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  1. I have a silly idea for a tier 6 premium: 


    enter Jean Bart 1940.


    - speed, as fast as richelieu.

    - very high hitpoints, almost t8 BB health at t6.

    - can overmatch t7 BBs and lower.

    - yamato's gun sigma and main battery reload booster, she needs it when you look at the cons.


    - AA strength comparable to t3-t4 cruisers, and they are only close range AA.

    - no secondary guns.

    - one main battery mount, mounted at the front. Goodbye to shooting enemy ships should it get destroyed.

    - horrible experience when uptiered, Massachusetts: "hello there"

    1. Wolfswetpaws


      I like that in the game, at the moment, Jean Bart can at least defend herself.  When she historically met USS Massachusetts, it was with one turret tied-behind-her-proverbial-back.
      I like both ships.