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  1. Grinding Through Ranger

    The only way to win against a Saipan is to either get in a battle with a crappy Saipan Captain, and/or hope to god he's not running Air Superiority. <In which case, he can literally just click his fighters onto yours and not even having to think about it. The only thing that will make him hesitate is if you have a US Cruiser to hide your planes over and even then, he can probably tear your planes apart before his are destroyed. Those are your only two options. If he's running AS, You're SOL. Those 3 fighter squadrons of his will rip your single 6 squadron apart. Especially so if he knows how to strafe. Sure, you can strafe, you might even be able to take out one of his squadrons, but the moment your fighters get locked down into a dogfight, they're dead. If that Saipan player has any sense, he'll just sacrifice his 3-4 planes and get rid of your 6. Likewise, if the Saipan is running bombers, you've got at least a slight chance. You are at least able to match his fighters to a degree. This time it depends entirely on who knows how to strafe better. Getting locked into a dogfight is still going to be the end of your squadron though... or at least you will lose enough of them to have to pull them back to your CV (Unless you've got the skill that improves your fighter damage based on tier; then you might actually do ok). Best bet here would be to attempt to engage his fighters over your allied ships. Every little bit helps. Ultimately, you are going to have to be extremely passive. Use your planes ONLY near your ships and provide short-range support. Find your best AA cruiser or BB and keep your planes near them and only send out the bombers if/when you've got the enemies fighters locked into combat or make sure they are far enough away so that your bombers don't get wiped from the sky before they can reach their target. <Again, if the enemy is running Air Superiority AND knows how to strafe, you are just completely SOL.
  2. Stay or Switch?

    Someone broke it down... not sure about the time-frame or whether or not it was correct. But I watched a video on YouTube with someone talking about it. If I recall correctly, you are nearly guaranteed to get 125 tokens for either side for one of the special camo's available (with a bit left to get a few things extra from one side). But this will leave you with only 95 tokens of the opposite team before the end date if/when you switch. Basically, sticking with your team will get you 1 of the special camos for Des, Salem, or either the Shark or Eagle special camo (depending on which side you max out (aka stuck with the entire tournament)). After getting 100% loyalty, you don't get any more tokens for that side (whether or not there is some grand "secret" for sticking with your team the entire way through, I don't have a clue there). Switching to the other side will then net you only 95 tokens. You cannot get another 125 tokens to unlock a second camo without paying cash for the cases (each one provides +10 tokens to both teams). In order to unlock two of the camo's, you will need to pay for 3 containers in order to gain 30 additional tokens (this will also give you an additional 30 for the other side as well), as well as have managed to collect the 95tokens already (so don't miss a day). I think the only way to unlock all of them would be to fork over $50 or something. There are diminishing returns as you buy the crates for the tokens; so best bang for you buck is to stick with just 2 (if you want to pay cash at all). Otherwise, you only get one camo of your choice... or you can fork over that $$$ and get all 5. Again, not sure if he was correct on the number of days we have left for the tournament after "tomorrow" (<depending on where you live), if not, then you are going to have to shell out a heck of a lot more money to get a 2nd camo and might as well just give them your two-week paycheck for all 5. Either way, I'll be switching over to Eagles. Those 95 tokens convert well enough to coal or silver. Even 50 tokens wouldn't be too bad. All I wanted was the Des Moines camo anyways.
  3. Seattle

    We're both in agreement on the Seattle. Anyone to argue differently need only point out which stats it beats the Cleveland at. But! Come to find out, there is one. I didn't notice it the first time we discussed this thing. No, it's not the AA. It's better, I'll give it that, but the difference is negligible. However, it does have better deck armor. How much better? Well, I doubt that it's going to make much of a difference when a 203mm shell or larger comes raining down on top of it. So, despite having a couple mm's worth of added deck armor, it still loses 25mm's worth of citadel side armor. Along with the horrendous turning radius and worse firing angles, the only place for this ship to be is hiding behind islands all game. At least the British Light Cruisers come equipped to engage targets in open water; even if it is from behind a smoke screen. But! with regards to the quote. I find the default hull of the Iowa a pain in the backside; still grinding through it. 20 whole seconds to turn (with the rudder module) and you need to grind 100,000xp just to get it down to 15sec. The only good thing is that at least its upgrade doesn't downgrade something else. The Seattle on the other hand just sucks even more when you upgrade it. <scratch that> Hang on... Actually, I just checked it, the previous downgrade to gun range (which I mentioned in the other threat before) seems to have been removed. It's maximum range is now .1km's greater than the Cleveland's. So at least now the thing doesn't end up downgrading itself when you "upgrade" it. Again, which stats on the Seattle outshine the Cleveland? Seattle still needs a bit more than 7000 extra HP in a tier 9 match especially when its citadel armor is crappier than the previous tier. And we'd need some evidence that the added 30mm's worth of armor on the top of the citadel actually makes any difference what so ever to shells 200mm's or larger coming down from above. Because as far as the default ship is concerned, the Cleveland would still outshine the Seattle if it had access to the same perks of tier 9. Cleveland has nearly the same AA rating (not that it matters much, they both melt planes), concealment is nearly identical (Cleveland is better by a hair), better side armor (by 25mm's (127mm's total vs Seattle's 102mm's)), a smaller citadel overall, better turn radius (by nearly 100meters!), rudder response time is similar enough (Cleveland still winning though), the same firing rate ( both ships have the 6.5sec reload), but Cleveland also has slightly better firing angles. Seattle has better deck armor (by 38mm's (89mm's total vs Cleveland's 51mm's)) and 7,000 extra HP after fully upgraded (it's a tier 9, it better have some extra HP). The Range "downgrade" seems to have been removed/fixed. The AA and artillery range are practically identical (Planes will melt to either regardless). Before hand, the Cleveland had the advantage with range (by 2 whole kilometers). Either it was a bug on the stats menu or WG realized just how bad they screwed up and fixed it real quick. At best, the Seattle is now a semi-downgrade. It's range is the same, fire-rate is the same, concealment and AA are practically the same, the rudder shift might be close enough to be the same but the turning radius is a whole 100meters greater than the Cleveland (at 750m radius) (Actually, this "light cruiser" has practically the same turning radius as the Japanese BB Nagato (750m vs 770m radius); meaning far more time for those enemies to get those shells into your 100mm thick sides. You'd better be thankful WG gave you that extra 7000hp; Because it will be gone in a single salvo. The Seattle may have a slightly better chance of dealing with shells coming down on top of it, but I don't imagine that 89mm's is going to make much of a difference. (If anyone is good with number-crunching, I'm actually curious just what shells/angle that 89mm's of armor can bounce). Still standing by the fact that if you threw the Cleveland into the tier 9 position, gave it 7000 extra HP and access to the consumables and modules of tier 9, it would perform better than the Seattle. What WG has here is a perfect example of how NOT to setup a ship that is suppose to be a "upgrade" over a previous tier. Even the Ibuki can be said to be an improvement over the Mogami; if not by much. Even Izumo (dare I say) has a few areas where it improves upon the Amagi. The Seattle improves on nothing from the Cleveland and instead makes itself a even easier target to be taken out if/when it is spotted.
  4. dd guns v dd guns

    From what I hear, the Russian and German DD hulls are tough as nails so their armor (supposedly) is considered "better". Can't say that I notice much a difference in how they handle receiving damage from 127mm guns when compared to other DD's though. Typically, you don't have to worry about HE not dealing damage, rarely other DD's angle to a point that you need to worry about bouncing any rounds (never seemed had a issue with angled targets) and it has more to do with actually getting the rounds on target. Since I don't use AP at all in my DD's, I can't say if there's any major difference between dealing damaged against a angled DD using AP. The 127mm (or is it 123mm?) of the US and most other DD's doesn't need anything particularly special to deal damage and keep from bouncing. They will almost always cause damage to a enemy DD upon a hit; even if a enemy DD is angled. The German 150mm is obviously going to deal damage AND can citadel a broadsided cruiser. There are a few British DD's that have a smaller caliber than the 127mm (I think it might be around a 110mm or something) and they may struggle a bit with getting through a angled DD's armor. The only DD that will really have problems penetrating the armor of other DD's would be the Japanese DD's equipped with the 100mm guns. They almost require IFHE; or you had better be hitting the enemy DD directly in the sides or superstructure. From what I hear, the 100mm guns fire at 1000m/s BUT they lose velocity very quickly. I would assume that they are therefore next to useless at max range but probably has more than enough energy at close range to guarantee damage. (anyone with knowledge or personal experience on their performance would be appreciated. Still got some grinding to do with the Japanese DD line). As far as I know, the DD's with 120mm and above can deal damage to any other DD no matter what without IFHE (this includes all US DD's, All Russian DD's, French, and most Pan Asian's, and even most Japanese DD's). Just get the shells on target and you will deal damage. Anything below 120mm's and you might want to invest in IFHE to ensure that they penetrate the armor of DD's if they are angled and to ensure that you can even deal damage at all against cruisers and BB's. (This includes Tier 8 and above Japanese "Gunboat" line and British DD (<one of the premiums... don't quote me on that one). But to answer the original question: Just aim at whatever point will give you the best chance of getting the shell on target; aka try to get your shells to land in the center mass. Aiming for the waterline only helps if you are attempting to hit the citadel of a enemy cruiser or BB. DD's don't have those. Alternatively, IF you are good enough (or lucky enough) you can try to get your shells to land near the rear of the enemy DD which has a higher chance of taking out the enemies propulsion and/or rudder. Now, when it comes to enemy ships (cruisers or BB's), 127mm will require you to fire at the Superstructure and damage to anything else you hit will be based entirely on angle for cruisers (only broadside hits will cause damage to light cruisers) and not matter at all against the armored sides of BB's (you can fire all day long at the sides of BB's and never penetrate that armor). IFHE is almost required for the 100mm's to deal significant damage to even the sides of light cruisers... so... always advised. I'm not sure how much IFHE improves 127mm penetration against a cruisers hull though and if you can actually penetrate a cruisers hull armor if you have it. I still know that hitting the hull of a BB with those guns (even if that BB is fully broadside) does next to nothing even with IFHE. The only DD in the game that can dish out guaranteed damage to enemy cruisers and (probably) enemy BB's are the German DD's carrying the 150mm's.
  5. Spot 9 torps. In my cruiser against 2 or 3 shima's… how can I possibly mess this one up? Well, I guess I could do better if I was using a BB but I honestly don't have a problem completing this one. Now the 15 secondary hits is really based on the BB I have. For some reason they think that the tier 7 British BB should be able to manage that... I would have to disagree. Bismarck on the other hand… I wish they'd give me that mission when I'm on that one.
  6. Flooding from BB Mass AP?

    Good ole situational awareness helps a lot in this game. But it's very easy to get tunnel vision all the same. Happens to the best of us.
  7. Flooding from BB Mass AP?

    I would have to go with the first. Those symbols on the minimap are enlarged to the point that you have to be directly center of one (such as his arrow dead center of the cruiser's icon) in order to ram. The enemy cruiser icon behind him is far far too distant to have rammed him.
  8. Flooding from BB Mass AP?

    The cruiser behind you, yes. But there is a cruiser symbol right under your arrow. It is pointing in the opposite direction. Towards your BB. It's tip of the arrow is actually touching the tip of the cruiser (arrow) behind you. You can actually see the rear of the cruiser symbol sticking out of the circle.
  9. Flooding from BB Mass AP?

    Then probably a bug. The minimap definitely shows a dead cruiser in the exact same spot as your BB though. Allied or enemy, I cannot tell.
  10. Flooding from BB Mass AP?

    You rammed a cruiser. You can see it in the minimap right next to your arrow... although I would like someone with better resolution to take a look there. It appears as though your arrow and that cruiser symbol are heading towards one another at point blank range.
  11. Iowa : is it worth it

    Only negative I have for the Iowa is the appalling rudder shift time at default. Even with the rudder shift module upgrade, the thing is sluggish at best when making those turns and it's hard to plan 20 whole seconds in advance for navigating around islands and to turn around in an effort to get away from the enemy. Only after the last upgrade, 100,000xp down the line, do you obtain a more manageable 15second rudder shift. Those 5 seconds count for a lot. Other than that, it's a decent enough ship. Good guns, good forward armor, and only thing holding it back is the time it takes to get the thing to turn.
  12. So it was 4 months huh? So even better. A ship that was suppose to be free to grind and a end-goal turned cash cow in a instant. No wonder why you forked over $80 to get it. Funny, because before those 4 months, WG said that I had all the time in the world to acquire it. Which other ships in the game were given such a promise as to be Free XP and always available? I damn well earned that ship 2 times over. However, as was my only mistake, I trusted WG to honor their word. I'd have had that ship had I saved the Free XP I earned from the start. You got it because you paid a buttload of cash for it in a mad dash scramble to obtain it. And you know, you might very well be right, my whining is probably not going to change much, but i'll sure as hell be sure to call WGing out every time until they set this straight. Missouri is a freakin naval legend and they locked it up because they didn't want to bother removing a simple gimmick that they have every right to do so. And because they knew that people would pay whatever they had to get it.
  13. You spent money on a unrelated items. Whatever you got using those items was up to you. The Missouri was not marketed for sale and you did not pay cash for the ship directly. The loophole in whatever "law" might exist is there. The Missouri can be changed with little concern of backlash. Just because you spent money in order to get doubloons doesn't mean that that money had to go towards (or all went towards the purchase of) the ship. And the fact that WG cashed in big time when it suddenly changed its mind, giving people just a few months in a mad dash to collect that 750,000 free XP is just icing on the cake. What was the math there? 6 or 7 months was it? that's 100,000 Free XP per month if you wanted to get the thing free; That's 3,500 - 4,000 free xp per day. They knew they were going to make bank when they pulled that move.
  14. I was here. I was here when they first brought it out. Back when they promised that I would be able to get to it at my own pace. And I in fact would have had more than enough Free XP to get it had they told me that it would be removed later on. But no, they lied. Plain and simple. My decision not to pay them a dime until they fix this lie might not change much, but I am pretty sure I'm not the only other person holding back their wallets for WG thinking we're too ignorant to see through it. The Missouri is one of the most iconic ships of WW2 and WG fcked up. It's not a Premium ship. It's a Freemium. No one spent a dime on that ship. They are perfectly within their rights to alter it. The other 12-15 Premium ships (that people actually paid money for) might very well be covered by some laws.
  15. Not only did they remove it, but they had to come up with some completely [edited] excuse too. Like we were all that dumb to believe it. "We didn't think we needed two ships taking up the same position". <Go back and look that crap up. They removed the Missouri and then told us it was because they were bringing out the Musashi and they didn't want two ships doing taking up the same free xp possition. Then immediately brought out that Russian "cruiser". I'll not be spending anymore money with WG and regret paying them anything. They came close with those discounts but I'm not paying anyone to lie to me. The best they get out of me now is being used as cannon fodder for those that do pay. Other than that, I'll grind out the normal tech tree and wait around to see if they ever bring the Missouri back out. If they do, nerfed or not, they might manage to get back in my good graces. But seriously though, They had a problem with the Missouri's money making ability, nerf it. They had a problem with it being too "OP" nerf it. They removed a ship that they said would stay forever and that I would be able to get on my own time. Lie #1. Then came up with a [edited] excuse about how they don't want two ships taking up the same "Free XP" slot. Lie #2. I'm not dumb enough to bother giving them enough trust to lie to me again.