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  1. Why is paid server transfers not a thing ?

    Customer Service in two regions would have to manually copy over your entire account. Not practical to offer this service for all players at all times.

    Yeah you now only get 4 groups of fighters, and 5 groups of both DBs and TBs. What a disaster!
  3. clan wars new idea(supremacy)

    You're not the first one to have suggested 9v9 CBs. People with far greater credibility and gravitas have previously argued for 9v9 CBs and have gone nowhere.
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April. 3rd, 2018

    It's not broken or anything imo, but it promotes 20km torp sniping.
  5. WoW Tournaments

    League of the Sea isn't taken seriously on EU lul
  6. Move Kutuzov to Tier7

    yeah let's move a cruiser that can do over 100K avg down to T7. what could go wrong?
  7. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    What are you on about?
  8. Khabarovsk...That Can't be Legit

    You have stealth. Use it. Stop fighting losing battles.
  9. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    You're right, it doesn't address the core issue to T10 CV balance. But it does at least solve the relatively minor problem of Midway having a retardedly huge hangar. That's just low-hanging fruit. This is essentially what WG did and is still doing in WoT: Powercreep everything to 11.
  10. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    You're not narrowing the cap in capabilities; you're just making the Haku bleed slightly slower. At the end of the day, Hakuryu will still have the same 10 planes in the air versus the 14 from the Midway. Problem is, that doesn't actually stop the bleeding because Midway still has an absolute advantage in both striking and air control which is the core of the problem. An actual solution would be to give the Hakuryu the advantage in either air control or striking potential relative to Midway.
  11. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    And I'm telling you your proposed fix doesn't solve anything. It's becoming increasingly evident that you are ignorant of the reasons why Midway is currently so much more powerful than the Hakuryu. Is that why you've played over 4x as much Midway as you've played Haku over the last 90 days?
  12. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    Are you also going to use that same webpage to argue how broken the Shinonome is at T6 now? BTW, good job of not filtering the 2 week stats.
  13. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    You've essentially conceded that the Haku would still have to massively outplay the Midway to win.
  14. Uh please? That extra TB squad isn't a big difference to you? What world do you live in?
  15. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    No it's still a one-sided roflstomp for the Midway as long as Midway has enough ammo for its superior fighters. It doesn't matter how much ammo the Haku gets because it will lose anyway. It doesn't change anything.