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  1. The front door slammed open and Lokadus threw his now former pet dog, a border collie out, "go away, you stupid dog! All you do is make mess and steal food" before the dog could get up and run back into the house, the man shut the door. "No! You don't live here anymore!" Upon pondering what has happen she wonder around the frontyard pawing  and whimpering at the windows wanting to get back in, but no one answered the border collie left the residence as it got dark she had nowhere to go and didn't know where to sleep.

    She wondered the streets as the temperatures dropped and was chased by some delinquents throwing rocks at her, the dog came up to a river to drink some water definitely needed after walking around and being chased, water isn't very fresh but it will have to do at this point... it was midnight now and started raining the border collie made her way to a bus stop and took shelter by hopping onto the benches in the waiting shed it was nothing like her bed at home this was all metal with gaps between them instead of cotton with wool, she curled up anticipating a very uncomfortable night's rest as rain water washed away at the pavement base beneath the bench is if the noise from the rain and fog from the chilled temperatures of the winter night.

    All she could think of was the stuff her ower said to her before being thrown out.

    She teared hopelessly at herself before trying to go to sleep...