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  1. my current situation in wows: not grinding any lines at the moment still waiting for the double research points bonus to refresh which is like 3 weeks away so I can either regrind the IJN or RU DD line.

    Doing the italian directives through not as devoted as I was to the french DD ones, I'm not particularly excited for the the Italian cruisers even before the the community outcry for them as a main of french ships I look down on these ships based on being french's main rival in the Mediterranean and Marina Regia's contribution to WWII, also these Italian cruisers where built specifically to counter the french DDs historically. so whatever I get out from the italian cruiser directives im not fussy for the top prize as Im not keen on them in general. tbh I believe I am oblivious to how an Italian fans embrace their nation's navy so feel free to educate me on that one.

    running my Kleber a fair bit these days, hopping to surge up my skills in her in time for tier X rank battles when 0.8.10 drops. I sent a replay(https://replayswows.com/replay/68196#stats) to Lord_Zath, hopefully he'll feature it where I dev striked a Kremlin and Smolenks with my kleber use of torpedoes />.\\