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  1. Buffing the lesser skilled playerbase
  2. face tank a Minotaur
  3. Enterprise is the most idiotproof of the 3. Kaga is the best carry ship of the 3. Saipan is the best at controlling the opposing CV of the 3.
  4. Glue eaters detected
  5. An AA NC can just sail away to make your attack angles worse and force you to lose an entire squad and more just to get your planes around the rear. We're not even factoring any other ships nearby, particularly the ones with high base AA and/or DF.
  6. Sure you can pick any target, as long as the target doesn't have DF and isn't in some kind of AA bubble. And even then you still might not be able to target him. Try targeting an AA NC with Hiryu/Shokaku; it ain't happening. A CV's HP is equivalent to how many planes it still has
  7. You know there's an entire portal article dedicated to oil right?
  8. No, just no.
  9. If you can't recruit a good CV, you don't deserve to top the charts. Period. As a general rule of thumb: If your team is not willing to commit or train the resources needed to win in competitive, it shouldn't win against teams that are willing to commit and train those resources.
  10. He couldn't wait in that game, because there were no cruisers or RN BBs firing HE at that Iowa.
  11. That's why you stack drop?
  12. This is why any decent recruiter will pay attention to other stats such as average tier, as well as stats in ships used in competitive games. You may even be required to pass a trial phase. Don't you dare to think that you can fool a good recruiter by padding in low tiers. It won't work.
  13. Incredibly high strike alpha potential with the double 6TB squads combined with a dearth of good fighter play on the NA server.
  14. Community Contributors don't have any real influence on new ship content.