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  1. Was this a bad game? No. Rather enjoyable. But your company has done one too many things to piss me off. You remember your "promise" that the Missouri would be there forever to earn at my own pace? Yeah. I do. You recall what you did there? Yeah, that was strike one. And one hell of a strike it was too. Fine, I'll play the game; but no longer throw money at your lying asses. Then, Strike 2, You cut the balls of the US CV line. Completely unbalancing the CV lines and making the Ranger the worst possible grind of any ship in the game. Good job there. Too bad the one persona (who apparently doesn't work for you) didn't pipe up and say "maybe we should at least attempt to balance the other CV lines too". No, I'm sure that your choice to completely imbalance the CV's at this point didn't cause people to stop playing the game. Fine, screw the forcefully imbalanced tier 7 CV gameplay; I just wont bother playing them. So, all's well and good until this rework... Now here comes strike 3, I can't play the CV's anymore. Thank you. Great idea to take such gameplay that is ships and making into a fast-paced shooter. I'm sure everyone that can actually play the damn things loves it. Wouldn't have been a problem but then came the 4th strike. Why in the hell were you so inclined to leave out the fact that if you sold your CV's once, you would not be able to do so again? It's funny because you have no problem allowing people to respect and retrain captains and remove modules for free over and over. But only once can you attempt to test out the CV's. I mean, Do tell, why would you only allow someone to try out the CV's once? and fk em if they decided to sell the CV's the first time before hand. No I already know there is no forthcoming answer to this question. Just as I know this feedback is going to be instantly locked by a moderator. But I feel that you need to hear this once or twice (and a thousand times over). But the question remains what the [edited] was the hold up with jotting down that one f c king sentence that apparently you wanted to people to go hunting for instead of putting right up there with the rest of the crap? And the 4th and final... Your customer support is crap. More than a Week has gone by, the first 4 god damned responses were of them posting the same sentences and links. <Funny that non of those links took me to the inventory screen where the thing continues to say that I can refund the CV's for free XP. After plenty of back and forth, over the span of a whole week, they eventually state that they can rollback my account. OH GOOD. Thank you, for the love of god finally a solution. But wait. IT's been a whole fuckn week. I played a few games already, got the unique captain and of course only 1 day to earn the motherfkr after they roll me back. But wait, I also ended up with a ship from a crate... will lose that one too and no chance to get it back now that the event is over. AND WAIT! now, after asking IN VERY PLAIN ENGLISH. IF I will lose the ship and the captain in the rollback (because your support team didn't say crapabout those), I get some crapabout the captain being removed, I WON"T be able to refund my CV's (<the very same that I can't play anyways thanks to you), AND … not a damn thing about the ship I got from the crate. So. I'm 1 strike too many and you've finally done it. Congratulations, You pissed me off enough to go looking for some other game to pass my time. Was one hell of a run, but I finally got tired of stepping in your Bull Sh1t. Only good thing to come from this is the hard drive space I'm about to clear up. Levits Created 27 minutes ago You know what, forget it. Thanks for the timely responses but I believe I've had enough of this. No need to bother. Have a good day. Harold Jenkins Created 10 hours ago Dear Levits, I would like to inform you that you can't receive Free XP for exchange CV as you researched them after the update. Players were informed about this in the news. You can receive your commander after completing the mission. However, the mission will end on February 15. We will wait for your reply and confirmation if you still want this operation. Levits Created 18 hours ago And, as I do not know when I acquired him, would this rollback also remove the Unique Commander Don Rong from my account? Please note that this procedure returns the status of an account on a specified date (including demobilized commanders, retained and free experience, statistics, equipment, upgrades, equipment, as well as progress on combat missions, etc.), all game activity after this dates are canceled. At the same time, coupons used for purchases in Arsenal will not be restored. I know it says "demobilized commanders" and "equipment", but would like to know for certain if it means "ships and commanders acquired after the specified rollback date". Which, if I'm understanding this correctly, "all game activity after this dates (being the rollback date) are canceled" would include these items IF I acquired them after the rollback date right? Levits Created 1 day ago Only two questions. Will I be able to sell the CV's and convert them into Free XP? I have no use for the reworked CV's and they are impossible to play in any fashion due to this drastic change in gameplay speed. To clarify, 1: Would it be possible to sell the CV's at the inventory screen one more time and receive the Free XP (after the rollback)? A follow-up question would be with regards to any ships that have been acquired after the specified date via loot boxes. 2: Would this ship (Pan Asian Huang) be removed from my account? It was acquired after the specified rollback date. I would like to know before I decide. Андрей Брусникин Created 1 day ago Hello, dear Levits! Thank for your contacting. Please pay attention to this post date 01/25/2019 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/cv8-which-nation-to-choose/ So the information was avaliable before the update. We can restore this account on the date 2019-01-31 22:50:34 ( U.T.C.) ( before the Lexington (U.S.A.) was unlocked). Please note that this procedure returns the status of an account on a specified date (including demobilized commanders, retained and free experience, statistics, equipment, upgrades, equipment, as well as progress on combat missions, etc.), all game activity after this dates are canceled. At the same time, coupons used for purchases in Arsenal will not be restored. Also note that this procedure is performed by us only once, in case of a repetition of the situation in the restoration will be refused. If you agree to these terms and conditions and the proposed date and time, please let us know. We will wait for your reply and confirmation.
  2. Levits

    Use caution giving money to WG

    Well, your thread is far more elegantly put than mine. I'm willing to be patient until they get back around to my ticket, but 240,000 free xp is a lot more than just a little annoyance and there is no "just getting over it".
  3. Apparently, our actions are some grand conspiracy to steal our own free XP. And they feel that if they gave it back to us, we'd be cheating the system... So yeah, WG goes about throwing out signs left and right saying that this is a "test". This entire CV fiasco is a open test for everyone to "try out" and see if we like the new rework. They make it so that you can switch out any and every module for free. You can assign captains to any ships without having to retrain for free. You can reset their skills for free. You can do all of that for free AND (lo and behold) do it over and over and over and over again. Because... this is a test. You want to be able to undo and switch out and experiment in order to try out what WG's thrown at us. But instead of allowing us to "try" CV's and make up our minds on them in this testing phase, they only allow you to do so once and only once. … but even better, they don't even tell you this up front. You have to go find this hidden piece of information. Otherwise, if you take what they say at face value, you get screwed out of one of the most hardest to get resources in the game. Why, the hell, would they do something like that for? I did much the same as you and am awaiting their response. All I want is my FXP back. That's it. They can keep their CV's, damn things are worthless to me anyways. This, they can do. I just don't know why the hell they don't want to do it. They sure as hell didn't have a problem leaving out that information but fixing the problem that leaving it out caused is just too much effort. Just what exactly do they think I was trying to do when I bought all of those CV's back and then sold them? Game the system? I didn't earn anything from it. Wouldn't have; didn't' play a single game in any of them. I was looking at their stats and what the captain skills did to them. So why the hell in the beginning, didn't they allow people to sell them twice? That's what I want to know.
  4. So... got the first reply. Seems they are throwing the same link around. Funny how they didn't provide it on the inventory screen but don't have any issue throwing in my face now. Apparently, everyone is suppose to go hunting for this rather important piece of information instead of the thing being printed right there where it should have been from the start. The issue is obviously still not solved.
  5. Yeah, I'm still waiting in line for them to respond to my ticket. It's a pain in the [edited]really since this could have been avoided had they actually put that information up there with the rest of the stuff. Honestly, why the hell would they NOT put that up there? Could have saved me (and I figured I wasn't the only one) all this friggin trouble. At this point, I'm just sitting around waiting for them to get to my ticket and give me back my FXP. The CV rework has done pissed me off as I can't even play the damn things anymore. Have they ever tried lining up a bombing run moving that fn fast with a half second lag? The damn rocket launching reticle is a whole reticle off. I can't even use the reticle to fire at ships as the damn thing overshoots them completely if I fire when the thing is on the target... and don't get me started on the way these damn things turn.
  6. Ah yes, thanks for posting this, on the forums from a website that requires you to go DIGGING for this information. And what a long way down it was too. Too damn bad WG couldn't have done the smart thing and posted this same message in the one place people are guaranteed to fkn see it. No, instead they decide to leave this out of the text that is actually guaranteed to be in front of your face. What, is there NOT enough space on this screen? So, tell me again how far did you have to scroll to find that one? Were you able to access that information from THIS screen? What processes did you go through to find it? Because if it involved hunting this crapdown, then WG needs to stop trying to hide this crap and start providing ALL of this VITAL information up front.
  7. And you started from the very top. Congratulations. So, now how do I go about "testing" the higher tier CV's to see if I wanted to play them? You think I started with enough Free XP to make it to tier 10? You think that tier 4 is the same as tier 10? And what's more, just because you went through all the links and crap, decided to read through pages, watched videos, did you see that information posted right there at the inventory screen where you go to sell things? Because that's where I was looking. I can post the image again if you want. But it's already up there. If WG wanted me to go digging through logs and forums for that single sentence, then they should have given me a frickin shovel. OH NO how about something better, a LINK to the FN page (or god forbid the actual sentence) right there on the screen; right there where I'M guaranteed to see the thing. Apparently balancing CV's and placing vital information where it SHOULD BE is beyond their capabilities.
  8. How the hell is that "WRONG" when this whole damn debacle is a open "Test" for the CV rework. To see if you like the damn things, to see if you want to play them. HOW THE HELL is that a mistake on my part to do exactly what WG wanted and asked us to do? Again, where the hell does it say that the XP I used, gets sent to the tier 1? Some random forum post? Yeah, that's helpful.
  9. YES. AS at a Bull crap "TEST" of the CV's, WG has in their little inventory screen, the very same that you can read above, that YOU GET FREE XP BACK when you sell the CV's. Where does it say that you DO NOT GET FREE XP BACK? MISUNDERSTOOD is a GD lie. They have NOTHING saying that I would be getting that Free XP that I spent converted over to tier 1. NOTHING! Plenty of space to put that little bit of information but they didn't want to bother with that obviously. As a test phase on the live server, IF I wanted to try out the CV's, why the hell would they go about having it cost you ANYTHING at all to do so? Already this Test is a failure, gameplay sucks worse than it has ever, EVERY ship on both sides are instantly spotted in the first 2 minutes and in those first two minutes, IF you're playing a DD, you are getting your [edited]shot off. Wanting to look through them (because I sure as hell can't Play them) I read the damn thing in black and white. There is NO misunderstanding with what I read because there is NOT a God Damned thing stating that I don't get that Free XP back. The ONLY thing that states this is on that one thread in these Forums (to which how much of the player base, including myself actually bother looking at that info) and it's a single line of text. Why the hell didn't they put that same line where everyone would see it when and where it actually matters? Read this yourself. And tell me what it says. Because it sure as hell seems to be leaving out a very important piece of information. FFS I don't even know what the hell "Game's Portal" is or where the hell I'm suppose to go dig that crapup. What is it with WOWS and making this crap more convoluted than it has to be? Stick that kinda information on the front page people. It's not that damn hard.
  10. You don't seem to realize that there is a massive difference between 240,000 FREE XP and 240,000 XP that you have to use gold to turn into FREE XP... I LOST OVER 240,000 Free XP. XP that you can use to train captains, buy ships, upgrade ships, buy premium ships. XP sitting in a tier 1 ship is good for jack and crap. You think the gold I have (7,000) is going to be enough to convert that XP sitting there into Free XP?
  11. NO I did not. I got 14,000 Convertible XP sent to the tier 1 Hashidate. As in I have to spend gold to convert that back over into free XP. I spent 11,000 FREE XP to research the Hosho. Then spend the other 3,000 Free XP to upgrade it when I went to research the next tier (tier 6 CV). What I got back, after researching Hosho and then the upgrade was NOT Free XP. Instead that XP that I used to research the two items was sent to the Hashidate at Tier 1. I upgraded and researched to tier 8. Totaling over 240,000 Free XP that I spent. I DID NOT get that Free XP back.
  12. I got NOTHING BACK from selling them. Got the Silver. The ship, the modules, the Free XP I used to get to tier 8 was sent to the Tier 1 where I'm now expected to use GOLD to reconvert that 240,000 XP back into free XP?. 240,000 Free XP, all invested in the hull and modules, was sent to the tier 1. If it was ONLY the XP I earned after researching them, then I'd probably just ignore it. BUT NO. Started with 440,000 FREE XP, researched the hull of Hosho, checked to see if it showed up in the Inventory and made sure that it would allow me to sell it again, then proceeded to tier 8. Used over 240,000 Free XP to get there, and then sold them. Didn't play a single game in any of them so there was ZERO convertible XP that would go to the tier 1. I cannot play the damn things because they've done screwed me over with the way the planes are controlled and play. My Internet connection latency is too high to even bother, but I sure as hell want to test out what their stats are and what info I can get out of them. This is a friggin test and the thing says that I get the SILVER AND XP that I put into them back. IT DOES NOT say that I get to spend gold to convert that Free XP I spent BACK into Free XP. <NO that's not a typo. That's apparently what they want. To NOT have that immensely VITAL bit of information NOT up there with the rest of the stuff is misleading as hell; because not everyone bothers to check out the forums and even though I do regularly check these damn things, I sure as hell didn't see that lone little sentence they decided to squeeze in there.
  13. ... really?! a single line just thrown out there. No "HEY, BIT MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK HERE"!!! I'm surprised they bothered to make it the same size as the rest of the text. This is some high quality [edited] right here. They sure as hell know people are going to be trying these things out and blowing Free XP on a test of all things.
  14. Would I have done this if I knew that the damn thing would be costing me 240,000 Free XP? I don't FN think so. And they sure as hell have more than enough space to add that little bit of HIGHLY IMPORTANT information on that screen.
  15. How the hell does that make any sense? I put 11,000 fxp on Hosho, checked that the thing popped up in the CV refund thing for the Inventory. Where the hell does it say that they are sending the Free XP to the tier 1 ship? I got no Free XP back what so ever this second time. For a test of all things. They want us to test them but don't want us to get our free XP back if we don't like how they play? Where the heck is this CV FAQ page and why isn't it Linked with the CV Inventory screen?