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  1. MoeLykit

    CV Rework Feedback

    Overall, I think for one thing the Beta testing doesn't last long enough this round was up for what 3-4 days? Give us a real chance to learn and experiment with these things please. I really like the direction, I really like the control and way you can switch between classes of planes rapidly depending on opportunity or threat. the Largest complaint I have is.... DIVE BOMBERS.... could they be given some sort of armor or something? the little heal they get is insignicant on an attack run the fact you have to be so close to the ship to even attempt a strike coupled with how quickly the planes die makes them unuseable. I think changing the duration of the attack run or allowing the targeting bubble to move more with the direction of the attack would be a positive change. Perhaps by pressing W during the attack run the target bubble would move forward and holding S would slow it down etc, using the same engine cooling mechanic could make for the skill gap making sure to have enough cooling to maneuver during your attack run. Besides the squishiness of the Dive bombers I find all other plane types to be just fine and danady and enjoyable to play once you get the hang of the angle of attack and distance from target down. I JUST WANT A LITTLE MORE TIME TO PLAY THESE. Thanks
  2. Coolio I was just making sure it wasn't just me
  3. So I was accepted into Beta test for round 1, and got my login info re-sent for round 2. I am getting a message in game center that there is an update for the test server, but it says "updating the game is unavailable for your account". Do I have to re-install the entire client again? or is this just impatience on my part? I read the news and know that round 2 doesn't start till tomorrow but the message just keeps popping up. I am just curious if this is a do nothing and wait till tomorrow thing or I should pre-emptively re-install test server tonight.