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  1. Starfleet1701

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    There aren't any designs for Canadian carriers all their carriers are hand-me-downs. As for BBs they didn't have any. I believe there were plans for the British to give them a hand-me-down. As for a line. There wouldn't be for 2 reasons. 1. There's aren't enough for a entire line, I'm including paper designs. In my book if its based on a design then it's "real". 2. Canada would be in the Commonwealth, not independent. Now for premiums sure there would be more than enough. Also I've been here in the game since 2014
  2. Starfleet1701

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    Canadian carriers from my understanding they weren't anything spectacular, were classified as light carriers. Wouldn't be enough for an entire line. Besides these things are basically British hand-me-downs. You could use one as a premium though.
  3. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I've seen alot of cruisers rendering any battleship helpless. happens to me all the time. One shoting of cruisers dont happen that often unless the player is being stupid. I.E flashing sides.
  4. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Actually the Tillman 1 looks to be the Vermont just with 18s instead of the 16s. The Vermont has 3 funnels and so does Tillman 1. If we are correct that would mean WG indeed had a typo. Because none of the Tillmans had, by no means "light armor".
  5. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Given that U.S Standards were supposed to have an emphasis on heavy armor and heavy firepower sacrificing speed, that would make sense. But given what they said with these desgins they have it doesnt seem to add up with the U.S Standards. But who knows maybe they worded it wrong.
  6. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Its acutally one of the preliminary desgins of the NC.
  7. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Not to mention the light armor and shotgun like accuracy. That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. You cant have ship with shotgun like accuracy and light armor, its not going to surrvive or do anything useful it would just be a liability than an asset. They probably worded this wrong. Because all of those things added together make these things very hard to use and no point in going down.
  8. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I'm also reletivley concerned about the sub-branch to. Maybe they meant heavy armor, because light armor with very low speed, doesnt seem to make alot of sense. Plus it has a high hit point pool also, so that doesnt seem add up right with the "light armor" idea.
  9. Starfleet1701

    Axis vs allies team Matchmaker Proposal

    This was suggested multiple times in the past. But, I'd be down for this. My clan did a few these in training rooms it was fun. But it would be nice to see an actual game mode for this. Also, during the Great War the two sides were called the Entente (commonly known as the allies) and the Central Powers.
  10. Starfleet1701

    The ROI on Coop Games

    I see your point I do believe Coop should get a slight increase to credits earned in the matches. Of course shouldn't be up to par with Randoms but, a slight increase to credits isn't a bad idea. You have to add in servicing costs. It kind of makes Coops not very profitable actually you would sometimes lose credits instead if a gain.
  11. Starfleet1701

    How do I know what caliber gun I have in inches?

    The game is very arcady, so the game has different mechanics. I know Yamato has 18.1 inch that's why I said 460mm. but That's basically 18 inch. also 357? that's not 18 inch dude.
  12. Starfleet1701

    How do I know what caliber gun I have in inches?

    Easy, open up Google and do the conversion there. For reference here's this 406 and 410mm (the Japanese follow a different measurement system): 16 inch 457-460mm (again the Japanese followed a different measurement system, so this why the Yamato has 460, but it's basically same size): 18 inch 305-310mm: 12 inch 356mm: 14 inch 380mm: 15 inch
  13. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Trust me the Graf Zeppelin is far superior to the entire German flattop line. However with the new changes let's see how that goes.
  14. Starfleet1701

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    It takes them a long time for them to make a model let alone an entire line. Paiteince.