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  1. Im seeing a clash of people's opinions in terms of the preformance in the french DDs' in battles. Some are saying they are very strong and go as far to say they out perform Russian DDs in their role while others have said that the french DDs are underpowered with a handful of them saying they need help in their survivability department.

    Im conflicted by the many opinions of others if they need nerfs or buffs... /°.\\

    1. Kitashi_7


      I haven't played them enough quite yet to have an opinion, the only thing that i have a problem with at the mid tiers is the semi-floaty shells but I notice that improves at the high tiers so i cant really say anything except for maybe having those people that are having trouble change the way they play, and the people that say they are really strong, then they are doing something right playing them, or need to change their tactics playing against them