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  1. You had enough time to tell your 2 squad to move out of the way
  2. Without any signatories from anyone in the two largest servers, this letter is going straight to the trash bin.
  3. Try speccing for AA next time
  4. Not that this may appease everyone
  5. Good job forgetting to put in some important context for the first two lines. Though the supposed AA changes are still dumb, I don't think you realize what short-range AA is.
  6. Overclubbing in the ASIA server
  7. I'm sure their team will feel that way when they start bleeding ships and HP more rapidly
  8. I don't know about you, but when I see 2 radar bots, I see 2 useless mongoloids who won't fight.
  10. The only times when dropping skills are actually required are when you are targeting highly maneuverable ships, usually DDs. And no, manual dropping BBs is not skill. Pressing the ALT key is not skill. This is not a global rework. This is just a buff to make USN CVs even more braindead. Giving then IJN-like dispersion will make them hit for 15-20K with little setup required.
  11. Manual dropping doesn't take much skill. This is just a straight-up buff.
  12. Well when most people watched SL for the first time they saw triple Benson vapenation... And it's hard to make a second first impression after that. To this day you're allowed to run triple Benson in SL.
  13. Oh cut your crap out and answer the main question: Why should clans that have ZERO competitive experience be allowed to participate in a tournament determining the best clans to send to the showmatch? If you can't provide a convincing answer, then shut your trap and get outta this thread.
  14. What are you smoking? 2x 6TB squads not good enough for you?
  15. <--- First VOD appearing in kami's Twitch VODs