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  1. Mainerd

    Why you will never get Missouri

    This made me laugh out loud, thank you. You do realize digital items take up no shelf space so there is no old inventory to move. You should have said it's what they use to hit yearly projected sales and that would make sense.
  2. Mainerd

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Why would I do that? You want me to devalue my self worth by helping you get a ship that I own. By doing as you suggest I will no longer feel special as I load into a battle in my Missouri. My stats in the ship don't matter just the fact I own it and you don't makes me better than you increasing my feeling of self worth. In all honesty I could care less about the ship and if they sell it again. I do feel bummed by those who didn't get it, but WG has taken a few ships and taken them out of circulation create the mythic glory that is the type 59. These ships and the others that they rope off saying they are OP will allow them to have strong Santa crate sales in the future.
  3. And gave a 14 day time limit.
  4. I think at least one achievement should be allowed in coop and that's "Detonation". It's a bad luck achievement and I don't think it cheapens in anyway whether you earned it in PvP or coop. It just signifies in a Chris Tucker voice from the movie "Friday" "You got blowed the @#%& up man".
  5. Mainerd

    Steel snowflake silver lining

    They would sell the tier X after they blew the snowflake off it then buy the tier IX and blow the snowflake off it then the tier VIII and blow the snow flake off it getting a total of 400 steel. I think that is how it will work.
  6. Mainerd

    Just opened x80 mega crates

    Why would the NdJ be a port queen? It's a great ship and if they ever release a Pan-American line you'd have a 19 point captain for it.
  7. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    Admiral I very rarely use my smoke for myself in both game modes. I'm just a team player. Learning how to dodge is a skill that works in both game modes. At the end of the match your still alive and have 1,000,000 hps of potential damage shot at you that's damage you kept from hitting your allies. I guess I could promote selfish play or play that works in both modes of play.
  8. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    That's not true anymore. Bots will turn and slam on the brakes to avoid torps. I think many bots are better torp dodgers than players.
  9. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    I do just fine in coop however I see lots of bad DD players in coop and randoms. It's why I started playing DDs and I went from a 50% winrate player to a 52% winrate player in just a couple of months. In a DD I don't do things that actively hurt and handicap my team.
  10. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    What part of it isn't true Admiral? I've had many matches in random and coop where a DD will smoke a gap between two islands then just sit in it's smoke thinking they are doing great job. In coop it's easier to recover because you know to get ready to kite the ships that will charge the DD. The DD complains in both game modes about no support but they have made it impossible to support them and to only prepare to play defensively upon their death. I randoms enemy DDs will torp the smoke while sailing wide to spot behind it giving vision to their team and usually a victory in the match.
  11. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    Yes it does. If you're not spotting anything then they don't even get a chance to shoot. If they play like muppets and charge into bot torps you still can kite your way to a coop victory. Whining about coop players not shooting is just silly bots die fast in coop. DDs are a class that can influence the battle most behind CVs. A DD can smoke in the wrong area and blind its whole flank causing it to fail. If your throwing your ship away by spotting then you need to learn how to spot correctly and the proper use of WASD. Using the WASD hack is about timing the use of it and not just mashing them as fast as possible. I love watching enemy DDs do that in randoms as all they are doing is slowing their ship down while still sailing in a straight line. It's about fulfilling roles in a team game but by all means keep just playing for yourself and stay in coop where the other 6 players can support your bad playing easier than in randoms.
  12. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    See my post on kiting. You move up just to get the spot on rushing DDs so your cruisers can help kill them if you want lay smoke for your cruisers. Now the rest of the bots are chasing you making your torps very useful as the bots sail into them. I've been in so many coop games where player DDs smoke and don't realize they just blinded their team and spam the I need a intelligence report key. I just shake my head angle away and wait for them to die and kite the ships that drive through their smoke.
  13. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    They are also very dead when they sit in their smoke. Coop is a great place to learn how to kite which is a great solo skill and it still provides vision for your team and teaches you the right timing on dodging incoming fire. Just mashing WASD won't save you if they are not well timed. Learn to dodge bots and you'll really piss people off in PvP.
  14. Mainerd

    DD's in coops

    I've seen lots of bad DD players in coop. They smoke up blind their team sit in the smoke waiting to be proximity spotted send out their torps and miss while eating bot torps. Now I'm not sure if they're just trolling or they are that bad but even in coop a DDs job is to be the eyes of the team. As far as guarding the slot that's on the BB. He should know half the bots come through the slot and his guns are too slow to kill them all before they torp him. Positioning is so important in this game and it's on him to read the map and assess the situation and not for you to babysit him.