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  1. MoeLykit

    Re-unite a Veteran with his Ship.

    I had forseen this when I thought of it, 1. he was wearing a mask and only snatched it off for a second for the Picture, I agree travel etc is not an option this second, I was thinking maybe when Wargaming re-opens the Anchors Away events(if ever) he would be an awesome addition to the team there to talk about that ship. I would start a GoFundMe but I've never done it before and I don't want to be accused of trying to milk this for anything, So I thought it best to put it in Wargaming or another individual with experience making something like this happen, I will happily pay for at least one night for a hotel for him and his Wife.
  2. This is Mr. Needles, he Served on the USS Yorktown, I noticed his Hat and told him about being there for the Anchors Away Event, I shared a few pictures, he said the planes were wrong. He asked to have the pictures because he Hadn't seen it since he Decommisioned her. Can we get a campaign going to Fund a Trip for him and his Wife to tour the Ship? maybe if you go back for another Event?
  3. I'm unclear what Mechanic made this possible other than my shell hitting like at the exact ionstant his ship was deemed out of HP and a Millisecond after the shell that removed that HP, unless HP is fractional and I did less than 1hp dmg so it didn't register. LOL still Funny as hell
  4. I challenge anyone to Beat this for a true unadulterated Kill Steal lmbo
  5. I understand this post is about a penalty that was expected for quitting, but my deal is this. I think that even if you're on the receiving end of a slaughter game and your team is completely steamrolled why not fight it out? Why Quit? it always frustrates me especially at low tier where the economic impact isn't very dramatic why people don't just fight it out. Go out with a Bang, Nose in and charge that lemming train of assured death and go down guns blazing. I can't stand when game is over and 1 cruiser at full health runs to the corner to hide and wait for score or time to end game. You will take an xp hit in a loss regardless but if you turn around and fight it out who knows you might get a detonation pull off a ram torp something who knows. I don't think there is any honor no matter how one sided a game is to just exit to port and wonder if you'll get a penalty. Fight it out till the game is over, you never know what crazy fun moments you might have and its always cooler to start a story with "I remember this time I charged 5 ships alone and took out 2 before they got me" than "We were gonna lose so I just exited to port, hope I don't go pink" Just sayin, Party on!
  6. Like it or Not CV's are in the game to stay, although not popular with the entire community, there are still CV mains and it's only fair they should be allowed to participate in Clan Battles with their ship of choice since everyone else gets to as well.