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  1. Starfleet1701

    How to play Alaska?

    Alaska is fun. She's a cruiser not a battleship. She walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck. But She's not a duck. Really She's basically a kitting cruiser. I would take Expert Loader, since you will be switching ammunition alot. HE is the ammunition you will be using more often, but when a cruiser or even a battleship opens themselves up to you. Just remind them that you still got 12-inch guns.
  2. Starfleet1701

    Puerto Rico Versus Subs...

    Renacted what Dreadnought did only except with a cruiser well done. I had troubles fighting subs in Puerto Rico.
  3. Starfleet1701

    Giant clocks on French ship superstructures

    How else can they know when the baguettes are done in the oven?
  4. Starfleet1701

    Royal Navy BB Split Announced

    Better deck than Hood, you planing on giving for the line? You saying they should platting thicker than 51mm? Because that's the thickness of the deck for Hood. Coincidentally the Incomparable also has 51mm deck to. Although overall speaking Hood does have better armor than Incomparable at tier 10.
  5. Starfleet1701

    Is Incomparable a T10 Georgia?

    She's more soft than Georgia, doesn't have the secondaries and slightly bigger guns which means she can overmatch 32mm plating. Unlike Georgia.
  6. Starfleet1701

    Royal Navy BB Split Announced

    I would switch out the tier 4 Indefatigable isn't really an improvement over Invincible, I'd put Lion class there instead. Since the name Lion, is already used I would use the name Princess Royal, since it was part of the Lion class. For Tiger tier 5 that's fine it fits great at the tier. Tier 6: Renown fits great here. So, no need to make changes. Tier 7 I would use refit Hood for that tier, reason for it is because Courageous is massively weaker than Renown therefore doesn't fit there. For tier 8: I would use J3. J3 would've used 3x3 15 inch guns, armor 13 inches. But overall it would've been similar to Hood even would've had the same armor layout as the Admirals. Tier 9 is fine G3 works great there. Tier 10. N3 is a battleship not a battlecruiser therefore I think K2 or K3 would fit here instead. K2: 2x4 18-inch guns, K3 3x3 18-inch guns. Armor would've been the same as the G3s Here's a picture of K2, K3 and J3
  7. Starfleet1701

    USN fast BB or battlecruiser tier X

    30mm seems fair. I think 60 is a bit much on the deck, so, maybe 50? Vermont has 51 but it depends on if you want it to have better deck than Vermont or little worse than Vermont but better than the older battleships. As for guns, I'd give the guns super-heavy shells and then standard HE shells but U.S battleships get.
  8. Starfleet1701

    The new premium tier 10: Incompatible

    Can we arm this thing with 80 Phaser arrays and give it shields and oh how about giving it a warp drive to.
  9. Starfleet1701

    USN fast BB or battlecruiser tier X

    You're proposing a better protected Iowa, 32mm is the norm for tiers 8-10 battleships. Of course some ships have thicker patch over stern and bow. But the standard is 32. You're asking to increase the standard on these to 36mm? This means that nothing in the game can overmatch it. The consomables you have on here is an intresting Idea. Overall its intriguing
  10. Starfleet1701

    T5 EU BB ... Viribus Unitis --- MYSTERY GUNS!

    The Tegetthoff Class (AKA Viribus Unitis) had a tertiary armament 15 7cm Skoda L50 K10 guns, which means it has 15 70mm guns. Therefore Sabot is correct, they are indeed 70mm guns or 2.7 inch (3 inch). 70mm is below what WG considers as a secondery or tertiary armament.
  11. Starfleet1701

    Finland Battleships??

    They wouldn't have very good HP either, it would relatively small. Also, it's armor is a pathetic 2 inch armor belt, Omaha has better armor than this thing does. 2 inch belt would mean anything with a 4 inch or bigger gun can citadel with no problem. Therefore, destroyers would be enough to citadel it. Battleships would just one shot it.
  12. Starfleet1701

    Friendly fire needs to be turned back ON !.

    I 100% agree with Devil. Friendly fire needs to be turned back on.
  13. Starfleet1701

    Community Calendar: September 2021

    For Me It said Euros
  14. Starfleet1701

    Community Calendar: September 2021

    Just a quick question, when I was looking at the article in the Gallant offer. The price tag is 17.28 Euros, Is this offer uniquely in Euros?
  15. Starfleet1701

    US premium CV’s?

    An idea of using B26s in game has been around since Alpha. problem is that B26s coudnt land once launched so, it would just be one use thing