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  1. Historial Battles in Training Room ideas to engage my clan for reference because we done the battle of Denmark Strait and Bismarck's Last Battle every-time we go to training room together

    1. Battle of Java Sea, w/o DDs

    Allies: HMS Exeter, USS Houston(Indianapolis/NO), HNLMS De Ruyter(Doguay Trouin), HNLMS Java(Bogatyr, stock) & Perth(namesake or Leander)

    Axis: Nachi(Myoko), Haguro(Myoko), Naka(Kuma), Jintsu(Kuma)

    2. Battle of Ist

    Allies: Le Terrible & Le Malin(Le Terrible)

    Axis: 2x V-25, 5x Hermelin, freighter(unarmed Langley/Hermes)   

    3. Second Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal, w/o DDs

    Allies: Washington(any t8 US BB, NC preferred), South Dakota(any t8 US BB, Massa or Bama preferred)

    Axis: Kirishima(Kongo), Atago, Takao(Atago or ARP Takao), Sendai(Kuma) & Nagara(Kuma)

    4. Battle of Vella Gulf

    Allies: Dunlap(Mahan), Craven(Mahan), Maury(Mahan), Lang(Benson), Sterett(Benson) & Stack(Benson)

    Axis: Hagikaze(Kagero), Arashi(Kagero), Kawakaze(Shiratsuyu) & Shigure(Shiratsuyu)

    5. Battle of the Malacca Strait

    Allies: Saumarez(Acasta), Verulam(Acasta), Venus(Acasta), Vigilant(Acasta) & Varigo(Acasta) 

    Axis: Kamikaze(any of the Kamikazes or Minekaze) & Haguro(Myoko)


    1. The_first_harbinger


      I am happy to participate, should you decide to host one. Hit me up at a reasonable time and I'm more than happy to oblige. 

    2. Ace6steel


      I would join but i’ll Be using my Ace6Steel account so i can be in the NC

      but there are a few others i may be able to participate in if i just re-purchase certain ships

      NO, Kuma, Kongo i can do. Even Doguay Trouin and Bogatyr

      like Harby said, just need to catch me at a reasonable time