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  1. Let us give them that, because that is what the designs are known for. The whole point of project F51 and V7 is anti-AA ship that can escort large ships in fleet. Well this won't buff the ships too much (in their current state, the torp seems to be terrible, and everything else just so-so), it gives a fun way to spec and use these ships in accordance with historical gimmicks. I mean, if without defensive AA, what is the practical difference of having a score 80 AA or 50 AA, since your AA is not enough to defend yourself neither your allies anyway. Thoughts?

    Torp Manual Drop Indicator Show when Torps Surface?

    I actually have an idea to rework for that. When the plans are too close to the manual drop/attack point, instead of doubling back around, the planes carry out the drop/attack within the closest distance possible (along the line from the current planes position to the drop/attack point (when the mouse is pointing)), pushing forward the actual drop point from where the mouse is to the point on the line so that the planes can attack at that point instead without doubling back around. And the UI will show the drop/attack green prediction pushed forward to the actual dropping point so we know where the drop actually is. I encounter such same problems and find it especially annoying when strifing, because when strifing we almost always need to mess around and because enemy planes are a lot less predictable than ships, I lost a lot of strife fights because of emergent clicking resulting in fighters backing around. So I put some thought into the issue and come up with the idea above. With this solution we will have control over the distance when the planes need to back around, and even when the planes fly over than distance we don't have to worry too much because the manual attack is going to be carried out without backing around, but rather a bit pushed so that the planes have the time to arm for the attack automatically at a minimum distance. I was thinking to post this idea too, but then got a little lazy about explaining and making a graph for it. Also I was quite pessimistic about WG actually implementing the idea (which I think is brilliant, workable, easy-to-use, frustration-saving, and not-a-buff), so that add to the laziness.
  3. As we know, the TB manual drop indicator shows where torps will be DROPED into water, not where torps will SUFACE and BECOME EFFECTIVE. It would be nice if WG can make the change so that the drop indicator shows where the torps surface instead (or show both). We all know that a basic requirement for CV player in this game is to know how far a distance it takes for your torpedoes to surface and be effective, a distance that you leave in advance so that your torps do not go under the target ship. But nowadays when I am torping more and more maneuverable ships, I found that it would be nice to know precisely where my torps would surface, since that 0.1km error of my eyeball estimation is a one-shot life and death matter. In the current state of the game, I can only estimate when surface distance of the torps and that highly limit my control over my planes. If I could know the precise surface place of my torps visually when I am baiting a DD, I could have pushed my skills and control to another level. If you think about it, it's actually something parallel to the currently in-game torp indicator for DDs. When a CV player decide to manual drop TB and the TB is locked in (indicator turns yellow), there's nothing more he/she can do and everything that happens after is automatic. What matters from this point on is where the torps surface and become effective vs where the target ship is at that point. Therefore, nobody cares about where the torps are dropped into water!!! We only cares about where torps surface and we want that to be indicated by the alt drop indicator. Is this a buff for CV? No it is not a buff, it is a change that will allow better use of CV players' skill. It would increase CV performance by a small amount but that can be compensated elsewhere. The argument is, we would rather have a ship of less powerful spec with a smoother and more enjoyable game play, rather than a ship of better spec with imprecise, stupid, and sometime frustrating game play. All being said, WG does not give CVs the love.