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  1. *1 fortnight after busting Rey, Harby and Kitashi*

    Kenneth: "a Ford GT, 2017 was sighted travelling 3 times the speed limit at last week and has evaded authorities on 3 occasions" 

    Sully: "Who is he...?"

    Kenneth: "The driver is a wanted street racer from the USA, calls himself Locutus, Los Angeles and San Diego police departments have multiple charges against him, how he got all the way to Australia with his car is a mystery" 

    Sully: "can Kako deal with it?"

    Kenneth: "her car is still going under repairs even if it was ready its no match and there are rumors going around that his cousin Rekcom came with him in a Dodge Hellcat..."

    Kops Are Crazily Op 5th gear teaser 


    1. Ace6steel


      I have an idea where i decided to join the cops after I got an car upgrade to a Nissan GTR

      feel free to use it!

    2. Atomic_Manatee


      @Ace6steel: How about a new Toyota Supra? (Which is actually a disguised BMW)