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  1. Tbh im kinda afraid of the italian cruiser/DD line historically they where design to combat the french DDs in the Mediterranean with the Paulo Emilio a fictional modified Capitani Romani class, the real life non-modified version itself was made to combat Le Fantasque and Mogador class large DDs.

    So in a nutshell for me the new french DDs could be rendered obsolete by the italian cruisers and dds but looking at the current wip stats for Paulo. 


    It looks like a Kleber with less flexibility, aggressive style and more utility, possibly combat endurance and support to the team. Doesn't look too bad to be a threat to kleber in the high tier combat waters with its current stats, (RN and RU DDs' offspring lol)

    Upon further thinking I wanna hold on to my issue until I play the french DDs long enough to understand what they are like before address the problem in the DD sub forum section depending on what you guys think as well.