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  1. Starfleet1701

    Graf Spee

    I know your pain, fire chance is a random thing. I would play my Conqueror and fire nothing but HE the whole match, without causing a fire. Sometimes getting up to 82 shell hits and still no fire.
  2. Starfleet1701

    HMS Renown - Awesome YouTube channel

    Hmm, depends which version of the Renown is represented. The Great war version, a Haha. No. It was so lightly built that it couldn't take the recoil of her own guns.
  3. Starfleet1701

    Azuma vs Alaska

    Japanese made some very ugly vessels; But, well designed though.
  4. Starfleet1701

    Are "ice cream" matches on the up......??

    Looking at the match, nothing's screaming out one sided match.
  5. Starfleet1701

    HMS HOOD: Battlecruiser or Battleship?

    It's a battlecruiser but not a true battlecruiser (true battlecruisers are the vessels built specifically for the battlecruiser's original role)
  6. Starfleet1701


    Yoshiko. Will probably be steel. Since that a 10 and most of the premium 10s are steel.
  7. Starfleet1701

    British CVs WIP

    I'm surprised they don't have the Malta project on it, that would've been all more effective than the "ice flat top". The Maltas would've been the only class of British carriers to come close rivaling the U.S Midway class.
  8. Starfleet1701

    Why Even Play Random Scenario Of The Week?

    More, like a selfish coward. But yeah I hear ya.
  9. Starfleet1701

    Yoshino (Tier 10 Azuma) speculation thread

    Which said Azuma would down tired ,as I said, and something else will be taking its place.
  10. The Casere is a little strong at her tier, currently. It would be interesting to see how she operates as a 6.
  11. Starfleet1701

    Random BB gun fire sounds. Bug.

    Well its good to know I'm not the only one. Yeah it is annoying but its not a huge problem
  12. I've been playing a couple of matches and been hearing in game, random battleship gunfire sounds. Tested: multiple times, even in a cruiser and all the battleships are down. Critical of issue: very minor. I unfortunately can't provide photos, cause it wouldn't do much good. I don't know how to access replays.
  13. Starfleet1701

    Yoshino (Tier 10 Azuma) speculation thread

    Also The Azuma has been down tiered to 9.
  14. Too be fair, the Italians do have a lot of tiers that would filled with paper designs. Also, Paper designs are not fake.
  15. Starfleet1701

    When will Nelson go and will it be replaced?

    I also questioned this, to. I thought the Nelson would probably go, bye bye, before Musashi. That's, obviously not the case. I honestly still don't know if it will be switched out with anything.