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  1. with WG's tease of the UK heavy cruisers, I was hoping maybe we can get one of County class that served in the Royal Australian Navy as a commonwealth premium cruisers preferably as a tier 7(may be personally after it for the sake of being in need of a prem cruiser for tier 7 operations) the canidates are as follows:

    - HMAS Australia (Kent sub class): the most refitted ship on list, where it would be kept up to date with AA suite and radar equipment, including armor platting additions such as 114mm & 102mm armor plating to protect abreast machinery and boiler room fan compartmets.

    - HMAS Canberra (Kent sub class): did you know IJN Kako contributed to the sinking of her?



    - HMAS Shropshire (London sub class): royal navy sent this to the RAN as a replacement for the sinking of canberra, had a uneventful service compared to her 2 older sisters.



    Consumables idea:

    continue the tradition from Perth with the crawling smoke consumable but have the option to swap it out for radar that's found on some tier 7 US prem cuisers, next consumable slot is long lasting Hydro like those found on Haida and other UK high tier DDs & the fighter or spotter consumable. 



    Australia/Canberra: http://www.navypedia.org/ships/australia/aus_cv_australia.htm

    Shropshire: http://www.navypedia.org/ships/australia/aus_cr_shropshire.htm


    1. Atomic_Manatee


      Wasn't HMAS Canberra sunk in the same battle as USS Houston?

    2. Rolkatsuki


      nah USS Houston sank with HMAS Perth 

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      Then the US Navy renamed one of their cruisers in honor of the Canberra.

      Also. there's an upcoming  Independence-class littoral combat ship to be named Canberra as well.