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  1. Im not perfect... like everyone else, through we all strive to the best of our abilities to be that person, I admit my personality has some shortcomings, Im really sensitive and prone to jealousy on some subjects, I have severed friendships here online which im not proud of it, sometimes I can make mistakes and with my shortcomings... I can be pretty hard on myself and it takes someone with a thoughtful approach and patient gentle heart to cure me from my self loathing period, you can be inde...

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    2. snapesnape


      *hugs* we all make mistakes. It takes strength to admit that. If you ever want help, I'm here.

    3. Rolkatsuki


      *smiles and hugs everyone in a small tearful voice* Thanks... thanks everyone... /^_\\

    4. snapesnape


      *hugs back* Iie iie... we're here for you whenever you're feeling down, sis~ ^_^