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  1. Wait wait, OUR concerns? Or just YOUR concerns?
  2. When you make an argument about ship balance, you're effectively piting your in-game experience against those of others. If yours is severely lacking as in this case, people can and will call you out on it.
  3. Sure, you go focus on my fighter squads with your 4 squads while my bombers go off to kill one or two ships. (I'm giving you the generous assumption that you even can micro that) See if you can return the favor.
  4. Here are your experts. Now who do you trust more? The 'experts', or the OP who can't play CVs at a decent level?
  5. Did you even run the math yourself? Can you do math in the first place?
  6. No, that's just Aircraft Servicing Expert's effects. *rolls eyes
  7. And even then the T9 Midway fighters STILL have a higher chance of killing a Haku fighter than the other way around in a 1v1 squad click duel. Do you know how game mechanics work?
  8. Oh look an idiot who wants to preserve his OP ship because he keeps getting his [edited]kicked by yours truly. And even then he still gets his [edited]kicked
  9. Midway has stronger fighter squads. Midway has strike potential as devastating as Hakuryu. Do people seriously fail to see the theory or what? This ain't rocket science.
  10. American CV

    It's 2018 and people are still complaining about ships getting buffed.
  11. top 7 XP in a CV in a loss? That's um... not impressive at all. What ticks me off about most carrier players is how bad they are in general. Especially on the NA server.
  12. American CV Nerf/UK CV's

    No, it's not a damn nerf. Yes, most of them still suck.
  13. CVs are still affected by RNG...

    Most of the time your CV loses the air war, it's because he's a [edited] who doesn't understand strafe mechanics and doesn't know how big AA bubbles are.
  14. It used to be that all instances of a module were researched across all ships when said module was researched on one ship, but then WG decided to delink carbon copy modules across all ships. You used to be able to unlock the Furutaka to unlock the old Mutsuki upgraded torps back in the day.