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  1. Stuck in the Middle with You

    Good work Snarg, you seem to have a gift for it.
  2. Not quite a farewell letter...

    Haze grey and under way Godzilla, fair winds and following seas. SIYFH.
  3. New Years Fireworks!

    Nice match bud, wish I was that decent in a DD.
  4. Kill Stealing

    I personally do not care about kills, what matters to me is supporting the team and doing as much as I can to assist in winning. There have been many times on my BB that I did the majority of damage to a ship and a teammate ended them, I thought it was great and moved on. I suppose it is a personal leaning but I say to play for the team, not for the glory. Just my 2 cents is all.
  5. This is why I hate weekends...ugh!

    After getting the TK color from a friendly DD torping me and another BB ( I got angry and nuked him, my bad) I feel your pain, seems like the weekends sometimes bring out the worst. I normally like to play during the week when it just seems a little different.