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  1. so Im thinking of doing a french secondary gunboat DD line subranch for the ship suggestion sub forums

    gimmicks: no MBRB for them but the secondaries are improved like the ones seen on Massachusetts, Georgia and Ohio.


    at tier 8 branching from Vauquelin: Le Tromphant, a Le Fantasque that trades her 4th main battery implacement for a british 102mm gun, same gun on the tier 3 Australian(commonwealth) prem destroyer Vampire.

    secondary base range: 7.5km

    secondary base dispersion: 110m

    secondary sigma: 1.5



    tier 9: Hoche, a Mogador class but 6 of its rear wing mounted torpedo tubes have being traded out for a 2 of 100mm /45 guns in twin mounts. (these the same 100mm guns seen on the top hull richelieu and stock hull alsace)

    secondary base range: 7.7km

    secondary base dispersion: 100m

    secondary sigma: 1.5



    tier 10: Desaix, a Kleber design completely fantasy by me, we complete remove all its torpedo launchers being replaced by 4 x 2 127 mm/54 Mle 1948 secondaries the very same guns seen on other tier X french warships.

    secondary base range: 8km

    secondary base dispersion: 100m

    secondary sigma: 1.7