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  1. Think I need a break from the forums usually I come and RP to take my mind off things like my "sorties" now that Im temporary freed from sorties I've being causing problems to say the least, sorry I've been a pain, ruining peoples reputation and lying no one doesn't deserve that... I don't know when I will return I need to leave to think to understand what I've done wrong but depression ruins my thought process and causes me to take things seriously hence the self...

    1. Flieger56


      Kako...how many times do you need to cut your nose to spite your face? Stuff happens, it's been and gone. Clinging onto the past will just leave the millstone of history around your neck.

    2. AnA10Pilot


      Kako-chan.... please come back. We all make mistakes. You are beating yourself up way too hard. I know it's hard but running away just makes it work. We are here for you. Please come back..