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  1. French CA/BB main offers support to her german BB fanboys against WG biased BBs

    Ideas for making german BBs competitive against RU BBs in a close quarters combat.

    1. Snip off 2-3 seconds from the main bats reload time of tier 7 to 10 german line BBs.

    2. Buff the quarter HE pen rule to a third HE pen rule for all german BB secondaries. (Ex. 150mm HE rounds will have 50mm of pen instead of the current 37mm)

    3. Buff the secondary gun sigma from 1.0 to 1.3 for tier 8 -10 german line BBs.

    4. Nerf main battery tranverse speed of tier 8 -10 RU BBs. 180° turret tranverse time: 

    Vladivostok from 45s to 48s

    Soyuz from 30s to 45s

    Kremlin from 30s to 50s

    Im hoping to differ the 2 lines into different kinds of knife fighting playstyles so german BBs are riot brawling mobile firebases that friendly DDs can use their secondaries as local fire support against contesting enemy DD and hungry cruisers and RU BBs are like a frontiline parrying assassin's  excelling at trading fire with isolated capital ships 

    1. Kitashi_7


      So what’s happening in more simpler terms is, this would turn the german BB’s into more of a cap supporter role and the RU BB’s more of a supporting fire role and killing the isolated ships

    2. The_first_harbinger


      Please don't nerf Soyuz, the ship's tragic enough already XP

      The problem is, the German battleships simply can't be brawlers by design, especially with half of the firepower concentrated to the aft of the ship. IMO WG is better off marketing German battleships as a close range roamer, differentiating from the soviet bbs that just parks bow on and dish out damage.

      Give German bbs USN BB acceleration, shave off some more rudder shift time, give all German bbs a flat main battery 1.5 sigma buff, as well as do some minor rework on FDG and GK, give them the Vanguard treatment, i.e. scrape out as much gun traverse as possible, and we should be dandy, for now.