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  1. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    FYI, “not contributing to the game” is a completely false statement. If you look at the people in CVLUL’s win rate in akizuki and kidd they are both way higher than 70%. The reason why this works is because cv is the most influential class in the game. You kill the enemy cv, your team has a major advantage. Not to mention the countless destroyers that try to defend the carrier, sinking in the process.
  2. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Listen, man, cv is very controversial, I see really no point in this entire thread because you already know the reason why people are the way they are. People who hate cv will hate cv (some people are more vocal about it than others), people who don't hate cv will not hate cv (some people are more vocal about it than others).
  3. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Sentiments from an average long time solo player

    I can safely say, that most of what you just said occurs in every single competitive game on the planet. As Meta_Man said, this is a business, not a game, their interests are not your interests. So I really don’t see the point in posting this when it already exists. This is not unique to World or Warships. Btw about the o7, oo7, qq7 thing, we gladly help players anytime. Just sometimes people are afraid to ask us because they will not get the response that they wanted. We do not “use” players at all. We play the game the way we have been doing it for a while. Any player no matter the skill level is always welcome in our community. Edit: community meaning our discord :)
  4. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Aerial torpedoes do not hit after arming.

    Can you please take another look at the video? I would not have made that reaction on stream if I didn't see the green triangles. There is a picture attached if you would like to take a closer look.
  5. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Aerial torpedoes do not hit after arming.

    That is not what I am reporting as a bug. When torps arm you see that little green triangle on top of them. That green triangle was there and they did not do any damage. If they did not arm, fine. But according to that clip those torps armed.
  6. Hello all, I was reviewing my old clips from update 9.5 and I found this one. I was not sure if it as a bug or maybe a user error. Essentially, I was playing Hakuryu and I was attacking a Musashi. You clearly see that the torps in the clip arm, but then proceed to do no damage when they hit the ship. Did this happen to anyone else? https://www.twitch.tv/shayguy_/clip/FaintSolidDragonfruitJonCarnage?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
  7. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    It didn't work 5 years ago. And I have a feeling that somehow it won't work now. Kitakami does not fit into the game since it is a tier 4 cruiser hull in t10. To be completely honest I'm not sure if it has a heal or not. But if it does, it will be the Smolensk of torps. From an objective point of view, this ship is impractical. You can get the concealment of it down to 7.5km-ish and it has a British smoke essentially. Shells from bbs will almost always over-penetrate the citadel because of the Kuma like armor scheme.
  8. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Aircraft Carriers in Clan Battles

    Completely true dude.
  9. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Aircraft Carriers in Clan Battles

    Regardless of me being tired of running it continuously, it does not change the fact that meta was changed beyond my liking. Which is why I created the post in the first place; to give my opinion of CV in CB. And concerning the [Edited] thing, It was a spelling change.
  10. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Aircraft Carriers in Clan Battles

    First off, I would like to point out that this is my opinion of Carriers in Clan Battles. I know that there have been countless posts concerning this topic, but I would like to give my two cents on it as well. Secondly, I would like to point out that I am a relatively experienced carrier player. Personally, as someone who played the Aircraft Carrier this past season for my clan, I really hope they do not add Aircraft Carriers to the competitive setting anymore. Let me explain: Since the beginning of clan battles, the majority of the challenge was guesswork and positioning. DDs provided spotting for their team. Cruisers would be there to flank, crossfire, and hold down positions, and Battleships would be there to try and counter those cruisers. With carriers in clan battles. It really shifts the meta from what I know and love, to something else. This season with the inclusion of carriers, it really shifted from guesswork and positioning, to who can wear the other team down faster. Most if not all teams took DFAA over Hydro. The only ships you really saw at storm-hurricane were Stalingrad, Venezia, Hakuryu, and maybe sometimes a battleship with a Halland. Because every ship took DFAA, it made it really challenging for the carrier. At the same time, It was equally frustrating for the 6 other ships on the team who were on the receiving end of the carrier's strikes. (sidenote: there was a joke going around that the number 25,500 was implanted into any person's mind who were playing Stalingrad/Moskva/Des Moines) I would like to point out that playing destroyer in this past clan battles season, was more of a liability than an advantage. But that is not even the main weapon of the CV this past season. Forgetting what carriers are in Random battles, the spotting ability of the carrier in clan battles is a huge advantage. In a typical clan battles season, if a cruiser makes a mistake, and loses a lot of HP, the cruiser could disengage and heal up. This season, if a cruiser tried to run, it was focused down. So making mistakes were more easily punished. The spotting of the carrier made it impractical to hold a position by an island because dive bombers could do critical damage to a cruiser trying to do that (specifically Stalingrad). Finally, I would like to conclude this post with a suggestion for wargaming. Please don't add carriers into clan battles, and bring back the 8v8 2 battleship clan battles. I think many people can agree that that clan battles season was one of the best.
  11. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit


    I suggest you watch this video from wargaming's YouTube channel. It is really helpful.
  12. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Halland vs Smaland; how similar are they and how different?

    Halland and Smaland are similar in some ways, but different in other ways. Smaland like LoneWolfpj said, has 2 less torps per salvo, and they are slower as well. On Smaland you trade Radar for DFAA, so you are significantly more vulnerable to carriers. But the fact that you have radar changes the way Smaland plays entirely. I play Smaland like a Uss Black. As a dd hunter. While Halland is more of a damage farmer by using its torps on cruisers and battleships. Also, on Halland, you are more about area denial.
  13. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Clan Treasury

    A few days ago it says that our treasury received an allocation of 5,000 coal from an operation that my clan mate did. If we could expand on that it would be awesome. Sorry I forgot to include this in the original message.
  14. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Clan Treasury

    Hi all, Lately I’ve been asked by clan members what the treasury is about, and I have not been able to give them a really good answer. I was just wondering, is it possible to use the treasury. If so, how can I use it? How can my clan receive coal, steel, doubloons?
  15. RussianCVsMadeMeQuit

    Is it true? Does the FDG really have better armor than the GK?

    In some cases yes and in others no. If you look at both armor schemes, you will see that the GK’s nose is almost completely covered in 60mm plating while Fredrick’s isn’t as such. However Fredrick’s deck under the guns is thicker than the GK but it does not make such a significant difference.