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  1. phpLhlNKc

    Looking at the recently announced Strasbourg, through being someone that really likes warships of France, I was initially happy with the announcement but upon looking at the stats I wasn't pleased as it is just a Dunkerque with a bit of extra gun range, buffed reload time and a mbrb slapped on. Basically a t6 BB with over concentration of its advantage into shooting ridiculously quickly.

    I have propose changes that could make Strasbourg a better t7 prem BB.


    - mbrb consumable, i find it to be too strong at tier 7. Especially in a rank match

    - all of the twin semi-auto 37mm Mle 1933 AA gun mountings, check ADD section for the AA guns mounted in its place.



    - main gun reload time from 21 sec to 24 sec, because that speed of a reload time is just too much for 8 forward guns whose ballistics perform better than those of Florida/California, it still reloads faster than Dunkerque's.

    - main gun range from 19.1km to 18.2km, it isn't necessary to be firing so far in a BB.



    - Gun sigma from 1.7 to 1.8, many of those that play Dunkerque had asked for more accurate guns so we'll give it to them with Strasbourg.

    - Belt armor from 225mm to 283mm and citadel roof from 130mm to 137mm, historically Strasbourg had a overall thicker armor than Dunkerque and it should reflect on that being a tier higher where you may see tier 9s.

    - Hitpoints from 52600 to 54200, extra armor is heavy, adds to the ship's displacement.

    - secondary gun range from 5.0km to 5.3km, good secondaries range have been part of the french BB flavour. Be thankful it doesn't have the 1/4 pen of the germans or the accuracy of Massa/Georgia/Ohio.



    - French engine boost consumable, don't worry its not +20% to top speed the french DDs get, but the +15% seen on Algerie another french ship in its tier. 

    - five twin full-auto 37mm Mle 1936 ACAD AA mountings, these AA guns was initially intended for the Dunkerque sisters but never made it onto the finish ships. Each one is 5 times better than the AA mounts it replaces.



    AA guns upgrade and citadel roof buff:

    Belt armor buff: