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  1. That's what I think also. Looks great for DD hunting in PvP but just no surge damage for PvE though.
  2. Mainerd

    Update is poorly thought out

    It does when Pappy wants them removed. DDs were the most common warship and they were very hardcore. Not to have them represented would be silly.
  3. Mainerd

    Update is poorly thought out

    DDs are the workhorses of the navy. Invisfiring wasn't nerfed just because of DDs or they would have never changed smoke mechanics. Saying they aren't real warships really pays honor to the courageous DD sailors of Taffy 3 and my father who served aboard the USS Benson in WWII. I understand you wanting to defend CVs but claiming DDs aren't hardcore warships is just silly.
  4. Yes Wolf I got it in the first bundle with the Loyang camo. I was pretty stoked over the Loyang camo and didn't bother reading the second bundle so I was bummed when it was only 9 crates but it did give me the rest of the camos which I wanted. I used to like the real camos but lately I have been enjoying the wild and crazy ones. I think the Irian one is cool looking but a little subdued compared to the other 3.
  5. Okay if you own the Irian you will get 11.5k doubloons from the 3rd package? Asking because I don't see that info anywhere and I did buy the first and second packages but I can't justify 8888 doubloons for the third package just for the commander and 3 crates. Oh yeah don't forget the flag that'll never see a ship because my veteran flag has stats on it. Never mind I saw in a different thread that Dabears received 11.5k doubloons.
  6. Gotta love this post. Lloyd Bridges did a great job in the movie "Airplane".
  7. Mainerd


    You just misunderstood how they were going to deal out the FXP. You get the FXP given to you for the CVs you earned before the update plus they also gave you the CVs you had earned in their new form for free as they installed the update. So a complete win for the player. What you want is to try them now after the update and make your choice that wasn't a option for receiving FXP. They didn't do it for the British DDs or the French BBs so why should they do it for the CVs if you didn't own them before the update? Okay I see your problem is you sold them and want to buy them back but can't. Why did you sell them to begin with?
  8. Mainerd

    WG please bring back right click

    My post was pretty salty because I feel pretty salty at WG. Your post however shows you don't understand how the new mechanics work. It doesn't matter if a fighter is taking 74 DPM if it's in your AA bubble because every single plane that is within your AA bubble is going to take 74 DPM whether it's 1 or 4. So there is no way your AA gunners can be distracted since there are no gunners just magical hemispheres of damage one on the port and the other on the starboard.
  9. Mainerd

    WG please bring back right click

    I also think they should bring back the right clicking on planes. It could be a number that is kept track of on your profile next to your karma score. One shows how well liked you are and the other showing how adept you are at ctrl+right clicking on aircraft. As others have said now that a CV has only one flight and AA is a area effect bubble it seems odd to have to prioritize them other than a placebo effect.
  10. Mainerd

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    I know yesterday morning I felt bad trying to blow off my snowflakes in coop. I had 3 matches where it was just me vs the bots the last one I finally won. Other matches that were tough was where it was just two CVs vs the bots. I even went up in karma though. I think it was for warning my teammates that I was going to suck so play safe. I gave out quite a bit of positive karma yesterday to teammates that carried me and am here to say " Thank you and enjoy your karma"
  11. There was no radar buff. I bet no matter what they do to it you'll say it's a buff unless they remove it completely. Whining that BBs still don't need to switch ammo is a joke. If you think a BB is going to wait 30 seconds to shoot at you when it already has barrels loaded with AP you're living in a fantasy land. You claim a nerf to flooding but it's still being worked on and it does sound like less damage but you're allowed to stack 2 floods on a ship. I'm pretty sure the rework to flooding is indirectly affecting DDs because of the CV rework and not the workings of a secret cabal out to get DDs at WG. I bet you think the nerf to concealment is also a nerf to DDs even though they weren't affected by it and benefit from it. I guess all the buffs the Cossack got don't count. I was working up all the DD lines and made it to tier 8 in all of them then the snowflakes arrived and I took a break from them to grind snowflakes. I find DDs just fine and in my tier 8 DDs most of my games have been tier 10 matches so I'm very familiar with radar. My problem hasn't been radar it's been getting to aggressive toward higher tier DDs. Granted I'm not a card carrying member of the DD Mafia like you but I feel DDs are in a good spot. I do think the Le Terrible needs to be looked at and given a choice between a heal and smoke but that's just my opinion.
  12. Mainerd

    Karma.... kind of [edited]

    I kind of agree. It would be nice to have a record of which match you got your negative or positive in so you could figure it out for yourself. I know I really don't want to read the reason why because most would be trollish in nature rather than helpful. I jumped to the conclusion of seal clubbing since 1/3 of your games are in the Murmansk. I am very impressed with your 2 Solo Warrior achievements it's a achievement I hope to get one day. DD play is where it is probably happening because I know I'm very critical of DDs. I'll neg a DD that smokes the second they are spotted and just sits in their smoke till they die to the torp soup. During the match I'll tell them to leave their smoke and then when they die I do get negative by stating "Gee who could have saw that was going to happen". A DD following my Boise/NdJ toward the cap rather than leading the way may receive a negative also. I also will neg BBs that sail past the islands on the map where there are the signs showing no BBs past this point if the game ends in a loss. A few months back I had a hard time with karma I only had about 13 karma but playing DDs and being positive and active in chat has boosted my karma. Many times I receive karma after I die because I'm watching the match and remarking in a positive way after my death rather than accusing my teammates. DDs allow you to farm karma if you play them with teamplay approach like screening, smoking your teams cruisers and spotting for them as they pour on the damage. Just the other day I received a kraken in a heavy carry with my Boise/NdJ. I had over 2300 base exp the next highest player on our team was a Kamikaze with 1300 base exp. I didn't receive any karma that match because I was too busy to type but I gave karma to the Kamikaze player because he smoked me and was playing for the team. He helped me have a great game. Like I said karma is about how other players feel about you. It is linked to your skills though in that if you don't play for the team then it's hard to earn it. A DD is very important and if you play it poorly you just ruined the match or atleast made it even more difficult for your teammates to do well so expect the negs to pour in.
  13. Mainerd

    Asashio or bust?

    I still stand by how I play it. Even in coop the quicker the DDs and cruisers are spotted the quicker you can bum-rush the BBs. I wouldn't try the stupid way I play the Asashio in randoms the way I use it in coop but it makes it a very good ship. If you sail just out of spotting range on the flank the DDs and cruisers sail at you showing their broadsides to your teammates. The BBs also follow so once the little ships are dead speed boost rush at the BBs and torp them. As far as there not being BBs in coop I see them all the time. Yes sometimes there is only one but I've seen the same thing happen in randoms. Remember in coop you can game the bots they follow the DD so maneuvering them to broadside your teammates makes the game go quick adding value to your team even if you only have one BB to kill.
  14. Mainerd

    Karma.... kind of [edited]

    Could be the tier your playing at. Seal clubbing does send out a negative vibe and if you're not being actively positive in chat saying things like "Stay in cover I'll spot him for you" . You're really not projecting positive energy are you? Granted I only have 70+ karma but I try to stay positive.
  15. Mainerd

    Asashio or bust?

    I love it in coop. I spot out the other DDs and cruisers then bum rush the BBs and many times sink them while hogging the most damage on them.