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  1. It hasn't been really covered but the type of rushing in that drives me nuts is when we are winning 8 ships to 5 and we have 3 out of 4 caps. My team will start rushing the last 5 ships one by one turning the odds from 8 to 5 to a 3 to 5 game no longer in our favor just chasing damage or trying to secure a cap we didn't need to win.
  2. Does anyone play Arms Race?

    I haven't tried it but it takes everything you know about a ship and throws it out the window with power ups. This is why I probably won't ever play it. I like World of Warships because each match you need to assess the ship matchups and decide whether you have the advantage or are at a disadvantage. This tells me whether I should push or kite away in each situation in the game.
  3. Impossible but true

    If the 3 torps all hit the same section like the bow damage saturation comes into play. You can only do so much damage to a part of a ship.
  4. It's totally incorrect way of using the phrase. Are the salty players pretending to be remorseful? No they are attacking people. There was nothing salty about what I did it was actual justified criticism. I didn't attack the person just pointed out their error. I think now you can see sometimes constructive criticism is mistaken for salt. What is salt to some sometimes is just an attempt to educate someone. In-game try to consider how it's being delivered to you. I know I have had chat help me save many games because a person spotted something I did not.
  5. While I agree that saltiness needs to stop the phrase "Crocodile tears" doesn't belong here. It's a phrase meaning to pretend to be remorseful while not feeling that way. Crocodiles have glands just like humans to keep the eyes moist. Sometimes these glands activate while a croc is eating giving the illusion that it is sad for killing while this is not the case at all.
  6. I did get my "Badge of Glory" done on a detonation.
  7. I welcome our coop brethren. They enjoy a more relaxed mode of play but that doesn't mean they don't have a clue of what is going on. Coop does play different from randoms but I'm sure they will do just fine and may be surprised by how well they do do against other people. Many play coop to avoid salt and not because they are bad.
  8. Today was horrendous for me. I had matches where the DDs either sailed behind the BBs, suicided right away or hid behind islands. The Boise was my go to boat for wins in the past but today nine losses in a row.
  9. Dev Diary and BB protection

    Line of sight is line of site. You are right about eye level though. Which has higher viewing areas a BB or a DD. A BB may be able to see a CC cutter from 20 miles and the cutter will see the BB at the same time but who can begin firing first. There is no magic involved it deals with the curvature of the earth. Lookouts are placed higher up on a ship to increase it's view.
  10. Dev Diary and BB protection

    No getting to the point is important. RN DDs are great at vision. That's what their reduced smoke times are for to get them spotting again and not be static.
  11. Dev Diary and BB protection

    So out of all that which I didn't bother reading, subs are a done deal and are going live in randoms soon. You just muddy the waters with misdirection of paragraphs of useless bias info that is based on gut feelings. Skimming what you wrote your saying DDs are poor at spotting. LOL The whole spotting mechanic is just a made up mechanic for the game. Anyone who has actually served in the navy knows that if you can see a BB it can see you on the ocean. DDs through game mechanics already are the best at spotting and do the least amount of damage.
  12. Dev Diary and BB protection

    So no facts just a feeling? You do realize DDs don't do as much damage already as the other classes. It's the whole argument of the DD Mafia on why they need to be buffed. They ignore that DDs are what allows the other classes to really bring the pain while DDs punish static play like sitting in smoke or sitting still and sniping from the back.
  13. Dev Diary and BB protection

    And subs are coming when? Last I heard is they are for the halloween event and WG may look into adding them if they can be balanced.
  14. Dev Diary and BB protection

    It wasn't well thought out, it was just a short novela on why the most represented naval ship in the navy shouldn't be in a warship in game. You ignore facts like actual hit rates of BBs which have been altered to make them fun to play. I admit I just stopped reading it when you suggested making them NPCs. The same could be said for the other classes. Want to carpet an area with shell fire call a BB and cruiser strike. Wow what a great idea. The game needs a variety. Removing DDs limits variety how is this good for any game. I spend just as much time on the forums combatting the DD mafia over many of their bad ideas but yours is truly a incredibly bad idea.
  15. Dev Diary and BB protection

    You're a troll. I already stated I'm the vision for my team to do damage.