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  1. So im thinking of designing a fantasy nation ship tech tree here's the characteristics

    DDs: has khaba belt armor but none to little torpedoes, and are on the slow end. And have big gun caliber and good AA.

    Cruisers: bow flanky fighters with stern mounted torpedoes that they can fire directy behind them. They get 50% engine boost at the high tiers but it only last for a minute. Like the BBs in their nation armor is strong from the front not the side or stern.

    BBs: the Ultimate bow tankers with only front mounted guns, all of them don't have secondary guns instead a few small caliber torpedo launchers that fire automatically that slightly home in like sub torp launchers but slow to reload, they have no AA what so ever but carry unlimited fast cooldown versions of a catapult fighter or spotters.

    Shell types

    Slugs: replaces AP rounds can only ricochet, shatter or overpen not cits or regular pen if slug makes a entry or exit wound on a enemy ship underwater it has a chance to cause flooding. Flies at russian railgun speeds and are more meaning very high pen too

    Incendairy buckshot(BBs only): replaces HE rounds, fires multiple pellets that can only fly half the distance with very low pen like you need to hit the superstructure to do damage at the high tiers each pellet has a low fire chance.

    Flamethrower(cruisers and DDs only): replaces HE rounds. Hoses enemy ships with a garantee fire chance on part of the enemy ahip thats under a stream of flame for more than 3 seconds. Flame thrower over heats after constant hosing and needs to cool down only has a range of 1.5km 


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