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  1. Starfleet1701

    US premium CV’s?

    An idea of using B26s in game has been around since Alpha. problem is that B26s coudnt land once launched so, it would just be one use thing
  2. Starfleet1701

    Buff the Minnesota

    I'm kind of with you, my experiences in the Minnesota is definitely not positive
  3. Starfleet1701

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    Not really true... but whatever you say.
  4. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    Then why not name her Wake Island? It is a territory and there was a major battle there as well.
  5. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    I get what they're trying to do, and do appreciate some spotlight given on that. But Personally I disagree with their name choice. Due to ships of her type were named after territories not government entities. Also this game is based on the 2nd world war era. I understand it's a vessel that was never constructed. However it is based on the Alaska, which, in turn, is named after a territory. Therefore the vessel should be named after a territory.
  6. Starfleet1701

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    I Question the name "Congress". Because the U.S named ships of her type after territories. So, why not name her like: Somoa, Guam, Panama (which was a territory back then), Philippines (was also a territory back then), Wake Island, Hawaii. I mean those names are a lot more fitting for it than "Congress". As for the Dutch, well I do appreciate De Ruyter given some spotlight. The others look good, but they do sort of remind me of scaled down battleships. Like the British heavy cruiser line. Speaking of which, with this line this just made the British heavy cruisers power crept. The special ability I'm not really sure about, sure they were designed to operate in the Pacific, but it wasn't like they had complete air cover. We'll have to see how they do after all it's in preliminary stages.
  7. Starfleet1701

    Armada: Habakkuk

    I think one of the biggest hints was the cost, it said 10k doubloons for a tier 10 carrier. Tier 8 cruisers cost around 11k doubloons. For me, I just so happened to have 12k doubloons lying around so I was like eh...why not. So, I was fooled by this to. I thought it was funny nice joke.
  8. Starfleet1701

    RAPTOR Operation BUG

    What I'm saying what happened when I Submitted mine, just trying help you.
  9. Starfleet1701

    RAPTOR Operation BUG

    Maybe WG support was right, in my case perhaps someone did collided with Raptor, or they could wrong, I don't know. The best I can say is submit a ticket let them know of the problem you ran into. Show some videos and review those yourself before submitting it. So, you can make a definitive conclusion.
  10. Starfleet1701

    RAPTOR Operation BUG

    When I reported the issue I submitted, they said it was one of my teammates ran into Raptor that cause it to start bugging. So, just double check make no one did run into Raptor. If no one did, then report it.
  11. Starfleet1701

    "Standard" heavy cruiser build now

    I would definitely run Concealment Expert, the skill that increases fire chance. The turret traverse skill, but it really depends on the cruiser you're taking though.
  12. Starfleet1701

    "Standard" heavy cruiser build now

    You're referring to the heavy cruisers that are armed with anything ranging from 180-234 mm right?
  13. Starfleet1701

    RAPTOR Operation BUG

    I had a similar issue, did you run into Raptor before it got stuck?
  14. You've clearly put alot of thought to this so +1 for that (; However, I'm confused though is this line supposed to be cruisers a part of a cruiser split? becouse you called them battleship cruisers ( which yes there was indeed studies like that so you're correct on that) but some of them have 16 inch guns. If they're cruisers these things have some pretty thick armor for a cruiser. If they are supposed to be battleships a part of a battleship line, then the 5 inch belt armor for the lower tier ones is way too thin for a battleship in this game, granted they're supposed to be fast but a 5 inch belt for battleship wont last that will die real quick. Overall though I like your glass cannon idea. Just a little confused on how would they fit in this game, as a cruiser with extreamly large guns or a battleship with extreamly thin armor and high speed? I'm thinking these guys would die way too quickly if their battleships especially with CVs around, you said they're supposed to have poor AA, yeah those wont last
  15. Starfleet1701

    Update 0.10.1 - Bug Reports

    I've had similar issues today also. It's been pretty laggy