a good chance of getting in close enough to get the guns to optimal range where your chances of hitting and killing the DD are good.
  10. Other than tunnel vision and fear of getting focused by the enemy team, there's really no other reason not to fire at any cruiser (or anything else). As far as I'm concerned, any target that is closer than my current target and showing a broadside (with the proper amount of time to reposition my guns) is going to have rounds flying at it. But that does not mean that it's going to be a radar cruiser. In the same sense that you, as a DD, know that it is a "Radar" cruiser and thus your priority, my priorities as a BB captain are not to specifically target those types of ships. Not saying that everyone plays the same, but in my opinion a bb's limited reload time is best served taking the most amount of HP from the enemies team off the map and/or wiping red ships out of the game as soon as possible; and sometimes, this puts radar cruisers a notch below other viable targets at that time. I'll support you if you call out early enough so that I have time to get my guns on the target, but only if I'm not already engaged with something else. In addition to this, the location of the enemy cruiser matters. If the cruiser is too far to ensure damage, wasting a whole salvo hurts in the long run; where if I had continued to focus on my current or a closer target, the enemy's HP pool would be a chunk lighter than if I run the risk of those shells missing. Now, 15km's out is not bad when firing against a cruiser, but against a DD the odds of hitting it are slim. Slim enough to potentially warrant me or anyone else to focus on another target. It all depends on what's going on and what targets are available if I think I can actually hit them. And it's not like playing with DD's. DD's have a targeting aid with their torps. The thing actually tells you precisely where your torps need to be with regards to the enemies current speed and angle. In a BB, you don't have that. Some people are good enough to avoid it, but you have to keep an eye on the enemy when you fire in a BB; manually adjusting the whole time to gauge where your shells will end up. Taking your attention away from the enemy to focus on some random ship off in the distance is not really a option; not for the majority that it. Your best bet is to always assume that you will get zero support. Do NOT go into a cap and expect anyone on your team to be competent or for RNG to be on your teams side. If you see a cruiser and know that it has Radar, you first: 1: (ALWAYS) Check your mini map: Look at the position of your allies. If you are running off ahead, alone; You are on your own. ALSO, no shells can go through islands. So don't count ships behind islands as part of your fire support. 2: Point out the target: Hit that F3 button. Hit it every other second until that sucker fills up the chat window. MAYBE someone will notice it. Don't get your hopes up though. Sometimes some of the players don't know how to read English... until after they are destroyed. Then miraculously they start chatting about how THEY didn't get any support... almost like they had the ability to read what you were saying all along but just ignored it. 3: Wait to see if your team fires anything: Target spotted and called out? Nothing happening? Do not commit to the cap until you are sure that someone/anyone is willing to do the same. 4: If no one has fired at that target in 30 seconds: In thirty seconds, you've given everyone on your team more than enough time to position their guns (if they are facing the same direction as you (and thus are supporting you (sometimes even, you might get that magical response 'Wilco" which kinda lets you know that someone knows how to read and/or pay attention.) ). Either way, if you've given them all plenty of time for cruisers to get a shot off, plenty of time for a BB to get a shot off and no shell is fired by 30 seconds> 5: RUN!: Don't get mad because you spotted a cruiser, called it out, then died. Get mad because you spotted a cruiser, called it out, and the team didn't do their part.( then has the gall to say that YOU didn't do enough). Crap teams and/or team mates are a dime a dozen in this game. It's not your job to take out a cruiser or any other ship. You spot first, you cap second, and Die last. Somewhere in there, you launch torpedoes (in the hopes that you hit something). Even less often, if you must, you break cover to take out a target or distract it. Anyone actually expecting a DD to take out anything other than another DD hasn't played DDs enough or in enough variety. But, the funny thing is, those rules don't apply 90% of the time. Most of the time when someone urges me to get into a cap, I find a enemy DD trying to take it. And so, with them asking me to cap it and foolishly assuming that they are going to actually help me to do so, of course I end up terribly mistaken as I find out later that they are off gallivanting at the boarder of the map and of course the enemy team is far more competent as their whole team starts raining death and destruction upon me. To tell the truth, from a player that has played a bit too much of the game (and many rounds in BBs), the one thing that I want more from you or any other DD while I'm playing is your ability to spot targets for me (<and for the love of god keep them spotted) and this means keeping yourself alive. If there is a target that you cannot handle alone, that I cannot target at that time, then run. Do not wait for me to type out "RUN!". Leave me behind if you have to but don't commit to anything where you are going to end up getting killed. <UNLESS, it is to win the game or if you think your actions can turn the tide of a battle. <which is up to you and of your own accord. And remember, there are only 2 cruiser lines in the game that can actually sneak up on a DD with radar. The British (who forgo their smoke; usually a liability) and American Cruiser lines provide concealment of 9.1km; and Radar ranges out to 9km. Most any other ship out there with radar should be spotted well before they get into range to pop radar on you. And luckily, within 9km's, they are well within range to make them a priority target for the majority of BB's... hopefully. Don't try to mess with either of them unless they are already being shot at and/or you know that they have used up their Radar. Just never let them within 9km of you if you can and if they do manage to sneak up on you... well, that's good gameplay on their part and there's nothing that you or anyone else can do. You've got 30 seconds to try to stay alive. 30 seconds is a long time, but it also takes 30 seconds to reload a BB's main guns on top of the added time it takes to reposition them. If you are facing down a enemy "Radar" cruiser you are in a bad spot to begin with and hopefully the team is in a position to cover you.
  11. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    You know, I found that I enjoyed the Colorado a lot better. The only thing I could hold against it was it's speed. Gneis is just... strange. Not bad, but not good and there's something about it that makes it hard to figure where it fits in a battle. Not sure about the Kongo though. Against other tier 5's I've yet to get into an altercation against other BB's that I couldn't take on (assuming things go well and I'm at range where I want to be); but I've noticed many times that fighting against other BB's can become an issue. Not that I've not been able to take out a BB before (those guns certain are capable of causing enough damage) but they lack the hit that other, heavier caliber guns dish out. Against a Konig though... yeah, I can certainly see that ending badly for a Kongo if it's close enough. I'd personally have to say that they have their respective elements and in those elements they are king. lol for any Kongo players out there, the Kongo is as close to a cruiser as you can get with BB's and Konig is designed to wreck cruisers; don't let it get close enough to do that. The Gneisenau (<so that's how you spell it) is a hard one to get use to. I skipped it when I won the Bismark and I just don't see the resemblance between the two. Gneis is just a stepping stone it seems as I don't really know any other ships (maybe other than the two premiums) that feel the same in the German line. True on the Amagi though. That thing has certainly been a ship that stands out on the map. I can't say that many ships of the Japanese BB line scares me, but I know better than to write them off. Amagi is one of those you never turn your sides to.
  12. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    Below Tier 8: US BB line: Slow obviously (most of the lower tiers are of course). Has some decent maneuverability though. For the very low tiers though, they seem to have inferior armor. Never had a New York scare me in a match yet. The one to look forward to for brawling is the New Mex. <you get all 12 guns pointed at a cruiser and pull the trigger, usually that cruiser disappears from the map. BB's too definitely feel it when the shells stick. The one ship in the group that you will want to get into close range with... though doing so will be a challenge at whatever 20-ish knots you go in it. German BB line: Not very bad ships. The most notable for me was the Konig as it was my go-to BB for deleting cruisers. In fact, it is specifically geared towards that role with its smaller, faster caliber guns. Don't try to go toe-to-toe with another BB though; it's an up hill battle. The Geno (however that Tier7 thing is spelt) is an odd one. It's nice since it's a later model ship and thus faster, but the guns (or lack there of) are terribly inaccurate at range and getting into torpedo range is far too risky a move usually as you will probably end up dead long before you get that close. So... somewhere in the middle is where you want to be. Japanese BB line: Kongo. Best tier 5 ship in the game. If you can keep from getting hit, that ship does well even into higher tier matches. Fuso is where I'm at now and it's also a very lethal ship. These lower tier Japanese ships are the best overall and especially for long-range sniping. Though if you do see a target that's close, focus on that. Using my Fuso, I keep an eye out and wait for closer enemy ships to turn broadside. With AP ready, its usually a instant kill no matter how much health a enemy cruiser or DD has. British BB line: Close range brawling isn't really British bb's forte, but it seems to handle it a bit better than most other BB lines of the lower tiers. HE spamming targets all day long, this line is fun and might fit your playstyle throughout the whole line a bit better if you like close combat. German BB's may win out with close combat brawling in later tiers simply because of their secondary's and armor, but these ships don't really have a problem with it as long as you keep from getting focused by the whole enemy team or cit'd. From Tier 8 - onwards: US BB line: Play at long range is preferable or close up if you are having issues hitting a target. Regardless; Front ALWAYS facing the enemy. Some of the best frontal armor in the game with a majority of its guns set in that position. Ignore the rear gun unless you know for certain that you're not about to get shot with AP. Do not get surrounded. Decent grouping of shells but they take forever to get to a target at maximum range (21km). German BB line: Get in close. Preferably within the 11km range so that your secondary's get a workout (only if you can do so without becoming the focus of attention). Your main guns will take the chunks of health out of the enemy while your secondary's create continuous DPS. Do not go full broadside despite the armor layout. You are tough, but not tough enough to avoid citadels at 11km. You can angle your ship to bring your rear guns around, but do not go full broadside to another BB at those ranges. Worst long-range shots I know of for BB's. Too few shells fired to make up for the dispersion I suppose. But they quickly get to a targets location making it less guess work than the US line and they dish out great AP dmg when the shells land a hit. Japanese BB line: Haven't gotten to Tier 8 yet. Good range and better armor than the US line I think (or at least it seems that way to me). Staying at range seems to be the preferred method and I don't often see the Japanese BB's played that often except for the Yamato of course. Izumo (from what I hear) is a joke and to tell the truth, I've never actually been afraid of any Japanese BB's past tier 7... (except of course for that Yam). British BB line: Haven't gotten to Tier 8 on this line either. Tough though, even if the devs said that they were "more fragile". Their HE is just lethal to anything and they can take a beating. Might be a bit slow on the turret traverse but that's about the only thing to count against them. Their boosted healing helps them to greatly mitigate any normal damage they receive, so as long as you don't end up taking a citadel, you can pretty much repair all the damage taken. Again, probably the best line overall for your style of play. They have better concealment keeping you invisible until you've closed the distance. Expect to take damage, but if you can sneak away, you can usually repair almost all of it and turn right back around to do it again.
  13. If you want a premium cruiser; yeah, Belfast is a cheat with that smoke and HE. But I agree, the German line is nice. The Tier 7 York was a surprise really and despite it's limited number of guns, it was one of my favorites. I actually had to deliberate on keeping it or selling it. But needed the funds. Russian line is good for simply blasting away, but the German line manages this as well within the same tier and with about the same range. Some notable ships to look forward to in each nation: US Cleveland and Des Moines: Rapid-fire guns flinging shells everywhere and some of the toughest ships out there in terms of durability for their tier and class. <Also, there is going to be a cruiser line split where the US gets a heavy cruiser line and a light cruiser line (so I've heard). <Pick up the Cleveland now and you will have a tier 8 later on in the year. German Nurnberg and York: Nurn is rather good with guns. Range, accuracy, and fire-rates are all similar (if not outright better than its Russian counterpart). The York was a great surprise in that it's both agile, lethal, and has some rather respectable armor. Japanese Myoko and higher tiers: The Furukawa isn't that bad of a ship, one of the tankiest ones at it's tier, but when you get those extra guns on the Myoko, you will be feeling good about yourself. It really only gets better from there with a very similar feel. So, if you get to the Myoko, you'll know if you like the rest of the line after a few games. French: To tell the truth, at least from the Fraint onwards, they all feel similar and in a good way. The major difference of course is their survivability. They get tougher, with tougher guns, and the tier 10 has some rather large guns for a cruiser... forgot the caliber but I think it was 240mm or something?... <don't quote me on that. British Edinburg (<no clue how to spell it) and Monitor: Edin is the first cruiser to get a detection range below it's torpedo range. Also gets you 12 guns rather than the 8 for lower tiers. The Monitor... well, that things just horrible. Can't wait to get one XD Russian:... whatever; They all act the same. Use that spotter plane and fire away. Tier 8 however should be nice. At some point you get a very respectable AA defense and at tier 10... well, they do say that it's the Russian version of a battleship. The ships you are going to have to look out for... Pensacola: Great guns for it's tier, but the thing is a floating eggshell. Low-tier British ships: Basically floating eggshells with apparent nitroglycerin stored within.
  14. For Guns only: Tier 6 - 9 1: Russian: Long-range. Like seriously long range. Battleship-style long range. They rapid fire enough that you will always hit a target for the time your spotter plane is up. If you don't set anything on fire during that time, something is wrong. They may not hit hard, but do not underestimate the ability to set 5+ (spotted!) ships on fire halfway across the map. 2: French: Surprisingly, these guns are not weak. They hit hard with both AP and HE at most any range and fire decently fast for their output. Good fire chances (almost seems better than others to me). Use the HE pen skill and fire chance skill for maximum effect at longer ranges. Best part it, they have wonderful turret traverse that lets you respond quickly to changing targets. 3: German: Better or similar guns to the French really but they have less of them. The only thing the German guns suffer from is that lack of more barrels per turret or to be more specific, more barrels to target without showing off your side. At least until tier 9 and 10. <Have yet to get there. The biggest and most noticeable issue (for tiers 7 and 8) is the fact that other ships are often firing 9 or 12 rounds at you, while you only fire 8 and that the gun positions are reversed for tier 6 and 9. <still in the top 3 for guns either way. 4: British: It's guns are very situational. They are great against DD's almost all the time as you can easily hit them with your flat trajectory and rapid-fire. Against other ships however, it all depends on what angle you hit them at and overall range. Cruisers at any range showing a broadside will feel the pain most of the time; but if they are facing you with frontal armor, you will bounce 90% of the shells. BB's at further range will not feel anything if facing you unless you hit the superstructure, but get them in closer and showing a full broadside and you can take an easy 4k to 6k worth of damage out of them every volley; which adds up quickly. Though trying to get the same result at longer range, is iffy to impossible. 5: Japanese: Heavy hitting guns. Very hard hitting in fact and can light almost anything on fire. But they have the slowest turret traverse. Primarily, you will be using HE all the time and there is little value in switching to AP (except for certain situations). The only reason why I place this ship in 5th is because of their reload time and traverse; which are very noticeable in situations where you have to respond quickly. Against a single target, you are going to win against most other ships in terms of damage potential. But in the middle of a battle, you lack the ability to respond and you are constantly having to bring your sides into the enemies focus to get more than 4 or 6 barrels pointed at the target. 6: US: Their fire chance is decent I suppose, their rate of fire is ok, and their damage output feels slightly limited at times but consistent. They have a hard time taking out DD's alone; their rate of fire is just not that impressive and against other Cruisers they have a 50/50 chance in straight-up gunfights. Their biggest asset (regarding guns only) is also their greatest problem and that is that they have that huge lobbing fire. Get behind a island and you can fire over it where others cannot even see you. Thing is, with the US cruisers, it's not their guns that are important. It's their tactical value. In fact, it is the only cruiser line that I've gotten to tier 9 right now; others are tier 8 so far. The key to the US line is to sneak around and use the right type of ammo for the job at the time. You've got to stay on your toes with this one as the AP is lethal at almost any range, but only against broadside targets. HE is able to light things on fire, but only if you can get a shot off without becoming the focus of attention (as, by the time you fire, you are within range of everything else). So, despite not fitting into the category of "best" overall guns, the ships overall performance and abilities are rather nice to play as long as you have support and are supporting. Full concealment gets you down to roughly 9.1 or 9.5 km. At that range, you actually (and more often) have the advantage against other cruisers and of course against DD's who scurry out of smoke like roaches when you turn that radar on. Of course if you are that close to a bb, kiss yer butt goodbye. For Hulls only: Tier 6 - 9 1: German: Their hulls are tough nuts to crack. Almost a mini BB. And they handle well enough for what you are driving around. I'd put this one and the Japanese in the same category if I could but in terms of handling on the map and what it can deal with, this one feels a bit better to me. 2: Japanese: Same as the Germans as they are heavily armored. They do get the added benefit of actually having torpedo's that can be used at range; but it very often results in you risking citadels on your ship. The turning and handling isn't that bad and does help to make up for the slow turret traverse of the ships cannons. 3: French: Slightly less tanky but can take a round or two and keep on trucking. The all-rounder in terms of hulls. Not a tank, but not a light-weight either. It handles well, but will still be hit if too close to a target and even at range at times. 4: Russian: Firing at long range is nice, but you will feel it if a enemy BB gets a AP shell into you. You are not that well armored after all. The thing that does not help is that they have horrible turning and make a rather easy target to hit at range. 5: US: <Again varies. If facing a target, they can bounce most cruiser rounds. But showing a broadside will cause your citadel to eat AP rounds like candy. Good at evading hits though as they are rather responsive to controls (hint: concealment is your best friend for the US cruiser line). 6: British: 1 shot KO. Seriously, you have no idea how easy it is to die in this thing or to watch some goofball run up to a cap and turn sideways, only to disappear in a less than magnificent explosion. Great turning and acceleration but sucks at stopping <feels like the worst in the game when you pop smoke and try to slow down for it to catch up, but still... in terms of survival, hah. Getting the Job Done: This is a game of capping after all... (also, just about follows in line with their AA capabilities and apparently detection range). 1: US: The US cruiser line can do almost everything. They are great at taking on DD's as they have Radar and sonar (but do actually struggle to kill them in the 30 seconds that you are given), they can whittle down a BB with HE and hurt cruisers with AP while hidden behind an island doing so. Their concealment keeps them hidden until at the perfect range to engage targets with either HE or AP and in a one-on-one match against other cruisers, if you are smart enough to avoid getting hit by enemy torpedoes and playing to the concealment strengths of your ship, you have a very good chance of winning. 2: British: Your smoke is your greatest asset. There is nothing like being able to fire at a target without any fear of reprisal. And your guns do amazing damage as long as the enemy ship is showing off its sides to you. Your priority is the DD's of course, but don't forget that you can very quickly dish out damage against a BB or other cruiser when they are showing off their sides. Never, however, try to focus on them if they are showing their frontal armor. The only reason why it isn't number one is because of its frailty. 3: Russian: Close range is just as good as long range for them (same as their AP and HE), their guns are perfectly capable of taking on DD's as well as other targets, but it is also at these ranges that they become far more susceptible to enemy fire. They fire straight lines at a target and therefore, if you decide to close the distance, you will have to do so out in the open and exposed. More often than not, it is best for you to remain at range. Good news is, at later tiers, you do become a bit more tanky. 4: Japanese: The Japanese line is ok and has no problem fighting toe-to-toe with other ships up close including DDs. But you have to remember that you have the slowest turret traverse of any cruiser and you will have to swing your sides around to get your other turrets to target. You will want to remain at range. 5: French: Similar to Japanese and German. Great response times but more often than not too weak to hold onto a cap for long. Without detection equipment and little concealment, you become a sitting duck for anything when attempting to cap. 6: German: You are rather specialized for ranged engagements. When close to a enemy, you will rely heavily on your torpedo's to get the job done as your guns do not fire fast enough to take it out in the seconds that you contest the cap. Against DD's you will often struggle. Not that you cannot kill them, it's just that with only 4 barrels (assuming you are facing the treat; 8 if you risk showing off your broadside), you are not going to be killing them very quickly. In the end, all of them can fire at 15km+. Some fire at 17km even. But they are all offset by certain specializations. If you are looking for the best guns, then you have to ask yourself "What do I want to do with those guns?". (These are personal tips about what I would think are the most useful for the type of situation) If you want to take out DDs: Use the British or US cruiser line and play like a ninja. Use Russian ships too if it has radar but expect to eat some torps and enemy shells. If you want to take out other Cruisers: Go with any of them but know what their strengths and weaknesses are. German cruisers are pretty darn good at this job though in my opinion. The French ships (to me at least) are rather good at this as well; if not a little less durable. If you want to take out BBs: Burn them with Japanese and/or Russian HE. <the sure-'fire" method; of course if you have AP and a close, oblivious BB showing off it's broadside, I'd say that a British cruiser can do just as much damage. The ships that I've had the most fun on are the US line; because there is no target or threat that I cannot deal with and I love the handling and all-round general purpose (not necessarily the guns though). The British line; because firing from complete safety (unless the enemy has radar) is just the best. and the Russian line; because rapid-fire, flame throwing at 17 -20km's is just great... even if I do end up drawing the wrath of the entire enemy team towards me. The German line stagnated at Tier 8 for now because having 8 guns vs other ships with 9+ isn't that interesting to me. And Japanese guns are too slow to respond for my liking. French ships are nice all-round with great gun performance. Lethal, accurate, and long-range if I could cobble together 3 ships, I'd have the German Hulls, US stats (concealment, aa ,etc.), and French Guns. PS: good god I wrote way too much O_o ...
  15. Is THIS Normal?!

    I suppose so. Well, it is rare and considering the tier difference it's not actually a problem. Kinda strange that the actual mechanics of it aren't on display or covered like the armor and shell penetration. <There's all sort of graphs and numbers on that one. Wargaming RNG... it's the most deadly thing in the game.