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  1. Levits

    "Pinked" for Internet outage?

    If this was your first offense, send in a report to customer service as that is not how the system works. If this was your second offense, I'd say that that doesn't sound normal. If this is your third offense or more of being AFK through an entire match in a short period of time, the system is likely working as intended. As far as I know, because I've been AFK a handful of times (but stretched over many weeks/months), you don't get flagged for the occasional disconnect.
  2. Levits

    Warning about Chat bans

    So... what is the shortened (3 or less letters) for Japan? Japan abbreviated 14 JPN Japan Countries, Country, Country names 14 JP Japan Locations, Countries, Country 6 JA Japan Military 6 Jap Japan ^hmmm... 0 .jp Japan However, JPN is more universally "acceptable" by all those who want to be offended for others.
  3. Levits

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    Tier 5: The Japanese cruiser (forgot the name) is pretty "tough" at that tier. Tier 6: Dallas (almost hands down for durability at that tier). Tier 7: I'd go with Myoko for all round "toughness". New Orleans can bow tank well though but most tier 7's have weak sides and can sorta bow tank. Myoko, however, is generally well armored even along the sides for the most part. Tier 8: I'd go with the German Hipper or Japanese Mogami. The Hipper is particularly durable for that tier though if you consider side armor. Tier 9:... tough call. Don't have all of them just yet. German Roon seems like a good contender. Tier 10: Only tier 10 I have is Des Moines. It's tough as nails with bow tanking but again, sides are weak. Hindenburg is typically considered a micro-Battleship. Overall, the German Cruisers at tier 8 and up are probably your best bet for overall durability. Tiers 7 and below are nearly identical; except for the ones I mentioned. But remember, it all depends on how you play them. A Des Moines isn't actually "Squishy" as any shell that can hurt it can hurt any other cruiser. Des Moines does not however have side armor. So, if you are showing your sides, you will be feeling it from everything. But if you point your nose at the enemy and the only thing that's going to do any serious damage is a BB's AP shell (if it doesn't bounce). If you are looking for a more forgiving ship that can take that sort of hit, Yeah, that would be one of the German Hvy Cruisers as they have rather beefy armor and durability at higher tiers. Lower tiers are light cruisers with the York being a rather odd duck. It's armor, in general, is weak; even when bow tanking. But it's got impressive guns... so... get past that and at tier 8 you start getting to the tougher ships.
  4. Disregard this thread. Apparently, After logging out and logging back in, the credits have indeed been properly added to the objective. Suppose this occurs while playing during a server/day reset.
  5. Apparently 300,000 silver did not properly end up in the Objectives. Might be because of the reset, but that 300,000 silver was 100,000 damage worth of work plus several economy flags... Time Stamped to show how much I made and how much is actually accredited. Now that I think about it, I don't know if it's just this one match or all of the ones I've been doing for the Grobe. I could have sworn I earned more than that, but can't recall and don't have any proof so this is the only tangible thing on here.
  6. Levits

    Belle Epoque containers

    no cash needed. finish this last group of objectives and complete the campaign. You get those crates for free. Got 2 weeks to complete this last thing... although that's 24million credits you need to collect from various nations.
  7. Levits

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    So, to break it down: 50,000 silver for 480 of the worst games imaginable (or tier 6 average). Is 160 hours worth of grinding. Good luck... 100,000 silver, let's say 240 (terrible) games. 80 hours worth of grinding (3.3 full days) required for 240 full 20 minute games. 250,000 silver per match, you'd need to play 96 (average) games minimum. 32hours of grinding. 350,000 silver earned per match (about my average for some of my higher tier premiums before flags and premium time is added) that's about 68 games minimum. 22.6 hours of grinding. 500,000- 48 games. 16hours 750,000- 32 games. 10.6hours. (What I expect to make after flags are used). So, at least if you can manage 100,000 silver per match, it is Doable within the timeframe. Then tack on the additional missions/campaign. Figured should be done with the grind in about 5-8 days, giving me another 5 to finish those... Which, at least for the campaign, should be doable in a single day.
  8. Levits

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    If people plan/ed ahead with the collection, they will have at least 2-4 days worth of premium time to use. Hint: Don't open the collection crates immediately and wait till the last objectives open up. Use them then and earn the cash during the premium hours. ...although, it might be a tad bit too late to tell people this. lol Been hording mine and only used a few of the 24h premium time for unlocking and paying off new ships.
  9. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    I was mostly going with the extremes. Figured if the Langley at tier 4 was doing better than the "Best" of the tier 4 BB's, then any other tier 4 BB by comparison is just extra backing. Even the best of the best BB's at that tier (the two I decided to use in that example) don't deal the same average amount of damage as the Langley can in the video witnessed. And I'm pretty sure that there are people, either presently or most certainly in the future, that can best the guy (whatever his name was) that did the video. What actually surprised me more (and by GOD this is NOT a good thing) was the damage that he managed to get in that Video puts him in the top 5% of players when you compare it to the current Langley's average damage output. That same damage total equates to Japanese Hosho's top 10% of the players in the current game. Meaning that they are already overperforming... or that guy is just part of the top 5% Best CV players of all time. These CV's that WG is testing is beyond stupid if you are comparing the numbers of the current CV's (and people think they are OP now) to what is being seen. Hell, that 55,000 of a tier 4 is equivalent to the base average of tier 8 CV's. Although I'd have to go back and rewatch the other two videos in order to compare the reworks damage output with current CV's damage output... will get to it later if someone don't beat me to it.
  10. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    As Kill has pointed out, that is tier 4 CV. DD's, Cruisers, BB's and even CV's doing 55,000 damage is not "Terrible". In a T4 game, that is at the bare minimum of "Damn Good' damage output for that tier. Tier 4 BB damage output: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3764336624,Arizona/ T4 DD damage output: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4185798608,Wakeful/ T4 Cruiser Damage output: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4281251536,Kuma/ And... for a tier 4 CV currently...: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4290754544,Langley/ This is tier 9 DD damage output for comparison to the T4 CV output: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4180555728,Jutland/ This Tier 4 CV is out performing these other ships at the same tier handover fist. Now, I'm not entirely sure, but the I've heard that the Arizona is a "Gud boat". Could be wrong. Don't know, don't have it. But it's average damage output is around the 50,000's range. W. Virginia, again, 50,000. Everything else at that tier... yeah... they are below that. The CV in this match, has gone over their dmg output by 5,000 points and could have been potentially been more. As far as the present setup of the test (and god forbid it go live) the BB's, cruisers, and DD's are all getting nerfs. Their damage output at best is going to remain the same (not go up). So, despite what CV's might manage currently, that Langley in the video is still far and above average, when compared to any other type of ship, in terms of damage potential. Now, if there is some kind of bias in the data I've found, inaccuracy, something I missed, with any of the information I'm providing, then let me know. Preferably something that is not just hearsay or personal opinions but something with some details, links, or backing that I can check out.
  11. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    I'm glad you found this entertaining, although I would have liked it if any of your previous comments had any depth to them or backing; other than your personal feelings on the matter. Oh well, have a good one.
  12. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    "Underpowered" by your words but completely uncontested by any other ship. Not a single one of those targets could do anything (ANYTHING) to stop his attacks from getting through. This is not balanced even in the slightest. Sure, he did "little" damage. But at the end of the day, 55,000 total damage at tier 4 is a lot of friggin HP taken from enemy ships that couldn't do anything at all to stop it. And this is from RNG crapping on him at the start. Everyone can see in the first 5 minutes how he waited for the ships repair team to count down (Hell, he was counting down for it) as he turned to make another pass. Did that ships AA do anything to those planes to protect it? Nope. That AA might as well not even been equipped. He was planning to do the exact same thing I know everyone else is going to do; start a fire with one pass, wait a few seconds for the ship to activate damage control and then make another pass to start a fire after the damage control is used in order to start another fire. 55,000 damage at tier 4 is 1 entire battleship that he could have taken off the board with that ship having NO CHANCE in hell of countering it. Zero. ZIP, Nada. That tier 4 CV wants your Arkansas dead, yer dead; you don't even have the luxury of allies protecting you as their AA isn't going to jack to help you. Now, upgrade to tier 6 and torpedoes, and this is a whole new ballgame. That 55,000 damage also can be translated to the combined HP of 2 1/2 cruisers. Or 5 DD's. He could have easily made a couple thousand more if he'd not attempted to go after the only ship with defense (the CV and its auto fighters). You know why that was boring? Because he was uncontested, every attack went through without anything to stop him. Launch planes, Fly them to target, bomb enemy, bomb enemy, bomb enemy, return to carrier, repeat. No where in there is any concern of being countered. Hell, he had to attack the CV to spice things up. The only time he seemed to actually care that his planes were getting shot at.
  13. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    this is a week ago. Covers most of your concerns there... non of this news is good. completely uncontested at tier 4.
  14. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    Those tier 1-5 ships are going to get blown to pieces of course, but it's not like they had a snowballs chance in hell to begin with even with the current setup. Best thing for them is to simply keep those tiers out of CV matches altogether. Luckily, as per the rework, the CV's do not have torpedo planes at that tier. I think... or so I believe I've heard. Just bombers and rockets. But yeah, if the AA nerf goes to live, those ships have ZERO chance of doing anything to those planes. Although... if I'm again not mistaken, one of them has the catapult fighter consumable right? Which, if that's the case, they have the best AA imaginable with the current settings of the changes planned.
  15. Levits

    Logic and the CV rework

    I was watching the ships. I was watching the planes. I was watching the ships AA and planes interact. You, Me, and everyone else tuning into those videos can see exactly the same thing. AA guns that did nothing to stop a attack. A tier 10 dedicated AA ship (one of two of the most powerful AA ships in the game) was not able to stop the initial attack and only managed to destroy the squadrons follow up attack. But every subsequent squadron that launched was also able to get an initial attack off. There is no "skill" involved that changes what we all witnessed. He flew his planes straight towards those ships and got those attacks off. Unless, somehow, his "skill" gave his planes a massive HP boost or his skill behind the keyboard castrated the AA's damage/range output, then there is a massive imbalance there that should not be. Also... I watched those guys make huge mistakes. Mistakes such as not realizing that the enemy ship was sitting still... Also one such as not lining up their torpedo attacks right. When people start getting more practice in, I guarantee you that there are going to be players that can ensure they get at least one torpedo hit in there. Rockets as I've seen so far are all but impossible to miss with and the bombers have a high degree of accuracy. <Again, as it stands, they are guaranteed at least one attack run before they start losing planes; follow up attacks vary by tier vs tier and ships AA. But even in the Worst case scenario for the CV (being a tier 8 vs a teir 10 AA ship) it is guaranteed at least one attack run. I know I'm asking the impossible, but if you do find a video of a AA guns alone successfully defending a ship or allied ships nearby from a initial attack, send me a link. I don't mind changes that benefit the game, but if WG thinks that nerfing AA across the board and allowing CV's unstoppable attacks to get through is OK... well, that sure sounds like something they'd do... And to clarify, if WG's intention to nerfing the AA is temporary and for testing purposes only, that's all well and good and I am concerned for nothing. But my stance is that a AA dedicated ship (with all of the upgrades and module to boost that AA) should be able to stave off (with a high degree of reliability) attacks against itself and provide a massive deterrent to enemy CV's attempts to attack nearby allies. <something that I did not see in any of the videos provided Or anything from you or other videos that I've looked for to prove otherwise. Assuming, from your suggestion to hop on the testing server, you've tried it? You wouldn't have a video of your own would you?... or would it be "clickbait" as well? Personally, if I was to hop on that test server, I'd probably not be welcomed for long from what I've seen and how vocal my discontent tends to be at times. If I was playing in any of those games in that Montana (with full AA build) and as the tier 8 CV getting attacks off against a tier 10 AA ship, the first words out of my mouth would likely be a string of expletives (choreographed into a song more than likely) before "WG wth are you doing?" WG never should have messed with AA the way they did; (balance it to fit with the new 1 squadron sure) but they had best fix this before they send it to the live server or you can kiss any concept of AA defense and support from your fellow NON-Cv's goodbye. As it stands in the present game, the AA imbalance per ship is perfectly fine as long as the Dedicated AA ships (or those with above average AA) are able to provide some form of defense. As it currently stands, a Dedicated AA ship (US Light Cruisers and the British Mino) should be able to clear any airborne threat coming towards them (especially Themselves) or nearby allies BEFORE that threat has a chance to get an attack off. But now (from what is visually corroborated from those in the test server), no matter what you do to buff your AA (as is evident in the video and not disproven yet) the only thing that can kill those planes off before they get a attack off, are deployable fighters. Which means that you either get rid of your spotter plane and go with fighters, or you will always take a hit from CV attacks. For "Testing purposes" I don't mind WG lowering AA effectiveness, but this had damn well not be what the Live Server ends up with. Otherwise, they are not just changing CV's but everything. The entire game, will change in order to attempt to compensate for the (newly revamped) OP Carriers that are guaranteed to get an attack off even against those dedicated AA ships. And WG's got a long list of wth moments when it comes to decisions on how to properly balance something. Anyways, that's about all I have to say for now on the matter until something concrete is provided and/or the thing goes live. WG, If you are reading any of this, make sure you have these things balanced before you port them over for everyone's sake.