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  1. Levits

    Use caution giving money to WG

    Well, your thread is far more elegantly put than mine. I'm willing to be patient until they get back around to my ticket, but 240,000 free xp is a lot more than just a little annoyance and there is no "just getting over it".
  2. Levits

    Morse Code in Premium Port?

    yeah I figured I couldn't have been the only one to see it. lol as far as your answer, It's better than what I've gotten so far. I guess if anyone recalls the name of the thread or if they recall offhand the answer, it's not something overly important but I'd appreciate it.
  3. Levits

    Morse Code in Premium Port?

    So, I was just looking at my ships in the premium port and noticed something that kinda drew all of my attention away from them. In the port, there is a little light off to the left of the screen (Starboard side of the ships as they are facing you). It sits on top of a warehouse/building in the back and keeps flashing. But not just continuous, repetitive flashes. It's got long and short flashes and pauses between them. The more I stared at it the more I started thinking it's a little odd that the Devs would have it follow such a strange pattern. Being no good at Morse code, if anyone would like to translate the flashes, I'm overly curious if it's some kind of message or just something thrown in there to toy with me lol. I've tried to play around at translating but... "unknown letter/s", D,I,V,I,I doesn't make much sense to me either.
  4. Initial Feedback in Ten+ Games Warning: Content may have been written between games, contain personal opinions, wall-O-text, and grammatical mistakes may be present. If you begin to feel nauseous or dizzy, or feel the need to criticize someone else's opinion, then please call Toll Free 1-800-Don Giva For assistance. Tested CV: Coop match 1 in Ranger; nothing but me and bots. Back to being a Newb Tested CV: Coop match 2 in Ranger; Human team this time. Still Newb... but managed something... although I think CV's are no longer a option for me. Onwards to other Ships: Random Match 1/10: Jean Bart 3pt captain Maingun Build. 3 planes killed. My team Lexington and Saipan vs Lex and something else... Random Match 2/10: Richellieu 14pt captain. Secondary Build. 9 planes killed. 2 T6 CV's vs. 2T6 CV's. Random Match 3/10: Cossack 10pt captain Consumable build. 0 Planes killed... 1 Lexington vs 1 Lexington... or whatever... Random Match 4/10: Grobe 14pt captain. Secondary build. Tier 10 1 vs 1 cv. Flopped and wth? Random Match 5/10: Kron 12pt captain main gun build. 2 vs 2 cv's. CV's ignored me again. Intermission: Random Match 6/10: Fletcher torp/gunboat build 17pt captain. 0 Planes killed. 1 Graff vs. 1 CV. Finally got noticed... Random Match 7/10: Iowa Survival Build 16pt captain. 3 planes killed. Tier 8 2 vs 2 CV. Random Match 8/10: Des Moines AA/Concealment build 15pt captain. Kinda off topic... Random Match 9/10: Lightning Consumable build Tier 10 and 8 CV's 2v2. Heavy AA and radar in this match. Bunch of Des Moines everywhere. Random Match 10/10: Musashi. High caliber and Confederate. 2v2 tier 8 Cv's. Follow-up Match: Gearing 15 pts. 1vs1 tier 10 CV.   Overall Assessment: Captain Skills: AA Sector Selection: Ship AA Stats: CV Damage Output on the Recieving End: The Elephant in the Room: One thing that NEEDS addressing! Silver Lining: Now, as stated above, this is Feedback and what I witnessed and experienced in the first 10 matches. For those who were listening in on my criticism of how the rework was going in other posts, my response is: It turned out better than I thought it would., but there is certainly plenty of issues to iron out.
  5. COOP is far too easy to farm the types of achievements in random and ranked games. Any single game, one person could end up with 5 or more of those achievements; completely ruining what makes them "Achievements". Operations are also far too easy to farm achievements as well. It pays better and offers far better XP already, but once someone gets the timing down and has played them enough, they can practically close their eyes and know when and where the enemy will be. The AI's of both are simply too simple and too easy to predict to allow achievements to be farmed from them. Random and Ranked (although Ranked could be easier or harder depending on which achievements you want to farm) are the only things that will award those achievements simply because it is something that is not commonly awarded and is something that you have to overcome to acquire and/or meet the requirements to earn. Killing 5 AI is a walk in the park compared to killing 5 human players. COOP could see such achievements as killing maybe 8 out of twelve AI's (8 of them would be worth one or more of the more expensive flags... maybe the XP or credits flags); I mean, that takes both skill and luck to achieve. Surviving with only 100HP left would be worth something as those AI SOBS are pinpoint accurate with their HE (reward being the fire chance increase flag <either one). Heck, NOT being set on fire even once should be it's own friggin achievement lol (reward being the fire and flooding time reduction flags) Dodging torps could also be a good one... (reward being the flooding chance flags). I don't really see why COOP couldn't (or shouldn't) be allowed to offer some achievements, but the achievements and rewards for Random and Ranked really shouldn't just be given away in COOP.
  6. Levits

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    I'd say that would be a heck of a lot more balanced than having both Bob and Alice on the same team with 10 other players vs. 12 scrubs lol. At least the other team wouldn't have to worry about both Bob and Alice steamrolling them. Bob's skill (whether in 8 games or 1000) would eventually even out. Of course the initial games played would make a huge difference to WR which is why I added the question of "If other stats could be used. (Again, other stats could possibly be used; if possible at all). His total damage output could be used for determining his capabilities. Even if he's facing Alice, if he can dish out the same damage as Alice, he's just as good as her. Maybe not good enough to know how to win a game outright (maybe he doesn't' know that his own ship can take a cap when that's all that he needs to do to win), but enough to cancel out her own damage dealt to his team. Not to ignore the rest of your post though, but as for the MM's waiting time, it would take what it has and go with it. The only difference being maybe a few more seconds for MM to divide the teams up via their stats. If one side ends up with one or two extra scrubs, then that's what happens. But at least it will NOT throw all of them into the same team to get slaughtered.
  7. Levits

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    So, is it possible for MM to see and/or determine a players Win Rate in a specific ship? Not the players overall win rate but that of a individual ship. Or even individual stats in a ship type? If not, then the rest is a waste of time lol. Simply put, a player highly versed in DD's does not mean that they are highly versed in BB's or cruisers. And that goes for each type and of various classes of the various nations. But the individual ship win rates does help MM to see just which ships specifically that player is well versed in. Instead of having 4 great DD players (measurable by WR% of the ship they are on) on one side and then follow up by having 4 crap DD players (again, measurable by their WR%) stuck on the other team, MM could split the difference by having 2 of each on one team. This may not work with divisions though. So, if one division has 3 great players, then individuals of equal, or the nearest, WR% would be picked to oppose them. Point being, MM (if it can even see the WR% of a players specific ship) would not be throwing all of the below 50% WR players on one side while the other gets everyone above 50% players. Even better, it would do so not by a players overall WR (as that shows next to nothing about the possible variables) but by the players specific performance in the ship that they choose at the time. If there is but a single player with a WR% higher than all the rest, well, MM throws him into which ever team. But, in this scenario, you'd never have both great players thrown into the same team as one would have to face off against the other. Could be setup on a Type basis too if there's enough players. Where MM only balances these WR's between the DD's, Cruisers, BB's, and even CV's specifically. Heck, CV's are the most that would be balanced here as you'd not have to worry about getting 2 crap CV players on your team. You know the type, the ones that throws wave upon wave of planes at some AA monster; Meanwhile the other team goes about destroying your DD's first then groups up to take out your CV's. Even after the rework, CV skill is still going to be imbalanced with people not having a clue how to play the things.
  8. Levits

    "Pinked" for Internet outage?

    Hopefully that can help you. Now, being that some computers are different, connections vary, or a multitude of other differences, I'm not sure if you will have trouble with this process or be prone to longer waiting times. Being that I play with a satellite connection and am limited on fast data for my service, after I've used all that data up my speeds drop. Not much of a drop but still [edited] for sure, but it's all I got out here in the sticks. Manually shutting down the program is typically how I've managed to avoid being pink for a very long time. I've had to avoid playing altogether when the weather gets bad; but if/when my connection starts to flip out (sometimes out of nowhere), I will typically rush the enemy and try to do as much damage as possible before I lose connection. Then, either stop playing for the day or wait till the bad weather passes. There was one time (maybe two) where I actually had to perform this process twice. Shutting down the program via the steps I gave you. For some reason, the thing froze... waited a few seconds up to a minute and clicked the screen to make sure. It wasn't acting fast enough and didn't respond so I shut the thing down, started it back up, and then halfway through the load it froze again. Don't' know what caused it (probably something to do with a update) but I had to shut the thing down again and start it back up. Managed to get back in within 7 minutes... which is a rather long friggin time. I don't know if we won that round or not, but luckily, even then, I didn't get turned pink. One of the most important things you can do really to avoid being turned pink is to just damage a enemy ship. Doesn't' really matter how much, just try to hit something and I think that sort of clears you for at least half the game. Either way, hope that helps you if/when your game freezes up. If not... might need to work out something new but that usually "fixes" the majority of my problems.
  9. Levits

    "Pinked" for Internet outage?

    I get those on rare occasions. Here's how to fix it. If the game does not load in press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Go to the Wargaming process and manually shut it down. Start the game back up. Wait for it to load and press Connect. It should then send you straight into battle after a time of loading. If your connection remains unstable, just yolo out of the match. Shoot something, do whatever, and get yourself blown up. The process for loading the game back up and connecting shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. The battle should load in at most 1 or 2 minutes but it's usually easy enough to tell if somethings amiss. In that time, at least the vast majority of games, even fail teams don't collapse that fast. Should give you a chance to move and fire your guns.
  10. Levits

    ship hatred

    Fried Rice, for its tier, is a very solid ship. The primary issue is getting into brawling range (7km) for its secondary build to come into effect. Once brawling, it is basically a one-sided fight against anything not equipped with torpedoes. At tier 8, it's of course going to struggle. Too many long-range ships and the Fried Rice is practically a Bismarck if you want to consider their long-range capability and armor layout. At long-range, the guns are hit or miss. I've deleted a Chapy and several other cruisers of lower tier easy. Citadels galore in it against cruisers. Against BB's, it's entirely up to RNGesus whether or not he blesses you with damage greater than 1000 to 5000 per salvo. It's a very lethal ship to cruisers, but (like the Konig) it's very anti-cruiser oriented with a equally impressive defense against DD's and (for tier 6) very well defended against CV's too thanks to upgrades to make it a secondary build. Quick to respond to controls and the guns reload and turn fast enough to be a serious threat when brawling. But again, getting into that preferred brawling range is where you start to take a lot of damage and of course, no matter how good the thing is in brawling, if you don't have the health for it, you are dead. A lot of people seem to try to play it at mid to long range. But that's not the German flavor. The German flavor in the game is brawling and that is what this ship does best. I much prefer it in Ranked where there were fewer ships to chip away my health. In Scenarios it is positively beastly. In random... it struggles plain and simple. Too many people around to take down its HP so that, by the time you get in close, the odds are stacked against you. If, however, you can get to brawling range with most of your HP intact, you've just about won against any other BB at that tier and can even (potentially) win against tier 8's if you angle and get lucky with RNG.
  11. Levits

    Is there one ship you hate to play?

    Any ship that I'm forced to grind out for 20 whole hours to complete a mission or objective... Might have loved the thing the first 19 hours, but that last hour is always the breaking point. Ranger... has to be the Ranger though; and the only reason why is WG itself.
  12. Levits

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Plenty of cargo vessels out there that could be instantly converted over night (<yeah slightly exaggerated) to house and/or carry military personnel and equipment. Had a job setting up the plywood sheets for some corn shipment down in New Orleans once... think it was heading to China (or some other nation wherever the hell it was going). Those ships are positively massive and that was just one bay. The thing had 3 of them... maybe more. It's been a good long while. A set of spiral staircases led to the "bottom" about (or lookin up from the pit felt like) 5-6... floors (honestly can't really recall other than it was a hell of a ways up there and easily covered 3 or 4 story buildings from where I stood; the bottom however being the first layer of corn though. So, I don't actually know just how deep the thing really went). Layer of corn, plywood, another layer of corn, plywood. It took one night for our crew of 10 to cover the whole area of corn with plywood. But that was just us doing it with nothing like a war for motivation. We got one layer down then headed home. Next layer of corn would be poured and then the next crew behind us would lay another layer of plywood down. Interesting job, but I didn't stick around too long due to that being one hell of a trip with some grueling late-night scheduling. More to the Point: Now, I don't' know the math or dimensions, but I can see quick alterations allowing for thousands of people being housed into a ship like that with just filling those cargo holds with living quarters to get to where those soldiers are going. I mean, I doubt that they'd pack em in there like sardines (yeah they probably would), but if they did, I can see upwards to a easy thousand people each cargo bay if that were the case. So between 2000 to 4000 people per ship of that type. Easily see 100's of tanks fitting into them as well. The only thing that would need to be done is to create layers and a hatch or opening for a crane to reach the lowest level. Would definitely take some heavy crane equipment and time to load the thing but could possibly be done so in a solid days work or two at most. The converting process however would likely take a week maybe depending on how they do the platforms being welded into the bays. Never did a headcount of just how many of those ships were sitting in port, but I know they've got more than ten around the entire US, so at least (per trip) you can get anywhere between 10,000 to 40,000 soldiers shipped to whatever port you need in the event of needing such transports. And... to the point I guess: As far as hypothetical situations go, don't see any reason why any nation in todays warfare would go about transporting personnel via mothballed ships. Not when the air force could shuttle people via aircraft (either from its private stock or conscripting commercial airlines), but if those ships can carry that much corn in them, it would be nothing to do so with people and anything else. I'd say, between the option to bring the old tranports out of mothball OR quickly convert these massive transport ships, I'd choose converting the currently active and ready to go cargo ships instead of trying to fix up the old ones. The idea of "civil" discourse during war is laughable at best. WW3 would be a no-holds-bar fight to the death. Anything that can be used to help the war effort would be used and this includes boarding any cargo ship waving the enemy flag and/or any nation that may be unlucky enough to have its ship near the US at the onset of the war. Good chance that the US wouldn't immediately hijack other ships from nations not directly active in the war, but, I wouldn't be willing to put money on that. <example. the one we were on was different of course and a heck of a lot uglier lol. It could be my imagination, but I think it was also bigger... <kinda what it looked like too. Everything in that cargo hold had cornmeal (aka dust) all over the place... bad day to wear wool sweater...
  13. Levits

    Favorite vs. Best ships

    As far as Favorites and Best go, My favorites are typically the ships that I do the best in. If I don't like a ship, I more often than not play it like crap. T5: Texas. Hands down my favorite. Maybe not my most capable (although I think it might be) but I love the overall defense against CV's at that tier. T6: Currently and new favorite has to be the FriedRice. Was Normandy and/or New Mex (personally I feel that I'm equally capable in both and like them equally); but I'm far more comfortable and capable with this new premium. Cruiser-wise, Dallas is a decent replacement for the Cleveland. Cleveland still beat it when it was there, but Dallas can hold its own and I enjoy it (especially now that it has a camo and qualifies for me keeping it). T7: Lyon was my go-to for wanting to win a match. Unless a line ship ends up with a camo (or specific captain (Hipper)) I don't keep it; as such, I got rid of the Lyon for now. Jervis is my top DD for this tier and I like it and do well in it. T8: Lots of favorites and "best" ships... Benson for certain. North Carolina, Bismarck, Mogami, Chapy… still working on getting all lines to this tier but I've got most of em. Cleveland, no matter what, holds a special place in my heart. It may no longer be my "best" ship, but it is still my "favorite" ship for all the good times I shared with it at tier 6. T9: Options are limited for me here. So far the German BB (yeah yeah I'll get around to memorizing its name one day) is fun. People may say that it's not a good idea to try to brawl in tier9 and 10 games, but it's so far my favorite as far as BB's go. Musashi is the "Best" BB I have for this tier though. My favorite AND best "cruiser" is the Kron. Some people seem to have issues with it, but since game 1, I've been doing very well for myself. Same thing for the Fletcher. Although, being the only tier 9 DD I have, that may be a biased opinion. T10: Only have 2 of them. Des Moines will likely stay one of my favorites for the foreseeable future.
  14. Levits

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    Kept any and all premiums and still collect them even if I don't end up using them. If not for nothing else but to ensure that I don't end up with a reoccurring one in a Super Container. Kept all of the ARP ships as they are now no longer (and will most likely never be) available again. Good decision on my part as that was about 7,500 coal right there. And they have the added benefit of training the scrub commanders I decide to keep around and for scenarios. Kept any and all ships that ended up with permanent camos. This resulted in me buying back a few after getting them through events and such and now I've got a few more than I really need or ever use. But they come in handy for certain grinds from time to time. The vast majority of ships that I personally decided to keep however are all of the tier 8's. Pretty much my favorite tier and list of ships and, at least for that tier, they are nearly all usable for campaigns. I've kept (and use) very few of the tier 9's except for the premium ships. The Fletcher (DD only missions), German BB (for secondary hits missions), and Russian Cruiser (for fires and avoided damage missions) are the only two that I actually like from the line ships; even though I also have the US Hvy Cruiser (forgot the names of them but whatever). I own two tier 10's and that being Des Moines and Gearing. Gearing is lackluster when compared to the Fletcher but the Des Moines is great for anything kind of grinding that involves citadelin' targets. Tier 5: … honestly... if it's not premium, I don't think I've kept one. Kongo is probably one of those that you never forget... might be a bit biased as I've got 5 of the things from the old ARP event, but it's a pretty good ship for that tier. Tier 6 Keepers: Dallas is my choice for cruiser. Even among the selection of heavy cruisers for the whole tier. Personal favorite of the line BB's at this tier goes to New Mexico and Normandy. 12 guns in less turrets and you can pretty well kill anything at a closer range with a single good salvo while long-range being moderately dealt with by more rounds downrange. RNGesus may crap on you, but statically speaking, you put enough rounds out there, at least one will find its mark. Tough call on a DD at this tier though... Many seem to share a couple similarities with the feeling that some just "suck" less than others. Fubuki, simply for the 3 torp turrets it has and range, is one to consider. The British and US DD are another to consider and are just about direct counters to Fubuki if they don't eat a torp during engagement. Tier 7 Keepers: Honestly, I don't really know... A rather odd collection of the most imbalanced ships in the game. Some are op as hell, some are gimmicked to death. Some flatout suck when compared to another of the tier above or below it. My choices are for those that hold their own and up tier better than others. Helena is similar to Myoko and with IFHE melts a lot of things quickly at that tier. Myoko is tough and has some good guns and lots of them. A higher caliber and lower ROF than Helena, but powerful non the less and the AP can more reliably citadel a target at range. Lyon would be my primary choice for keeping a tier 7 BB. No camo for it so I sold it off to the highest bidder. Will say of all the DD's Jervis is one that I wish I had a camo for. Even without it, it's probably my best DD candidate for tier 7 over any of the others; but that's my personal experience with it. Tier 8 Keepers: Cleveland: It's still a beast even if it's got tougher competition. Mogami: Two different gun configurations are just tops for what you want to focus on doing. The 155's are perfect for starting fires and overall damage if/when using IFHE; while the 203's are great for dealing critical damage to other cruisers and even getting some citadel hits in there to boot. Chapy: Has default spotter plane hull or (when upgraded) has radar. Your choice; although the hull does make a difference with HP and rudder response as well. Benson: Comes with two hull variants with one that sports 5 guns (same layout and config as the tier 9 fletcher); while the other has a slight boost to AA potential. Depending on your poison, it can deal with other DD's better or help to fend off aircraft moderately better (still kinda useless which is why I stick with the 5 gun layout). All of that while being an amazing torpedo boat. Bismarck: Brawler extraordinaire with awesome secondary compliment. Fun for close combat knife fighting but sucks at any kinda long-range exchange. Might die trying to yolo into secondary range at tier 10, but I still do. North Carolina: Medium range and can tank all kinds of punishment when angled. Not the best for tier 10 long-range combat, but far better at it than Bismarck.
  15. Levits

    "Pinked" for Internet outage?

    If this was your first offense, send in a report to customer service as that is not how the system works. If this was your second offense, I'd say that that doesn't sound normal. If this is your third offense or more of being AFK through an entire match in a short period of time, the system is likely working as intended. As far as I know, because I've been AFK a handful of times (but stretched over many weeks/months), you don't get flagged for the occasional disconnect.