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  1. so Im thinking of writing a story that takes place in a alternative timeline where airpower or nukes wasn't a recognised military power and base on this game, the year is 1954 in the eastern world the 1st Indochina war, and the Chinese civil war along with tensions in Europe between NATO and the Soviet Union has all escalated into WWIII.

    lets see the new combatants of this new world war

    USA will be helping NATO fight against East Germany and the rest Soviet Union in the European theatre, as well as helping fight in the, Indochina, Korean and Chinese civil wars in the pacific theatre.

    main characters

    Kako d’Voiture(French captain): captains the French Kleber class destroyer the Hoche built in the early 1950s, her ship is nearing refit completion in the Philippines where she receives word that the Soviet Union is sending some of their recently retired destroyers to be used by Viet Minh forces, British destroyers stationed at India tried to intercept them but where unable due to the commie ships being too fast but visual recognition suggest that it was 1 Tashkent class destroyer, 2 Leningrad class and 1 unidentified soviet possibly italian designed cruiser.

    Reina Zaobaiasan(Japanese captain): captains the recently commissioned cruiser Zao, she's a newly promoted captain, new captain, new ship, new mission immediately head to the sea of japan on patrol against Chinese naval threats intel suggest the PRC's navy is using WWII era ships that are either hand down by the soviet union or captured British or Japanese ones. Lots of high hopes of her bringing honour back to Japan again.

    Kitashi Solaris(US captain): captains the ageing but WWII veteran battleship USS Washington BB-56, he is stationed at the UK and they are task with collaborating with the NATO allies in defending their coastlines and waters and attacking soviet coastline and shipping, rumors are going around his ship that the soviet union recently commission a brand new Battleship that dwarfs the Washington.

    side Characters

    Harby Borgaburg(East German artillery officer): secretly riles his ships' crew up in multiny against their Soviet captain and the rest of their officers in hopes of taking over their Super Battleship Grosser Kurfurst escaping East Germany and Defect to NATO. part of Kitashi's story. 

    Bucky Tran(Japanese captain): captains the now aged Kagero class destroyer Yukikaze has being seeing action all over asia since the start of WWIII, mostly shore bombardment of mainland china, Viet Minh and North Korea and escorting supply convoys to conflict zones. part of Kako's and Reina's story.

    what you guys think of this story idea~?


    1. Kitashi_7


      I Approve of this

      FYI If the Washington is sunk in my story arc i would like to be transfered to a Montana-Class Battleship

    2. Rolkatsuki


      okaiis sure thing