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  1. Rolkatsuki

    ST: New Game Event

    Battle royale mode based off the Waterworld movie, well 3v3v3v3 gametype. I believe I asked for a gamemode of a match of more than 2 teams when I was new to the forums. So... definitely trying this out when it goes live.
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I'll show you true despair~ fu fu fu...
  3. (I got bad pun ideas just by looking at my recent visitors list)

    Zao: can I order a sandwich?

    Kitashi: yeah, what would you want in it?

    Zao: SanJuan would be nice.

    Kitashi: ok, any Mio too?

    Zao: ah no thanks

    *Zao pays for the sandwich and puts a helfty amount of cash in the tips can*

    Kitashi: aww you're too khaenn.


    1. Kitashi_7


      omg idk how but it made me laugh

    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      I. Love. You.


      And your puns too~

  4. Rolkatsuki

    Soon (TM) (Japanese Destroyer tease)

    Vapekaze, but in all honesty with Harekaze, Asashio and AL Yukikaze now im fed up with IJN prem DDs now.
  5. Image straight from WoWs Dev blog page on facebook, any clue what could it be?
  6. Rolkatsuki

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    Its does have its toxic side, just expect it to get worst overtime, look at other playerbases of othergames that have being around for a long time. />,\\
  7. So some nerfs to the Kleber maybe nerf Mogador the same rate too? No one wants to come out something magnificent to unlock something thats pretty much the same but with bigger draw backs. I campaign for a late 1941 mogador as the stock hull module it wont feel the same when transitioning to Kleber. Then the wip mogador you have now, throw it into the tech tree as a free xp prem ship, yeah we have lots of french prem ships now.
  8. Rolkatsuki

    Rolkatsuki Shares drawings

    making a return after over a month's absence from drawing.
  9. Tier 8s: need to be buffed to hold their own in a tier 10 game. Tier 10s: lol hahaha Tiers 9s: meh... Tier 7s: wait what...? Tier 6s: !... *insert suprised pikachu meme*
  10. Rolkatsuki

    What happened to operation cherry blossom

    could have made the CVs a BB like you did with the CVs in the the ops and replace the airfields with forts with the same amount of health and call it fortress or command bunker.
  11. Rolkatsuki

    Please limit Naval Battles to Randoms only

    remember if they can do this you can do it too
  12. Historial Battles in Training Room ideas to engage my clan for reference because we done the battle of Denmark Strait and Bismarck's Last Battle every-time we go to training room together

    1. Battle of Java Sea, w/o DDs

    Allies: HMS Exeter, USS Houston(Indianapolis/NO), HNLMS De Ruyter(Doguay Trouin), HNLMS Java(Bogatyr, stock) & Perth(namesake or Leander)

    Axis: Nachi(Myoko), Haguro(Myoko), Naka(Kuma), Jintsu(Kuma)

    2. Battle of Ist

    Allies: Le Terrible & Le Malin(Le Terrible)

    Axis: 2x V-25, 5x Hermelin, freighter(unarmed Langley/Hermes)   

    3. Second Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal, w/o DDs

    Allies: Washington(any t8 US BB, NC preferred), South Dakota(any t8 US BB, Massa or Bama preferred)

    Axis: Kirishima(Kongo), Atago, Takao(Atago or ARP Takao), Sendai(Kuma) & Nagara(Kuma)

    4. Battle of Vella Gulf

    Allies: Dunlap(Mahan), Craven(Mahan), Maury(Mahan), Lang(Benson), Sterett(Benson) & Stack(Benson)

    Axis: Hagikaze(Kagero), Arashi(Kagero), Kawakaze(Shiratsuyu) & Shigure(Shiratsuyu)

    5. Battle of the Malacca Strait

    Allies: Saumarez(Acasta), Verulam(Acasta), Venus(Acasta), Vigilant(Acasta) & Varigo(Acasta) 

    Axis: Kamikaze(any of the Kamikazes or Minekaze) & Haguro(Myoko)


    1. The_first_harbinger


      I am happy to participate, should you decide to host one. Hit me up at a reasonable time and I'm more than happy to oblige. 

    2. Ace6steel


      I would join but i’ll Be using my Ace6Steel account so i can be in the NC

      but there are a few others i may be able to participate in if i just re-purchase certain ships

      NO, Kuma, Kongo i can do. Even Doguay Trouin and Bogatyr

      like Harby said, just need to catch me at a reasonable time

  13. Rolkatsuki

    Finished the French BB grind!

    Congratz man, love her main guns, mobility and secondaries. Hate her HE attracting armor scheme and how easily her secondary guns gets destroyed
  14. Rolkatsuki

    Best anime opening ever?

    Avengers Infinity War had the best anime opening, but in all seriousness Amatsukaze_Kai already listed many of my favourites which makes up half their list. other openings I like was Puella Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Rising Project, Kantai Collection, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Date A Live 3, Haifuri plus more can't remember them all.
  15. Rolkatsuki

    Who have you seen in game

    my team threw the win when they huggled into a ball and not head to C after caping A and instead try to chase you CVs congratz on your suprise win