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  1. ForgottenEternity

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    well, today classic luancher no longer works and neither the .exe. Im out of this game I guess.
  2. ForgottenEternity

    WGC will haunt me till I die.

    Had the same issue. Tried with the .exe, but the game wont validate your acc credentials. Well, I wass playing a lot less, so maybe this is the final step to leave for good this game.
  3. This game really need some improovement on MM, at least balancing the teams with one stat of the player. Im really playing less and less due the boring matches. 8 out of 10 matches are humilliating STOMPS, wining or loosing, one side or the other. Is it that fun? Just quick games, no more than 5 or 7 mins?. Not for me. And if they want to ppl play more ranked matches, that mode really need a serious SBMM, cuase rankeds right now are a joke, just randoms with less ppl. It its time for WG to focus on gameplay, player experience or this game its gonna keep loosing players.
  4. ForgottenEternity

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Wrong. Mostly of the veterans of NavyFiled , are used to a manual AA mechanics. In that game, you had to control your ship, manually adjust the angle of the cannons, and moove an airplane to spot., if thats is too much for you, well, looks like Age of Empires or starcraft came before your gaming days. WG could implement this, and it will be a win for the gameplay. Could use a module, the leaves the chance to select what you want, Auto AA or manual, so potato players could only be on tunnel vision in main battery only.
  5. ForgottenEternity

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    this will fail so hard, that will proove that spreadsheet worth nothing. WG its falling on the same mistakes than their russian counterpart Gaijing, focusing the game on the grind, ex.: events with grind walls, missions and rewards with grind walls, special upgrades with grindwalls. When the main focus on a game its the grind instead to improove the moments of FUN for the customer(AKA player), its condemned to failure.
  6. ForgottenEternity

    I feel people will be quoting this video a lot in the future

    Hoping to see the complete Italian tech tree before this sub nonsense comes live. Droped NavyField due subs, dont mind to do the same here.
  7. ForgottenEternity

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    I got my first TX at 2500+ battles aprox. You really have to learn a lot, and its a really big grind wall. So, patience and perseverance. This game isnt the most easy and quick to progress, a hard fact is that only a very low % of new players go beyond tier 6 and then, they drop the game for good. So, if you really are a fan of WW2 warships, just be patient, cause this game its a looong loooooong road.
  8. Brazilian ppl surely gonna have a hostess for their own, cause they don speak spanish at all.
  9. ForgottenEternity

    Clan Brawl

    MM wil be mirroing ships too? Dont really specifies on the info.
  10. ForgottenEternity

    People hitting in smoke

    judging for his stats, the thing here is that he mains low tier ships, this issue its a rare thing on >7 or non existant, so wen he goes on the real deals, its ovious, hacks everywhere. I might just wonder if shooting back a concealed crussier behind a insland with spotter will be considered a hack by this guy.
  11. ForgottenEternity

    @Wargaming This is what you need to fix for Carriers

    CVs remooved, and problem solved, but to be fair with the newcomers and the OP, Im gonna suport the fix for the slingshot. It shows how thi design was rushed only to make the game playable on consoles. The only way I see this can be fixed, its making AA manual, and giving to the CV player the ability to control heights on the planes (As it was on NavyField) to dodge, that would make decent surface ship player, more skilled, same for the CV. Now, the spotting from the CV its a game breaking mechanic, it must be limited to 1 or 2 ships, or the balance of low concelment for weaker armor ships must be redesigned. But yeah, I have 0 faith on a decent fix, so, this game isnt for me right now or in the near future.
  12. ForgottenEternity

    Infinite planes wins again

    Got that survey too, left a 1 on that. And im leving a report on every CV player that I got in game, so if player cares about karma, he will play less as a CV, if not, at least tried to improove the gameplay of the game with a ingame tool. And, after spening lot of $$, since the rework, I have not spended a dime on this, and I never will do again. PS: old rts gameplay wasnt replaced by this new one to improove the gamplay or balance. It was implemented to port this game into consoles.
  13. Devs poorly touched the old CV gameplay, cause was a problem with the design at the begining. Then, with this rushed new gameplay (forced to accomplish the port to consoles) the fundamentals got worse, CV isnt a vessel with a defined role. On a very old game, the way that CV worked, was with manual AA on surface ships, and specializations for CV players (DB, TPB or FP). The player had to choose TPB and some fighters, or DB and some fighters (fighters only for scouting) and a only fighter CV.
  14. ForgottenEternity

    The CV Rework is actually good for the game.

    No Air-Air fights, RNG flak, infinite planes, you cant control your vessel, so yeah... cant see upvoting the new CV gameplay when its so fkn bad. Now random games are really boring, worst than before. Now I rather go into rankeds playing aside potatoes on musashis than go into randoms and knowing the result of the game before the game even starts.