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  1. It's fun until RN BBs start firing HE at you. Then it's not so fun anymore.
  2. Community Contributers support

    All major video game reviewers get an advance copy of whatever game they want to review. Does that constitute testing? It's a marketing tactic obviously.
  3. Community Contributers support

    Half the people on that list are complete utter nobodies. And CCs are more like press than testers. There are separate testing groups out there.
  4. The one that got crowdfunded for $180M+
  5. Thread Summary: Is meritocracy a good thing?
  6. Remember that these are the same people who say stats don't matter. And everyday these reward ships remind them and everyone else playing this game that they are in fact worse players and that stats do matter to an extent. Give this guy an upvote.
  7. DD vs DD = CV vs CV?

    better players win more often? what a coincidence!
  8. Radar has ruined dd play

    the truth is, it's not even close to the end of the world even if you do get radared as long as you take proper precautions
  9. Wisdom Wednesdays - Commander Air Group

    IJN: Torpedo bombers which hold most of the potential dmg/kill output USN: Torpedo bombers for deleting BBs and AP dive bombers. AP DBs are good for deleting a select few targets from 100% to 0 and are an actual threat to cruisers unlike HE DBs. In the end, AP DBs carry a far larger potential threat than do HE DBs.
  10. Good luck trying to find a case. I AA-spec nearly every ship.
  11. TLDR: "I want bonuses even though I did not participate."
  12. Supertester reward ship idea

    Thanks to them, WG has to awkwardly find some new idea for the Massachusetts model they already made instead of being able to develop a completely different premium ship, focus on game balancing, introduce new content, or a combination of them. But no, we have to have this secondaries USN BB that only has secondaries with 5% fire chance. Are you seriously going to argue that a USN BB with 5% fire chance secondaries and worse main batteries than NC/Alabama is somehow going to be good? And do you understand opportunity cost?
  13. Supertester reward ship idea

    The Alabama fiasco showed us what happens when USN fanboys whine about ST exclusives even though WG would have released another similar premium ship for everyone else. Thanks to them, we're instead gonna get a secondaries-oriented USN premium BB with those terrible 127s and subpar main batteries. Hooray!
  14. Epic Buff to Low Tier CVs?

    Also has DFAA at T6: Any cruiser not called Leander or Perth. Why do people complain about not having enough AA when AA is by far the most increasable stat in the game?