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  1. Starfleet1701

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Mon Mothma is a character in Star wars. Actually a female, character who's the leader of the Rebel Alliance.
  2. Starfleet1701

    Conqueror's gun new sounds

    Now the Conqueror no longer has the 18 inch option. I use the Conqueror after the update expecting the gun sounds to be similar to Montana, now. Or the same as before the update. Nope, now I got Yamato gun sounds on the Conqueror's 16.5 inch guns. I don't mind the Yamato gun sounds for the guns on it. But just was surprised.
  3. Starfleet1701

    8.8 Patch Notes

    They're trying to put up a surprise birthday party. In all seriousness though, they did say this update is bigger than usual. And the update going live on Monday is unusual for sure. So, be patient ladies and gents
  4. Starfleet1701

    Premium Shop Price Decreases

    It looks like to me its just a mere experiment. They chose some items to have a discount than others not. It looks like their just experimenting with the idea. With time We'll probably see a bigger discounted prices.
  5. Starfleet1701

    Future possible steel or coal Premium X IJN BB

    Ohio is a Montana essentially. Its basically a 2nd Montana. For the Shiano it would be a 3rd Yamato. But as for abilities idk. What kind of abilities you think it should have?
  6. Starfleet1701

    Future possible steel or coal Premium X IJN BB

    It would be cool. I'd prefer to see it as a Carrier. Also, with Yamato and Musashi in game, I doubt WG will put a 3rd vessel (of the same class in the game) If they were to add it. What would make it different from Musashi and Yamato?
  7. Starfleet1701

    US BB California doubloons price

    I wonder where does the source get the information from?
  8. Starfleet1701

    The armor of the Nagato class battleship

    It's probably a glitch or some kind of bug. I would say report it in a ticket.
  9. Having Nevada as an alternate tier line vessel, is something that I would be all in for. But as a premium? No, it's just too similar to others. So, I agree with everyone else about that.
  10. Starfleet1701

    Jet planes on carriers

    They removed long before you started playing the game, friend.
  11. Starfleet1701

    My 19 point captain has been kidnapped!

    WG is holding him for ransom. Have you made your monthly payment dues to them?
  12. Starfleet1701

    Debate: Which is the best T4 BB?

    Is battleship Bacon an option?
  13. Starfleet1701

    Tier by Year

    I also dont get this either. I mean the title sounded interesting.l, but as I read. The Author's argument is kind of flawed and don't really quite understand it. That being said. I'm out.
  14. Starfleet1701

    German CV Tree

    Problem is you'd use alot of paper designs for carriers for Germany.
  15. Starfleet1701

    ASW armaments

    There's also Hedgehogs and squid mortars, (that was just the nickname for the weapon, so go head laugh). Anyway. Hedgehogs were essentially mortars that fired dozens of projectiles to, sink or force a sub to surface. It was an extremely effective weapon. These projectiles don't have to directly hit the sub to damage it. Same goes for regular depth charges. Just get explode near them, will do damage. A Squid mortar fired a couple of rather big projectiles.